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Known for its powerful native interface, Flutter can help you develop apps with vivid and flexible UIs. With Flutter, you can bring beautiful high-performing mobile apps to life. EngineerBabu helps you reap all the benefits that come with Flutter, by getting you the talent that gets the job done!

Brands That Trusts Us

We have helped create magical apps for our clients with Flutter!

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EarlySalary is an innovative money lending platform based on superior customer profiling. Users who download their app can apply for instant loans with different tenures, based on their credit history.

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Social Seller provides video tutorials to people wanting to start selling their products or services on social media platforms. Their target market includes resellers, digital marketers,businessmen, housewives, and students.

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Roobaroo Walks' primary endeavor is to craft unforgettable travel memories by making you feel like an insider. Their storytellers let you in on a city's best-kept secrets, including food, local arts, and culture through their location-aware app.

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Frank Green is an Australian company that creates ergonomic cups and bottles made from premium recycled materials. They can be further recycled and are customizable to suit your personality.

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Wit Circle is an academic portal that brings students, teachers, and academicians together online. One can find comprehensive information on the latest updates, exam-specific study material, brief test series, and much more on their app and website.

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Income Walls provides safe & secured real estate investing and property management professional services. They help Investors to grow their real estate portfolio with regular rental income from leased properties.

Why Choose EngineerBabu To Hire Flutter App Developers?

24x7 Unwavering Support

Fretting about loading time issues? Don't worry! Our Flutter app developers will be available to resolve any errors and problems for you instantaneously.

Flexible Hiring

Need Flutter app developers for a single project? On EngineerBabu, you can hire a team of developers that will be committed to your project until its completion. What's more? You can vary your team size according to your needs.

Save Time & Money

You don't need to break your bank to hire Flutter app developers anymore. EngineerBabu smoothens the hiring process for you - It's economical and best suited for startups/SMEs.

Customer Is King!

You are our priority. We are resilient about the service we provide and make sure you get to work with the best Flutter app developers!

What Do Our Clients Say About Us?

We have built a very happy clientele over the years. But you don't take our word for it! "Thanks for working day and night for us! We really appreciate the dedication you guys have put in for our project and sacrificed a long weekend for our beta launch! A small gift from Open for kickass work you guys have done together." - Mabel Chacko, Founder

Benefits Of Choosing Flutter For Your Company

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Fast & Seamless

Flutter is a great choice for anyone looking to build an app as it has a simple development process. Flutter's Hot Reload feature prevents any delay in applying changes and reflects them on your app instantly.


Flutter makes it easier for developers to debug programs by allowing them to change the code and analyze the results themselves. This makes Flutter one of the most cost-effective frameworks to build your app on

UI Uniformity On All Platforms

You don't need to have UI components specific to a platform to design the interface on Flutter. No other application framework, besides Flutter, caters to a cross-platform UI code.

Accelerated Time-To-Launch

Since you don't need to develop separate apps for Android and iOS, Flutter usually takes lesser time to launch your app. Additionally, Flutter comes with a declarative framework to change UI, which makes app development faster.

You're In The Big Leagues

Some of the top brands trust Flutter with their mobile app development -

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The Broadway hit built their mobile app on Flutter in under three months and were able to reach millions of fans! The app lets its users live the true Hamilton experience with trivia, news, updates, videos, and more!

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One of the biggest names in the e-commerce landscape, Alibaba used Flutter's smooth UI toolkit to create its second-hand reseller app Xian Yu that houses over 50 million users!

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eBay chose Flutter to develop and launch its eBay Motors app that provides users with a seamless platform to buy and sell vehicles at their fingertips!

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The premium car brand picked Flutter to develop its app for reasons that include - feature parity between iOS & Android, easy development, and better testing capabilities.

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Birch lets users utilize and optimize their credit cards to avail more reward points through purchases. Birch Finance developed its mobile app using Flutter too!

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This fantasy cricket app garnered fame in the last couple of years. Dream11 utilized Flutter's customizable widgets to create the app with an easily navigable and errorless interface.

How To Hire Flutter App Developers Through EngineerBabu

We follow a detailed process to connect you to the best Flutter talent out there, and these are the broad steps!

Let's Get Acquainted/Requirement Gathering

As the first step, our consultant will get in touch with you to discuss the project details with you. For us to chart out a rough blueprint, you can tell us about your requirements, team size, tech stack, and other relevant details.

Candidate Shortlisting

Based on our discussion, we will shortlist ideal candidates that are best suited to your project.

Resume Sharing

As step three, we will share the resumes of the shortlisted candidates for you to choose from. Not happy with the candidates? We will redo the process to shortlist the best Flutter app developers for your project.

Connect With Project Manager

Once you've chosen your Flutter development team, a project manager (PM) will get in contact with you. The PM will be your point-of-contact responsible for the project lifecycle and updates.

T&C Of The Contract

After everything is in place, we will draft a contract highlighting points like size, timeframe, deliverables, goals, and more. This mutually agreed contract will guide us through the process.

Your Team is Ready

Voila! We can now start your app development with Flutter. You will be able to communicate & discuss anything project-related with your team directly


Flutter is best for 2D mobile apps that can operate on both iOS & Android. If you're looking for compelling visuals and brand-first designs in your app, Flutter can be a great choice. Flutter also supports full-featured apps

It depends on a variety of factors like your project details, timeframe, team size requirements, and more. But we'd say it's pretty affordable to hire a Flutter development team at EngineerBabu! You can get in touch with us to get a better idea

We understand that each project has its own requirements that need attention. We make sure to shortlist relevant and suitable candidates for your project.

Absolutely. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. We will treat all your information in strictest confidence, once we sign an NDA.

We have provided an economical yet efficient service to several happy clients over the years. Our intricate hiring framework and timely deliveries make sure you get what you pay for. You are in good company!


Flutter is Google’s new cross-platform software development kit that integrates the ability to develop web, mobile, and desktop apps into a single framework.

The framework is gaining popularity and is set to emerge as the go-to option in the world of SDKs available to developers. However, adoption hasn’t gained pace yet, and talent is still scarce.

Considering how new the framework is, it can be quite a daunting task to interview and hire Flutter app developers. Read on if you’re looking to hire a Flutter development team and are unsure about how to go about interviewing them to make sure you’re finding the best talent.

Core Skills

These are the skills that should be non-negotiable in applicants -

Programming Languages

One of the primary skills that are essential to any Flutter developer’s repertoire is knowledge of native app development for Android and iOS.

Flutter provides full documentation that allows native Android developers to seamlessly adapt their existing Android development skills to Flutter. Knowledge of Java or Kotlin is an essential core skill necessary to adapt to Flutter.

Additionally, your ideal developer would have a working knowledge of Dart, which is the official programming that Flutter uses. For web development, being skilled in JavaScript is the quintessential industry standard that is expected of a Flutter developer.

Experience With Frameworks

Since Flutter is a new framework, it addresses the need to be adaptable to developers’ existing skillset effectively.

For Android developers, knowledge of and working experience with popular frameworks such as React Native and Xamarin are expected

For web app development, robust skills in AngularJS and ReactJS are an industry standard. Developers’ experience with these frameworks is a good benchmark of how well they would be able to perform with Flutter.

Full Stack Developments

It is vital for full-stack developers to have good command over building and managing databases using SQL, front-end/back-end technologies that complement each other and work together to provide a seamless experience.

A solid understanding of the OOPS concepts and being able to perform server-side development to create dynamic applications are also deemed essential.

Fundamental Concepts & Norms

One of the fundamental skills that you would expect of a good web developer is a thorough understanding of the MVC architecture, responsive design, and extensive hands-on experience with a high-level programming language like JavaScript.

Practice makes perfect, and web development is no different. The efficiency of a developer to tackle challenges is often proportional to the experience they’ve had implementing these concepts.

The same goes for Android developers, who should have proven their mettle with their understanding of UI/UX interaction and the optimization of limited resources.

Other Technology & Software Development Related Skills To Know

Apart from core skills, here are some additional ones you can consider when you hire Flutter app developers -


Security is a major concern when building any project, whether it’s a mobile or web app. A practical understanding of cryptography is an indispensable skill for every developer in the age of rising cybersecurity threats.

Developers should also be able to do their due diligence and make informed, ethical trade-offs when it comes to prioritizing security along with user-friendliness.

API Integration

Building an app from the ground-up would often require the integration of various APIs. Your ideal candidate should have a good understanding of how to effectively implement APIs while emphasizing security and conforming to acceptable architectural styles such as REST.

Cloud Technology

Full-stack developers are required to be able to develop complete projects from scratch and being able with cloud technologies could aid in the development of applications such as PaaS. The developers should be able to work in conformity with DevOps methodology to shorten the system development life cycle and ensure continuous delivery.

UI/UX Design

A major concern when you hire Flutter app developers is their ability to make the front-end and back-end work in tandem effectively.

Knowledge and experience with UI/UX design guidelines will set distinguished candidates for your Flutter development team apart

Another skill that experienced developers will have is being able to set up CI/CD environments by integrating automation into their processes for seamless maintenance.

How To Find & Hire Flutter Developers

Before you can start, you'll need to source the ideal talent for your mobile app development -

Requirement gathering

It is one of the initial steps taken when planning a project, and also one of the most crucial phases.

A study shows that over 70% of project failures are attributed to flawed requirement gathering techniques. Requirements need to be identified before setting out to gather them. It is imperative to spend adequate time in this phase and identify what exactly your requirements are. Effective management of requirements can help you narrow down to the best available talent for your project.

Hire Freelancers Or Choose A Software Development Company

Once you’ve identified your requirements, it’s time to decide an avenue to look for talent. Your options are either outsourcing development to freelancers or hiring a Flutter development team from a company. Both have their pros and cons – freelancers can be a cost-effective and flexible alternative, while development companies may offer high-quality expertise with solid support and maintenance.

Interviewing Shortlisted Candidates

Having shortlisted candidates for your Flutter development team is only half a battle won. Interviewing these candidates to find the best talent that suits your project requirements is quite a task in itself.

You would have to test candidates on their hard skills such as the soundness of technical knowledge, conformity with standards, and ability to write and document readable code. Another important aspect of the interview process is to assess the candidates’ soft skills, such as their ability to collaborate with teams and to work under time constraints.

Explain Your Project Requirements

When you're out to hire Flutter app developers for your project, you need to effectively communicate the requirements of your project.

A developer will only be able to build a project as well as the requirements that are explained to them.

Often the results of a project turn out differently from what was expected due to a discord between what the developer is told and what is understood.

Laying down your requirements in an intuitive, structured format that is clear and concise is important.

Signing Contract

Drafting and signing a contract with your developers is more than just red-tape. It defines your relationship with your development team and lays down the rights and duties each of you owes to each other. Some key clauses in the contract include defining who holds the rights to the intellectual property of the project and non-disclosure clauses to preserve the integrity of your project while it’s in development.

The signing of the contract is yet another crucial phase of hiring talent for your development team. Need to hire Flutter app developers? EngineerBabu has your back! We can assist you right from identifying your requirements to connecting you to the very best talent from the large pool of developers. Our dedicated hiring services help you find the perfect fit for your development team by understanding your requirements, shortlisting candidates based on what your project requires, signing a contract, and having a project manager watch over the entire project lifecycle.

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