Top Ten Mobile App Development Companies In Australia [Updated 2019]

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Why do you need a mobile app development company for your business growth?
More than one-third of the world’s population is already using a smartphone, and the number is expected to pass the 2.5 billion mark by the year 2019.

With the advent of new technologies, users are multitasking on their phones by using them for a number of things. Firstly, it is easy to use and can work faster than a computer or a laptop and also ensures a greater sense of confidentiality.

This opens a wonderful opportunity for the mobile app development companies to entice their users and provide them with amazing services for their smartphones, which in turn also helps in boosting their revenues.

For your business to prosper, both a mobile website and mobile apps are equally important. There are apps for banking, food, e-commerce, retail, beauty and fashion, transport, and a plethora of other sectors. Whether it be a small or medium-sized business, mobile apps are indispensable for the growth of the companies.

The traffic on mobile devices is increasing at a continuous pace, which makes it necessary to have a mobile-friendly website and an easily navigable app.

You can contact any of the Top Mobile App Development Companies in Australia to help you with designing a custom-made app according to your preferences and requirements.

Why do you need a mobile app development company for your business growth?

By deploying a mobile application, you can increase your visibility among your customers and communicate effectively with them. They also get to know more about your company and services.

You also have an option of collecting the analytics to improve your offerings. Therefore, create a streamlined marketing channel with your mobile app and interact directly with your customers.

You can find Mobile App Developers for both iPhones and Android phones here in Australia which have a great experience in creating sturdy apps.

There are many mobile app development companies in Australia, which specialize in iPhone, Android, and Windows App Development. You can get your customized app created by contacting any of the following companies, here’s an updated list:

1. DreamWalk

DreamWalk stands tall amongst the Mobile App Development giants. Their team of top mobile app developers pays special attention to understand the details of your project and proficiently creates a powerful and solidly built app without any glitches.

It has gained credibility in the market by establishing many brands and providing the clients with top-notch mobility solutions. They have developed several chart-topping apps for iOS and Android for various companies all around the world.

They are located in Melbourne and have been ranked number 1 many a time as compared to other Australian app developers. 
If you want to scale great height in your business, then you are just one step away from getting your app built which can help you reach your goals.

Their mobile programmers are innovative and have honed exceptional skills in app development through years of experience.

They also provide top class web development solutions and Proof Program services to create concept apps in short span of time.
It involves creating a basic version of your app that can be marketed quickly and is cost effective too. These proof apps are a great way to analyze your ideas without investing heavily.

Create an unforgettable mobile presence for your business and provide your users with a feature rich and flawlessly working application.

DreamWalk boasts of many top brands in their portfolio. They have catered to Coca-Cola, State Library of Victoria, New Mexico Tourism, Foodworks and M&C Saatchi, and others with their mobility solutions.

If you have an amazing idea for an app or any other requirement for mobility, you can get in touch with them by submitting your query online or by directly calling their number.

2. Appster

Appster is another mobile app development company situated in Melbourne, Australia that provides sturdy apps with cutting-edge technology.

Their apps have been featured more than 100 times by Apple itself, which speaks volume about the mettle of this company.

With more than 12 multi-million dollar start-ups in past few years, they have helped numerous small and medium-sized businesses as well. They work meticulously to support entrepreneurs and challenger brands with ideation, thus leading the way to business growth.
Appster boasts of a dedicated 400+ team, which collaborates to provide you flawless and powerful mobility solutions. They strive continuously to make Appster the ideas development hub of the world.
You can be totally sure about your work with them as they keep your ideas safe by providing Non-Disclosure Agreements.

They also use the stringent procedures around Source Code & Project Management. They have an extensive experience in Rapid Agile Development, which is the best engagement model for Start-ups and Innovative Enterprises.

They deliver the project well before the deadline and make sure to evade out any glitches from the application. Special focus is laid towards Consultation & Concept Assessment followed by a Rapid Concept Workshop, before finally developing the full-fledged application.

The design team at Appster has in-depth knowledge of all the design specific elements and renders your app extremely user-friendly. They have won many major global design awards in the recent years.

You can also contact them for marketing solutions along with aftercare of your application post its launch. Their team will ensure that your app performs flawlessly and entices the customers.

Contact them to turn your ideas into reality and earn great Return on Investment. You can contact them on their number to discuss your project with them and start a lifelong partnership.

3. Zealous System

Zealous System is an established software development company that specializes in both web and mobile application development. Their offices are situated in Australia, India, USA and South Africa.

They deliver a full spectrum of mobility solutions and have many satisfied clients all around the globe. By working in a quick and efficient way, they furnish a glitch-free and user-friendly application within the stipulated time.

Their zealous and customer-centric team is always looking for new opportunities to innovate and create a global presence for their clients.

Their mission is to provide extraordinary services in the domain of Enterprise mobility and web development solutions.

The programmers at Zealous Systems are well versed with all sorts of modern technologies.

They have a profound experience in Java, Open Source CMSs, PHP, X-Cart, Xamarin and a lot of others. Their portfolio speaks highly of their work and technical expertise. Their developers are always eager to start the project and proceed it with utmost care and stringent testing methods.
A roadmap is created focusing on requirements planning and project development to controlling, security and testing the system. This results in the creation of a glitch-free and powerful application.
Their developers use robust, flexible and secured technologies, to create an app that can handle millions of users without any lag.
The solutions at Zealous are cost-effective and flexible that makes it one of the top mobile app development companies in Australia.
You can also contact them for Software Product Development to increase efficiency in your business processes.

They also have an impressive team that caters to UX Strategy and design to make your website or application more user-friendly and hence, draw more users to it.

Discuss the core elements of your business with their developers to furnish yourself a tailor-made application that fits the requirements of your business.

4. Rigor

Rigor is your one-stop solution for a vast array of services to deliver fast and reliable digital experiences for your end users.

They have a continuous monitoring system that helps you to track common user flows from the end-user perspective.
They also provide intuitive and trustworthy Mobile Application Development to help you with the digital transformation and get ahead of your competitors.
Their team of professionals has great skill sets and abundant knowledge required for the creation of a highly functional and swift mobile application.
Their office is situated in Buckhead, Georgia, and have clients all over the world. They have been helping businesses of all sizes with fast and reliable digital experiences to help them in capturing the market.

Their specialty is that they help the client to monitor their user’s experience throughout the development lifecycle.
This enables them to respond adequately to improve performance through our step-by-step optimization insights.
The programmers at Rigor provide you the edge you need to excel in your business and win the competition.
They facilitate a DevOps culture shift by facilitating collaboration across various stages in the application development.
They also focus on providing a smooth and impressive user experience by imparting a user-friendly design and flawless performance.

Increase your profits by hiring a top app development company like Rigor. They can also help in improving the user traffic through their quality custom application.
Get in touch with them via an e-mail or post your query on their page to discuss your business prospect with them.

5. Retek

Retek focuses on providing top quality mobility solutions via smart software development.

They have an extensive experience in delivering high-quality business solutions to small, medium and enterprise-level organizations.
It has come a long way after being established in 1996 and has helped many clients all over the world to prosper in their business.

The state of the art custom software development and technology has helped its clients to gain wide recognition and attract more users, thereby increasing the profits.

Their services are affordable and provide unmatched business viability in a minimalistic software package.

They provide accurate results with Agile Mobile App Development for both iOS and Android devices.

If you have a great idea that needs quality nurturing, you can easily trust their programmers to deliver you a hassle-free and reliable application.

They are well versed with all the latest technologies and have a great experience with many custom application projects.

They pay close attention to Project Scoping & Analysis, and the blueprint of your project is prepared after judging all the precise requirements of your business.

Their UI team is also adept in furnishing you a great interface to elevate the customer experience.

Their portfolio showcases their work with a large number of industries, viz., Real Estate, Financial, Construction, Logistics, Healthcare, Insurance, Retail, and many others. Apart from mobile app development, they are also into Custom Software Development, Maintenance Services, Hosting Services, Intelligence and Analysis, IT Transformation, and more.

They handle the project with utmost care, right from its inception to the launch. Start a project with them if you are looking for fast development without compromising on the quality of the application.

By hiring their professionals you can be sure of a reliable and secure app built with stringent testing.

You can contact them anytime for a free consultation, discuss your idea in detail with them, and get a quote accordingly. Leave your query on their page.

6. SSW 

SSW is one of the top app development companies situated in Sydney, Australia.

They have catered to more than 1,000 clients in 15 countries and boasts of some of the best programmers in the business, with Microsoft Certifications.
They have been developing Microsoft based solutions since 1990 and their team of experts has delivered many scalable and extensible custom solution over the years.
They have over 25 years of experience in developing Avant grade mobility solutions that today build on top of the modern frameworks and cutting-edge technologies.
Gain a competitive edge in the business by developing an efficient and user-centric mobile application.
You can contact them if you are looking to create an impeccable application to increase your profits and draw more users to your business.

The developers at SSW also excel in cross-platform technology to provide the clients with more convenience and accessibility to business solutions.

They have a dedicated team that excels in Advance hardware Integration to integrate cameras, GPS, and motion sensors.

They also improve the user experience by supplying the application with good speed and user-friendly interface.

Apart from mobile apps they also provide web development and has a committed team of.NET, Azure, Angular and React developers.
You can also contact them for web design and UX services, along with a variety of consulting and hosting services.
Their portfolio speaks of their work through which they can provide a solid edge to your business. Contact their team to learn more about their app development strategy.

7. Magora

Magora is a software company based in London that has been designing and developing digital products for mobile and web applications.

They have a team of passionate developers that boasts of thorough knowledge and years of experience. They have created top-notch mobile applications for a wide range of industries, namely Transport and Logistics, Finance, Medical, Catering, Tourism, and many more.

They are well adaptive with all the latest developments in the technical world and all the trends in the contemporary apps.

They focus majorly on user-centered interaction design and scalable software architecture, that helps your customers to interact with your brand easily.

With a rich portfolio that boasts of many B2C and B2B projects, start-up MVPs, they are the pioneers in delivering a highly functional business solution.

Their dedication and aim to achieve something extra for their client make them one of the top Mobile App Development Companies in Australia.

They make a priority to impart user-friendliness and interactive interface in all of their projects.
An appealing design helps you in attracting more people towards your product and provides you with an edge over competitors.
The team of experienced designers at Magora ensures that the app undergoes stringent quality tests and satisfies the demands of our clients. They have created intuitive and elegant apps for Medical, Education, Real Estate, Entertainment, marketing, and e-commerce.

They also deliver social network solutions and messenger services, blended with a responsive web design.

You can get in touch with them by filling a short form on their company website about your project idea in brief.

8. Intergy

Intergy came into existence in 2004, and since then, it has been innovating digital transformation solutions for its clients.

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, its large client base is spread all over the world and has profited from its outstanding design and development services.
Their developers aim to understand your business back and forth, to make a completely tailored application suited to your company’s interest. Each project is completed before the deadline and undergoes stringent quality testing.

Their programmers have a great experience in Apple iOS, Android, and Windows, which they utilize to furnish you a smart and powerful application. This helps you obtain a higher productivity along with improved customer satisfaction.

The programmers at Intergy introduce high quality and functionality in the apps designed by them. They pride themselves on their in-depth knowledge and vast experience in deploying highly successful projects.

Get your dream ideas turned into an app that provides you with business solutions, and helps you with customer interaction. They are pioneers in cross-platform apps and scaling your current mobile app.

Other services offered by them are Custom Software Development, web development, Solution Consulting, Software as a Service(SaaS) and Software Support.

They have marked their presence over various industries since their establishment.
Extend the reach of your business with the help of their mobility solutions.
You can hire their programmers at attractive prices and be at ease about the development of your dream project.  Their team of experts is constantly looking for exciting opportunities in app development.

You can easily book a consultation on their website by filling out a short form.

9. Grindstone
Founded in 2009, Grindstone has been providing high quality mobile app development services to clients around the globe.

Their team of innovative and dedicated developers has created many complex problems into simpler ones. Get the perfect solution for your dream application combined with top class Security, integration, and a great user experience.

A functional and beautiful design will attract more customers to your brand and help in maximizing your profits.

They have transformed various sectors such as Policing, Emergency Services, Transport, Healthcare, and Education with their services.

The detailed knowledge and experience of their team, combined with the most advanced technology helps you in capturing the market. Their developers determine the complexity of your app solution and utilize Gridstone Mobility Enablement to your app for a seamless communication.

They also focus on imparting a great User experience (UE) and User Interaction (UI) to your application. Their diverse team of in-house developers has abundant knowledge of iOS, Android and Windows devices, and platforms such as HTML5 and Kony.

They can also assist you with Backend infrastructures on Amazon Cloud by providing you with easy and innovative solutions. Browse through their portfolio to get an insight of their work potential.

If you like their approach, you can discuss your idea with them about the development of your project. You can also submit your query on their website and take the idea of your project forward.

Their services are affordable and the work done by them is usually praised by the clients.
10. Sentia
Sentia is a software development company based in Sydney, Australia.

It specializes in web and mobile development and comprises of a team of enthusiastic software developers.
With their in-depth knowledge and technical know-how, they have been creating cutting-edge software solutions essential for digital transformation.
They have established themselves as a top Mobile Application Development Company by providing solutions for iPhones, iPads and Android devices.
They also provide high-quality Custom app development, UI / UX design, and strategy solutions.

The combination of these services can help you eliminate the competition and reach your goal of increasing your profits.

Their developers are trained on all major mobile platforms and can render your application highly functional and interactive with latest trends.

The developers at Sentia has helped many start-ups and entrepreneurs reach their goals by providing them with top-notch solutions. Their services are economical to use and they strive hard to deliver the project with the best performance.

They have worked with many big brands which are visible in their portfolio. They also offer Consulting, Database Development, and e-commerce development services.

You can call their number to get in touch with them or fill a short query on their website page, and they will get back to you within 24 hours.

Hence, in a nutshell, you can choose from any one of the above companies as they have all proved their worth over the years, and are counted as top mobile app development companies in Australia.

You can refer to their portfolios and services to get a better info about what would be useful for your project.

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