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EngineerBabu has the largest pool of proven expert Golang developers to help you build robust, scalable, and reliable Cloud-native solutions. Hire Golang developers on an hourly or dedicated basis, based on your business needs.

Brands That Trusts Us

Over X customers trust apps developed by Golang Developers from EngineerBabu for their success. Here is a representative list of customers who have chosen to hire Golang developers from EB.

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EarlySalary is an innovative money lending platform based on superior customer profiling. Users who download their app can apply for instant loans with different tenures, based on their credit history.

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Social Seller provides video tutorials to people wanting to start selling their products or services on social media platforms. Their target market includes resellers, digital marketers, businessmen, housewives, and students.

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Roobaroo Walks' primary endeavor is to craft unforgettable travel memories by making you feel like an insider. Their storytellers let you in on a city's best-kept secrets, including food, local arts, and culture through their location-aware app

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Frank Green is an Australian company that creates ergonomic cups and bottles made from premium recycled materials. They can be further recycled and are customizable to suit your personality.

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Wit Circle is an academic portal that brings students, teachers, and academicians together online. One can find comprehensive information on the latest updates, exam-specific study material, brief test series, and much more on their app and website.

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Income Walls provides safe & secured real estate investing and property management professional services. They help Investors to grow their real estate portfolio with regular rental income from leased properties.

Why Choose EngineerBabu For Your Golang Development?

The growing popularity of Golang has led to a scarcity of talented Golang developers globally. Many imminent experts from the software industry believe Golang to be the future of programming languages. EngineerBabu has successfully worked with several start-ups, B2B and B2C companies, to successfully create great software with Golang. Here are some reasons why you'd want to consider EngineerBabu as well

The abundance Of Golang Talent

EngineerBabu has a large and incredibly talented pool from which to hire Golang developers with real-world application experience. So, whether you are looking for developers for structured storage, distributed computing, networking, or big data query projects, EB will provide you with the best Golang developers for hire.

Faster Speed To Market

EB is well versed in creating custom Golang development services for new projects, as well as integrating with your existing systems for faster delivery and higher quality. Golang development is incredibly simple and fast, thus reducing the time to go to market for your software.

Follow The Sun Support

Global economies have ensured that the sun never sets, and so have we. Our 'follow the sun' support model ensures that we provide remote global customer support 24 x 7, thus increasing responsiveness and reducing delays.

Flexible Hiring Models To Suit Your Needs

Our flexible hiring model lets you engage with us as per your needs. EB lets you select your own dedicated Golang developers team, whether you have a new software launch, a major redesign/reengineering project, or just need to tweak your apps.

Cost-Effective For Start-ups & SMEs

Our outsourcing model to hire Golang developers for specific or ad-hoc requirements liberates you of long and costly in-house hiring. No need to keep expensive resources when you do not need them.

100% Client Satisfaction

Our philosophy is that our customers are our best marketers. EB takes pride in being committed to exceeding customer expectations, all the resulting in 100% customer satisfaction.

Highly Reusable Code

Easily hire Golang developers from EB to write maintainable, testable, lightweight, and performant code, in much lesser time. This can be attributed to Golang's simplicity, strong and static typing, rich ecosystem, and robust tooling.

What Do Our Clients Say About Us?

We have built a very happy clientele over the years. But you don't take our word for it! "Thanks for working day and night for us! We really appreciate the dedication you guys have put in for our project and sacrificed a long weekend for our beta launch! A small gift from Open for kickass work you guys have done together." - Mabel Chacko, Founder

The Benefits Of Choosing Golang For Your Company

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Open Source

Being open-source software, Golang provides a wealth of libraries and SDKs available for use. A strong user community makes help, ideas, and expertise easily available to everyone.

Ideal For Managing Heavy Loads

Go is designed for scalability by default. As an application grows, it needs to manage multiple tasks simultaneously and work efficiently across heavy loads. By eliminating the interpreter and directly converting programs in machine code, Go can be used for use cases with extremely heavy workloads.


Golang is the ideal language for all levels of experience. It is quite easy for new learners to pick up, and it is extremely easy for experienced developers to understand someone else's code, which makes it very flexible and portable. Golang has several built-in features that help in asynchronous development.

Speed Of Development

The simplicity of Golang makes it great for code debugging and code reviews. The inclusion of all dependencies in the compiled binary makes a great case for simple and fast deployments.

You Are Now In The Big Leagues

Golang has become one of the most preferred languages for app development. Many global companies successfully use Golang to build software solutions.

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The brainchild of Google, Go, is used in many of the internal projects at Google. They have rewritten the source code for many of their apps like Google Earth, Chrome, and Android SDK with Go.

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Medium is one of the world's leading information and content platforms that serves more than 120 million users. They use Go for their GoSocial database as well as other backend services.

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Twitch, owned by Amazon, is a live streaming video platform that is used to stream video games, esports competitions, and music broadcasts, among others. It uses services created in Go to distribute high-quality video streams

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Uber, one of the leading cab-sharing services, uses Go to match available drivers to rider requests. The high number of queries per second or QPS, make Go the ideal programming language for Uber.

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Dropbox is a file hosting service that allows people to easily share files from any device, anywhere in the world. With over 500 million subscribers, Go provides scalability, efficiency, and productivity to their apps.

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Dailymotion is a video-sharing technology platform, available in 25 languages and 43 localized versions. Go is used at Dailymotion to manage heavy loads of automation testing and other backend services due to its performance and simplicity.

Hiring Golang Developers Through EngineerBabu

EngineerBabu has a large and talented pool of Golang developers. Our process of hiring Golang developers is easy and straightforward.

Talk To Our Business Experts

Start a conversation with our well-informed industry veterans to understand your primary goals, key objectives, technical abilities, and Golang team needs.

Choose From The Best Available Golang Talent Pool

After the preliminary discussion, we will present you with some of the best profiles to hire Golang developers from. This process is repeated as many times as possible to make sure you are satisfied with your selection.

Sync-Up With Your Project Manager

A dedicated PM will be assigned as the single point of contact for you. The PM will be responsible for adhering to timelines, providing status updates, project milestones, and final deliverables.

Finalize The Terms

We move ahead and sign the mutual contract, including team size, contract type, final deliverables, and pricing. An NDA is provided to keep your secrets safe with us.

Get Set, Golang!

The EB team will work as a part of your team to ensure the successful completion of the app within the set parameters. Once again, your success is our success.


Golang programming has increased in popularity only recently, leading to a shortage of experienced Golang developers. A better option is to outsource your Golang development to a company that has a stable and experienced Golang talent pool.

Yes, Go and Golang are the same, not to be confused with the board game Go and Android Go. Golang is commonly used because of the domain name ''

Docker, Kubernetes, Fedora Core(OS), and InfluxDB are some extremely popular and successful projects where Golang has been used.

Golang can best be used in distributed network services due to native concurrency features. Go has proven itself as the first choice for the fast development of network services, software infrastructure reengineering projects, and the creation of compact but powerful tools.

Golang has certain limitations like lack of manual memory management, unfit for rich GUI applications, the large size of binaries, and the absence of accepting generics.

Golang has developed a large community and is backed by Google. The developer community supporting Golang is driving changes in the specifications, and it is expected that soon, Golang will take a more central place in enterprise software development. Its future in cloud applications is already assured due to its speed and simplicity.

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Introduction To Golang

Go is an open-source compiled programming language built to write simple, consistent, and efficient code.

Go was developed by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson at Google and first appeared in 2009. Golang is not a "Google project" but rather a community-led open-source programming language.

While it is based on the C syntax, it introduced aspects like memory safety, garbage collection, structural typing, and CSP-style concurrency.

Skills Required For Golang Developers

1.Go Programming Language : A prerequisite for anyone wanting to program in Go is the Go language. Developers must be fluent in paradigms, syntax, constructs, and idioms.
2. Go Frameworks : A prerequisite for anyone wanting to program in Go is the Go language. Developers must be fluent in paradigms, syntax, constructs, and idioms.

Martini :- A lightweight web framework, Martini is used for exception dealing, routing, and other middleware functions.

Gin Gonic :- It is a framework that incorporates only the most important features and libraries to build high-performing REST APIs.

Beego :- Beego is a website framework with extensive features commonly required for web apps.

Buffalo :- Buffalo helps to develop new web apps fast from the front-end to the backend.

Kit :- The Kit framework is a programming toolkit for building robust, reliable, and maintainable microservices in Golang.

(i) Code Versioning Tools : Mercurial, Git, SVN.
(ii) Databases: Postgres, MySQL, Oracle, DB2.
(iii) IDE: LiteIDE, Visual Studio Code, Eclipse with GoClipse, Atom IDE.
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How To Find And Hire Golang Developers

Recognize Your Needs

The first step to hire Golang teams is to understand your needs. Upon performing a detailed requirement gathering activity, you will be able to know the required skillset of the developers, size of the team, duration of the project, and the costs involved.

Deciding Between A Freelancer Or A Development Company

With the above information on hand, you will need to decide whether to go for a freelancer or a development company. It is important to note that Golang developers are not as easily available as PHP or Java developers, due to the sudden surge in demand. For a single standalone project, just a freelance front-end developer or a single full stack developer may be enough. However, if you are looking at a longer-term development model, an outsourced Golang development company in India would be your best option. You will have a choice of choosing

(i) A project-based Golang development team.

(ii) A dedicated team of offsite Golang developers.

(iii) An outstaffed or extended team (working inhouse) of Golang developers provided by the company.

Interview Questions For Golang Developers

What are the key benefits of using Golang?

Explain Modular Programming using Go.

How would you implement a stack and a queue in Go? Explain with examples.

Do you need both "GOPATH" and "GOROOT" variables? Why or why not?

What is a workspace in Go?

What are the typical problems faced when using Go programming?

Explain the syntax of the "for" loop

What is the Go programming language specification?

What does the Go concurrency mechanism help in?

Would Go be suitable in a heavy data-science scenario?

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