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Effortlessly Hire DevOps Developers In 6 Easy Steps

Build and scale high performing solutions by accelerating DevOps adoption in your organization. Take advantage of EngineerBabu's dedicated DevOps engineers for quicker application delivery, improved innovation, and stable operating environments.

Brands That Trust Us

Some of the amazing companies that we have worked with

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EarlySalary is an innovative money lending platform based on superior customer profiling. Users who download their app can apply for instant loans with different tenures, based on their credit history.

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Social Seller provides video tutorials to people wanting to start selling their products or services on social media platforms. Their target market includes resellers, digital marketers, businessmen, housewives, and students.

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Roobaroo Walks' primary endeavor is to craft unforgettable travel memories by making you feel like an insider. Their storytellers let you in on a city's best-kept secrets, including food, local arts, and culture through their location-aware app

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Frank Green is an Australian company that creates ergonomic cups and bottles made from premium recycled materials. They can be further recycled and are customizable to suit your personality.

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Wit Circle is an academic portal that brings students, teachers, and academicians together online. One can find comprehensive information on the latest updates, exam-specific study material, brief test series, and much more on their app and website.

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Income Walls provides safe & secured real estate investing and property management professional services. They help Investors to grow their real estate portfolio with regular rental income from leased properties.

Why Choose EngineerBabu?

EngineerBabu is your one-stop-shop for all your DevOps service needs. When you hire DevOps developers from us, you not only save up to 70% of the total development costs but also seamlessly transition from traditional deployment to enhanced DevOps. Our DevOps engineers guarantee 100% client satisfaction and can be loaned on a project basis so that you do not end up spending a lot of money on building an in-house DevOps team.

We have over a decade of experience in providing unmatched services to clients in various industries, including mining, FMCG, healthcare, real estate, oil & gas, and BFSI.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Better DevOps services start with EngineerBabu. Learn why top startups and SMEs around the world choose us to hire DevOps team that builds scalable, efficient, and agile products to change the way they do business.

Benefits Of Choosing DevOps For Your Company

Choosing DevOps for your company has multiple benefits. When you hire DevOps developers from EngineerBabu, you get access to the latest tools and technologies for building robust and scalable solutions. Our applications include various advanced features that are suitable for SMEs and startups in diverse industry verticals.

With a team comprising cross-functional members, DevOps can deliver a solution with maximum efficiency, functionality, and innovation. The advantages of DevOps are many and can be divided into technical, cultural, and organizational benefits. Some of these include:

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Technical Benefits:
1. Continuous software delivery
2. Fewer complexities to manage
3. Faster problem resolution

Cultural Benefits:
1. More productive teams
2. Higher employee engagement and satisfaction
3. More professional development opportunities

Business Benefits:
1. Quicker delivery and stable operating environments
2. Improved collaboration and communication
3. More opportunities and time to innovate

You Are In The Big Leagues

When you create a DevOps development team , you join the top league of companies using this technology to transform their business.

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To scale equipment capacity and meet customer demands, ecommerce companies like Amazon have adopted DevOps to become more agile processes, reduce the duration of outages, and increase revenue.

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IT companies are migrating their infrastructure and back-end IT to DevOps platforms to manage and automate their frequent software releases. DevOps has allowed IT companies like Adobe - faster delivery and better product management.

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Banking and insurance companies are gradually embracing agile development and cloud-native infrastructure to reinvent their operations. DevOps not only provides speed but also ensures unmatched security and governance.

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The amount of data managed by healthcare companies has made DevOps popular for standardization and modernization of data. With DevOps, healthcare companies can create a scalable, centralized data platform that allows seamless information sharing with customers.

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Oil and gas companies use DevOps to deliver and enable capabilities that quickly create value, maintain operations and security at the same time. It optimizes collaboration between development and operations teams and allows faster, predictable, and frequent releases.

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FMCG companies are moving to DevOps to strike a balance in pushing codes while ensuring the code's ability to be deployed. Such organizational tweaks can massively reduce cycle time, increase revenues, and keep customers happy.

Hiring DevOps Developers Through EngineerBabu

EngineerBabu offers DevOps development services in 6 easy steps that include everything from the initial phase of requirement gathering to the product launch.

Requirement Gathering

The first and the most critical step involves discussing the project details to understand the requirements, including the team size, tech stack, and other relevant resources. This step helps us give you an estimated project timeline and budget.

Candidate Shorting

Based on the project details, our team shortlists developers best suited for your project based on their past experiences.

Resume Sharing

We then share the resume of our shortlisted developers with you. You can choose the candidate of your liking or reject them. In case the candidates are rejected, we start the shortlisting process over again until we provide you with the best developers.

Connect With PM

Following the team selection, you can connect with the Project Manager (PM). The key responsibility of the PM is to ensure open communication and follow up on the project lifecycle and provide you updates at every step.

Contract Signing

After completing the four steps, we send a mutual contract that includes information such as size, timeframe, deliverables, milestones, etc. The contract also includes an NDA if you want to keep your app idea exclusive.

Team Handoff

Once the contract is signed, the team is yours, and you can begin your DevOps journey. You can directly connect with your DevOps engineers to discuss anything related to the project.


Yes, we share the CV with your team to get your approvals. Once the engineers are approved, we facilitate the interview based on the time convenient for you.

EngineeBabu is a leading DevOps development company in India . We use Basecamp as the project management tool and add our clients to the project for transparency and open communication. For timekeeping, we use EverHour daily and Desktime, where our engineers log the time they spend on each project.

While the company started in Bangalore, EngineerBabu moved its HQ to Indore, India. Indore is not only the cleanest city of India but also home to the best brains in the country, with prestigious higher education institutions such as IIT and IIM.

EngineerBabu is a team of 93+ people who are passionate about the work they do. Their passion and energy to solve our client's problems are reflected in our client satisfaction rate, which is at 99%.

Our number one priority is the security of our client's information. For this, we always have a project NDA contract for clients who do not wish to make their code and idea public.

How To Interview & Hire DevOps Developer

An organization's journey to embrace the DevOps model is often a distant dream due to several reasons, including finding the right DevOps talent. According to the Upskilling 2020: Enterprise DevOps Skills Report by the DevOps Institute, almost 60% of the survey respondents said finding a skilled DevOps developer was a challenge, while 48% said that it was difficult to retain them. There are two main reasons why companies find it challenging to hire DevOps developers : either the candidate isn't qualified enough to suit their business needs, or the salary is so exorbitantly high that it completely offsets the hiring budget. If you have been planning to hire DevOps developers and don't know where to get started, read on to understand how you can hire a DevOps team that includes both front end developers and full-stack developers .

Core Skills

The term 'DevOps' is derived from two words: development and operations. A DevOps engineer is a professional whose key responsibility is to help development teams in a company to enhance specific sections of code and improve the existing technology platforms in the company. Since this is such a versatile role, there is no step-by-step process on how to become a DevOps professional. It also means that ascertaining the core skills to hire DevOps developers is also different for different businesses. However, there are some core skills that every professional should have, including:

Understanding of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

A solid grasp of multiple automation testing tools for developing continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines.

DevOps engineers should be able to handle any scripting language and must be fluent in at least one, such as Python, Ruby Javascript, Perl, etc

Since DevOps practices are executed in multiple stages, the developer should know the tools and frameworks associated with each stage. For instance, the developer should know Git, Github, or Gitlab for source code management; Puppet, Chef, or Ansible for configuration management; Jenkins or Bamboo for continuous integration; Selenium, TestComplete, or TestingWhiz for continuous testing; Nagios, Zabbix, or Splunk for continuous monitoring; and Docker, Kubernetes, or vagrant for containerization.

Be familiar with the four principles of object-oriented programming basics, including inheritance, polymorphism, abstraction, and encapsulation.

Solid understanding of cloud computing services and server-side development.

In-depth knowledge of the Model View Controller (MVC) framework for DevOps-based web application development. MVC framework is built on top of ASP.NET and provides additional functionalities that focus on component-based development and testing.

For Native Android or iOS app development, the DevOps developer should know frameworks such as React Native or iOS/Android Native.

While these are some of the core skills to hire DevOps developers , there are some additional skills to consider as well, including:

The capability to respond correctly and swiftly to vulnerabilities, security incidents, and compliance issues. For this reason, DevOps developers must have an in-depth knowledge of the implementation of secure architectures and processes.

Understanding of security-first approach with APIs and conduct frequent API scans for vulnerabilities to ensure the safety and security of the DevOps pipeline.

Find & Hire DevOps Developers

The first step to hire DevOps developers is to outline your requirements, followed by deciding if you'd like to hire a freelancer or a development company. Narrow down the candidates and start the interview process, explaining your project requirements. Based on your assessment, sign the contract and start providing DevOps development services to different teams in your organization.

Let's take a closer look at each.

Requirement Gathering

Both recruiters and hiring managers need to hone on their requirements before starting the hiring process. That is because DevOps is used as an umbrella term that can imply several roles such as technology transformation manager, reliability engineer, Linux administrator, etc. Therefore, the hiring manager and the candidate need to be sure they are discussing the same concepts and opportunities, or it can result in confusion and delay in the hiring process.

Decide Between Freelancer Or Development Company

You need to choose whether you'd like to hire freelancers or work with a development company to complete your project. While freelancers are cost-effective and ideal for minor changes or short-term projects, there is no formal contract that guarantees delivery. On the other hand, a DevOps company like EngineerBabu is popular when it comes to finding DevOps specialists since they are reliable, safe, and professional. They are not only cost-effective but also guarantee expertise and reliability and provide a dedicated manager for each project.

Examples Of Hard Skills Questions

Once you've shortlisted the candidates, it is time to interview them. To determine if they are a good fit, it is necessary to ask the right questions related to both hard and soft skills. Below are some of the hard and soft skills questions you can ask the shortlisted developers.

Interview Shortlisted Developers

What are the DevOps tools you've worked with?
Define version control, and why is it important?
What is the importance of configuration management processes and tools?
Define continuous integration and how to ensure it?
What is the key difference between orchestration and classic automation?

Examples Of Soft Skills Questions

What, according to you, are the functions of an ideal DevOps team?
What does the perfect release look like, and what is your role in it?
How do you diagnose and fix problems in production?
How will you remediate a deployment failure?

Explain Your Project Requirements

If the candidate provides satisfactory answers, then it is important to explain your project requirements. Clearly define the roles and responsibilities and concisely describe what a DevOps developer means to your organization. Also, be transparent regarding the skills and how it will help complete the project

Sign The Contract

Once you've discussed the project and set the expectations, it is time to sign the contract and begin your DevOps project. If you do not wish to make your idea and code public, make sure to ask for an NDA before you start the project. To conclude, DevOps hiring isn't as simple as traditional hiring. It is an evolving technology that requires you to vet your candidates and, more importantly, know your requirements.

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