Our Process and Approach

We are passionate about the future of work. We exist because we just don't believe that geographical barriers should get in the way of putting the best people at the best companies.

Our goal is to push the world forward by bringing global opportunities to talent.

We have worked with 5000+ founders who all shared a common struggle: an inability to find enough engineering talent to scale their businesses because the demand for engineers far exceeded the supply of talent. They knew they had a market-level problem that required a macro solution. That’s when they conceived us to build.

EngineerBabu—a way for forward-thinking tech companies to avoid the war for talent altogether by building remote teams of skilled engineers around the world. Today, propelled by the same mission, EngineerBabu taps into engineering talent around the globe who want to do meaningful work at innovative companies.

Customer From Different Location

25,000+ of the world’s most successful companies, big and small, trust EngineerBabu for product development and Dedicated Hiring.

  • Wololo (Berlin)
  • Beta-Fashion(Berlin)
  • Classic fashion(Jordan)
  • Samsung(India)
  • Honeywell(India)
  • Roobaroo Walks (India)
  • FrameBazar(India)
  • Salarmonk (USA)
  • GroupPal (Chennai)
  • OVants (India)
  • BigDataGuys (USA)
  • Edgistify (India)
  • HomeJo (UK)
  • Ondoor (India)
  • Shyoph(Dubai)
  • TheLaundryBag (India)
  • Recooty (Singapore)
  • mDoctor(UK)
  • ShowGround (USA)
  • DockTree(Dusseldorf)
  • Tech Mahindra(Canada)
  • YourStory(India)
  • Virgin(USA)
  • Tajmeel (Saudi)
  • RightfulLab (India)
  • RXAgile(Dubai)
  • Signchat (Berlin)
  • KenzoHeath( UK )
  • ULet (USA)
  • Wammet (UK)
  • BreezyMeal (Australia)
  • Enlyft(India)
  • IncomeWalls (India)
  • MyEcoFarm (USA)
  • Solus (UK)
  • Textile Trade (Singapore)
  • MftroU (Berlin)
  • Recooty (Singapore)
  • Ribble (Dubai)
  • Trackflow(MIT USA)
  • WorkDay(USA)
  • Starbucks(India)
  • McKinsey(USA)
  • Snozzle(south africa)
  • Butterfly (USA)
  • USkill (UK)
  • TelQ (Singapore)
  • Indiez (UK)
  • Darlingo (Australia)
  • AUNI (Australia)
  • Bingage(India)
  • Flux (USA)
  • Kwikuts (Saudi)
  • PeerWash (USA)
  • Spectre (USA)
  • UpperBit (UK)
  • iTrackMedia (Berlin)
  • ICIC Bank (India)
  • TradoHub (India)
  • Hellofriend( Harvard USA)
  • ePAisa( Singapore)
  • Apple(USA)
  • HSBC bank(UK)
  • NMC Pharma (Singapore)
  • Deviare (south africa)
  • AiTrillion (USA)
  • Waitty (new zealand)
  • TravelStory (Dubai)
  • MeetApp(Australia)
  • Curra (India), 9to5 (Dubai)
  • MTJF (India)
  • Gromo(India)
  • Koodoit (UK)
  • PollyOlly (Dubai)
  • Styleme(Australia)
  • WellaBia (Dubai)
  • FrankGreen(Australia)
  • TVS Finance (India)
  • WoodBazar (India)
  • ATMC(Australia)
  • Dubai Islamic bank(Dubai)
  • McKinsey(USA)
  • IBM(India)
  • CityHR(India)
  • Fitshuffle (USA)
  • WittyFeed (USA)
  • Buddy(UK)
  • VocabGuru (USA)
  • Dale3 ( Saudi )
  • ACH (Singapore)
  • Dr.G (USA)
  • MeriCar (India)
  • LalaJi247 (India)
  • Qalame (Saudi)
  • Toorest (Signapore)
  • YaaSS (USA)
  • Theo (Australia)
  • Yamaha Motors (India)
  • You are the next

EngineerBabu is a completely remote team solution

EngineerBabu is the only comprehensive remote team solution that lets you go from 0 to team in 50% less time. Our all-inclusive service offering gives you everything you need to escape the war for talent. With EngineerBabu, you gain access to worldwide talent pools and the EngineerBabu platform to support the entire remote team experience.

Industry-focused Tech Talk series

Everyone wins through opportunities to continually learn and grow. Through our Tech Talk series, we bring tech leaders into our offices on a regular basis to lead deep-dive discussions with our members on various topics like scaling products and organizations, emerging technologies, and personal development journeys.

Active contributors to our communities

We believe that our community extends beyond our offices into the local ecosystems that we're a part of. We work with a handful of organizations to provide volunteer opportunities for members that want to give back - to make sure that we’re offering opportunities to feed the mind, body, and soul alike.

Premium workspaces

Our workspaces are optimized specifically for technical teams to do their best work with extra focus on the infrastructure and tools needed to facilitate real-time remote collaboration.

All-inclusive HR, payroll, Legal and benefits

We provide best-in-class benefits and dedicated local partners at the service of our members and clients alike, we can take care of all the legal works.

Here’s a list of the people who appreciated our work:
  • 01
    Shraddha Sharma

    Founder, YourStory (Happy client of EngineerBabu)

  • 02
    Vijay Shekhar Sharma

    Founder, Paytm (Appreciated our Work)

  • 03
    JustRide App

    previously developed by us selected in Y Combinator.

  • 04
    Our Client

    has chosen for best UI and ranked the top 10 in the UK.

  • 05
    Other products

    that we developed got funding like MaalGaadi, Hoppingo, MeriCar, etc.

  • 06

    our Client, World's 2nd Largest content site recommended EngineerBabu.

  • 07

    is Harvard innovation Lab Startup we are a proud tech partner.

  • 08

    is MIT DeltaV Startup, we are proud tech partner.

  • 09

    awarded in Top 10 Growing Startups in India by Yourstory.

Multiple platforms, 100+ Reviews one Verdict: " EngineerBabu! Global Standards, Indian Rates"

Google4.9 Clutch4.8 Good firms5



Angular, Node, React, Flutter, Salesforce, Java, PHP, UI / UX, Python, C, C++, Android, iOS.

How much setup cost is required to start with

$0, we have everything ready, you pay a salary. No dead money. One month advance to start with.

How does selection/hiring work?

We shall share the resume with a clear data point (what they are capable of and what they can do for you), years of experience is usually years of irrelevance, We have a strong filtration 2/100 selected. We check technical capability, culturally fit, experience, project experience, communication, collaboration, everlearning, self managed, etc. You can take zoom video meeting, assign task, and select.

If we need to cancel the relationship

All you need to tell us 1 month prior, No hard commitment.

If you have tech cofounder that’s great; he can manage, anyway we assign one tech project manager who will help you in planning and managing the project delivery. The good part is we are not charging anything extra for the project manager or QA.

We use Basecamp, a tool developed by and developed for a completely remote team. You can see to-dos, milestones, discussion, can chat with individuals and teams. Here you can see a video

We use DeskTime, which gives you complete transparency, here is how this system works. You can see productivity, tools, screenshot etc. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHMGr8kbfSU2Ler6iBM4b1g/videos

Tell us 15 days prior, so we can filter the right candidates for you. Desperate hiring can create problems later. Usually, we have people in the pool but sooner you share chances are higher to find the perfect match.

Yes, we have visited most of the customers in USA, UK, Dubai, Jordan, etc. You can invite them whenever you feel it needed. We encourage customers to meet at least once, this increases the personal bond, commitment towards solving a big problem together. They feel connected as a part of something. We ensure everyone gets a great culture and learning.

Tell us, we will find a replacement or will do the adjustment in billing, mutually we can find a happy solution. Usually, everyone has carefully selected also their KRA is performance-linked. We take your reviews on a monthly basis and ensure quality outcomes.

Why Not Bangalore / Mumbai / Delhi .. why Indore.

Cleanest City of India, awarded 4 times the first position in a row. We started in Bangalore then moved to Indore because we decided to spend the morning hours in yoga and gym and evening hours with family rather than traffic jams.

Things you should take care before starting the projects with any agency.

Hiring and working with an agency can be a difficult thing. It’s no one’s fault, it’s simply the nature of the beast. This is a new relationship. You will have different vocabulary and work styles. I am not comparing freelancers because sometimes they don’t even pick up the call and hard to catch. When we started Bluerang, we set out to make the process of working with agencies easier.

So naturally, we wanted to understand the problem. We hired agencies after agencies, sometimes from our own platform, sometimes from other platforms, and sometimes right off the street through word-of-mouth.

Some projects were successful and others went down.

Point is, we learned more than a few lessons about hiring and working with agencies along the way.

So if you’re looking to outsource your development work, we’ve compiled the most important of those lessons here into a short guide:

You have to start before you even hire an agency.
It’s your obligation as the person running a project to set everyone up for success. That means giving them the right tools and information to do their jobs. Your scope should be longer than you think it needs to be, and more verbose than you think it needs to be. Everything should be explained well.
Find a (an honest) friend who doesn’t work in your field to read your scope document. Do they understand what you want to make? If they do, you’re off to a good start. If they don’t, refine it until it is as clear as Pepsi from the 90s.

After the sales person / team has read your scope, see what kind of questions they ask. They should be asking big questions first and small questions later.
For example, early on they might ask about your intent. ‘Why are you building this feature?’ is a good question. Starting with the ‘why’ shows they’re getting to know you and what you want. The more they know about the why, the better they can help make recommendations to save money or time or save the day when things go pear-shaped.
Likewise, if they only ask about small details or, even worse, nothing at all, they may only be concerned about getting it done and getting paid. That said, small details are very important, but those questions should appear later on in the process.
Also don’t expect to have a single Q&A with them and for them to magically produce exactly what you want. Communication and back-and-forth should be ongoing throughout the creation process.

Get to know the agency socially.
Creating a small social bond may seem superfluous for a work project, but the more you understand each other, the easier the work flow. This is also a good chance to see if there are personality conflicts. Don’t be afraid to stop the process if you think the agency will be difficult for you to work with, for whatever reason.
You want to work with someone who loves what they do, and loves working directly with their clients, not someone who can’t get the full-time job they desire.

Budgets will increase, timelines will change, and what you ask for may not be the best way to get what you need. Accept that this is a process and that a good amount of back-and-forth is healthy.
The Developer / Project Manager is an expert, keep in mind. You are hiring them for their mind as well as their code.
It’s a good idea to communicate which items can’t change as well. If you need a website live before a planned event or announcement, make sure it’s clear that the go-live date cannot change no matter what.
But don’t go too far. The agency is more likely to respect your concrete requirements if other requirements are fluid.

Do you have the proper funding? You can’t expect an agency to do amazing work without proper funding. Or to go beyond the initial scope without additional funding. Or do maintenance for free. An Agency will only respect your project if you respect their time.
Every site you love cost a lot more than you probably think. So if you don’t have the budget, maybe you should think about reducing your scope.
One of the benefits of using a network of agencies like Bluerang, is that we can find someone who fits your budget, and/or recommend. which cuts you can make to save money while still building a successful first version.

Is there a marketing campaign around the site? Are you expecting traffic from search engines? How much traffic are you expecting? From what countries and devices?
The way you intend to build your audience can impact how a site is set up.
A web developer needs to know about these plans so they can handle the technical side correctly. More importantly, you should know your plans for the site before you write your scope document because, well, that’s just good business planning.

Websites, once built, don’t last forever. They need upkeep.
The web moves fast and sites go stale quickly. Will your agency do maintenance and upgrades when your site grows? Will you need to find someone else? How much will it cost? Where will it be hosted and can you easily move it if you grow or need a different team to work on the project?
Like most of the items here, this is about communication and clear expectations. Both sides should know and agree with the long-term plans before starting the project.

Ask specific questions about their work history and don’t be afraid to ask something you may consider uncomfortable.
For example, ask how often they deliver their projects on time and what they do when problems arise that prevent delivery.
Ask how many of their clients are repeat clients. If you want them to do maintenance, ask what kind of maintenance contracts they have ongoing currently. Ask about their time commitments for future work.
Someone with a poor track record may be dodgy or put-off but this type of inquiry. But a professional should be able to say something like:
“About 80% of our projects are delivered on time. When there is a problem and deadlines are missed, we meet with the client as soon as we know there might be a problem and discuss an alternate timeline.”

Sometimes everything seems great before the start, but you just don’t get the work you want. It happens. But, you can protect against this by creating an agreement with the right milestones and the ability to terminate the contract if either party is unhappy with the work to that point.
This type of project structure is the default for EngineerBabu agreements templates.
Like you own code, ideas, marketing material, we won’t share your data with anyone and you won’t hire any of our employees now and in the near future directly.

Lastly, know that conflicts will arise.
Assume everyone you work with has the best intentions and is not trying to get the better off you. They are trying to earn a living and do good work. We all are.
Give everyone you work with the benefit of the doubt when necessary. But also don’t compromise on what you want. If a project is not going your way, remain positive, but be clear on what you want and what you expect.

If there is one clear theme here, it’s communication. Clear, open and possibly uncomfortable communication between you and your agency is the only way to ensure a good result. Think about it: you have a picture in your head. You have to get that picture into someone else’s head, intact. A relative stranger, no less.

Have you ever tried explaining a dream to someone?

They’ll never get the full picture no matter how many flowery words you use to describe the amorphous blob speaking in your father’s voice. Getting an agency to grasp what you want to make is the same. The end result may seem obvious to you but it is not to anyone else unless you talk and talk and talk.

Over-communicate. Ask and answer a lot of questions. Be prepared for it to take time and money. And have fun.
It’s only a website or app, after all.

A Future-proof, intuitive design, with better engineering