Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies In Singapore [Updated 2019]

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Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies In Singapore

We are living in the age of information technology currently. Information is easily accessible to us with a click of the mouse. These dynamic changes have indeed made our lives simpler.
The app development companies play a major role in this. These companies with their IT resources work tirelessly and get to us the best apps across platforms on a variety of smartphones.
More than 1/3rd of the world’s population is using smartphones and the number is expected to pass 3 billion by the end of 2019.
The latest models of smartphones have jaw-dropping features like multitasking on their phones without any performance issues.
Smartphones are indeed an important facet of the emerging IT sector which will keep governing the way we function in the future too. Firstly, it is incredibly easy to use and handle.
As compared to laptops and tablets, mobiles are easy to carry and handle. Also, smartphones ensure a greater sense of confidentiality and user-friendly environment at the same time.
Therefore it opens up a wonderful avenue for the leading IT companies in any country across the globe.
Mobile phone apps are thus integral to the growth of businesses. It not only ensures greater customer satisfaction but also boosts the revenue of the businesses as direct interaction with customers is a must for the prosperity of any organization.
Why do you need a mobile app development company for your business growth?
In today’s modern world, gadgets are more than simple paraphernalia for the profession; it has become the necessity of the modern age.
Almost every second person has a smartphone and wishes to access more applications, increasing his customer satisfaction at a given price.
Therefore companies across the globe are focusing more and more on developing applications which are compatible with a wider spectrum of mobile phones and suit the ever-increasing needs of the mobile phone users.
By developing a mobile application, the companies can increase their visibility among the customers as in the countries across the globe; the users of handheld devices when compared to mobile phones have a vast difference.
In this way, the companies expand their reach, and the customers also get to know more about them and thus are able to effectively communicate with them.
The companies also play smart and avail the option of collecting the analytics to improve their offerings and thus get to know their customers and their demands in a much better manner.
The users of the mobile based applications are continuously increasing, which makes it necessary to have a mobile-friendly website and an easily navigable app.
The trend has recently brought some significant changes in app development globally.
Many app developers are now deviating from targeting consumer markets to targeting business enterprises by highly embracing enterprise app development.
Enterprise app development has become the new trend for developers with many apps already being showcased in Singapore.
Leading app development companies are now investing in machinery and manpower to increase their marketability for business enterprises these days.
One can easily get in contact with the top mobile app development companies in Singapore through their official website, get in contact with them and develop a user-friendly customized app.
These companies specialize in developing mobile applications across platforms such as Apple Mac, or Microsoft Windows.
I would now give a quick review of some of the best app development companies in Singapore that offer affordable and cutting-edge technology to develop applications for business enterprises. Here’s an updated list of best app developers in Singapore.

1. Vinova App Developers
Vilanova focuses on Mobile and Web application development, servicing the schools and small-scale enterprises with the mobile applications and valuable websites.
Vinova has earned great recognition by delivering a broad portfolio of mobile applications on multiple platforms. With years of experience in the industry, they continue to create dynamic solutions for their clients’ needs.
They invest time and manpower in serving their clients and actually make effort in fulfilling their wishes.
Even when there is a shortage of professional Mobile App developers in the market, Vilanova is able to support new clients & projects and provide cost-effective Mobile app development.
Vinova creates native apps, which are very easy to learn and handle, thus making the user experience a blessing. This is to ensure the best app performance, best app user experience, and security for your mobile apps.
Vinova lives on the motto of ‘you let us know your requirements, needs and concern for you mobile app; we will advise you on the best approach based on our past experience and current app trend.’
Their team walks their clients through the whole app development process. It is one of the best mobile and web app development company in Singapore.
Some key points of the company:
Foundation year: 2012
Company size: 11–25
Specialty: Mobile app development

2. Zoliotech

Zoliotech was founded in 2008 and since then the company has been offering mobile application development to numerous business enterprises.
Along with that, they also offer in-house consultation and app maintenance services to their clients at an unbelievably affordable price rate.
Zoliotech has been leading the field in mobile app development by specializing in developing apps for IOS and Android phones.
They have been creating innovative apps for the past decade for gadgets like iPhone, Tablet, Android Phones, Blackberry and Windows phones and now they are the pioneers in the country when it comes to mobile app development.
They provide you with the complete instruction set in the steps regarding app development, guide one through the process of its final costing and making their client understanding the difference across IOS and Android platforms, thus consulting with their clients and making them help make the right choice.
Their specialty is in developing location-centric mobile apps, which have an extremely easy functioning and a very friendly user interface.
Before actually signing up with their clients, they also show a variety of tutorial lessons and thus help the client in actually understanding what actually is done in the tedious process of developing the app.
Foundation year: 2008
Company size: 26–50
Core area: Mobile app development
3. Let’s nurture
Let’s nurture started its journey from 2008 specializing in Mobile and Web application development.
Since then it has expanded its services into different industries and also serving different technologies Lets nurture has its presence across the globe in countries like the United States, UK, Singapore, India and are considered by many the masters of their field and they also share a healthy client relationship.
LetsNurture Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is ISO 9001-2015 certified. It is an IT Outsourcing company that has a proven track record of catering to an array of industries at the same time and being at the top of the go-to list of their clients.
Their commitment towards giving excellence and quality delivers to reputed clients has brought smiles all around, from the start-ups to big industry players.
Since their existence, they have successfully delivered 1500+ Projects which includes a wide array of services and products like Mobile Apps, Web Apps, IoT solutions, Digital Marketing Campaigns to a staggering 200+ Clients from 20+ countries in 5 continents.
The entire company works as a team and are a bunch of proficient technology enthusiasts that are always looking forward to innovating, craft and develop new concepts.
It is not a lie when it is said about them that their work can make someone’s life and someone somewhere who is banking on their abilities, get the worth of the money invested. And that is exactly why they always hire top-notch talents.
They are proficient in Mobile Applications, Sensor Based Application, Cloud Services, CMS solutions, eCommerce Solutions, Digital Marketing Campaigns and much more.
We have been acknowledged for our beacon based solutions from our clients globally. Their mission is to lead the industry by nurturing and turning our customers’ dreams into reality. Join them to know more.
Foundation Year: 2008
Company size: 50–80
Specialties: Mobile Development
4. Oasis Web Asia

Singapore based IT company Oasis Web Asia specializes in development and designing, which includes mobile app development, web designing, website development, Content Management system and social networking.
Along with that company also provides web designing and web hosting services to their clients.
To ensure their skills and proficiency in this area, the company holds many portfolios to showcase their development skills with a huge team at their disposal.
Oasis Web Designs has become a leading professional website development company, offering cutting-edge web solutions to clients worldwide.
Though they had primarily started our business network in the USA, now they have a long list of clients from all over the world. They provide an extensive range of professional yet creative web solutions at competitive and extremely affordable rates.
Many clients from various countries like USA, UK, Australia, Ireland etc. are receiving their up to the mark services & are getting satisfied with the quality offered.
Most of the web designing companies convey out of the case business destinations that look awesome as a handout, yet need intuitiveness and association with the client.
These dry, uninviting destinations need inventiveness and rapidly kill clients thus causing major losses to the entity as well.
Oasis Web Designs is the leading web advancement organization. They pride themselves on taking their business global, from being essentially a US-based entity; however staying neighborhood in the meantime, thus retaining the ethics and values of the place where they come from.
They likewise dependably keep an old school supplier-customer relationship that is woefully absent unreasonably regularly nowadays. Whether the business is small or large, they never compromise with the quality.
They always provide with the best & contemporary services which suit the business needs of our clients and ensure that they retain their clients once they have entered into a business transaction with them.
More than anything, their client’s satisfaction comes at the top of their priority list.
Foundation year: 2009
Company size: 51–100
Core area: Mobile app development

5. Ranosys Technologies

Ranosys Technologies also delivers top-notch mobile based applications. It is a software development company that delivers complete IT solutions towards its globalism clients.
Since its formation in 2008, it has expanded significantly recording a 50 percent increase in some employees by the end of 2014.
Ranosys Technologies is an ISO 9001:2015 certified software company headquartered in Singapore with service delivery center in London, UK and San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA.
It has 3 development centers across the globe and focuses on providing IT solutions to global clients so as to enable them to realize their business and technology goals.
Their clients include Shell, D-Link, Epson, Blackberry, Singapore Post, NTUC, National University Singapore (NUS), Ministry of Education, Singapore.
Ranosys is proactively meeting the diversified challenges in a cross-section of industries by offering comprehensive solutions in the areas of Enterprise E-Commerce, Salesforce Cloud Platform, Enterprise Mobility Solution, OutSystems Low, Platform Development, Offshore Product Development, Enterprise Content Management Systems, Enterprise Integration and BPM.
Ranosys has vast experience in delivering excellent services to various Industry verticals including but not limited to, Healthcare, eCommerce, Fashion and Apparel, Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI), Oil and Petrochemical Refineries, Education, Media and Publishing and Telecom.
With PMP certified project managers on board, successful delivery experience with distant teams and robust implementation of Agile Delivery Model, It is in ideally positioned for outsourced product development, product engineering and enterprise IT services for digital transformation.
Foundation year: 2008
Company size: 51–100
Specialties: Mobile application development

6. Singsys App Developers

Singsys recently opened in Singapore but have already started getting a strong foothold in the region by offering mobile application services to a large network of business enterprises among the three countries, Australia, India, and Singapore. Its team excels in all technologies like WordPress or Microsoft. NET.
Singsys is a fast-growing mobile and web application development company offers Android and iPhone Application Solutions at amazingly affordable prices without hassles.
The best part of service is that clients get best support & service that too round the clock 24*7, 365 days a year.
Their mission is to provide affordable quality solutions to our customers by dedicated efforts of their reliable and trustworthy team with high self-esteem, sense of ownership and willingness to go an extra mile resulting in satisfied customers.
Thus they truly place their clients at a position even above themselves.
Trusted by Fortune 500 Companies they have delivered 2000+ projects worldwide SINGSYS is visualized as a company owned by its employees themselves where everyone is self-managed requiring zero supervision.
A total self-sustenance is to be visualized by SINGSYS owning a vast portfolio of its own products and the large base of patented intellectual properties.
With key clients like Samsung, KPMG, Singapore Tourism Board, Changi Airport Singapore they are bound to go a long way.
Foundation year: 2009
Company size: 51–100
Core area: Mobile app development

7. Square Fresco

Square Fresco Solution Established in 2012, the company has endeavored to provide user-friendly mobile applications with a simple layout for its users.
Due to their open and transparent approach towards their operational activities, it has helped them in successful project delivery and with this, they have become most experienced developers in Singapore.
At Square Fresco, we have our in-house expertise and resources to deliver complete solutions without outsourcing and believe in an open, transparent and honest approach to business.
We have a highly experienced passionate team of mobile developers and designers who provide consulting, development and project delivery around mobile application solutions, we working closely with the iPhone, Android & Windows Phone and we are one of the most experienced iPhone/Android developers in Singapore.
We provide business-driven, pragmatic and actionable advice to help.
Your mobile application can have the opportunity to reach people worldwide anytime anywhere. When you think of mobile application customization, think of Square Fresco, we consistently deliver top quality mobile app design and service at reasonable price.
Foundation year: 2012
Company size: 26–50
Specialties: Mobile app development

8. Rainmaker Labs

Rainmaker Labs services a wide range of clients ranging from retail businesses to large enterprises.
Enterprise solutions are presented by highly technological and flexible mobility platform, which serves as a backend for developed projects and allows 3rd party integrations to be plugged in to the app.
The company develops apps for both iOS and Android. Rainmaker Labs developed its own Management system and is supplying location-based marketing campaigns with Apple certified BLEep iBeacons, enabling marketers to drive better mobile user targeting experience.
It was founded in 2011, Rainmaker labs is a fast-growing mobile technology with more than 70 employees. Headquartered in Singapore with offices around Asia Pacific, we help transform the business and operations of the world’s leading organizations through our enterprise mobility solutions.
Rainmaker Labs is undoubtedly one of the best Mobile app development firms existing in Singapore at the moment.
It services a wide range of clients ranging from retail businesses to large enterprises. It has garnered huge recommendations from big Global enterprises since their commencement in 2011.
Enterprise solutions are presented by highly technological and flexible Mobility Platform, which serves as a backend for developed projects and allows 3rd party integrations to be plugged into the app. The company develops apps for both iOS and Android.
With development teams in Singapore and Vietnam, Rainmaker Labs went beyond classical applications development services and develops apps that ensure automated mobile marketing campaigns and personalized user experience.
With a newly developed SaaS mobile marketing communications product, HOLLER, company moves to Global markets and claims the product to be industry leading mobile marketing communications service ever created.
Moreover, Rainmaker Labs developed own Beacon Management System and is supplying location-based marketing campaigns with Apple certified BLEep iBeacons, enabling marketers to drive better hyperlocal mobile user targeting experience.
With several awards to be proud of, they are a force to reckon with in their field.


iMpact company does web designing in addition to app mobile application.
They can integrate their talents in mobile app development and web development to produce amazing web-based applications that suit business enterprises.
The six years of the operations have made them skilled enough to create a content management system that can empower your websites.
With impact it all begins with listening to their clients, addressing their needs and thus ensuring that their needs are catered to with the utmost professionalism but at the same time with a personal touch from the entity.
They conceptualize the design process, data architecture, and the user interface, and a dedicated team of highly talented individuals lets them accomplish that.
They are in constant touch with their clients and thus make applications which are tailor fit to the needs of their clients, be it campaigning, or making these apps available across platforms, the impact is with their clients all the time.
They just do not deliver the product, they say that their mission is to satisfy their clients and so they stand up to it, they conduct thorough quality checks and conduct user acceptance exercises, and it is only after these tests are successfully conducted, that they deliver what they promised to their client; nothing but the best.
They are a promising company reaching across the globe and will definitely be a force to look out for in the future years.
Foundation year: 2012
Company size: 11–25
Core area: Mobile app development

10. Codigo
The company aims to ensure mobile app users to adjust to changing patterns in app development.
The company adjusts its technological techniques and strategies to develop apps that enable enterprises to cope with the changes in business patterns and offer them solutions to their marketing woes.
Codigo is about bringing innovative media solutions to market so their customers are always satisfied and always leave a positive feedback and lastly are loyal to hem always.
Their goal is to move forward with new, easy-to-use products and services that empower their clients to inform, entertain, and market to their audience.
They sincerely believe in delivering the highest quality online tools for clients while at the same time offering a family-friendly, career-rewarding, fun environment for employees.
These qualities translate to the longevity of supplier-client relationships.
This has ultimately defined Codigo as one of the fastest-growing companies in the southern Asian-Pacific region over the last five years.
Their mission is to leave a mark on the world and compete with the biggest name in their industry and they work tirelessly for that by innovating continually and do their best to make an impression on the industry, their employees, and most importantly their clients.
Now, you can make a prudent decision with all the pros and cons of each and every app development company in Singapore.
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