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Hire Data Scientists at Affordable Rates

Hire Data Scientists from EngineerBabu, to get the detailed reports along with the market curve from our Data Scientists. They have expertise in detailed Data Analysis and Data Mining. The Data Scientists ensure you provide a huge chunk of data into valuable information to help your business.

Top Companies Hired Data Scientists

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Flipkart is an Indian-based e-commerce company. The company is effectively utilizing the worth of data and to utilize it effectively, hired Data Scientists to improve the Net Promoter Score while effectively working in the key business.

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Amazon, a giant in the e-commerce industry, covered almost the globe. Such a huge company had to utilize effectively the loads of data they had each day. Hence, they hired Data Scientists to analyze such data and develop innovative models.

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Apple, a renowned name in the gadgets industry, especially for its world-class smartphones. Apple has its presence in almost every country, so they hired Data Scientists to find out the genuine customers and expand their business effectively.

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Microsoft is a widely used Operating System, and is a world leader in this field. Microsoft hired Data Scientists to efficiently carry out their business by accurate decision making, customer satisfaction, and identifying leads.

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Oracle is a trusted and reliable name in enabling secure database software. The company builds such a vast market and infrastructure worldwide, just by trusting and hiring Data Scientists.

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Myntra, a subsidiary of Flipkart, known for its branded, fashionable, and trendy retail collections. The company hired Data Scientists to classify and separate the available data and utilize it to the fullest and deliver its customers best.

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Why Hire Data Scientists for your Businesses?

Many companies are intently looking to hire Data Scientists to build a data science team to look out for solutions for their business challenges. Data Scientists are analytical experts who utilize their technical and social science skills to analyze trends and manage data.

The demand for data scientists is growing rapidly. The Data Scientists covers a vast boundary of data ranging from Data Mining, Data Visualization, and Management of Information. They utilize their knowledge and skills to convert technological devices and data into functional insights based on company’s requirements individually.

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Round the Clock Support

Hire Data Scientists from EngineerBabu who are ready to help you every day of the year, and assist you with any trouble that you may experience.

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Save Time and Money

Hiring Dedicated Data Scientists from EngineerBabu is cost-effective. Our hiring model best suits startups and SMEs.

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Flexible Hiring

Don’t want to hire full-time developers!!! No Problem. EB allows you to Hire Dedicated Data Scientists. The assigned team will only work on your project, until it is done. After that, you can relieve them, and can easily alter your team size at any stage.

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100% Client Satisfaction

Here client satisfaction is the primary thing. If our client is not satisfied we too are not satisfied.

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The Data Scientists from EngineerBabu are well experienced in Tableau, thorough knowledge of Python, R, RStudio and Hadoop etc.

To hire Data Scientists just click here or email us at [email protected]

You can connect them via phone calls, Skype, email etc.

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What EngineerBabu Does?

We work with ambitious clients who want to define the future. The emerging global leaders come to us and we help them by solving industry-defined problems. We develop innovative, creative, and viable IT solutions to society. Equipped with an understanding of IT intricacies, world-class talent and privative leadership we plan, design, development and manage the long-lasting solutions to uniquely complex problem. EngineerBabu is the best mobile app development company. Our Data Scientists are highly skilled and they are all set to help you.

Process of Hiring Dedicated Data Scientists from EngineerBabu

EngineerBabu follows a straightforward and easy process of Hiring Dedicated Data Scientists for its client’s convenience. This process covers everything from the initial phase to the project launch. Please have a look over it and know how we work.

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EngineerBabu Requirement Gathering data-scientists

Requirement Gathering

Firstly, our consultant will discuss project details with you. This will help us get a clear idea about your requirements, including the team size, tech stack, and other relevant resources. It will lead us to provide you an estimated project timeline and budget.

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Candidate Shorting

Secondly, based on the shared details, we will short some suitable developers from our team for the project. In this sorting, we ensure to provide the best Data Scientists to deliver excellent results.

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Resume Sharing

Thirdly, we will share the resume of all the sorted candidates with you. On that basis, you can select any developers from them. In case you are not satisfied with these candidates, we perform the sorting process again to provide you the best Data Scientists.

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Connect with PM

Fourthly, after team selection, you can be in direct contact with the Project Manager (PM). PM is responsible for following the project lifecycle and updating you on each progress.

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Terms & Conditions of Contract

Fifth, after finalizing everything from your end, we can move ahead on mutual contract. It will include points like size, timeframe, deliverables, milestones, etc. The contract will also include NDA if you don’t want to reveal the app idea in public.

EngineerBabu The team is yours scientists hire

The Team is Yours, we can proceed towards the app development. Here, you can directly connect to your dedicated scientist or scientist’s team, and directly communicate or discuss anything regarding the project.

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