How To Make An eLearning Mobile App Like Khan Academy (Or Udemy)

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Do you remember the times when parents would lose their calm if they caught their children with mobile phones? However, eduTech has transformed the way technology was perceived for children and students. An eLearning mobile app is not something new. The trend has been around for a while and is expected to stick in the future as well.

Earlier, computers were introduced to children by the time they reached grade II or III. And now, we see little toddlers single-handedly opening YouTube to watch their favourite cartoon shows online! The children have become smarter with technology. Today, with apps like UdemyCourseraDuolingoKhan Academy and Udacity , an emerging EduTech Industry has come up.

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It is predicted that by 2023, the worldwide LMS market size will reach USD 22.4 billion. Every major school has made it mandatory for the curriculums to be tech-inclusive in its approach. As evident, the traditional classrooms with whiteboards have got replaced with smart classes all across the world. And why wouldn’t they? It has surely made learning more fun and globally inclusive!

The Scope of Growth in the EduTech Industry

The EduTech Industry has grown rapidly and will continue growing in the coming years. By 2020, 98% of small businesses are planning to use LMS to fulfil their learning requirements. Pick any eLearning mobile app and you will find a pool of information distributed across the channel in a simplified, yet detailed manner.

Most of the eLearning mobile apps today will offer real-world projects from the industry experts, 1-on-1 technical mentors, personal career coaches with flexible learning options. With no dependency on anyone for anything, not only can one train themselves on a day to day basis, but also on weekends. Through features like discussion boards and chats, effective online interaction with the mentors is facilitated.

Also, this type of online learning incorporates the latest technology trends like Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Programming, Autonomous Systems and Cloud Computing.

For the past 16 years, small businesses have increased their use of e-learning by 900%, making online learning as the new normal.


Innumerable resources can be linked in several formats:

Written, audio-visual, pictographic, etc. This is an efficient way of delivering courses online. It provides with convenience and flexibility. Since the resources are available 24/7 from anywhere, web and mobile app-based learning promote active and independent learning. It’s for everyone: part-time students, full-time working employees.

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Among college students who had the option to choose between online and on-ground learning, almost 60% selected online learning. Above all, it’s affordable! It enhances the reach of the learning medium to remote and urban areas, without any compromise in the quality and quantity of the components.

The Must-Have Features for An eLearning Mobile App-

The 4 Modules aka Users of the Learning Management System/eLearning mobile app portal-

This can broadly be divided into 4 categories of users who would be using the eLearning mobile app. It will include the first time visitors, the student or the learner and faculty or the teacher. Lastly, the admin’s portal to manage the entire application or website.

1. Features for the Visitors Section-

Firstly, the main visiting section of your eLearning portal. It is very important to optimize this as per the specific details of the services you will provide. It does not make sense to include everything, just an overview of what the users/subscribers can expect out of this mobile app. For instance, a short summary of the courses offered, along with the certifications would suffice.

Let us now take a look at the features to be integrated into this module-

  • Website Landing page and About Us Detail
    • Overview and Team or Faculty details.
  • List of courses and Browse courses
  • User Registration (Via Email Id & Registration Form)
    • Student & Faculty
  • User Login (By Generated Id or Email)
  • Services Offered, Search & Filter function
    • By Course, Topics and Training.
  • Blogs or Articles
  • Check Courses detail
    • Course Index and List of the topic.
  • Training & Certifications
    • Process, Topics Detail, Trainer Details and Packages & Time Duration.
  • Batch Details (Based on Location)
  • Course, Training & Certification Packages
    • Prices according to country zones and Course Duration.
  • Mentoring function, Reviews, Daily Updates & Facts
  • Event Details, Webinars, Training & Certifications details
  • Student Testimonials, Videos Function by Youtube
  • Live Classes (followed by user registration & Package)
  • Payment Function
  • Free Videos & Test function, Request for Demo and Social Media connectivity
  • Contact us, Live chat, 3rd party
  • Terms & Conditions, Policy

2. Student Panel Features-

Secondly, the part of eLearning Mobile App that would be accessible to the students on your platform. It is very important to decide which criteria of students your mobile app would be catering to. You can either opt for graduates, high school, or elementary kids. Once everything is final, you need to plan out the complexity of the app based on your end-users.

For instance, if the target group of users is elementary kids, you cannot make the application too difficult to use. A minimal set of features would be sufficient. Although, an eLearning platform for Graduates or Post-graduates needs to be detailed. You cannot put everything under one or two categories, right?

Let’s take a look at the features list for this specific module-

  • User Login (Via Generated Id or Email Id)
  • User Authentication, User Profile Dashboard and Check Student Id
  • Profile & Account Management
  • View Service Details
    • Courses
      • List of courses, Courses detail, Topics & Index Detail and Search & Filter function.
  • Purchase Course
  • Daily Updates [News, Events]
  • Course Videos, Study Materials
  • Ask & Comments Questions, Set Appointment with Faculty and Messaging System
  • View Course Status and Request for Demo
  • Feedback Function, Ratings & Reviews System
  • Blogs & Articles Functions
  • Notification Alert (Email or SMS)
  • Mentoring and Test Function
    • Grading function
  • Check Score Card
  • Payment Function {3rd Party}, Contact Us function
  • Help & Support, Terms & Conditions, Policies

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3. Faculty Panel Features-

Thirdly, the panel for the faculty that would be teaching on your eLearning mobile app. This has to be broadly categorised in accordance with the subjects covered by the application. Although, it has to be kept in mind, that this section of your mobile application is developed in a scalable manner. You never know how many faculty would be registering. Hence, a detailed database system is a must.

Moving ahead, let’s take a look at the features list for this module-

  • User Login/ User Authentication
  • Faculty Dashboard
    • Student profiles, Attendance, Salary Slips and Daily Updations.
  • Profile & Account Management and Check Faculty Id
  • Update Expertise Detail and Create Courses
  • Add/ Edit /Update / Delete [Content, Images, Video, Audio]
  • Check & Review Student Profiles & Details.
  • Allot or Assign Task – Students, Check Task Status & Submission
  • Upload Study Materials and Live Classes Request, Update details of Classes & Lectures
  • Share Information & Details with Students, Messaging System, Live Chat {3rd Party API}
  • Check Appointments Detail, Update Details of Course & Classes, Set Timings of Online Courses
  • Manage Student Test Function, Check & Update Student Score Card and Set Assignments
  • Function for Group Discussion (Create Groups) and Mentoring functions [to student]
  • Rating & Reviews, Notification Alerts (Email or SMS) and Request to Admin
    • Payments, Holidays or Leave, Suggestions, Profile Approvals and Help & Support.
  • Blogs & Article function
  • Manage Training & Certifications, Contact Us

4. Admin Panel Features-

Lastly, the part of the mobile app that will give you the control to overlook everything. It will give you access to manage everything that will be incorporated within. Although it’s necessary to make this customizable as per your app’s scope. Many clients try to make this as personalised as they can. You should too!

Meanwhile, the basic structure with the features would look somehow like this-

  • Login System, Overall Control of the portal, Admin Dashboard
  • User Request
    • Check Request, Approve User Request (Faculty & Students) and Generate Registration Id.
  • Manage Students and Faculties
  • Add/Update/Delete user profile & Informations
  • Check Detail information of the Users
  • Send Message & Notifications and Live Chat {3rd Party}
  • Assign rights & access to faculty
  • Check User performance and Create Courses
  • Add/Edit/Upload/Delete [Content, Study Material, Videos]
  • Manage Online Sessions Schedule [Country Wise time]
  • Manage Articles & Blogs
  • Update & Manage [Course, Training & Certification Details]
  • Manage Course Batch Slots
  • Manage Feedback, Reviews & Ratings
  • Update Notifications [Webinars, Courses, Classes, Events, News & Daily Updates]
  • Manage Subscription Plans, Payment System
    • Manage Payment, Check Payment Details (By Students Subscription), Manage Payment as per Country Currency, Check Payment Status, Check Earning Status and Manage Salaries of Faculty.
  • Check & Manage Test Function
  • Real-Time Notification Alerts, Live Chat, Social Media Connectivity
  • Manage Calendar Function and Batch Slots
  • Check Total No. of users [Faculty & Students (Total & Asper services)]
  • Create & Manage Study Materials
  • Manage Task & Appointments
  • Messaging System [Student & Faculty]
  • Keep Track of [Online Sessions, Classes, Training, Certification Programmes]
  • Manage & Update Policies and Terms & Conditions
  • Help & Support System

The Cost To Develop An eLearning Mobile App:

The Features, Perks along with the Total Investment

It is now clear that an eLearning mobile app has to be inclusive of the above-mentioned features. The 4 modules will form the basic structure. So, you might be wondering, “How much will all of that cost?“. We’ll make it clear for you. Firstly, the time taken for the development of any mobile app and the cost will depend on a number of factors. Hence, it’s difficult to summarise in one article.

We can shortlist the components that affect pricing. Based on that, it would be easier for you to get an estimate. Whenever a client approaches us for the development of an LMS (Learning Management System) app, we tell them about our basic pricing plans. It includes the Web Design, Wireframe, Invison App, Project Management Tool, Architecture Document and Database Management.

The total investment will depend on the scope of the application. However, for the above-mentioned features’ list, the initial investment would start with 13 Lakh + Taxes (for PHP, Codeigniter) and 20 Lakh + Taxes (for Angular, Node). Also, we would recommend, PHP because of SEO benefits. However, there is no performance difference between both.
In addition, you’ll be handed over a complete product with end to end Testing, Security Compliances, Performance and Code Quality Test. We at EngineerBabu offer our clients with 3 months of free post-development support. The eLearning mobile app will have the handling capabilities for 1 Million users. We will also look after the Server Setup & Deployment, Notifications Management and make it Future proof.

To Sum Up…

Before you choose to go for an eLearning mobile app, make sure that you’ve properly researched and analysed your market. The application will have to be different than all the others that exist in the market. For instance, EngineerBabu has worked with numerous clients from the same domain including WitCircleUskillEducation Finder and ATMC University‘s Mobile App. All of these were very different from each other.

We’ve been building awesome scalable products for startups and enterprises since 2014. Take a look at our extended portfolio here. In case you have any great ideas, we’ll be happy to offer a price consultation to you. Reach out to us via [email protected]

Don’t want to wait for an e-mail response? Just 

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