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Android App Development Solutions With EngineerBabu

Hire Android developers from EB and give a push to your startup or business by developing cutting edge Android apps. Powering millions of devices across the globe, we offer advanced Android application development services.

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Why Choose EngineerBabu For Android App Development?

With Android owning more than 70% of the overall market share of mobile apps, there is a huge competition for skilled Android developers to build apps for multiple devices running this popular operating system.

EngineerBabu takes a lot of pride in its robust IT solutions and services. We are your one-stop solution for all the front end development needs when it comes to Android app development.

You can Hire Android developers from our dedicated and skilled team for each tech domain. Our team of developers is an expert in their respective technical fields and excel at what they do.

Apart from putting the best efforts to offer desired solutions, we offer a unique combination of professionalism, skill and dedication that make our Front end developers the connoisseurs of cutting edge Android app development technology.

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What Our Clients Say About Us


"EngineerBabu is an expert Android company that helped us design excellent Android apps, and working with them was a very positive experience. We would definitely recommend them!"


"We've been quite pleased with the apps that the Android development team at EngineerBabu has developed. Production time was really fast, and the final apps are very stable. We've decided to expand the line of apps that we would have them build for us."

Benefits Of Choosing Android For Your Company

Purely from a business point of view, developing robust Android apps for your enterprise can help you leverage multiple opportunities as millions of apps today are available on the Google Play Store, which can add greater flexibility to the business.

Among some of the other benefits of choosing an Android development team for your business include -

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Easy Customization

Android enables developers to explore multiple opportunities to create versatile apps with various customization features.

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Higher ROI

The cost for software licensing in case of Android is less due to the fact that Android's SDK is free to download and use.

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Easy Adoption

As it is scripted in Java, developers find it convenient to create Android apps.

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Secured Platform

Android offers a secure platform to develop mobile applications based on the specific requirement of businesses.

Reasons To Hire Android Developers From EngineerBabu

Among the top reasons why you need to hire Android team from EB include -

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Creative Solutions

We ensure to turn your vision and ideas into reality with our talented team of creative minds. With our Android development services, you can build attractive and user-friendly apps to deliver strong branding and excellent user experience for your customers.

Clear & Transparent Communication

We make sure to listen and understand all your needs before offering advice in a simple and concise manner.

Reliable Team

Our team of reliable full-stack developers care about the growth of your business and make sure to deliver a high standard of products and services that fit with your specific digital strategy.

Experience & Expertise

We have an experienced Android development team with expertise in multiple aspects of app development including user interface design, SEO, social media management and more. We ensure to offer you the best solutions for the growth of your business through our proven experience in the field.

You Are In The Big Leagues

The popularity of Android in the app development space is undeniable. Here are the top 6 apps developed on Android -

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Fitbit is one of the leading Android mobile apps related to fitness. This app tracks the daily activity of an individual and keeps track of all the time dedicated to workouts, sleep and office hours.

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Google Duo is an extremely simple and efficient way of video calling. It is one of the top Android-based apps offered by Google to date.

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Dropbox allows you to store files and folders to the cloud and share them, scan docs and collaborate with others, with everything safely synced across all your devices.

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Google Drive is an excellent cloud storage solution available on Android. What makes Google Drive stand out is the suite of Android apps (Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Photos) that are attached to it.

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Waze is a well-featured in-car navigation app that takes Google Maps to the next level. The app also works with Android Auto, making it a great replacement for Google Maps.

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With its huge inventory of music, Spotify is known for its free, legal music streaming services. The app allows you to shuffle through songs, find your favourite albums, and explore playlists.

How To Hire Android App Developers Through EngineerBabu

At EngineerBabu, we follow a simple yet detailed process of hiring Android App developers . This process covers various aspects right from the initial phase to the project launch.

Here is how it works -

Detailed Gathering of Requirements

We begin the process by discussing the entirety of project details with you. This helps our consultants to get clarity on the requirements, including the size of the team, tech stack, and other relevant resources. The objective of this step is to give you an estimated projection of budget and project timeline.

Shortlisting of Candidate/s

Based on the details shared above, we begin the process of shortlisting suitable Android developers from the internal talent pool. While shortlisting, we make sure to pick the best Android app developers to deliver excellent results.

CV Sharing

Once the shortlisting is done, we share the CV of all the shortlisted candidates with you. The idea here is to give you the freedom to select the best developer from the talent pool based on your individual requirements.

Liasoning With the Project Manager

The process of team selection is followed by connecting you directly with the Project Manager (PM). The PM in the Android development process is typically responsible for following the entire project lifecycle and updating you on the progress of the project at each step.

Finalizing the Terms & Conditions of Contract

The penultimate step in the process to hire Android developers from EngineerBabu is to move ahead and sign a mutual contract. The contract includes all the details such as deliverables, timeframe, and milestones, along with an NDA clause to ensure the secrecy of your project.

Start The Process of App Building With Your Team

You can now proceed with the app development with our Android development services , where you can communicate directly with your allotted developer's team, and discuss any detail related to the project directly.


We have been offering Android app development services since the inception of Android. Our vast experience in the domain gives us the expertise in implementing different versions of Android, including Ice Cream Sandwich, Honeycomb, Jelly bean, Gingerbread and the latest KitKat version.

Yes, you will be assigned licence rights and appropriate copyright for the bespoke code that we write for your project. We are completely transparent with intellectual property rights, and you will get the opportunity to review our code ownership terms before we begin the project.

Irrespective of the platform you choose, we follow a standard MVC pattern to design our mobile apps. However, we use different technologies such as eclipse editor, JAVA, Android SDK and SQLite database.

On average, it can take anywhere from 2-3 weeks to create an enterprise-level Android app. However, the overall duration of the process also depends on the complexity of the app and the features that you would like to have in the app.

Each of our app development projects is allocated to an experienced project manager, who will remain in touch with clients during the working hours via email or phone and act as a single point of contact to inform our clients about the progress of their projects.

How To Interview And Hire Android Developers

Hiring Android developers is usually a long and cumbersome process. With constraints such as limited project budget, the need to scale and unavailability of Android experts in the local market, the task becomes all the more difficult.

If you're in the process of development and need to hire an Android developer to join your team but are clueless about the process, this guide is for you.

Here we are going to discuss everything that you need to know about the hiring process including the qualifications you should look for, interview guidelines you need to follow and where you can find the most talented and skilled Android developers.

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Skills Required For Android Developers

Depending on the requirement of your development process, you might need an android developer who can either own the entire development process or just fine-tune the existing details.

Based on this, you can hire Android developers with corresponding skill levels such as junior Android developer or an experienced Android developer.

The Android developer you hire must know the required programming technologies and various tools to efficiently deal with both simple and complicated Android app development projects. This is especially relevant for the projects where the integration of various APIs, tools, and services are a common possibility.

However, determining technical proficiency in potential candidates goes much beyond the knowledge of basic programming languages and technology.

Apart from the technical acumen, it is very important to evaluate the candidate on technical strength, problem-solving skills, understanding of the domain, and creativity.

Here is a list of generalized technical and non-technical skills you need to look for in an android developer you hire -

Technical Skill Sets

a. Java

While the robust knowledge of Java alone isn't sufficient to make a successful Android developer, proficiency of the Java fundamental is a must. Among the skills that the developer should possess include -

Experience with the Java Native Interface

Knowledge of different data types to use in the right situations

Deep knowledge of JNI

b. APIs

When you hire Android developers, make sure that they are comfortable working with both your API and other 3rd party APIs. It is, therefore, important to look for his knowledge and understanding of XML/SOAP and JSON/REST APIs.

c. Android

Android developers require multiple tools for mobile app development, and this requirement is usually fulfilled by Android SDK, which is a robust set of tools that are used for developing or writing Android apps.

Android SDKs are known for their graphical user interface that completely emulates the Android environment. The significance of this emulator is that it acts like an actual mobile device on which the Android developers can write their code followed by debugging/testing the same code to check for any issues.

The developer you hire is expected to have a basic understanding of activities and their lifecycle, layouts and views, user input, collection views and more.

Non-Technical Skill Sets

Below is the list of non-technical skill sets to look for while you hire Android developers -

a. Teamsmanship

It is crucial to check the candidate's ability to perform in a team environment. Make sure to ask him/her for their contributions, specific roles and interactions within the team.

b. Communication

The developer you hire should have excellent communication skills to successfully collaborate in a fast-paced business environment.

c. Passion

Here you need to mainly check for the candidate's interest in their work and technologies and how passionate s/he is about the same.

Interview Questions To Ask Android Developers

So the candidate that you've shortlisted has passed the programming tests, boasts of a great portfolio, and possesses most of the skills you need in your developer.

What comes next?

The next obvious step is to interview your candidate further and ask the standard questions with more specific examples from their previous work experience rather than just asking about the technologies they worked on. This will allow you to be sure of your decision of hiring the candidate.

When it comes to interview questions to ask the candidates, it is best to go for situation-based questions to assess their expertise in their previous work experience.

Here are some of the examples of interview questions you can begin with -

What do you understand by Context in Android?

This is an important question to ask as mobile developers building Android apps are usually unsure of what the Context class is used for.

Are you aware of the process of running Python on Android?

Explain the process of writing code for multi-touch applications?

Explain the possible causes of view's value not being restored after screen reorientation in an app you're working on?

Other than such situation-based questions, some of the other things you need to ask to find out more about the developer's skills, experience, and knowledge include -

Talk about any previous android app development project decision that you made that failed. Why did it happen, and what did you learn from the experience?

Share your experience of the most exciting android app development projects you have worked on. Why did you find them exciting?

What do you prefer more - working on the development of a well-described task orto get involved in the design, analysis and deployment phases of an app development project?

Ways To Hire Android Developers

There are primarily two ways to hire Android developers - freelance websites or partnering up with Out-staffing IT companies. Let's have a quick look at both the approaches -

Hiring Freelancers -

Hiring freelance Android developers from platforms such as YouTeam, Upwork, and is the way to go for many companies.

Advantages of hiring freelancers -
  • Large talent pool
  • Lower charges
  • Availability of previous clients' reviews
  • suitability for short-term projects
Disadvantages of working with freelancers -
  • No guarantee of quality
  • Possibility of a language barrier
  • Varied time zones
  • Hassle of managing everything yourself

Hiring Android Developers Through IT Companies

One of the best and most effective ways to hire Android developers for projects of any budget and size is through well-known and reliable IT companies

Not only is this option less expensive as compared to adding more in-house employees, but it is also much more efficient and smooth.

Advantages of Out-staffing through IT companies
  • The benefit of getting a dedicated manager for each project
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Quality work and great team experience
  • Guarantee of expertise and reliability
Disadvantages of Out-staffing through IT companies
  • Varied time zones
  • Possibility of a language barrier

Hiring skilled and talented Android developers isn't an easy job. While the above-shared tips can make the task of evaluating and hiring an android developer simpler for you, it is recommended to adopt the ways that you think work best for your company.

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If you're looking to build Android applications with high quality and influential performance, hire the Android developers from EngineerBabu, one of the best Android development companies in India.

Apart from unmatched expertise, our Android app developers have the experience of having developed innumerable apps for diverse industries.

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