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Get help from EngineerBabu to hire seasoned iOS architects, programmers, and techies and utilize their advanced skills to create the apps of the future. Our teams of carefully chosen iOS developers are proficient in business applications, communications, and working in cross-functional teams.

Brands That Trusts Us

Over X brands trust apps developed by iOS app developers from EngineerBabu for their success, and we'd love for your company to be next!

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MTJF is an online dating app that matches friends using a dual verification system. MTJF hired iOS app developers from EngineerBabu to build their user-friendly app to include user interactivity elements, digital payments, and more.

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VocabGuru helps students prepare for competitive exams and school & college exams. Our iOS team delivered an app with a modern UI feel, progress tracking, and daily quotes, allowing students to prepare in real-time and ace their exams.

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Snozzle provides a sommelier's wine tasting process and builds a wine profile to share reports. A dedicated team of iOS developers worked to bring this novel idea to fruition. Our customers were happy, and so were we!

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Kwikuts provides hassle-free and convenient hair-grooming services. Our efficient iOS app developers delivered a user-friendly mobile and web app.

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Our iOS app developers built the Stylemee app to provide an effortless freelance business solution and to seamlessly service client appointments anytime and anywhere.

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Ondoor is an online grocery store available on the iOS platform. It allows users to purchase groceries online and get it delivered to their doorstep.

Why Choose EngineerBabu?

EngineerBabu is the leading iOS development company in India. EngineerBabu has successfully worked with several start-ups, B2B and B2C companies to co-create suitable apps. EB leverages its experience across multiple mobile app development and cloud-based ecommerce platforms to develop the best apps for your business.

Faster Speed To Market

EB is well versed in building custom iOS development services that integrate flawlessly with your existing systems for faster delivery and higher quality, thus reducing the time to go to market with a live app.

Follow The Sun Support

Mobile phones have ensured that the sun never sets, and so have we. Our 'follow the sun' support model ensures that we provide remote global customer support 24 x 7, thus increasing responsiveness and reducing delays.

Flexible Hiring Models To Suit Your Needs

Our flexi-hiring model lets you engage with us as per your needs. EB lets you select your own dedicated iOS app developers team, whether you have a new app to launch, a major app redesign, or just need to tweak your iOS apps, EB is the best choice for iOS app development.

Cost-Effective For Startups & SMEs

Our outsourcing model to hire iOS app developers for specific or ad-hoc requirements liberates you of long and expensive in-house hiring. No need to keep expensive resources when you do not need them.

100% Client Satisfaction

Our philosophy is that our customers are our best marketers. EB takes pride in being committed to exceeding customer expectations every time, resulting in 100% customer satisfaction.

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

Hire iOS teams from EB that have experience in building cutting edge cross-platform mobile apps for our clients. Be it a native mobile app, hybrid mobile app, or a responsive web app - we always deliver.

What Do Our Clients Say About Us?

The Benefits Of Choosing iOS For Your Company

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Better App Quality

While Android beats iOS in terms of the number of apps being developed and managed, iOS wins hands down in terms of app quality. The iOS platform allows seamless integration and better control between the hardware and software elements as they are tightly bound. Apps built on other platforms lack performance, control, and stability as compared to iOS.

Increased App Monetization


/iPad users tend to be more affluent than their Android counterparts, and they're more willing to pay for apps. It is estimated that iOS users spend 2.5X more on in-app purchases.

Lower Development Costs

Contrary to popular belief, an Infinium survey found that, on average, an iOS app requires approximately 40% less code compared to an Android app. In terms of time for development, iOS apps required 30% less time to develop than Android apps.

Impeccable UX

It is the user experience that differentiates a great app from an average one. iOS apps are well known for their intuitive UI/UX, speed of loading, and delightful interactions - the result of being run in a tightly knit mobile technology ecosystem.

You Are In The Big Leagues

The biggest brands in the world successfully use the iOS platform for creating and managing their apps. Their iOS apps are responsible for millions of downloads and billions of dollars in revenue.

EngineerBabu ios_yummy img new app

Yummly is the most downloaded recipe app in the world, with its powerful search engine being one of its best features. Searching for a recipe based on preferences or what you would skip has never been easier.

EngineerBabu ios_face ios

The new 'face-to-face social network' app is rapidly gaining market share due to its simple ability to host easy group video chatting.

EngineerBabu ios_tinder iphone

Tinder has revolutionized the world of online dating. Users use left or right swipes to 'like' or 'dislike' photos of other users and potentially match with them

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Spotify is a music streaming and media giant. Its downloadable music streaming platform includes more than 60 million songs and podcasts, making it one of the biggest in the world.

EngineerBabu facebook

No one needs an introduction to Facebook, the world's largest online social media and social networking platform. It has been downloaded a whopping 4.6 Billion times in the last 10 years!

EngineerBabu Youtube

No list of iOS apps would be complete without mentioning YouTube, the premier online video streaming platform. YouTube allows anyone to create and share their video with anyone across the globe.

Hiring iOS developer through Engineer Babu

EngineerBabu has an iOS talent pool ready to focus on tomorrow's business challenges. Hire iOS developers who are selected following a stringent technical and personal vetting process. Our journey to partner with you to hire iOS developers is a simple and easy one.

Talk To Our Industry Expert -

Start a conversation with our knowledgeable industry champions to share your goals, aspirations, technical specifications, and iOS team requirements.

Choose From The Finest Talent Pool -

Based upon our discussion, we will present you with the profiles of some of the best iOS app developers to choose from. This is an iterative process, which ends only when you are satisfied with your new iOS app development team from EB

Sync-Up With Your Project Manager -

A dedicated PM will be assigned as your single point of contact. The PM will be responsible for adhering to timelines, providing status updates, project milestones, and final deliverables.

Finalize The Terms -

We move ahead and sign the mutual contract, including team size, contract type, final deliverables, and pricing. An NDA is provided to keep your secrets safe with us.

Get Set Go! -

The EB team will work as a part of your team to ensure the successful completion of the app within the set parameters. Once again, your success is our success!


An outsourced iOS app development team has a specialization in developing apps for the Apple ecosystem. They use a variety of strategies to gain an understanding of your project, priorities, and primary goals. Whether you want just a front end developer or a full stack developer, an outsourced team will be stacked to fulfill your requirements.

EB provides complete transparency throughout the project lifecycle. Our dedicated project manager ensures that you have the most up-to-date data and visibility via emails, reports, and dashboards.

Talent is undoubtedly the most important factor. To hire iOS developers from EB means choosing from the best available talent, be it techies for code, designers to lead and implement the design, or stalwarts who can understand and manage your business

The mobile app market has been expanding astronomically. App personalization, blurring of personal and professional designs, increasing privacy concerns, and more user-control over the sharing of data are some of the major trends driving these changes. iOS developers from EB are well-versed with changing market dynamics, which they factor into app development.

EB signs an NDA with all its clients and maintains strict confidentiality with the client's ideas, data, and information. We are very stringent in our own hiring practices, and our processes deter theft of IP.

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Introduction To iOS Apps

iOS is the operating system from Apple used to power its omnipresent iPhone. Apple went further to use it for the iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

iOS from Apple is evolving to meet these changes, and iOS apps are considered the best when it comes to security and performance. The better monetization of iOS apps is also a critical factor why businesses prefer them over Android-based apps. iOS has the best mobile ecosystem, which works flawlessly with mobiles, wearables, laptops, tabs, and mobile phones. A major problem that managers hiring for iOS app development face is the hiring of iOS app developers familiar with both B2C and B2B mobile app use cases. Getting developers who are well informed of capabilities across the front-end, client-side, and back-end services integrations is very tough. Hiring such iOS app developers is not only expensive but also time-consuming, both liberties that most of us do not have.

The iOS Ecosystem

with the launch of iOS 14, Apple has introduced many new features like a whole new Siri interface, a new home screen, mini-apps, and message improvements, among others. It is difficult for any business to have iOS developers who can constantly stay abreast of constant changes in terms of customer behaviors and technological advancements. This is why it makes more sense to outsource iOS app developers to a reliable third-party vendor like EngineerBabu that focuses its energy on staying abreast of the changes.

Since the iOS ecosystem is complex, thorough knowledge is required by the iOS app developer for app development, migration from other platforms to iOS, app upgrades, or app re-engineering. EB can provide technically competent iOS app developers to suit any of your iOS app requirements, at a fraction of the time and money you would need to develop in-house expertise.

Core Skills Required For Building Your iOS Development Team

Swift -

Swift is a multi-paradigm, general-purpose programming language that was created as a replacement for Objective-C. It is the critical language any developer needs to know to work in the Apple environment.

Xcode IDE –

Xcode is an integrated development environment for macOS and iOS provided by Apple. Xcode IDE allows developers to develop software that can be used by macOS, iOS, watchOS, iPadOS, and tvOS.

Core Data -

Core Data is an object graph and persistence framework provided by Apple for the macOS and iOS operating systems. It can retrieve and change any data without requiring knowledge of the underlying storage and retrieval details.

Spatial Reasoning -

The ability to think in 3-D, and visualize the spatial relations between objects, is a crucial component for creating iOS apps. It makes you understand how users will interact with your design interfaces for various devices. This can be mastered by building real-world applications, a regular practice of the developers at EB.

Design Guidelines -

iOS apps need to adhere to strict design guidelines to make them extremely intuitive and powerful. It includes rules on MVC, delegate pattern, notifications, etc.

Networking -

As the majority of apps will need to interact with the web in one way or the other, it becomes crucial to know how to send and receive data from any network, using JSON.

Grand Central Dispatch -

Known as GCD, it allows an app to multitask – whether to display information, reading touch inputs, or retrieving data from other apps or the web simultaneously. By allowing the app to concurrently perform various tasks, it prevents the app from making the device slow or crashing altogether.

Other Technology & Software Development Related Skills

A well-rounded iOS app developer should be proficient in some, if not all, of the
below-mentioned skills to develop real-world apps.

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UI - UIKit, SnapKit, Autolayout, Core Animation

Databases - SQLite, Realm, CoreData

Frameworks - SiriKit, WatchKit, CallKit, MapKit, Core Location, AVFoundation, StoreKit, Extensions

Languages - Swift, Objective-C
Others - Code Signing, Push Notifications, Operational Queue

How To Find And Hire iOS Developers?

Understand Your Need -

The first step when you want to hire iOS developers is understanding your needs. Upon performing a detailed requirement-gathering activity, you will be able to know the required skillset of the developers, size of the team, duration of the project, and the costs involved.
Deciding Between A Freelancer Or Development Company

With the above information on hand, you will need to decide whether to go for a freelancer or a development company. For a single standalone project, a freelancer may be best. However, if you are looking at a long-term development model, an outsourced iOS development company would be your best option. You will have a choice of choosing -

  • A project-based iOS development services team
  • A dedicated offsite iOS development team
  • An out-staffed or extended team (working in-house) of iOS developers provided by the company

Typical Interview Questions Asked When Hiring iOS Developers

  • What benefits will iOS 14 add to the current app development platform?
  • What is an abstraction, and how do you achieve it in iOS?
  • What are Cocoa and Cocoa Plus?
  • What JSON framework is supported by iOS?
  • What are the different types of iOS Application States?
  • What are the major differences between Swift and Objective-C? Which one would you choose?
  • What are iBeacons?
  • What are layer objects?
  • How do you execute asynchronous tasks in iOS?
  • What iOS architectures do you know, which can scale?

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