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“Android is one of the most popular operating systems in the world — its mobile market share is 75.44% worldwide.”

Companies who have built their mobile app using Android

Google Drive is used for file storage and synchronization. Launched in 2012, Google Drive is available on Android 4.1 (JellyBean) or later versions.

Messenger is an instant messaging app by Facebook. It facilitates Android mobile user to reply the messages quickly.

Evernote app helps to organize task, note taking, archiving etc. The Evernote Android app eases down the workload.

Seamless was launched in 1999, as a food ordering web app. Seamless developed its mobile app for Android users to order food at any time.

Officially launched in 2015, Google Photo is facilitating Android users to save and share their photos without engaging any internal storage.

Ookla was founded in 2016, is an Android app that provides free analysis of Internet access performance metrics, such as connection data rate and latency.

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How hiring Android Developers can help you?

Android is the most successful Operating System today with a market share of about 75.4%. Services like OTT are booming the entertainment industry. Whereas, ecommerce application, food ordering apps, car or bike pulling applications made dependency on a day to day life. Out of 100 smartphones, 65 are working on Android OS. That’s why Android Development has set an enormous market. Android app Developers of EngineerBabu are experts in creating user-friendly android apps.


Through MOKI, you can order a variety of homemade delicacies prepared by our homemakers in their very own 7kitchen. Fresh, Healthy, and Hygienic.


VocabGuru is a Vocabulary & English learning platform. It helps students who are preparing for competitive exams GRE, CAT, GMAT, Govt. jobs, Banking & for School Colleges.


Snozzle app takes you through a sommelier's wine tasting process and generates a wine profile (Snozzle Report) for you to share.


Kwikuts makes availing barber services hassle-free and convenient. Clients request a barber through the smartphone app, website, or over the phone.


Stylemee provider app allows you to manage your freelance business & serve client appointments anytime, anywhere on the go.


Azpireprint is a print and advertising platform offering a wide range of promotional items to promote the companies.

Round the clock support

Be assured of round the clock support; our Android developers will address all the issues within no time.

Save time and money

Hiring dedicated Android developers from EngineerBabu is cost-effective. Our hiring model best suits startups and SMEs.

Flexible hiring

It allows hiring Android developers dedicatedly when you don’t want them to hire for full time. You can relieve them once the work is done or can increase and decrease your team size at any stage of the project.

100% client satisfaction

Here client satisfaction is the primary thing. If our client is not satisfied we too are not satisfied.

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Definitely! You can review the code at any stage of the development process. You can provide feedback, suggestion, and improvement directly to the developers.

Yes! We make cross-platform mobile apps that can run on any OS.

The clients are provided with the Android developer’s resume to choose according to their requirements.

Java and Kotlin are the best languages for any Android app development.

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What EngineerBabu Does?

We work with ambitious clients who want to define the future. The emerging global leaders come to us, and we help them by solving industry-defined problems. We develop innovative, creative, and viable IT solutions to society. Equipped with an understanding of IT intricacies, world-class talent, and privative leadership, we plan, design, develop, and manage long-lasting solutions to uniquely complex problems. EngineerBabu is the best mobile app development company. Our Android developers are highly skilled, and they are all set to help you.

Process of hiring dedicated Android Developers from EngineerBabu

We have a straightforward and easy process to hire our fully dedicated Android developers. The process has everything from basics to launch a project. Have a look at it and know how we work.

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Requirement Gathering

The very first step is one of our consultants discusses all the details about the project. This will help to get a clear idea of what you are actually looking forward to the project with recourses, tech stack, and team size etc. This would eventually help us to give an estimated timeline and cost.

Candidate Shorting

Based on the requirements you shared, we will short a set of developers from our company who are the perfect match for the desired project. We always make sure that we provide you with the best developers in order to give excellent results.

Resume Sharing

Once we have done a shorting of candidates from our end, we will share the resumes of selected candidates with you. You can choose any developers from it and we can jump to the next step. If in case you are not satisfied with it, we will again start the shorting process till you get the developers of your choice. 

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Connect with PM

 Once you have done with the selection process, you will be directly dealing with a project manager that will be monitoring the project from start to end. The project manager will be responsible for maintaining the complete lifecycle of the project.

Terms and Conditions of contract

When everything is confirmed by your end, we can move forward to mutually-agreed contracts in which we can measure the points like timeframe, size, deliverables, milestones, etc. The contract will include NDA just in case you don’t want to reveal the idea of the app in the public domain.

The team is yours

Well, here is the point where your project begins. You are now directly connected with the dedicated developers. If you want to discuss anything regarding the project, you can directly communicate with them too.

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