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Hire DevOps Engineers from EngineerBabu; we provide a seamless transition from traditional deployment to enhance DevOps delivery. The DevOps Developers are experts in Amazon AWS & Microsoft Azure, and can smoothly integrate with your team to develop a customized DevOps solution for your company.

10+ Years of Experience
Scalable Team Size
On-time Delivery
No long-term Contracts
24/7 Availability

Hire DevOps Engineers with EngineerBabu and save almost 70% of the total development cost. Hire a DevOps Engineer on monthly, hourly or full time basis. Our dedicated DevOps engineers are all set to automate your workflow by ensuring the high security and scalability to Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and startup infrastructures.

Our DevOps Services

Infrastructure Automation

Our DevOps Engineers work effectively in Infrastructure Automation services and assist SMEs and Startups to accelerate their IT operations. Hire DevOps Developers so that we can help your organization to achieve remarkable success in various IT Operations.

DevOps Consultation

Our expert engineers identify the perfect DevOps model applicable to your business’s needs. Hire Dedicated DevOps Engineers to optimize your existing IT structure & resources to achieve your goals easily with minimum errors and investment.

Testing & Monitoring

The dedicated DevOps Developers team is always on their toes to serve you best in terms of configuring clusters, enhanced security, and many more. Hire DevOps Engineers from EngineerBabu and make effective use of numerous tools ( AppDynamics, Splunk, New Relic, etc.) for your business.

Configuration Management

Hire DevOps Engineers from EngineerBabu to seamlessly implement DevOps solutions. Our engineers are skilled in managing IT operations to ensure the company’s profit.

Deployment Automation

DevOps Engineers at EngineerBabu are experts in providing seamless integration & hassle-free delivery. They ensure secure development, testing, & deployment of quality codes using tools like Jenkins, Bluemix, etc.

PAAS (Platform As A Service)

Our DevOps Developers are skilled to work in a planned & well-organized manner, and direct PAAS mechanism. Hire DevOps Engineers from EngineerBabu, who are experienced in planning & executing the Business Promotion Process to deliver fruitful results.

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Round the Clock Support

Be assured of round the clock support; our DevOps developers will address all the issues within no time

Flexible Hiring

Don’t want to hire full-time developers!!! No Problem. EB allows you to Hire Dedicated DevOps Developers. The assigned team will only work on your project, until it is done. After that, you can relieve them, and can easily alter your team size at any stage.

Save Time & Money

Hiring dedicated DevOps Engineers from EngineerBabu is cost-effective. Our hiring model best suits startups and SMEs

100% Client Satisfaction

Here client satisfaction is the primary thing. If our client is not satisfied we too are not satisfied.

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Yes, we initially send out CV's of our Engineers to get approval. We will then set up a convenient time and facilitate the interview.

We have experience working with Jira, Asana, Activecollab, but our team uses Basecamp as a major project management tool, we add our clients to individual projects and keep constant open communication and updating. Our Team members log hours into EverHour daily and Desktime is used to keep a track of productivity and number of hours clocked by each member.

EngineerBabu's HQ is located in Indore, India.Indore is cleanest city of India, the only city of India where IIT (Best Engineering College of India) and IIM (Best Management College of India) are located, finding Engineering & Management brains are easy. We started with Bangalore but we don't want to waste the rest of the life in traffic jams so relocated to Indore.

EngineerBabu is a growing team of 93+ in-house employees, We look for Energy and Passion to do the job rather than years of irrelevance. Great culture helps us to retain our talent, more than 50% team are working with us for the last 5 years. Remote people are hard to trust, they leave without notice. We solve this problem keeping customer satisfaction and security as priority 1, Archived 99% customer satisfaction, which helps us to get many references and recommendations.

We don’t prefer long term contracts. Just hire a developer and you are done. Though we have a mutual agreement signed contract for future.

Process of Hiring Dedicated DevOps Engineers from EngineerBabu

EngineerBabu follows a straightforward and easy process of Hiring Dedicated DevOps Developers for its client’s convenience. This process covers everything from the initial phase to the project launch. Please have a look over it and know how we work.

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Requirement Gathering

Firstly, our consultant will discuss project details with you. This will help us get a clear idea about your requirements, including the team size, tech stack, and other relevant resources. It will lead us to provide you an estimated project timeline and budget.

Candidate Shorting

Secondly, based on the shared details, we will short some suitable developers from our team for the project. In this sorting, we ensure to provide the best DevOps Engineers to deliver excellent results.

Resume Sharing

Thirdly, we will share the resume of all the sorted candidates with you. On that basis, you can select any developers from them. In case you are not satisfied with these candidates, we perform the sorting process again to provide you the best DevOps Developers.

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Connect with PM

Fourthly, after team selection, you can be in direct contact with the Project Manager (PM). PM is responsible for following the project lifecycle and updating you on each progress.

Terms & Conditions of Contract

Fifth, after finalizing everything from your end, we can move ahead on mutual contract. It will include points like size, timeframe, deliverables, milestones, etc. The contract will also include NDA if you don’t want to reveal the app idea in public.

The Team is Yours

Well...now, we can proceed towards the app development. Here, you can directly connect to your dedicated DevOps Engineers or the team, and directly communicate or discuss anything regarding the project.

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