Top Mobile App Development Companies in London [Updated 2019]

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Mobile Apps are an important chunk of our lives. Barely an hour passes without us our smartphones to check out regular notifications from our favorite apps.
While we use these apps to satisfy our needs, we hardly acknowledge the people behind the scenes.
Yes, I am talking about mobile app development companies, the corporations, and enterprises which work to get the app you exactly want.
These mobile app development companies in London cater to your specific requirements in the most efficient manner. An updated list of top app developers in London.

Some Leading Mobile App Development Companies in London:

Hedgehog Labs is a leading global technology consultancy headquartered in Newcastle in Tyne with its additional offices in London, the United States; Denmark and India.
It was founded in 2007 by Sarat Pediredla and Mark Forster who are now the CEO and Chief Product Officer respectively.
It derives its name Jim Collins’ book “Good to Great” which features the ‘hedgehog concept’ of cultivating ‘piercing clarity’ in the pursuit of long-term results while rejecting propositions that ‘fail the hedgehog test’.
The company has been furnished with many award and accolades. It was conferred the title of “Newcastle’s Best Company to Work for” by rating site Glassdoor and “SME of the Year” by Newcastle Business awards to name a few of their trophies.
After noticing the keen interest of the masses in VR augmented reality, Hedgehog Labs invested in its own Immersive Technology division and was successful in developing for trailblazing headsets like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Microsoft HoloLens.
This project was led by one of UK’s leading expert in the field, Shaun Allen whose VR pitch recently helped the North East region win the bid to host the Great Exhibition of the North.
All in all, Hedgehog labs is one of the key players in the mobile app development game and continues to grow day by day with a rapid turnover growth of 160%.
Ref: https://hedgehoglab.com/

2) Apadmi :
Apadmi is a mobile app development company based in Manchester started up in 2009.
They are one of the leading developers in the games and have developed apps for IOS, Windows, Android, Blackberry as well as for web designing.
They have also produced apps for UK companies and organizations such as the British Museum, BBC iPlayer, XFactor app, Skyscanner and The Guardian.
This mobile app development group has deep roots in the other industries too.
Many of its existing members and their CEO, Garry Partington helped develop the first smartphone back in 1998.
They have a dedicated staff of about 120 members. One of their company’s notable projects is discussed here:
Lexus IS series: The vision was to enhance Lexus’ customer journey and immerse prospective buyers in an interactive digital experience for the launch of the new Lexus IS model.
The company’s challenge was to create an innovative mobile tool that would be used by the Lexus sales team to highlight key attributes of the new car and detail complex technological innovations.
In partnership with the digital agency, Amaze, Apadmi built an iPad app that brought the key features of the new Lexus IS model to life in a way that paper never could.
The experience was built around an interactive 360-degree view of the user’s chosen car model, allowing them to rotate the car in any direction, as well as change the colors, wheels or optional extras for the interior or exterior.
This made for a much richer sales conversion. This app has received a lot of appreciation and won numerous awards.
It was named the ‘Largest Digital Agency of the Year 2018’ by Northern Digital Awards, ‘Top UK mobile app developer’ by Clutch and ‘Digital & Creative Business of the Year’ by City of Manchester Business Awards just to name a few.
This mobile app development company is growing exponentially and recently opened a refreshed office in the newly furbished Federation House.
It has doubled its turnover in just 2 years and has set the bar high for other players in the game.
Ref: https://www.apadmi.com/

3) Intellectsoft:

This company started its operations in 2007 by Alexander Kabanov and has now-grown into a full-cycle, mobile-first software development company.
It has worked with Jaguar & Land Rover, Eurostar, Harley-Davidson and the NHS and help develop their software.
The organization has 35 Fortune 500 clients, 200+ full-time developers, and 6 offices in 5 countries namely UK, Norway, USA, Ukraine, and Belarus.
This mobile app development company is one of the leaders of the county in enterprise blockchain solutions, cloud computing( through Microsoft Azure), artificial intelligence, augmented reality and Internet of Things.
An exceptionally well-delivered project by the company is talked about here: Cirrus Insight: Having enjoyed significant success with their Cirrus Insight sales tool, Cirrus path, a cross-platform SaaS company specializing in apps that integrate Salesforce CRM tools with Emails, its customers had come to rely on a range of features with a high-level of functionality.
Cirruspath reached out to Intellectsoft to develop a mobile application that would extend the capabilities of their Salesforce integration to the iOS platform.
This would require a team to develop an application programming interface that retained existing features as well as optimize additional functions.
To re-create and enhance the capabilities of Cirrus Insight, this mobile application came to include 60 screens, which represented an unusual level of complexity.
Careful attention had to be paid throughout the development process to ensure that the navigation and user experience would not be compromised in any way.
A team of nine mobile app developers created a full-featured mobile email client with built-in, advanced CRM functionality.
The app was entirely native with communication to the Cirrus Salesforce-integrated platform via a private API.
Recently, the booming company added Brighter, another name to its list of partners. This was the company’s second portfolio expansion in 2017 and the fourth in the past four years.
Artem Kozel, Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder of Intellectsoft, says the addition of Brighter’s products to the portfolio will be useful to company’s in-house development team.
“Brighter has developed an effective and practically tested method of starting and improving applications and helping many of the funded startups to achieve indefeasible feats.
Their experience and know-how will help us improve our own delivery.” This addition further strengthened their Initial Public Offering which is scheduled to be held in
Ref: https://www.intellectsoft.net/

4. Iflexion:

Iflexion is an mobile app development and a web solutions provider company which was started in 1999.
It is one of the most experienced mobile app development companies in London and has completed more than 1500 projects.
They have worked with both software vendors and non-software companies in projects with teams located in different parts of the world.
It has a team of 400 engineers who have significant command over iPhone OS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry.
Iflexion has worked with clients all over the world, including the US, Russia, and Israel.
They have a dedicated staff of 370 employees. A unique factor in the company is its
separate QA department which is responsible for providing quality assurance throughout the entire Software Development Lifecycle of every project.
They have a wide range of services which include the development of corporate business applications and user experience and user interface design, consulting on security, testing, maintenance, and support.
Their major clients include Phillips, eBay, Timex, Paypal, and Cisco. In addition to this, they developed Corporate E-learning portal development for Satellite Behaviour
Iflexion was ranked as one of the top 10 Business Intelligence(BI) App Developers and also Top 10 E-Commerce App Developers and Top Travel & Lifestyle App Developers by Clutch.co in 2017.
They were also included in the Leaders Matrix as one of the Top Web Development Companies by Clutch.co in
Ref: https://www.iflexion.com/

5) Nodes:
Nodes is one of the prestigious mobile app development companies in London which was started by 45 app developers who were based in London and Copenhagen.
It was founded and led by Andreas Green Rasmussen. In a time span of around 7 years, they have 1000+ satisfied clients with more than 1200+ apps published.
They have developed remarkable apps for their customers and some of them are worth an applaud.
One such promising project is discussed below: Cosmetics company Rimmel wanted to create a 3D makeup simulation app.
They wanted an app which invited users to take a photo of the makeup look from anywhere- their friend, a beauty editorial, a billboard or a catalog and then using the app, they could try the same makeup on themselves virtually using facial recognition.
Another company, Holition, created proprietary technology that Nodes was able to collaborate with, implement and design across iPhone Operating System and Android and complete the rest of the necessary backend integrations.
Another such promising project in which they worked dedicatedly is appreciable. Mazda was spending a lot of money on print materials for their sales and distribution.
Frequent updates became an expensive exercise with print and logistics expenses. Furthermore, Mazda wanted to create interest and drive preference towards the Mazda brand.
Nodes gave the solution which was an app where the sales team can easily access the latest version of the product catalog and use it actively in sales situations with
Mazda can now easily push out updates and make sure information reaches the sales team directly on their own device, cutting through the communication noise from other car brands.
Ref: https://www.nodesagency.com/

6) Miquido:

Miquido is a renowned company which focuses on mobile apps development, smart homes solution and wearable apps, which optimally meet business requirements of customers.
90% of their projects arrive from referrals suggested by other satisfied customers. This shows the reliability and trust placed by their customers and the high quality they provide.
In addition to providing mobile app development services, Miquido contributes to the company’s internal transformation, process automation, model creation, and event planning.
They provide mobile app development services, including design and coding, for multiple projects.
The agency also frequently contributes to strategic processes. Miquido offers a fluid development process that stands out in a crowded industry.
They are based in Krakow and have offices in London and Berlin.
Krzysztof Kogutkiewicz, a student of AGH University of Science and Technology is the CEO of the corporation.
They were recognized by 2016 Deloitte Technology Fast 50 CE as the fastest growing mobile design & development company in CE.
Their projects like HelloFresh and Picnic were awarded by Google, TIME Magazine, and Website Awards.
The company not only takes care of app development but the whole process of making it successful: improving app idea, through wireframing UX, designing UI, the keyword density is 0.2%, which is too low; the focus keyword was found 5 times.
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Some of the exceptional projects developed by Miquido are discussed here. Miquido developed and designed a recording app for iOS.
They provided additional functionalities like cloud-based synchronization and an in-app library.
They continually keep adding new features to keep with the pace of this dynamic industry. Miquido initially completed and converted an iOS app to Android.
The team then assumed responsibility for all development and UX, as well as full leadership for the Android product.
Miquido designed and developed a core iOS, Android, and Web app. The project required translating data from biometric devices and sensors before linking it to the platforms.
Ref: https://www.miquido.com/

7) Brightec:

Brightness a Brighton-based mobile app development company in London which was started in 2010 and focuses on turning on your ideas in easy-to-use, feature-rich apps to meet your business needs.
They develop for Android and iPhone Operating System. In addition to these, they also specialize in Google Glass, developers for Google Glass are not easy to find, so it is a plus point in favor of Brightec.
They have a user-centered approach and they aim to develop smarter and friendlier ways for their users to engage with technology.
The company has worked with big corporations, some of them include Morrisons, Roche, Land Rover, Willis Tower Watson, ziffit.com, Parexel and Kitchen Craft.
Some of the singular apps which Brightec presented are discussed here:-
1) They developed an extraordinary app TrainSplit which is a rail ticket service dedicated to saving passengers money. Splitting train tickets can bring consumer savings of up to 65% but the process of doing so can be time-consuming and confusing.
With commuters and day-trippers facing enough delays already, TrainSplit’s automated search scans a vast database and delivers cheap and simple travel options.
2) They made a fun and intuitive messaging app known as Chinwag. Chinwag has been intuitively designed to ensure it is fun to use, interactive and accessible. One of the main challenges of any new app is to distinguish it from the competition.
They discovered the factors they had to introduce in order to make the app Sociable, Playful, Witty and Quick (i.e. ‘in the moment’). Working with Jomoco, the company which had assigned this project to Brightec, their receptive design team created a series of caption packs so users can play around with personalizing each image.
From comical to LOUD, the users will find a style to say exactly what you want. Users can also create groups and storyboards, view all their messages in a timeline view and even share a message on social media.
3) The Good Fish Guide, a user-friendly consumer app, is produced by the Marine Conservation Society and helps customers make environmentally sound seafood choices.
The Marine Conservation Society is dedicated to conserving the marine environment. They wanted a ‘pocket guide’ style consumer app to help customers make informed decisions when choosing fish at a restaurant, or at the fish counter in the local supermarket.
The app – The Good Fish Guide – serves as an index of endangered species of fish in the United Kingdom. The app enables users to make ethical purchasing decisions based on the present sustainability of fish species.
Bright has won the award of ‘The Agency of the Year(Small)’ at the UK App Awards 2017. The Kings Education app, built by Brightec, has received an award of distinction at the 2017 Communicator Awards. They also won accolades in three different categories in the London Design Awards.
Ref: https://www.brightec.co.uk/

8) Magora:
Magora Systems is a London-based app development company founded in 2010 with an eclectic portfolio of mostly small-business clients.
They use PHP, Java and.Net. They’ve developed apps in the IT, arts, utilities and education sectors, to name a few. The company moves forward with the lead of Vladimir Potapenko.
They started off with two young developers to become an international corporation with professional staff and offices in London, Novosibirsk, and Saint-Petersburg.
Magora specializes in educational apps. One of the apps, Core Power Golf, is one such standing proof of their excellence.
iOS app development is one of the most important spheres in Majora’s work, and an educational project places even more responsibility on the app developers.
By design, this iOS application, Core Power Golf, was an ultimate guide and provided meaningful full video lessons, workouts and other useful materials from professional golf coaches.
From a technical standpoint, it was no problem for our experts to create this video instructor. Core Power Golf applies the waterfall methodology and ASP.NET, and there was a standard MVP deployment process.
The content administrator is one of their customers, professional Long Driver, Kevin Hennessy. He films and publishes video lessons in different categories like warm-ups, workouts, golf tips, physical exercises and strength training.
This iOS app provides users with relevant video content based on their level, which they select as part of their profile set-up.
Any additional video is available for viewing by exploring the extensive video catalog. As you can see, this app combines simple but inclusive functionality.
Magora ranks high among innumerable mobile app development companies because of their time-an efficient team of innovative experts who are capable of delivering every project with utmost dedication within the stipulated period of time.
Undoubtedly, their extraordinary ways of working have helped them to achieve great success in the field of modern apps development, mobile marketing or web systems.
Ref: https://magora-systems.com/

9) Konstant Infosolutions:
Konstant Infosolutions is an award-winning mobile app development and web company delivering best-in-class solutions.
Apart from app development, they also focus on emerging sectors like cloud computing, IoT Development, consultancy services, software maintenance, and support.
They have delivered over 3500 projects and made a mark in this competitive market in over 13 years.
The company is currently run by Vipin Jain. He is responsible for the team’s overall vision, business direction, corporate initiatives and goals.
Let us look at one of the case studies of the projects accomplished by Konstant Infosolution.

NASSCOM is a global trade body of India with over 2000 members, of which over 250 are companies from the China, EU, Japan, US and UK.' NASSCOM's member companies are in the business of software development, software services, software products, IT-enabled/BPO services and e-commerce.
This app aims at providing access to NASSCOM research and intelligence that tracks industry trends, growth opportunities and best practices.
Access to industry events, presentations, blogs, discussions, and articles. The app also provides an opportunity to engage with the NASSCOM research team and shared case studies or transformational stories.
This mobile app development company was recognized to have the best mobile app developers by Appfutura.
Clutch.co ranked Konstant Infosolutions number 2 on the list of Best App
development companies in India 2016. It was also recognized by CloudReviews as, which is one of the Top App Development Company.
Ref: https://www.konstantinfo.com/

10) Promatics:
Promatics is a reputed mobile app development company based in London with significant presence across the globe.
They have a strength of more than 100 and have delivered over3000 projects and have a team of certified eCommerce developers.
Their key sectors include cloud-computing, user experience design, and CMS Development.
They are a dedicated team and customer satisfaction is their top priority. Some of the best apps developed by Promatics are discussed here:-
1) J.J.Threads: jjthreads.com is a one-of-a-kind website of Hong Kong-based J.J. Threads, to enable users to design a complete shirt of their own by choosing from a cornucopia of shirts and fabrics.
The thoughtfully designed rich interactive interface offers users to purchase a shirt designed of their own or designed by other users. A very popular website among the users jjthreads.com is now available to all.
2) Poulsbo RVs main requirement was to build a customized web portal which would attract more prospects, sell more RVs and ultimately generate more revenue.
The website is tailored in such a way that any user visiting the website could view approximately 50 to 60 images in the gallery to view the details of the RVs.
We integrated an API that helped in the resolution conversion without any problems to make it lightweight.
They have been given accreditations by Clutch.co, Silicon India, Awards and many others. They were one of the top 100 finalists in the Red Herring Asia Awards.
Ref: http://www.promatic.co.uk/
These are just 10 of the top mobile app development companies in London also with a presence felt across the whole globe.
These companies continue to dominate the app market and grow with each project that they deliver. With the growing need for apps in everyday life, the mushrooming of these corporations is inevitable.

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