How To Hire Remote Django Developers?

Hire Remote Django Developers

There are 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide, which means that most of your customers are online too. Needless to say that having a robust website is one of the prerequisites for a successful business today. Given the plethora of frameworks and languages available today for website development, choosing the right language and hiring experienced developers to bring your website to life can be daunting. Among them, Python is one of the widely used programming languages in which Django is the most preferred Python framework. So, here we are going to discuss in detail about how to hire remote Django developers.

In the world of remote development a sea of frameworks is available. There are a few frameworks that offer security, scalability, and robustness. Django is one such framework. Developed in the early 2000s; Django has passed the test of time and is undoubtedly a wise and safe choice irrespective of the kind of website you are developing. 

Django is a python-based web framework that helps in the rapid development of websites that are secure, scalable, and maintainable websites. In this article, we will talk about Django and the best practices to hire remote Django developers, skill sets you should evaluate, and more. Read on.

Why choose Django?

In the past decade, Python’s popularity has increased by leaps and bounds and that popularity has surely rubbed off on Django too. Django has been rated amongst the top 10 web development frameworks in 2020 and the 5th most loved framework by developers.

Hire Remote Django Developers

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But beyond this, the surge in adoption of Django has happened due to some of the amazing benefits it offers. Let’s look at what makes Django so popular. Django helps you build web development software that is:

  • Complete –  The ‘batteries included’ philosophy helps developers to build everything for the website. Since all required ‘batteries’ to get the website going are a part of the framework.
  • Versatile – It can be used to build any kind of website. 
  • Secure –  Security is one of the strongest suites of Django Framework. It helps developers build a secure way to manage user accounts and passwords, among other robust security-related features.
  • Scalable – With Django’s ‘share-nothing’ architecture, it allows to build scalable websites.
  • Maintainable – With the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) principle Django reduces the amount of duplication and the repeat elements of the code. Making it easily maintainable. The MVC pattern makes the code reusable too.
  • Portable –  Django is a Python-based framework, and hence it can run on many platforms and OS.

Django is the perfect choice when you want to go for rapid development, integrate the website with technologies like AI/ML and serverless computing. Here are some types of websites where Django is best-suited – 

  • CMS platforms.
  • Financial platforms require analysis based on personal data, risk tolerance, the probability of achieving goals, and more.
  • Social networks like Instagram.
  • e-Commerce platforms.
  • Custom CRM systems that require processing internal data.
  • Building a robust backend for mobile applications.

How to Hire a Remote Django Developers – Key Tips

Django is suitable to build any type of website. However, it is perfect for complex websites, requires heavy processing of data, robust security measures, and where time is a critical factor. Some examples of such sites would be financial sites, social networks, OTT, or e-commerce sites. Netflix, Spotify, Dropbox are some websites that are built on the Django framework.

Remote development is the norm of the day and many enterprises choose to outsource their website development, since it helps to save a lot of effort and cost. Frameworks like Django require expertise and skill sets that are very niche. Let’s discuss the most important skill sets you should look for while hiring a remote Django engineer.

Roles & Responsibilities to Consider While Hiring a Remote Django Developer

Most Django developers have proficiency and advanced skill sets on Python, since that is the base language for Django. This helps them to create, implement and manage websites and web applications that can be used at an enterprise level. These are some of the roles that a Django developer will be playing and you should consider while hiring a remote Django developer.

  • Requirement Analysis Working with stakeholders to understand the requirements. Most websites built on the Django framework require it to be extremely robust and highly secure. Understanding the complexity and the layers of data that will be required to be processed on the website will be important.
  • Create RESTful APIs To ensure smooth functioning and communications within the applications.
  • Collaborate with Front-End Developers While Django will ensure a robust back-end, a website is a combination of how front-end and back-end work in synergy to offer a delightful experience to the user. To ensure that the Django developer should be able to collaborate with the front-end developers effortlessly.
  • Quality Testing Quality testing is the last mile to ensure a wonderfully made website. The Django developer must be able to create unit tests and debug incorrect codes efficiently.
  • Documentation Create and maintain well-written documentation of the codes and process.

Skillsets to Evaluate While Hiring a Remote Django Developer

Django is a highly refined and robust framework. While you hire a remote Django developer ensure that they have good industry experience working on the framework and otherwise. Beyond the industry experience, below are a couple of skill sets that you should look for while hiring a remote Django developer.

Technical Skills to Evaluate While Hiring a Remote Django Developer

The technical skill sets that you should look for while hiring a remote Django developer are –

  • Experience in working with the Django framework and the kind of websites they have built previously.
  • Proficiency and knowledge in Python.
  • Basic understanding of databases like SQL and MySQL.
  • Experience in complex websites requiring processing large amounts of data to build a robust and secure framework.
  • Understanding of front-end development.
  • Understanding of software development processes like Agile.
  • Efficiency in testing, creating unit testing, and debugging codes.
  • Their ability to verify the functionality of the code.
  • Knowledge of tools like Django Rest Framework.

Soft Skills to Evaluate While Hiring a Remote Django Developer

In a remote world, soft skills become as important as technical skills while hiring a remote Django developer. The soft skills that you must evaluate are;

  • Communication Skills – The Django developer will work with various stakeholders for requirement gathering, work with front-end developers, and more. It is important to evaluate their communication skills while hiring them.
  • Planning – Planning skills will be important for the effective and efficient running of the project. So you must check the kind of planning or program management tools that they are familiar with and utilize on a day-to-day basis.
  • Collaboration –  In the remote world effective collaboration is the key to successful and timely project execution. The remote Django developer you choose must have the ability to collaborate with multiple teams like – front-end, testing, project management, etc. efficiently.


Django is one of the most popular frameworks that enterprises and developers choose. Especially when deadlines, security, data processing are some of the most critical factors. Precisely why it is known as ‘the framework that perfectionists with deadlines choose’. Many popular websites like National Geographic, Disqus, Instagram, Pinterest, Spotify, and more are built on Django. It’s a framework for experts and that is why it can be daunting to find the perfect developers for your project, especially in the remote world.

One easy way to hire remote Django developers who are best at what they do is to do it via partners like EngineerBabu. With our thorough process, we ensure that you hire the best-in-class developers in various technologies like – Python, Django, and many more. We start by a detailed requirement gathering and then shortlisting the best candidates, take care of the contracts, and work with you to build the best team. We ensure that we support you till the successful implementation of the project. So if you are looking to hire remote Django and Python developers, connect with us.

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