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Companies Build their Web Apps by Hiring Node.JS Developers

NASA chose Node.JS Developers to build its site. It is a highly reliable platform and solves the issues of moving EVA spacesuits data to a single cloud database. With Node.JS, it requires only 7 steps instead of 28, to do so.

Uber focuses on updating its technology, to serve users best. So, Uber opted to hire Node.JS Developers, to scale up resources in a simplistic manner to lead the competitive world.

Medium, one of the most famous blog publishing platforms. To give users the best experience, it hires dedicated Node.JS Developers to build its website up to excellence.

Trello, the most common project management tool. It uses Node.JS, especially to design single-page applications which lead the whole process in the right direction.

Wall Street Journal, America’s well-known newspaper. To build its web app, WSJ opted to hire dedicated Node.JS developers, which perfectly compliments the needs and features of the app.

Zendesk is a SAAS Suite that offers help desk ticketing, issue tracking, and customer service support. It has over 25 million users, so to serve the best it also trusted to hire Node.JS developers.

Why Choose EngineerBabu To Hire Node.js Developers?

Unwavering Support

Fretting about loading time issues? Don't worry! Our Node.js developers will be available to resolve any errors and problems for you instantaneously

Flexible Hiring

Need Node.js developers for a single project? With EngineerBabu, you can hire a team that will be committed to your project until its completion. What's more? You can vary your team size according to your needs.

Save Time & Money

You don't need to break your bank to hire developers anymore. EngineerBabu smoothens the hiring process for you - It's economical and best suited for startups/SMEs.

Customer Is King!

You are our priority. We are resilient about the service we provide and make sure you get to work with the best Node.js developers!

Benefits Of Using Node.js For Your Company

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Powerful Technology Stack

Node.js is a fast and lean Javascript runtime environment that comes with Javascript's robust features like code sharing, efficiency, ability to work on webpages, and different applications. With over a million libraries in the Node Package Manager, Node.js has a rich ecology.

Cross-Platform Friendly

A Node.js code works on all platforms - Windows, Mac, and OSX. Developers working on your web application won't need prior knowledge of any other languages and can develop your desktop app as well.

Increased Performance

Created on the Chrome V8 engine, which is written in C++, it works at impressive speeds. It works on a single-threaded, non-blocking event-driven model that employs real-time updates in the application. The framework is cross-platform friendly.

Flexibility & Scalability

As a lightweight tool, Node.js is customizable and offers multiple easy integrations. It offers flexibility with in-built APIs to build HTTPS or DNS servers.

You Are Now In The Big Leagues

Top brands have chosen Node.js to develop their web application!

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The popular on-demand streaming service is predicted to hit 200 million subscribers soon. Netflix needs bandwidth to handle such high volume and keep its efficiency top-notch. By implementing Node.js, Netflix was able to reduce its startup time from 40 minutes to under a minute!

EngineerBabu go_uber

Uber migrated completely to Node.js for its app development for its warp-speed performance and high scalability. Node.JS acted as an ideal environment to handle high requests and notification traffic.

EngineerBabu node_paypal

As one of the largest payment processors, PayPal employed Node.js to develop its platform. It resulted in a much faster page response time with the platform handling more requests in a timeframe.

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With previously used frameworks getting harder to maintain, Groupon switched to Node.js. With the benefits of Javascript, high scalability options, and instant changes, the ecommerce platform was able to conquer the inefficiency.

EngineerBabu node_godaddy

As the world's largest domain registrar, GoDaddy overhauled their platform on Node.js recently. The infrastructure helped the company to deploy changes in real-time and run unit and integration tests smoothly.

EngineerBabu go_dailymotion

Dailymotion is a video-sharing technology platform, available in 25 languages and 43 localized versions. Go is used at Dailymotion to manage heavy loads of automation testing and other backend services due to its performance and simplicity.

How To Hire Node.js Developers Through EngineerBabu

We follow a detailed process to connect you to the best Node.js talent, here is how -

Requirement Gathering

Firstly, our consultant will get in touch with you to discuss the project details. For us to chart out a rough blueprint, you can tell us about your requirements, team size, tech stack, and other details.

Candidate Shortlisting

Based on our discussion, we will shortlist ideal candidates that are best suited to your project.

Resume Sharing

We will then share resumes of the shortlisted candidates for you to choose from. Not happy with the candidates? We will redo the process to shortlist the best Node.js developers for your project.

Connect With Project Manager

Once you've chosen your Node.js development team, a project manager will get in touch with you. The PM will be your point-of-contact for the project lifecycle and updates.

T&C Of The Contract

After everything is in place, we will draft a contract highlighting points like size, timeframe, deliverables, goals, and more.

Your Team Is Ready

Voila! We can now start your app development with Node.js. You will be able to communicate anything project-related with your team directly.


EngineerBabu's pricing model is reasonable and is best suited for startups and SMEs. While the cost depends on a variety of factors, we make sure it's worth your money. Reach out to us, and we'll work out the best price for your project.

Node.js works best for real-time web apps that expect heavy traffic. It is also used for ones that are data-intensive and need constant updates. The framework works well for microservices as well to produce lightweight & flexible apps with a codebase that offers better control.

EngineerBabu gives you complete control in choosing your Node.js team. After we shortlist the candidates for you, you can conduct interviews & tasks to do your round of filtering. In case you're unhappy with a developer's performance, you are free to replace them at any point in your project development.

Absolutely. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. We will treat all your information in the strictest confidence once we sign an NDA.

As a popular runtime system built on the V8 engine by Chrome, Node.js is trusted by big brands like Mozilla, NASA, Yahoo, and more. The platform has a rich ecosystem built over the years and boasts of a competent security system.

How To Interview And Hire NodeJS Developers

Node.js is an open-source runtime environment that is built on Google Chrome's V8 JavaScript runtime.

A growing number of web developers are leaning towards Node.js because of the plethora of module libraries, IDEs, and tools it offers, making it easier to build lightweight and scalable web-based applications.

Node.js is poised to become one of the most popular platforms for web development in the coming years, and the job market is already very competitive.

If you're looking to hire Node.js developers , it can be confusing to pick and choose among the very best of talent that is available.

This article helps break down some of the things you should look for when hiring Node.js developers for your upcoming project.

Core Skills

These core skills should be non-negotiable in an ideal developer as they serve the basis of their performance measure -

a. Knowledge Of Programming Languages

Node.js developers are among the most coveted web developers in the job market right now.

Apart from being proficient in Node.js, understanding how the core of the platform works will help developers tackle any challenges thrown at them.

An ideal candidate should have a solid grasp of server-side templating languages such as Jade and EJS. Being familiar with the Node.js API is another core skill that cannot be overlooked when you hire Node.js developers.

b. Experience With Frameworks

The web application framework is one of the most used and is often a key dependency used in any Node.js web application.

Express and Hapi.js are the most popular frameworks used in the Node.js community.

EngineerBabu node_skill nodejs

Working knowledge of how these frameworks function is an essential skill that a competent Node.js developer should possess.

Express is particularly well-suited to most applications because of how quickly you can work with new codebases and how well maintained it is.

C. Knowledge Of Databases

Databases are fundamental to the working of pretty much every web application you would want to build. Hence, knowledge of building and maintaining databases is a fundamental skill that a Node.js developer should have. A node.js developer should -

Android developers require multiple tools for mobile app development, and this requirement is usually fulfilled by Android SDK, which is a robust set of tools that are used for developing or writing Android apps.

Android SDKs are known for their graphical user interface that completely emulates the Android environment. The significance of this emulator is that it acts like an actual mobile device on which the Android developers can write their code followed by debugging/testing the same code to check for any issues.

The developer you hire is expected to have a basic understanding of activities and their lifecycle, layouts and views, user input, collection views and more.

d. Fundamental Concepts & Norms

Some indispensable skills that every good Node.js developer should have up his sleeve include:

Understanding of the MVC architecture

Ability to create responsive designs

Proficiency in high-level programming languages like JavaScript

There is more to web development than simply knowing the theoretical concepts. Another important aspect that sets a good web developer apart is the experience s/he's had working with these technologies hands-on.

Experience can be a good indicator of how well the developer will be able to face and tackle challenges that come up when building the app from the ground up

Other Technology & Software Development Related Skills

Some good-to-know skills for an ideal Node.js developer can be -

1.Understanding of Security Practices :

With breaches and issues making headlines every other day, it comes as no surprise that web developers ought to be up to date with the most concerning privacy risks that could plague your app.

The following can be expected of a Node.js developer:

(i) Being familiar with the OWASP Top Ten list of cybersecurity risks is an essential hand guide for any web developer to be able to audit their programs for possible sensitivities.

(ii) Being able to effectively implement encryption in Node.js is an important consideration if you're looking to hire Node.js developers.

(iii) Understanding the Bcrypt hashing algorithm and the npm package are absolute necessities.

2.Knowledge of API Integrations :

Web applications are rarely self-reliant and will often require the integration of APIs. So, the understanding of popular API domains such as Buffers, HTTP, and file manipulation is an important asset to any Node.js developer's skillset.

Another important consideration is securing APIs and a solid understanding of the asynchronous nature of APIs in the Node.js library.

3.Cloud Technology

You will often need to deploy and serve your web application from a cloud platform, so any Node.js developer you hire must understand and be comfortable with popular cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure.

Integration with cloud platforms requires infrastructure configuration, and therefore a grasp on how this can be effectively implemented is important knowledge for every Node.js developer.

Other important concerns are being able to work in conformity with the DevOps methodology to:

(i) maximize efficiency

(ii) shorten the system development life cycle, and

(iii) ensure continuous delivery.

4.UI/UX Design

UI/UX design guidelines and handling front-end integration are just as important as being good at back-end development.

A good Node.js developer should be able to -

(i) Set up CI/CD environments and make the best use of automation

(ii) Document & write readable code that makes your app maintainable

How To Find & Hire Node.js Developers?

Before you can start, you'll need to source the ideal talent for your mobile app development -

Requirement Gathering

A study suggests that over 70% of project failures are attributed to flawed requirement gathering techniques. It is important to identify your requirements precisely before setting out to gather talent.

Hire Freelancers Or Choose A Software Development Company
The next phase of project management would be to consider where to look for talent based on your constraints and requirements.

Freelancers can be excellent options for projects that have a budget-constraint and require flexibility.

On the flip side, software development companies can provide a top-notch application with good support and maintenance throughout the process.

EngineerBabu's Node.js development services make this much easier for you.

Interviewing Shortlisted Candidates
Interviewing shortlisted candidates involves testing them on their hard-skills, such as technical knowledge and ability to conform to industry standards.

Assessing your candidates' soft skills is just as important to understand how well they can integrate and work with your Node.js development team.

Explain Your Project Requirements
Developers are the bridge between your idea and the realization of that idea as a working app

There is often a discord between what you intend the developer to produce and the final result, due to ineffective communication of your requirements.

This is something to be taken care of when hiring a Node.js team. You need them to understand what it is that you require, and laying this out in an intuitive, structured format can help.

Signing Contract
The drafting and signing of a contract are more than just a formality. The contract is a document that defines your relationship with your developers and establishes what your duties towards each other are.

It is important for all parties involved to be clear about the terms of the contract to avoid confusion and friction in the working relationship.

Important clauses of a contract include ones that define who holds the rights to the intellectual property of the project and non-disclosure terms to preserve the integrity of the project.

What Do Our Clients Say About Us?

We have built a very happy clientele over the years. But you don't take our word for it! "Thanks for working day and night for us! We really appreciate the dedication you guys have put in for our project and sacrificed a long weekend for our beta launch! A small gift from Open for kickass work you guys have done together." - Mabel Chacko, Founder

Let EngineerBabu Take Care Of Your Hiring Needs!

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EngineerBabu can be your go-to Node.js development company for all your developer hiring requirements.

We can help you find the best talent for your project and assist you throughout the hiring process by shortlisting candidates, having you interview them, and drafting the contract. Our dedicated project managers oversee the entire project from start to finish to ensure that your project turns out as you wish.

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