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Hire ReactJS Developers

If you're a startup founder, this article provides you deep insight into React JS as a front end JavaScript library and the things you need to consider when you want to hire ReactJS developers.

Guide For Non-Tech Founders: Why React Could Be Your Best Bet!

If you're a startup founder with a non-technical background, you enjoy the distinct advantage of learning how to find the right team to delegate all your technical tasks early on. But with no dearth of options - when it comes to programming languages, libraries, and frameworks - choosing the right technology stack for your project becomes a challenging task. Speaking of front end development specifically, Angular used to be the default choice for many business owners, but the scenario has changed now, and React JS is breaking all records in the web development space, making a react development team an essential in most global conglomerates.

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What is React JS?

With over five million downloads every week and a large number of engaged open source contributors, React JS is a well-known JavaScript library used in front end web development to build interactive elements on websites.

Based on MVC (Model, View, Control) architecture, the React JS library provides a react.js developer with the ability to create dynamic web page templates, with an extensive amount of interactive elements on them. That's one of the key reasons why so many popular web resources are based on React JS.

Developed inside social media giant Facebook and first deployed on it's News Feed product in 2011, React JS opened up a whole new generation of JavaScript frameworks, replacing the likes of jQuery, D3.JS and Backbone.view with its distinct ability to handle data reactively.

Evolution of React JS

React's history dates back to 2011 when Jordan Walke, Facebook specialist primarily responsible for Facebook Ads, came up with FaxJS, the early prototype of a soon-to-be-launched framework. The effort was made to help Facebook better manage their advertising tool, an area the company was struggling in.

React js development services made their debut in 2012, but it was publicly presented on JS ConfUS as an open-source only in May 2013. The response from the IT community wasn't great at the time, which made creators launch React Native for iOS and Android later.

However, the most recent and massive milestone in React's framework history came on 16th February 2019, when React 16.8 was launched. It introduced React Hooks that completely revolutionized the way React components are created. From thereon, React JS has constantly been evolving and has reached the React 16.12 version already.

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In this article, we are going to learn everything you need to know about React JS, including:

The examples of top websites built with React JS

Why an increasing number of CTOs and startup founders use this JavaScript library

Success stories of the companies moving their tech stack to React JS

How you can build/migrate to this powerful technology to start building your own user-friendly web applications

Products Built Using React

Here are some of the top examples of companies using React JS libraries for their applications and the way they benefit from the same

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Asana is a work management platform that enables teams to stay focused on their goals, day to day tasks, and projects. Their objective was to build a user-friendly website that's easy to use and maintain, and one that performs well on various parameters.

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Khan Academy is a popular American non-profit educational organization. Created in 2008 to provide free online education, the platform has produced a whopping 6,500+ video lessons on varied topics, including mathematics and science.

EngineerBabu Hire reactjs Engineer whatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most popular and widely used instant messenger apps in the world. The single-page components of WhatsApp are all built using the React JS library. The chat app giant is a great example of just how widely the React JS library has been used by companies across the world.

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Airbnb is a globally popular service marketplace that brings the renters and homeowners together in one place. The platform allows people to rent their homes to travelers who are looking for top-rated places to stay while vacationing.

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Atlassian is a well-known product (software, project, and content management) development organization with its own bouquet of products, including Confluence, HipChat, Jira, and more. The organization is known to hire ReactJS developers both internally and externally.

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Dropbox is a popular file hosting service with a large user base all around the world. The company allows its users to store and share a massive number of files and folders with the help of its file synchronization feature.

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Uber, as a multinational ride-hailing company, needs no introduction today. The company's services include peer-to-peer ridesharing, ride-hailing, and food delivery through a mobile app.

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Tesla is a well-known brand in the automotive and energy space. The company is widely praised for its role in fastening the move to sustainable energy with its robust product line that includes solar panels, electric cars, and reusable energy solutions.

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GitHub is one of the world's leading software development platforms that brings a massive community of developers together to design and build better quality software ranging from open-source opportunities to business-specific functionalities.

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The availability of qualified developers who can own the process and help you create the desired product is one of the main factors while choosing your company's tech stack. It is important to take stock of available resources and whether they are willing and able to work with your chosen tech stack.

If you're in the process of building your own applications, here's a quick guide to help you choose the right stack for your company

Availability of Resources/Developers

The availability of qualified developers who can own the process and help you create the desired product is one of the main factors while choosing your company's tech stack. It is important to take stock of available resources and whether they are willing and able to work with your chosen tech stack.

For instance, With React JS, the code usability feature makes it easy for the developers to reuse the code. By easily reusing the components, which eventually leads to the reduced effort, the react js company or developers can build robust apps without compromising the performance

Development and Maintenance Cost

The technology stack you pick for your software product development directly influences development and maintenance costs. The most important factors that you need to consider here are -

1. Developer hiring cost :

When you hire ReactJS developer team to work on your project, it must be skilled, and the cost of hiring them must be reasonable, which generally varies based on the technologies they work with.

2. Maintenance cost :

The other cost which you have to take into account is the maintenance and upgradation cost. It is best to stick to open source technologies such as React JS because they are less expensive and can be updated and changed without any restrictions. Moreover, developing apps using React js consumes less time as compared to other libraries. This is primarily because React JS implements boilerplates that facilitate code reuse, which helps developers save both time and resources.

Time to Market

An MVP (minimum viable product) is an ideal option when you need to launch your project as soon as possible. You can consider starting with ready-made solutions so as to reduce the time you spend preparing for market entry to a minimum.

Using well-documented technologies can greatly facilitate the development of important features you're looking to have in your product before it is ready to enter the market.

For instance, With React JS, you can launch an MVP very quickly without compromising UX and look or feel of the website. As an added advantage, owing to its modularity, React JS scales up easily. You can bootstrap your product with minimal resources to develop a decent single-page application such as Facebook.

Search Engine Optimization

Any online business relies heavily on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to make its presence felt in the ever-competitive online marketplace. The backend rendering feature in React JS websites is one of the reasons why it is considered as a favorite of developers. It helps to significantly reduce the load time, which makes the websites better optimized for search engines. Additionally, you also enjoy the advantage of high speed and optimal performance for enhanced SEO functionality.

The importance of choosing the right tech stack for the success of any project is immense. But, before going ahead with the selection of appropriate technologies, it is necessary to strategically and carefully analyze your specific project requirements, experience, and resources of your team, time to market, SEO compatibility as well as factors such as speed, security, and scalability.

Even if you have minimal previous experience in the software development space, it's quite easy to understand and learn React JS from the beginning.

The fact that it is a component-based framework with most of its components being single-function that perform from top to bottom makes it quite easy to understand how the React JS code works.

When compared to other popular front-end frameworks like Vue and Angular, React JS is much easier to learn - one of the main reasons why it has gained rapid popularity and great traction within no time. Due to its simplicity, it helps businesses and companies build their projects quickly and affordably.

Building a complex, high-load app makes it mandatory for a business to define the structure of the app at the start since it can impact the overall performance of the app.

To put it simply, the DOM (Document Object Model) is tree-structured, which makes it difficult to make even minor modifications at a higher level layer as that can significantly impact the user interface of your application.

To address this issue, a virtual DOM feature has been introduced by Facebook. Virtual DOM is nothing but a virtual representation of DOM that allows developers to test all changes to the virtual DOM in the beginning, to calculate risks with each modification.

This helps you to maintain high app performance and also guarantees a better and more satisfying user experience. Further, owing to its modular structure, the React JS code is easy to maintain and update. It can be used for both client and server-side, helping you save a significant amount of time and money.

The quality of the user interface in any web application cannot be over-emphasized. A poorly designed user interface is not only frustrating to manage, but it also lowers the chances of application success.

React JS allows you to build high-quality and rich user interfaces through its declarative components and enhances the chances of building applications with high-quality UI that is loved by the users.

React JSX is a syntax extension to JavaScript (optional) that makes it easier to write your own components by accepting HTML quoting and making subcomponent rendering easier.

Further, it can prove useful in building custom components or high-volume apps, making it much simpler to convert from HTML mockups to ReactElement trees. The library also provides React developers with error messages and informative warnings, along with helping them prevent code injections.

React JS is backed by solid support of independent contributors and the credibility of Facebook, which makes it completely safe for your applications.

Currently, the React GitHub repository numbers over 1100 independent contributors where users can ask their questions on Stack Overflow, Freenode IRC, Discussion forum, social media platforms, and many others.

Another business-related benefit with React JS is that it allows for a good abstraction layer. What this essentially means is that the end-user can't access the complex internals.

Your developer only needs to know the basics and not many of the internal functionalities.

Further, React JS does not dictate any fixed architectural patterns such as MVP, MVC, and MVVM. On the contrary, you enjoy the complete freedom to design your app's architecture the way you like.

One of the main challenges that startup owners face with their single-page applications is SEO compatibility. Moz (a leading platform to check web domain authority) suggests that the lower the page load time and faster the rendering speed, the better the chances of the app ranking high on Google.

React JS, because of its fast rendering as compared to other frameworks, reduces the page load time significantly, which helps businesses to rank higher on the Google search engine results. Known to be a completely SEO friendly front-end library, React JS also offers you the advantage of more website visibility.

The opportunity to learn any new technology and implement it in the real project sounds like an exciting prospect, but that makes sense only if you can actually apply it in the development environment. This requires the library or stack you are using to have the proper toolset for optimally efficient performance.

React JS offers this advantage as it comes with all the debugging and design tools. React JS developer toolset is primarily a browser extension that is available for both Firefox and Chrome. It allows front end developers to observe various reactive component hierarchies and discover all the components.

React JS is known to follow downward data flow, which makes sure that the parent structure doesn't get affected by any alterations or modifications to its child structure.

The result of this is reflected at the time of developers making changes in an object, as they only need to modify its states and make proper amendments to update only a specific component.

This kind of data flow and structure ensures better code stability and smooth performance of the applications.

Trusted by some of the renowned names worldwide, including Facebook, Netflix, Instagram, Dropbox, PayPal, and many more, React JS as a front end library is undoubtedly a high-quality tool for app development.

Thousands of organizations, including some of the Fortune 500 companies, are using React JS for both their websites and mobile apps.

While Tesla, Airbnb, Tencent, and Walmart are some of the top brands that built their mobile apps using the React Native framework, the React web framework is being utilized by top companies, including Paypal, BBC, Lyft, The New York Times, and Netflix.

Case Studies Of Companies Who Have Made A Successful Shift To React JS

React JS development efficiencies, improved effectiveness, reduced risk, and several other organizational benefits are among the top reasons why some of the big names in the industry upgrade to ReactJS and leverage the wide range of benefits offered by this script. And even though every framework or tech stack upgrade takes its toll in terms of time and costs, it is absolutely worth it when it comes to creating the exceptional user experience as reflected in the following examples -

EngineerBabu Hire reactjs Engineer monday hire

Started in 2012, the goal of was to make software for managing business workflows that link together different teams and processes within a company. The highlight of Monday is that it allows non-engineers to automate workflows that are conventionally automated by engineers.

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Guardian media group is one of the world's leading media organizations with a massive global audience. The company has built itself a strong reputation for authentic reporting and digital innovations. The media giant started encountering multiple issues with their previous website in terms of maintenance, making edits, etc.

EngineerBabu Hire reactjs Engineer appointy img react

Appointy offers online scheduling software to fulfill a business' need to grow and manage their operations in an easy to use and powerful user interface. Image source Appointee decision to scrap their old code and move to React JS started with their need to create a modular architecture with a learning curve that required much less time to develop a robust and powerful app.

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