Tips to Become a Successful Freelancer!

how to become freelancer

How to become a Successful Freelancer?

Get to be your own boss. What else do you need? There are many perks of being a successful freelancer! Yet there is something that might bother your client.  These tips can work miraculously. They might give you refreshing vibes and change your entire work schedule. I have worked with freelancers for a long time now.  What puts them on most blacklists is unprofessionalism. I hope you pick up some value in these tips to steer your career straight and help add value to your profile!

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1. Let’s make a Deal!
Do you need contracts even for the small jobs? It can be a huge task to figure out the details behind every deal so do you have to run away?
Many freelancers get caught up in heavy paperwork and drain their time in it. All you need to do is cover the basics on which you and the client have to agree upon. Your contract should have these basic things:
• The work produced isn’t plagiarised.
• The client’s proprietary information should stay confidential.
• Payment terms. The payment mode of the time and conditions of payments.
Having a few basic terms in place for every project will always protect you, importantly, will help inform about your work. Once you have your contract, your client then can print, sign, and return.

2. Don’t be afraid to say “no”

Don’t add too much to your plate.
Saying no is hard, but you can avoid all the strenuous work. When in a dilemma, stick to your limits and abilities.
No matter what you do, you are eventually going to disappoint someone. It can be the client because you were not able to deliver your 100%. So turn down features opinions and add on when you aren’t available or ready for them.
The worst thing about taking on everything that comes your way is that your plate may end up full.
You make wrong commitments. You’re stressed, anxious, and the worst part, now you’re left with no time to make use of that golden opportunity.
Next time you get a project; don’t just reply with an instant yes. Just consider the opportunity, ask yourself.

3. Focus your freelance business

By focusing on your brand identity and the type of projects you take on, it’ll make everything much easier for you—from marketing to doing the actual design work.
Pick one or two services to specialize in, and only take on work that falls into those categories. Then turn down the rest.
Once you’ve decided on the services you now specialize in, be sure to translate that in your brand. Only allow that feather on your hat to show and creep in your profile.
Some keywords and content can help you big time. All of this is a by-product of marketing, which in turn will steer traffic and new projects on your way.

4. Showcase not show off
This is a repetitive but much relatable topic. Many freelancers make the error of filling their resume with work just to show that they have some sort of skill in design. Keep it simple to showcase your previous works.
There’s a difference between a freelance business CV and a school profile. A freelance portfolio should only contain the work you expertise in via client work.

5. Transparency the clearer picture
As a freelancer, truthfulness is an utmost necessity. That’s something you must be proud of, so don’t hide behind a veil. Be the face of your business to be proud of your work.
From a client’s point of view, if I were to hire you to provide a service, I would want to know a reliable guy. So be sure to inject who yourself are into your brand. Personalize your product.
Also, when a client is interested in working with you brief him up regularly, If he wants to give opinions suggestions take them.

6. Make a schedule

Freelancers often have a flexible schedule. It is a huge mistake many people would take advantage of that flexibility. The best way to avoid getting used is to make a schedule for you.
The dirty little secret here is that much of the time where you do not do actual work can be turned into precious minutes to enhance your abilities and learn more.
But, even if you’re working on a project basis, and can make your own hours, it’s in your best interests to make them regular. Plan your work at specific, slotted times makes it convenient to get in the zone when you need to be – relaxed and enjoy your life.

7. All work and no play make Jack a dull boy!

Speaking of enjoying life, many people overlook this point and end up overburdening themselves.
Taking time for you isn’t just fun and games; it’s a primal part of work-life balance. In order to be really productive, you need time to rest and recharge your batteries.
Take holidays breaks and off days.
When deadlines haunt, you’ll have to burn the midnight oil and get things done. Just make sure you touch your deadlines by burning that midnight oil.

8. Know your numbers

Your freelancing is a serious business, and as a business, you need to know your numbers. Such as:
• Business revenue (How much do you need to make per month to live?)
• Site traffic (Where are the clients coming from? What’s your most popular thing?)
Knowing these stats will shed light on the regions that are working for you and what areas need improvement. To see where the most traffic is coming for is the most archival technique.

9. Make every rupee count

If you are serious then you need to save up on taxes. That is how you can make every rupee count. Read all the government policies regarding tax TDS and rebates. Now the GST. Try to maximize your income bar. Manage your expenses and income judiciously.

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