Estimation of Cost to build a Website via a Remote Company

Cost to build a website via Remote Company

Whether you are an entrepreneur, SME, big business, or anyone else, budget is the critical concern. The cost to build a website can vary widely. To get an accurate guess, you need to answer this:

  • Do you want to use a template, or is it a custom design?
  • On what technology you want to build it?
  • What backend functionality does the site offer?
  • Any 3rd party integration like payment gateways?
  • Do you have any reference sites?
  • Do you also want to do SEO and content?

These factors are important to affect your cost. By deciding all the variables, the websites can cost anywhere between $0 for a personal website to $100,000+ for a custom enterprise site like Walmart. But by offshoring it to a country like India can easily cut-down your cost to build a website from 30-60% of the total with the same quality of work.

estimated cost to build a website

Why it is so much difficult to estimate the exact cost to build a website?

This a very obvious question that how much it will cost to build a website. The simple answer is uncertain “Scope of Work”. This is the most prerequisite thing before jumping on to any idea. It gives a clear and uncut projection of any plan. Scope of Work is a document on which both parties client (aka you) and an agency, vendor, or contractor (aka the outside team you’re working with) mutually agreed upon.

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Factors affecting the cost to build a website

Tech Stack: Tech Stack means the set of technologies used to develop a web app. Basically, it is a combination of programming languages, frameworks, UI/UX solutions, databases, libraries and tools used by the software development team. For example, let’s say Facebook, it is a combination of coding frameworks and languages including JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, and ReactJS. This is Facebook’s ‘tech stack.’

The most popular tech stack is MEAN, MERN, LAMP rather than this any mix of following technologies can be used to make a good web app.

Front end Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, JQuery

Front end Frameworks: Angular.js, Backbone.js, Ember.js, React.js

Back end Technologies: Ruby on Rails (ROR), Node.js, PHP, Java, .Net, Python

Back end Frameworks: Express.js, ASP.Net, Spring, Django, Flask, CI, and Laravel, etc.

Database: MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle etc.

The cost of the project extensively depends on the tech stack you choose.

Software developer cost to build a website

Domain Name and Website Hosting: Domain name is the address of your website that people type in the browser’s URL bar to visit your website. It is a unique internet-identity of your website which lets you use your company’s name with .com, .in, .uk, etc. Depending on the domain name you choose it will cost you around $5 to hundred or millions!!!

Hosting is a place where you hold your website. The price of website hosting depends upon the traffic and size of the site. It may vary from hundreds to thousands USD.

It not usually advised to go for free hosting as it will adversely affect the quality, loading time and speed of the site.

Design/Development: The actual cost of designer and developer is the most important in finding a fair estimate to build a website. If you hire a dedicated remote developer it will cost much lesser than going to any specific firm. The developer and will cost will you separately as they are working differently.

“The cost to hire a remote development team is much lesser than hiring them in-house especially from India.”

Content and SEO: Content is most essential of any website, without it the site is nothing less than a design template. Timely content updates and analytics result helps the organization to generate traffic from the right source. Commonly the price of content and the basic SEO are inclusive with the package. But prices can differ if you select a solo person or a team outside the contract.

Maintenance: Just like any other vehicle needs care and maintenance, your website also needs to keep in supervision for smooth working. Maintenance cost includes Domain name, Website Hosting, SSL certificates, tech support, etc. which cost may vary on the business type.

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To prevent the site from malware attacks, software and content update you should supervise it.

Why Hiring Software Developers from a Remote Company is Budget-friendly?

Hiring a software development team has too many cost factors like skills, experience, technology, and location. Likewise, if you have a small project, then you can simply hire part-time software developers with relevant experience in different fields and build your own small team. However, it will require some significant amount of time and energy, along with technical knowledge of the domain.

Cost and Benefits of hiring Software Developers

If you really have a high technical background, then hiring part-time software developers and quality assurance testers can reduce the cost to build a website to a large extent.

But if your software development project is big with lots of complexities, and then taking this move would prove costly, even if you have strong technical knowledge. A cost-effective way is to outsource your project to a remote software development company or else you can hire a fully dedicated team. It will eventually cut down the cost to build a website.

“The average rates of US developers is $60-$200 USD”

How EngineerBabu make dedicated hiring cost-effective?

EngineerBabu is a proven industry leader due to its ability to provide the correct solution to the required technology with a seamless business process. Statistically, hiring developers averages around 50%-70% of a business’s total expenditure, which is a huge amount when you consider income and turnover.

We at EngineerBabu provide the flexible business solution as we outsource our developers on a monthly or on an hourly basis that gives enterprises malleability and transparency within the whole development process.

Benefits of hiring a Website Developer from a Remote Company

  • Flexibility: By hiring developers from a remote company, you can make changes at any stage of the project. The dedicated team allows doing modification and iterations during the entire operation and you can also keep an eye and can monitor the whole process from beginning to end.
  • Agile approach: Agile methodology or agile model focus on the process adaptability and customer satisfaction by rapid delivery of working software product. Dedicated hiring from a remote company perfectly complements this approach by giving facility to iterations multiple times.        
  • Free Choice: Remote company comes with lots of perk and of them is the free selection of developers. You can test the skills of the developers before hiring them. And not only this you can add and reduce the size of your team from time to time.
  • Time-Saving: Well it’s a fact that when you outsource your project on a fixed cost it always misses the timeline. But if you hire a dedicated team you not only save the cost but also save the times as you can check the things and provides feedbacks timely.

Do you have any project in the back of your mind and not able to find out the exact website cost?

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