How I hire people in my Startup

How to hire people in your startup
How to hire people in your startup

How I hire people for my Startup

I avoid IQ tests and other measures of raw intelligence because they are not good indicators of success.
A greater indicator is relational intelligence. The ability to get along with others and work with others to achieve shared goals is huge as an indicator of winning.

I Hire through The DiSC Test.

The D stands for “dominance.”
A dominant person is a very task-oriented, hard-driving person who looks to solve problems and is always asking, “When?” this kind of person is called a lion.
They roar, they overlook details, they can hurt people’s feelings, but they really get stuff done.
They are quick to act and make decisions easily. And if they don’t like that decision they will make another.
They make great team members because they will always keep the company moving. About 10 percent of the public is the D personality.

The I stands for “influencer.”
This person is people oriented, fun, outgoing, and generally a party looking for a place to happen.
They are very concerned about people and are always asking, “Who?” They are expressive, persuasive, lose focus on tasks, and make decisions quickly, usually because they are impulsive.
They are really fun to be around and have on your team. About 25 percent of the public is the I personality.

The S stands for “steady.”
This person is unbelievably loyal and stable.
They detest conflict and are paralyzed by it. They love people and are concerned about how everyone feels.
They are a team player, understanding, and amiable. this type a golden retriever, and everyone should have one as a friend.
They will be with you to the end and love you in spite of your flaws.
They are slow to make decisions because they always want to understand “why” and they want to make sure no people are hurt because they always avoid conflict.
They are great team members because they are very loyal and steady.
About 40 percent of the public is the S-quadrant personality.

The C stands for “compliant.”
This person is all about details and is consequently very analytical and factual and loves the rules.
You must know the rules and follow the rules if you are a C style. Not following the rules is not only wrong, it represents a failure of integrity.
These people can seem rigid and resistant to change, but they will always have high levels of competency.
They are slow to make decisions because they must first gather all the facts and details and they are always asking, “How?”
People are not so much on their radar and if people show up they should be studied. the C personality the beaver; these people are very industrious and all about business.
They make excellent team members, and you for sure want some in your accounting department.
About 25 percent of the public is the C personality.
We never use this test as a deal breaker on a hire. What we are trying to do with all twelve of these components is to establish a pattern toward or away from hiring.
We never hire someone when half of the twelve go poorly. And we almost never rule someone out exclusively on one of the twelve.
Your organization needs some of every person or you will have serious problems.
My three closest leaders and I fall in each of the four quadrants respectively, which ensures that when we make group decisions they are generally wise.
If we were all one type or another we would miss all kinds of elements. There are a few personalities that are wrong for certain positions.
You probably don’t want an I personality who hates details loves people and is impulsive in your accounting department.
So the first question we ask ourselves is how the potential hire’s personality is going to fit the position interviewed for.
The second thing we are looking for is how they will fit the chemistry of the group they will be working with.
If the group is all high energy and artistic, how is a C personality who loves rules going to fit in? They might, but the strengths and weaknesses of the chemistry need to be discussed as part of the hiring procedure.
The last thing we are looking for is how they are going to work with their leader.
If you are hiring a sweet young lady who is a high S and doesn’t like a conflict to work directly for a gruff old D who is blunt and task-oriented, she is going to cry every day. That won’t work.
I am a high D and right on the line of I, so my manager, who has been with me for years, is perfect as a C with some S.
She complements me well bu1. Tu Beer hait also we share some tendencies.
You also want to keep in mind that lazy is not a personality style, it is a character flaw. Having no initiative is not a style, it is a character flaw.
I mention this because we have had people who didn’t want to work hard quit and tell us their personal style didn’t fit in.
Not true; it was that we require a huge work ethic and they didn’t have that character quality. Lazy is not a style.
I have trained my leaders to spend time with people in the hiring process to determine if they play well with others.
That will be the only way you can build a great culture and actually enjoy your team.
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