Why Hire Remote Developers from Indore, India?

Remote Developers from Indore

The information technology industry is undergoing rapid evolution and changing the shape of Indian Business Standards. According to the recently published research, 80% of Europeans and US outsourcing firms made Indian remote developers as their first choice. It will be intriguing to foreshadow how outsourcing trends emerging and changed geographical and economic equivalence between the developed and developing nations.

Rajwada Indore

“India started with an export of $100 million with around 5000 employees in 1990. But now in 2019, India’s IT export is around $80 Billion with 3.2 million employees working.”

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90% of India’s IT companies are in six cities: Bengaluru, NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, and Chennai, according to Nasscom. The statistics are skewed as they deal with only information technology companies, but the overall trend has been unmistakable in the past decade: startups form in a few big cities in the country.

Away from the metros and India’s Silicon Valley, a quiet revolution is brewing in the country’s tier-II cities. Places like Bhubaneswar, Indore, Ahmadabad, Chennai, and Kochi are setting high-tech technologies centers and giving tough competition to well-settled IT hubs. Among these rising IT cities, Indore is considered as the most favorable destination for any IT outsourcing. What makes Indore so special?

Cleanest City Indore

Cleanest city of India 4 times in a row!

Every day, companies are looking to expand their software development team, increase their output, or drive software innovation within their business. I’ve prepared 6 big reasons why going for remote hiring can make it happen. Let’s see some fact which makes Indore a better place to open the offshore center rather than rest of India.

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Commutation: Indore is a small city with a population of around 35 lakh. So the commutation in Indore is easy. Unlike Bangalore or any other metro city where people spent hours on commutation to deliver you the work, Indore goes with an easy lifestyle. An article by The Hindu stated that a Bangalorean commute about 42.5 minutes on an average to reach their work destination and thanks to traffic jams this time is increasing from 3-4 hours!

Traffic in Indore

“The holidify listed Indore on #12 in their article “best places to live and work in India”.

Employee Retention: Employee retention is the biggest problem to run any business. It becomes more challenging for startups to maintain their employees for a longer duration. But Indore is a bit unique in its way! The employees in small cities have a tendency to work for the same company for a longer period. Employees in Indore hardly switch their jobs and stick to the same company for at least 5 years.

Happy Software Engineers

Work-life balance: Once Heather Schuck said, “You will never feel truly satisfied by work until you are satisfied by life.” And Indoris took this very seriously. Our profession has nowadays has become a vital part of our lives and while creating a good future we keep integrating work with our personal life which eventually leads to stress.

Work Life balance

But the work culture in Indore is quite different as compared to any other city. Because of the friendly environment, people share pain and contemplation

Talent Availability: Big tech companies like TCS and Infosys have recently set up their development center in Indore as Indore is the most promising city in terms of resource availability. Having the country’s first city to have both – IIT and IIM along with first-class B-schools and tech institutions, Indore attracts the students of neighboring states like Gujarat and Rajasthan. This all made Indore enrich in talent where every single person is ambitious about their career.

TCS to Set Up Campus in Indore

Talent Quality: As I said earlier, Indore is not the same as it seems to be! The talent hunt requires fresh blood and the city is brimmed of it. Indore is an education hub of central India. People with different cultures centralized in one city thus they made Indore what it is.

IIM Indore

In addition to this, MNCs like DXC, Samsung, HotWax, etc. are expanding their business in core India and hiring local talents as they have already predicted the future that what going to happen in the coming days.

 “42% of companies are struggling with quality tech talent”, says ET

Cost: An undeniable advantage of offshoring is cost-effectiveness. By offshoring the IT project to Indian developers you can reduce your IT spends by 20-50% compared to hiring at home.

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The cost of living in a country like India is significantly lower than in the West and especially in the city like Indore. The ease of commutation and accommodation especially make Indore a budget-friendly city.

Let’s have a glance at what makes Indore the best place to hire the development team for your next IT project?

Not only is the cleanest for the 4th time in a row but Indore is emerging as a new IT center for central India. With all the basic facilities like commutation, accommodation now Indore has open the door for the international market as well. Indore gives direct air facilities to Dubai and other places of the world.

Connect with the Remote Developers in Indore

See the cleanest airport of India.

In terms of traffic, Indore is distinct from any other city. Don’t believe me, see this:

Indoris are really amazing at their work!!!

Indore is on its way to being a high-tech city. It is surrounded by two IT parks from the west, 1 from the south and the other from the north of the city. Have a look at these amazing places.

IT Park for remote developers in Indore Industrial Park Indore

Isn’t it enough to plan your next IT project in Indore?

if you have any amazing ideas!

How team EngineerBabu is the perfect solution for hiring remote developers?

We have initially set up our office at Bangalore but due to hectic and restless life, we shifted our office in Indore. We are famous for creating “wow”! In the small journey in the technology, we have come across several obstacles but we handled them very easily.

EngineerBabu Office

Are you looking for a dedicated team of remote developers or a single geek? EngineerBabu is the best web development agency you could ever found. We have a well-built infrastructure with available resources that are ready to help out at any moment.

Remote Developers Team EngineerBabu

EngineerBabu is a superb mix of experienced developers with new and energetic talent. We not only focus on just completing the project but client satisfaction is mandatory for us.

Timely workshops on the latest technologies helped us to sustain in a hasty changing world. All the remote developers of EngineerBabu are professional problem solvers, this what our client said about us.

Testimonial of our previous clients:

And in news too:

“We worked with many startups and helped them build awesome products until they got investments. As a result, we started getting clients from references, and we got the tag of the most startup-friendly IT services company,” shares Aditi (co-founder and CEO, EngineerBabu).

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