How to Manage Projects Without a Project Manager?

why you need a project manager

Since the inception of my start up EngineerBabu, quality and accountability have been our prime focus. To chase big dreams without being accountable and responsible for them is a rather vague idea. Cooperation and team building have been the keys to smooth project management for us. But this wasn’t the case since the beginning; it was a rather bumpy ride full of frustrating setbacks and huge hurdles, in the absence of a project manager.

Keys to an efficient Project Management

1. Zero on accountability!
Some years back when things were taking a time to roll. I faced a certain challenge among my employees, all were a gem among people but just after 9-7, these gems of mine lost their brilliant shine.
I had hired the best of minds in the town with honed skills yet they failed to be accountable for their work after 7? This was nagging me at a new level, the hot head that I was back then; I used to yell at them.
I scolded them. I tried every possible way out. Then a brilliant idea struck me out of nowhere. Before we move on to that big idea. Let me just sail you through the unique challenges that a project manager faces.

EngineerBabu is a place where you find the perfect match for all your IT needs, Of course, we had a huge bulk of clients to manage- their changing requirements, new additions to features and payments to make.

project management

2. Requirement Gathering:
This is where it all starts. Without a project manager, client requirements can be abstract challenging and fresh for you. To note all minor aspects of what the client needs, to understand his very basic requirements and convey its core meaning without getting shaken to the team was the task.

But just like a Chinese whisperer, these requirements lost their essence till they reached the development team. The result was eerie, unsynchronised and clumsy software. A clear explanation was what we required. Well nobody was ready to be answerable to the client!

3. Division of tasks: Finding the correct fit for every task
You just cannot ask a pauper to rule a kingdom and vice versa. Assigning the correct role to the deserving is essential.
To explore the real talent of an individual he/she needs to have a keen calling towards the work assigned. Making a developer do a sales job is not the wisest decision.

4. Milestone delivery

A client needs results. Just not overall final results, but updates about how you are moving ahead every day to accomplish the task. With every passing milestone achieved you build trust between you and the client.

5. 24/7 availability

Employees tend to run away after their 7 o’clock deadline. The client gets worried because there is no response from this end. It can make you lose valuable investors and clients.

6. Rewarding the good work
I realized after all these years that incentives always work. It is human to get lured to an incentive, from early ages an extra candy/lollipop has always motivated us to work on that irksome homework. So why not at work?
We came out with an easy solution- every employee was assigned, one client. He was overall answerable for that client.
For each five star rating, a five percent bonus was offered. For a four-star rating a 4%. For three-star 3%.
It worked reverse for 1 or 2-star rating a certain percentage was deducted from their bonus.
Suddenly there was 100% accountability. It worked miraculously. This policy did wonders.
The sales hiked up. The number of happy clients increased significantly. Employees were enthusiastic to work and saw each day as a new challenge.
Since then work has been a bed of roses. A skilled team, enthusiastic and understanding co-founders and smiling clients! Every entrepreneur’s dream come true!

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