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Looking To Hire Mobile App Developers In India?

Do you need proficient, experienced, well-qualified, reliable, and affordable mobile app developers in India? EngineerBabu is the perfect place to have your pick from the cream of remote mobile app developers in India.

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Why Choose EngineerBabu?

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Client Satisfaction

At EngineerBabu, we take client satisfaction very seriously. We strive for 100% client satisfaction, which makes us the best place to hire mobile app developers.


We offer flexible hiring options. You can hire a mobile app development team for a short or long duration, depending on your needs. You can even increase or decrease the size of the mobile app development team.

Cost Efficiency

If you hire mobile app developers from EngineerBabu, you can rest assured that you are getting your money's worth.

Talented Developers

EngineerBabu is the easiest way for you to access highly qualified and skilled front-end developers or full-stack developers for your mobile app development.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Benefits Of Choosing Mobile App Development For Your Company

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Increased Brand Awareness

An average phone user spends around 3 hours every day on various apps. Apps increase your brand's visibility. A mobile app can inform customers about new products, offers, events, new features, and much more.

Increased Sales & Profits

Increased visibility leads to more leads, more leads lead to more sales, and more sales lead to more profits. It is a process that begins with the visibility that a mobile app can get you.

Gain Customer Insight

The behavior of customers on your app is a great way to gain insight into what they want. You can then devise a new product or service that caters to this demand, or make changes to serve your consumers better.

Gain Competitive Advantage

When you hire mobile app developers to create an app for your business, you gain an edge over your competitors. Customers today are more likely to shop from a mobile app than from a website.

Effective Marketing

While there are various ways to market your product, push notifications from an app have the greatest impact. Customers with the app are more likely to open the app and make a purchase when they see activity.

You Are Now In The Big Leagues

Mobile apps have become the norm for success in every industry. Here are some of the top companies that have leveraged the power of mobile apps to grow their business -

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Anyone with a smartphone is most likely to have the Amazon app installed. While the Amazon website was established in 1995, the company's growth skyrocketed with the introduction of the app in 2011. The app has made it a household name.

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Bitmoji lets you create and share personalized emojis. The app has over 500 million downloads owing to the app that makes the process of communication more fun and engaging!

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If you have ever transferred an audio, video, or image file from one phone to another, then you must have come across the SHAREit app. The app by Lenovo has over 1 billion downloads!

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Uber was founded in 2009, and the Uber app has come to the rescue of almost everyone when they've needed urgent transport. The simple idea of getting cabs at your convenience is executed to perfection with this app.

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This addictive game app combined social media with gaming to create a unique experience that has users hooked for life.

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This app to track expenses is the most widely used app worldwide for the purpose. It simplifies budgeting and accurately tracks your expenses and therefore, helps in your financial planning.

Hiring Mobile App Developers Through EngineerBabu

EngineerBabu follows a simple 6-step process to get you the mobile app developers of your liking!

Understanding Requirements

We will get in touch with you to understand your requirements. Your expectations from the mobile app will help us finalize a mobile app development team, the number of front-end developers and full-stack developers for the team, the platform for building the app, etc.

Shortlisting Candidates

We will shortlist the best candidates for the project based on the requirements discussed in the first step. EngineerBabu has a vast pool of mobile app developers, and we assure you that you can find the right team with experience in working on your desired platform for development.

Finalizing Mobile App Developers

We will share the resumes of the shortlisted candidates with you. You can take your pick from the lot. You can even conduct interviews before you hire a mobile app development team. If you do not find the right candidate in the shortlist, we will go back to step two and create a new list.

Connecting With The Project Manager

Once you have finalized your team members, a project manager will get in touch with you to understand the intricacies of the project. The manager will be responsible for updating you on the progress of the project and ensuring that the team delivers on your vision of the mobile app.

Signing The Contract

We will sign a contract that details the timeframe of the project, the deliverables, the milestones, and various other technicalities regarding the mobile app development, including an NDA.

Work Begins!

The work starts as soon as you sign the contract. You can always get in touch with your team throughout the mobile app development cycle.


No, we are not freelance mobile app developers. EngineerBabu has a full-time remote staff to work on various projects. We match your requirements to the skills of the mobile app developers on staff to get you the perfect match.

We can work on the most popular and widely used mobile app development platforms such as Android, iOS, Ionic, Flutter, PhoneGap, and React Native.

The cost of a project depends on various aspects such as the complexity of the app, the features, the design, the platform, the number of mobile app developers working on the project, and its timeframe. We provide a detailed breakdown of the cost after understanding your requirements. While the cost does vary from project to project, EngineerBabu is the most affordable and reliable way to hire mobile app developers.

After an initial consultation, we will share a list of the best candidates for the project along with their resumes. Once you have finalized the mobile app development team members from the shortlist and signed the contract, the team works exclusively on your project. We aim for 100% client satisfaction and will never compromise on that by splitting the focus of the mobile app developers between various projects.

You can always get in touch with the project manager, who will update you on the status of the project. In addition to this, you can also track the work progress on the project management tool, Basecamp. Basecamp lets team members collaborate on the project smoothly and remove all the usual flaws in working with a remote team.

How To Interview And Hire Mobile App Development Developers

Did you know that there are over 8.93 million mobile apps worldwide? The number is only increasing day by day. This fact might lead you to believe that there are also a huge number of mobile app developers, and you would have no trouble when you want to hire mobile app developers

It couldn't be further from the truth because while there are a large number of mobile app developers, truly skilled developers who are in touch with the latest technology and can create a one-of-kind app are not so common.

Finding the right mobile app developer who can use their skills to turn your vision of your mobile app into reality has become equivalent to finding a needle in a haystack.

However, there are ways to weed out the diamonds from the coal. Here is your complete guide on how to hire mobile app developers.

Core Skills For Mobile App Developer

While there is a long list of skills that you must look for in a mobile app developer, these core skills are a must-have. Anyone without these does not qualify for the job at hand.

Programming Languages

Every Android mobile app developer must know at least Javascript, and Kotlin and iOS developers must know Swift and Objective-C. There are languages that are used most often for the respective platforms.


While there are many mobile app development frameworks out there, there are a few that offer the most features and let the developers make high-performance apps.

React Native by Facebook, Flutter by Google, Xamarin by Microsoft, Ionic, Adobe PhoneGap, and NativeScript are the most common and useful frameworks. Some of the most famous and widely used mobile apps were developed on these frameworks.

Cross-Platform Development

Gone are the days when an app was only made for one operating system. With Android, iOS, and Windows phones having wide penetration and user base, you need to ensure that your app is available on all platforms.

When interviewing to hire a mobile app developer, you must ask them if they can perform Cross platform app development. They can be seasoned on a single platform, but they must at least have a basic understanding of the other platforms.

Connecting With The Project Manager

Once you have finalized your team members, a project manager will get in touch with you to understand the intricacies of the project. The manager will be responsible for updating you on the progress of the project and ensuring that the team delivers on your vision of the mobile app.

Other Skills

In addition to the ones mentioned above, the mobile app developer must also be able to do QA testing of the apps, UI/UX design of the apps, and must have knowledge of cloud infrastructures such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services.

Other Technology & Software Development Related Skills

The core skills mentioned above are fundamental for mobile app development. Mobile apps do not exist in a vacuum. Every developer must have certain other software development and technology skills to create a stunning, safe, and robust mobile app.


Data security is paramount in today's world. How many times have you read a news item that talks about how a data breach of a particular app leaked the personal information of a vast number of their customers? Mobile app development is a highly competitive field, and users will not download an app that is not secure. The importance of data security is even more pronounced in ecommerce apps or any other such apps that store financial information. Your mobile app developer must have the skills necessary to make your app highly secure and prevent attacks from malicious software.

Using APIs

Your application needs to communicate with other applications and websites to gather the data necessary to function. API or Application Programming Interface is how applications communicate with each other. There are multiple ways in which mobile app developers can use APIs to make the app faster and improve their performance. When you hire mobile app developers, you must ask them questions regarding their experience with APIs and how deftly they can handle APIs.

Agile Methodology

The fundamental concept of Agile methodology is used to break down the project into smaller chunks and use continuous iterations throughout the lifecycle of the project. The Agile methodology incorporates customer feedback throughout the project development to ensure that the final product meets your expectations.

Cloud Infrastructure

Most mobile apps are currently hosted on the cloud. Knowledge of cloud infrastructure and how to communicate with the cloud is an indispensable skill for a mobile app developer.

UI/UX Design

Many mobile app development teams have a dedicated UI/UX designer. However, this doesn't have to be the norm. Even if the team consists of a UI/UX designer, every developer needs to know the basic guidelines of UI/UX design. These aspects dictate how the end-user interacts with the app. Many aspects of the design are functional and not just visual. Therefore, it would be better if you hire mobile app developers with a basic understanding of the guidelines of UI/UX design.

How To Find And Hire Mobile App Developers

EngineerBabu follows a simple 6-step process to get you the mobile app developers of your liking!

Requirement Gathering

Before you start your search for a front-end/full stack developer to be part of your mobile app development team, you must first make a list of your requirements. Do you need your app to work on multiple operating systems? What framework would you prefer? How big is the project? Even if you cannot get into the technical details, you must still have a clear picture of what you expect from the app and what your vision is for the app.

Deciding Between A Freelancer Or Development Company

The next step is to understand if you want to hire freelancers or hire a mobile app development company in India. A mobile app development company such as EngineerBabu, offers many benefits over hiring freelancers. You get a well-oiled team that is pre-vetted. The team will also have an established protocol for working together. All of this may be lacking when you hire a group of freelance mobile app developers and expect them to work together to create an app.

Interview Shortlisted Developers

When you contact a mobile app development company such as EngineerBabu, you will be given a list of shortlisted candidates who would be ideal for your project. The list is prepared after understanding your requirements. You need to interview the candidates to gauge their experience and expertise in the area. You can even ask them if they have worked on projects in your industry or if they have developed apps similar to the one you need. The one who has previous experience will find it easier to understand your needs and will also be able to offer insights to improve the app.

Explain Your Project Requirements

Once you have finalized the mobile app development team, you should explain your project requirements. Discussing the requirements with the team will give a better idea of the end product. It is also crucial to be as detailed and accurate as possible at this stage. The developers will start working based on the information you have given, and any ambiguity on your part can prove detrimental in the long run.

Signing Contract

The final step to hire mobile app developers is to sign the contract. The contract will specify the deliverables, the timeframe for the app development, the project milestones, the requirements, the payment details, etc.

Work Begins!

The work starts as soon as you sign the contract. You can always get in touch with your team throughout the mobile app development cycle.

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Hire The Best To Get The Best

The mobile app development team is responsible for creating an app that goes above and beyond your expectations. For this, you must hire mobile app developers who are reliable, experienced, and skilled. EngineerBabu is the best platform to hire mobile app developers. The flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and simple hiring process, combined with stellar reviews from previous clients, make it your best bet for creating a stunning app.

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