An EduTech App for Indian Students to Crack Entrance Exams

Witcircle case study

The average Indian 12th class/college graduate is amongst the most stressed out people on the entire planet. The pressure to crack entrance exam for MBA, UPSC exam, IIT entrance exams, bank coaching and other competitive exam is way too much for youngsters to overcome and succeed with ease. Here’s the detailed WitCircle case study.

We made an edutech android mobile app for Witcircle, to help out students efficiently.

Want to know how? Take a look at our case study.

About WitCircle –

WitCircle is an integrated platform that has a plethora of interesting study material for everyone connected to it. The application’s goal is to help students prepare well for entrance exams, reducing their test anxiety with better preparation, and progress in their education and career. Learning is done on fingertips with the most sought after study material prepared by a panel of experts. One can participate in tests with students all over India, e-coaching, topic-wise preparation and best guidance – all at one place!

WitCircle Mobile App

WitCircle is the brainchild of two extraordinary entrepreneurs- Abhishek Pushp (Bihar) and Chandan Satyarthi (Delhi). The duo had a terrific idea and they wasted no time in approaching the best known team to sought help for their dream product. When they approached us, they had the idea of bringing all the study material at one place- previous year question papers, mock tests etc, to be kept available 24/7 for the students.

Is there really a need for an edutech app for students?

There’s a vast majority of young Indians that live in a remote area with no good coaching classes in their vicinity, or cannot afford coaching classes from good institutes due to the extravagant fees. Remember the very recent ‘Super 30’? It isn’t something peculiar, but really, really common. In a scenario where education has grown into an industry, the lesser privileged Indians students are often struggling with a proper structured basic guidance.

What exactly did the client want in his mobile app?

After the client, Abhishek decided to come down to Indore, where our office is headquartered, our team including dedicated employees, had several brainstorming sessions with him. It was found that Abhishek had a non-technical background. His goal was to keep two central entities- Students and Coaching Centres.

  1. Students: After signing up and verification from the admin, students would get access to courses and test materials for the desired course, at no cost. They can follow at most 5 coaching classes at a time and download their courses and appear for tests. Wit Circle education team would upload courses and prepare test material. A student can then appear in various tests and check their performance based on the ranking amongst all the students taking the test.
  2. Coaching Classes: Coaching class can make use of this virtual platform to impart education to its students by e-coaching through study courses and online test. A coaching class can prepare their own test papers or may use test papers prepared by the admin team for the students. Coaching classes can access the individual analysis of its students’ test performances and give feedback based on it.

What approach was taken by EngineerBabu for this particular mobile app development?

A team of dedicated developers.

Since the project scope was broad, we assigned dedicated developers to the task. At engineerbabu, we also provide dedicated developers for PHP, Java and Node.js. It took almost a year, since we had to simultaneously develop the website and android application. Two project managers, one designer, two front-end developers and two backend developers made this project a success.

Our additional insights- Logo designing.

We analyzed the need and scope of the project and realised that to target a competitive market, our focus should not be just on the website and the application, but on building a brand. Brainstorming was done by team to create some mockups and finally turn it into a pixel perfect brand logo of “WitCircle”. Earlier during the project, we started working on this aspect as well.

WitCircle Logo Design

Development Model

For developers, we have our methods to decide upon the approach once a task has been assigned to us. The entire system and application components were divided into modules in order to carry out tasks on various elements at the same time without affecting the work of the other. Backend developers were also working on the principle of modularity. Dividing the entire project into modules allowed various developers to work on the project at the same time in order to reduce the burden of doing the task on a single developer and in turn, reduce the time required to complete the project and hand over the product on time.

If you’re a business owner looking to grow your business, there are certain things to keep in mind before developing an app. The approach that was used for WitCircle’s development was the waterfall model. It took a team of 6 of our employees, hired on a dedicated hiring model by us. The requirements were understood by the sales team initially, and were then provided to the design team. After all the layouts had been created, it was the task of the developers to implement it.


We wanted to build an intuitive UI and an easy to go User Experience. We built low fidelity wireframes and developed a flow. After the analysis of the flow was given a green flag by the client, we built high fidelity wireframes using tools like Adobe XD, Illustrator and delivered a flow prototype in Invision.

WitCircle App Design


WitCircle Mobile App Features
Features of an Edutech Mobile App
features of an edutech mobile app

What did the client have to say, upon completion of the project?

Client’s satisfaction is our promise. We strive to create a relation that lasts not during the project, but also after completion.

It feels as if they’re part of our company. Within two days, I was given the scope of work and working process for my project, which gave me confidence in them. To be honest, their customer service and communication have been excellent.” -Abhishek Pushp.

Tech stack used for Witcircle app and website

Android –

  • IDE – Android Studio
  • Build System – Gradle
  • UI Designing – XML, Material design standards
  • Web Services Calling – AQuery
  • Image and Data Caching – AQuery
  • Programming Language- Java
  • Push Notifications – Firebase Cloud Messaging


  • Programming Language – PHP
  • Database – MySQL
  • IDE – SubLine

User reviews/rating/downloads

A successful EduTech mobile app
WitCircle Mobile App reviews

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