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Hire The Best Full-Stack Developers At EngineerBabu

Looking for experienced full-stack developers with refined code skillsets? Hire full-stack developers who can help you build enterprise-grade apps at reduced costs!

Brands That Trust Us

We have created rich and robust apps for clients over the years!

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Our ios app developers built the ops app to provide an effortless freelance business solution and to seamlessly service client appointments anytime and anywhere.

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Our iOS app developers built the Stylemee app to provide an effortless freelance business solution and to seamlessly service client appointments anytime and anywhere.

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Stack fit provides video tutorials to people wanting to start selling their products or services on social media platforms. Their target market includes resellers, digital marketers, businessmen, housewives, and students.

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Our one ios app developers built the stack95 app to provide an effortless freelance business solution and to seamlessly service client appointments anytime and anywhere.

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Social Seller provides video tutorials to people wanting to start selling their products or services on social media platforms. Their target market includes resellers, digital marketers, businessmen, housewives, and students.

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Our iOS app developers built the Stylemee app to provide an effortless freelance business solution and to seamlessly service client appointments anytime and anywhere.

Why Choose EngineerBabu To Hire Full-Stack Developers?

Unwavering Support

Errors popping up? Don't worry. Our skillful full-stack developers will resolve them in no time.

Flexible Hiring

Don’t need full-time full-stack developers? Hire a team that will work on your project until its completion. Hire full-stack developers on a monthly or hourly basis and alter your team size.

Unparalleled Quality

Our full-stack developers are highly skilled in creating agile apps from scratch and are proficient with API integrations, servers, MVC, and hosting

Save Time & Money

Now it's affordable to hire a full-stack development team. Our hiring process is best for startups/SMEs.

Benefits Of Choosing Full-Stack Development For Your Company

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Jack Of All trades

Full-stack developers are always in high demand since they bring a versatile one-stop solution to the table. At EngineerBabu, you can hire full-stack developers who are skilled at full-stack coding.

Lesser Workforce & Affordability

Now, you don't have to scout for specific technology specialists. Full-stack developers reduce the need for dependency on multiple people. Working with a reduced workforce also saves a lot of money!

Rapid Project Completion

With a small team of developers comes greater accountability. Full-stack development encourages self-reliance and better team management. Subsequently, this makes developers work faster to complete a project in a reduced time-frame.

Support & Maintenance

As technology virtuosos, full-stack developers are regularly updated on any tech changes. This lets them offer better support and provide prompt maintenance to your platform. A full-stack developer can provide you a 360° front-end, back-end, and database support.

You're In The Big Leagues Now

(Note: Since "full-stack development" just means being able to develop client and server-side platforms, and is not a technology in itself (like Node.js or Flutter) that companies are using, there are not any specific examples to give in this section. Please let me know how to proceed with this section and I'll be happy to rework on it asap. Thanks!)

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To scale equipment capacity and meet customer demands, ecommerce companies like Amazon have adopted DevOps to become more agile processes, reduce the duration of outages, and increase revenue.

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IT companies are migrating their infrastructure and back-end IT to DevOps platforms to manage and automate their frequent software releases. DevOps has allowed IT companies like Adobe - faster delivery and better product management.

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Banking and insurance companies are gradually embracing agile development and cloud-native infrastructure to reinvent their operations. DevOps not only provides speed but also ensures unmatched security and governance.

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The amount of data managed by healthcare companies has made DevOps popular for standardization and modernization of data. With DevOps, healthcare companies can create a scalable, centralized data platform that allows seamless information sharing with customers.

EngineerBabu img new node_godaddy developer

As the world's largest domain registrar, GoDaddy overhauled their platform on Node.js recently. The infrastructure helped the company to deploy changes in real-time and run unit and integration tests smoothly.

How To Hire Full-Stack Developers Through EngineerBabu

We follow a detailed process to connect you to the best full-stack talent out there. Take a look at how we do it!

Requirement Gathering

Firstly, our consultant will get in touch with you to discuss the project details. For us to chart out a blueprint, you can tell us about your requirements, team size, tech stack, and other relevant details.

Candidate Shortlisting

Based on our discussion, we will shortlist ideal candidates that are best suited for your project.

Resume Sharing

We will share the resumes of the shortlisted candidates for you to choose from. Not happy with the candidates? We will redo the process of shortlisting the best full-stack developers for your project.

Connect With Project Manager

Once you've chosen your full-stack development team, a project manager will contact you. The PM will be your point-of-contact for the project lifecycle and updates.

T&C Of The Contract

After everything is in place, we will draft a contract highlighting points like the team size, timeframe, deliverables, goals, and more. We also include an NDA to ensure the confidentiality of all your IPs.

Your Team Is Ready

Voila! Your full-stack development team can now start with your project. You will be able to communicate anything project-related with your team directly.


Gladly. You can trust us with your privacy. We understand that your project information can be sensitive and confidential. Once an NDA is signed, our lips are sealed!

We do not work with a one-size-fits-all approach. Our service is personalized according to your requirements. We work hard to shortlist candidates that best suit your project. You can then filter your preferred candidates through interviews and tasks.

That's unfortunate. If that is the case, we'll try our best to resolve your problems as soon as possible. If you're not happy with a developer's performance, you can replace them. You can also alter your team's size if need be.

We use Basecamp to manage projects under our wing. You can communicate, track, guide, or give feedback to your team easily.

At EngineerBabu, you can hire full-stack developers on a monthly, hourly, or full-time basis. Our pricing is transparent with no hidden costs! Contact us to know more.


The key to building a flawless app is to find the right talent, which requires interviewing and choosing from the best of the shortlisted candidates.

Full-stack developers are an integral part of any web development team. They are well-versed with developing client and server-side software that allows them to oversee the project from start to finish.

Considering how competitive the job market for full-stack developers is right now, it can be quite challenging to find talent that suits your requirements.

If you’re looking to hire full-stack developers , this article will help break down what you should be looking for when recruiting developers for your upcoming project.

Core Skills

These core skills should be non-negotiable in an ideal developer as they serve the basis of their performance measure -

a. Knowledge Of Programming Languages

The advantage of having full-stack developers onboard your development team is that they are skilled in all aspects of the application – right from the core of the back end to the design elements of the front-end.

Having a solid and intuitive understanding of both front-end and back-end paradigms is of utmost importance to any full-stack developer.

A full-stack developer must be well-versed with back-end technologies like Node.js, PHP, ROR, Python, and Java as well as front end web development using AngularJS, ReactJS, Bootstrap, etc.

b. Experience With Frameworks

Earlier, one could pass as a full-stack developer with knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. However, in an increasingly competitive job market like one that we see today, an in-depth understanding of front-end and backend frameworks is important. They include -

React JS

Angular JS

Node JS


Spring Boot, and


c. Knowledge Of Databases

Pretty much every web application will require the use and integration of a database.

The ability to build and maintain databases for the storage of dynamic data is an important aspect of a full-stack developer’s job.

Being able to work with databases is an indispensable skill for any full-stack developer. Staying on top of all the latest developments in databases such as MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL, and PostgreSQL is important.

d. Fundamental Concepts & Norms

A full-stack developer is only as good as his understanding of fundamental concepts such as OOPS, MVC architecture, responsive design, and schema design paradigms.

Apart from knowing high-level languages, a good full-stack developer should -

Understand how the core of the application works, which will help them get the app off the ground as quickly as possible

Be able to write and document readable code in compliance with industry standards to facilitate the effortless maintenance of the app.

Have experience with full-stack development before. Like with most things, practice makes perfect and web development is no different.

Being thorough with fundamentals goes a long way not only in building the app, but also maintaining it.

Other Technology & Software Development Related Skills To Know

Understanding Of Security Practices

Security is a major concern when building any application as everything on the Internet is vulnerable to infiltration. However, having a full-stack developer on your team with a solid grasp of cybersecurity and cryptography practices can help safeguard your application against attacks. An ideal full-stack developer should be -

Hire Freelancers Or Choose A Software Development Company
Aware of the developments in the OWASP Top Ten list of cybersecurity risks. It's a good-to-have knowledge for any developer tasked with handling privacy-related aspects of development

Able to make ethical trade-offs when it comes to balancing user-friendliness and security. S/he should be able to perform their due diligence by auditing and taking care of any cybersecurity issues

Knowledge Of API Integrations

Web applications will often require the integration of APIs to interact with third-party services. Making sure that your candidates can effectively implement APIs in your app is an essential consideration when you hire full-stack developers .

Knowledge of REST API architectural styles and how to implement it during the development of the app is important.

Cloud Technology
Most apps today are deployed through cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure. However, integrating with these platforms requires developers to handle the infrastructural configuration and experience with these platforms and their configurations could give potential candidates an edge over others.
Apart from these challenges, a developer must also be able to maximize his efficiency by conforming to the practices of the DevOps methodology and shorten the system development cycle

Assessing your candidates' soft skills is just as important to understand how well they can integrate and work with your Node.js development team.

UI/UX Design
An intuitive understanding of front-end design and UI/UX guidelines is just as important as being good with back-end technologies for a full-stack developer. An in-depth understanding of HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, and jQuery is essential to create engaging user interfaces that result in excellent user experiences.

How To Find & Hire Full-Stack Developers

Follow these five broad steps to find and hire quality full-stack developers -

Requirement Gathering

Before you proceed to get on a lookout to find full-stack developers, it's imperative for you to understand and lay down your requirements for a project. Knowing your project-specific needs can help you filter the best full-stack talent from the lot.

Hire Freelancers Or Choose A Software Development Company

The two main avenues to full-stack developers are freelancing forums and software development companies. Freelancers could be the ideal choice if you have budget constraints and/or require flexibility from your developers.

On the other hand, software development companies are the way to go if you require best-in class support and maintenance throughout the development process.

Interviewing Shortlisted Candidates

During interviews, employers should test developers not only on their hard-skills such as technical know-how and understanding of relevant technologies but also on their soft skills which will help assess how well they will be able to integrate and work with your full-stack development team.

Explain Your Project Requirements

Your project will be a success when your team knows the What? And How's?. The final result of development can sometimes be different from what was envisioned.

This is a problem that stems from ineffective communication of your requirements. The developers must be made aware of what is expected of them by laying out the requirements in an intuitive, structured format that is easy to understand and not convoluted.

Drafting & Signing Contract

When you hire developers, you would be required to draft and sign a contract with them that would serve the purpose of defining your rights and duties to each other.

This contract will also include key clauses such as the rights to any intellectual property resulting from the project and a non-disclosure agreement that will help in preserving the integrity of your project before and after development.

Your Team Is Ready

Voila! Your full-stack development team can now start with your project. You will be able to communicate anything project-related with your team directly.

Hire Skilled & Experienced Full-Stack Talent At EngineerBabu

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Our dedicated teams assist you throughout the hiring process by understanding what your requirements are, shortlisting the best talent based on what you require, facilitating the interview process, and finally, signing the contract.

Our project managers oversee the entire project from start to finish and ensure that there are no hiccups and that the project turns out as intended. Let EngineerBabu be your go-to full-stack development company in India!

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