Reasons to Use ReactJS Development For SaaS Products

ReactJS development

ReactJS development was first introduced and built by Facebook. It has revolutionized the development of SaaS (Software as a Service) products and increased the popularity of JavaScript by a thousand folds. ReactJS development has provided instant access to SaaS products to the customers, instead of requiring custom installing or physical media.

Rapidly ReactJS has grabbed the attention of numerous renowned companies and services and rebuilt their product. Hence, the most prominent and familiar names of SaaS applications that became an essential part of our lives are- Instagram, Yahoo Mail, Netflix, Reddit, and many more.

ReactJS has effectively met the user’s expectations and helps all levels of developers, whether you are a novice or an expert, to develop the product with ease and perfection. From 2015, ReactJS has been available as an open-source, where its libraries are majorly used for creating the user interface.

Developers can create large web applications with ReactJS in which data can be changed without reloading the application. It can be used in association with different JavaScript libraries such as Angular in MVC.

ReactJS development usually depends on the development of components for Single Page Applications (SPA); the pages effectively work independently to each other. These individual blocks are responsible for a specific function in the application. The components can be rearranged to build a new and complex system.

ReactJS development

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Important Features of ReactJS Development for SaaS Products

1. React Native

ReactJs has a Native library introduced by Facebook in 2015. The native libraries have been a tremendous advantage for native applications such as Android, iOS, and UPD that render the react architecture. It is majorly used for developing a mobile application framework by using JavaScript.

React Native follows the same design as React and allows developers to use the rich mobile User Interface components. It uses the basic fundamental UI building blocks for all Android and iOS Applications.

2. JSX

React uses JSX features for templates. It is an easy JavaScript platform that serves efficient HTML quoting. It also uses the syntax of HTML tags to deliver the sub-components. Those syntaxes are further moved into JavaScript for the holistic React framework.

3. Single-Way Data Flow

In ReactJS, a group of values is transported to the component’s renderer as the HTML tags properties. It is not possible to directly update or change any property by the components. However, it can surely deliver a callback, which helps in the modification or updation of properties.

4. Virtual Document Object Model

ReactJS development provides an in-memory data structure cache to monitor changes by updating the browser. This results in the activation of a unique feature that supports ReactJS developers to code.

ReactJS development

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Reasons to Use ReactJS Development For SaaS Products

1. JSX- An HTML like Syntax

React uses JSX syntax, which is an extension to JavaScript. JSX seems like a template language, but it has all the abilities of JavaScript language. It partially follows the coding structure. which neither can be termed as HTML nor a complete string.

This coding structure seems quite funny for strict developers, but nowadays, it has become a trend in the market. It is a unique way of producing React elements. React embraces the fact that rendering page logic is inherently paired with other user interface logic. However, JSX supports attaining the results by managing the different concerns with loosely coupled units, i.e., components.

This makes the web and mobile development technologies unique. Hence it attracts more projects on a daily basis, and ReactJS for SaaS products is preferred above other languages.

2. Virtual DOM

The Virtual DOM is a programming concept where an ideal or virtual representation of User Interface is stored in the memory and synced with the original DOM through a library like ReactDOM.

In easy language to understand Virtual DOM- Virtual DOM is the representation of a DOM object. It is simply like a copy of DOM and is much lighter in terms of its expression.

Virtual DOM is beneficial for ReactJS in multiple ways and in a broader way. ReactJS’s virtual DOM renders the JSX and compares its snapshot grabbed just before the update. With this, ReactJS finds out exactly which VDOM object is changed. After this analysis, only those objects are updated in the original DOM. The whole process of finding and updating objects is termed as “Diffing”.

Hence, it is the most crucial part of ReactJS to analyze and update only the necessary part of the DOM. Therefore, it serves to guarantee a better user experience and high performing application. Hence, makes ReactJS for SaaS products to be the most suitable platform.

3. Clean Abstraction- Free of Architecture

It is one of the strongest and most positive points about React that it does not force its users to learn the internal processing. The developers only need to know the life cycle of component’s, props, and the states to get a good understanding of ReactJS. It is not mandatory to understand or learn the internal processes, unlike other programming languages such as the digest cycle of Angular JavaScript.

React does not force any strict rule or procedure to follow any architecture or pattern, such as MVC or MVVM. The developers are free to develop and design the app architecture in any manner they like or which suits them best.

4. One-Way of Data Flow

React follows a one-way of data binding. It allows data binding in the downward direction and ensures the data updates or changes in the child structure don’t affect their parents. The mechanism followed to implement the one-way data binding is termed as “Properties flow down, actions flow up”. Hence, it makes the component to restrict the passed on properties modification. As a result, the developer had to modify the state and implement the updates to change and object.

Well, it is quite difficult for many developers to understand how the on-way data flow supports a language to survive. However, it is not that complicated to understand. Because of its clean data-flow structure, the better control of the app can be accessed. As a result, ReactJS follows this architecture to deliver the best results.

The one-way of the data flow approach also makes the coding more predictable and easier debugging if anything goes wrong with the application. One-way of data flow is best with ReactJS for SaaS products to ensure the high quality of customer experience and service.

5. Composable Component- Compatible with Code Reusability

The logic of Components is written in JavaScript, not in Templates. JavaScript makes it easier to pass the data through your app. This approach makes it possible to make the application to keep the state out of the DOM.

React is used to build the applications by using components, and this combination of components results in a big part of application development. Therefore, these components are developed with Reusable codes. Thus, React is known as the language of Reusable components, which increases the overall productivity of the developers. The reusable components also ease the work of Testing and Debugging.

As compared to other frameworks and languages, React stands out among all with the best standards, less complexity, and is based on the brilliant strategy of code reusability. React uses encapsulated components that use their own states, which are developed to deliver unique user interfaces and make ReactJS for SaaS products most appropriate.

6. SEO Friendly

SEO has become the basic necessity of any website, as each day, there are numerous developments and innovations in the IT industry. Many JavaScript frameworks have been built to date, but all follow and serve different purposes when it comes to SEO.

Usually, JavaScript frameworks don’t fit appropriately with search engines. This results in a negative impact on the ranking of the web pages built with JavaScript. However, React is free with all the negative impacts and manages all the problems involved in SEO rankings very smoothly.

ReactJS for SaaS products also serves features used to run the application on the Virtual DOM and server. Thus, it can easily represent the web pages on the browsers efficiently. Hence, it results in React as the SEO Friendly language and can be easily read by different search engines crawlers.

7. Supportive Developer Toolset

The best toolset is the necessary requirement for any developer and is aware of each and every feature of the new technology. It will make the project development process relatively more manageable and comfortable. Therefore, to fulfill the requirement of libraries or frameworks, the developer should be ready with all the features and the tools, so that you can effectively use them.

React is available with many features, along with designing and debugging tools. Such tools include starter kit, ready-made login modules for Google and Facebook, UI Components and Widgets such as Color Picker and Infinite Scroll. Some Routing Tools in React are also available such as Aviator Router, Component Router, and React Router.

ReactJS for SaaS Products also provides some pre-build tools such as Webpack, Babel, and Create React App. Apart from that, some of the crucial debugging tools are React Inspector and React Developer Tools, which makes debugging tasks a lot easier and faster.

ReactJS also offers some testing tools, and are Enzyme, React Unit, Jest are some of the major testing tools available and used by a majority of developers.

8. Uses REDUX- Convenient State Management Tool

Redux is a very convenient state management tool used for JavaScript applications. It is efficiently and frequently used with React applications. Redux can also be effectively used with other frameworks and provides functionality to explain the user interface as the function of the state. It helps in presenting the updates in the states as a result of the actions which are implemented and taken over it.

Redux helps to ease the storage and management states of components. It is very important and helpful in large applications that possess numerous dynamic elements.

Some Redux tools are available which support in making the tasks more manageable. Apart from that, many React tools are also there, which helps in building an integrated application between the ReactJS development and the Redux. Hence, ReactJS for SaaS Products is considered the best and most appropriate language for development.

9. Supports Server Side Rendering (SSR)

Server Side Rendering is one of the most important features of ReactJS development that allows pre-rendering of the initial state of React Components at the server side. With this feature, the loading of pages gets faster as it doesn’t require to wait for all the JavaScript to load before actually getting the web page visible or appears.

It is a wonderful technique to render a general client-side single page application (SPA) on the server and then allowing the fully rendered page to the client. This process helps get the right place in SEO rankings and makes it easy for search engine crawlers to identify the content.

Thus, such features are considered for building an interactive user interface application, and ReactJS for SaaS products seems the perfect solution.

10. React Native Framework to Build Interactive Mobile Applications

React Native framework works on the similar logic of React, which serves a hands-on advantage of reusing almost 95% of the React codes to build a wonderful and interactive mobile application. The Facebook team developed React Native for hybrid app development, i.e., for iOS and Android, both in 2013 to ease the complete app development process.

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Major Challenges Traditional SaaS Product UI Experiences

ReactJS for SaaS products experiences major challenges for product UI. Today having an engaging user interface is mandatory for engaging the long-term users. Therefore, it becomes mandatory to optimize the complete user experience with custom SaaS design.

The design of SaaS products is typically focused on goal-driven behavior. The product owner usually first identifies and then develops the set of functionalities for SaaS products or services. As a result, it fulfills both business goals and end-users expectations.

Despite that, the owners fall short of some common UI issues that get least preference by the business owners. Hence, these are the major challenges that business owners face in traditional SaaS product UIs. Though ReactJS development for SaaS products supports overcoming such situations, it requires the owners to be aware of those issues in advance.

Let’s take a look over the following challenges that traditional SaaS products UI experiences.

1. Basic Layout

The application website layout is built with several elements that are directly accessible at the users-end when they are on the dashboard. Such as, Search Tool, Visual Access, Sidebar, etc. are the common elements that a user expects while interacting with a web application.

The manner in which you arrange all elements together to represent your business story leads to the layout structure.

2. Possible Solutions

The Home Page is the first page that appears to users, and it is the very first impression on users. However, the not so attractive UI is affecting user’s preference over the application.

The users usually prefer a solution for them in the form of an app that is simple and easy to go with it and is less error-prone as well. A possible solution can fulfill the need for an impressive layout and selecting a progressive disclosure. It shows the simple and important options instead of overwhelming users with each and every information.

It will simply divert the focus to the most important features, without affecting them with presenting or showing so many categories at once. For example, the graphic designing platform ‘Canva’, is a wonderful example of progressive disclosure. Here a user sees fewer yet important features at a time; however, a lot of choices are always available for them. So, without a doubt, using ReactJS development for SaaS products can perform a fair amount of usability optimization.

3. Ease of Use

Just merely building a SaaS product to meet all your requirements doesn’t assure a successful business. It has to be comfortable and straightforward to use at the time user visits or sign up. However, following a traditional and original approach might always won’t work perfectly.

Poorly designed websites or Saas products easily derive the need for redesigning of SaaS user interfaces. The bad design also causes overlapping or hiding of relevant and valuable information, so it becomes important to design the product in a way that can ease the complete user experience.

Possible Solutions

Ensure to organize all the information, pop-ups, tutorials, widgets, and functionality in a manner so that users can access and use all functionality efficiently and appropriately.

Choosing an easy and convenient layout for your SaaS product designing will make your product mobile responsive too. Whereas, the layout for desktop users which you are designing by using ReactJS development for SaaS products should have to stay structured and well-aligned on the small screen devices without any hassle.

The SaaS products require excellent functionality apart from wonderful layout and visuals. Apart from that, to attain such perfection usually gets affected by the specific requirements of clients to add some unique features and functionalities. It increases the hurdles towards serving a clean and smooth user experience for their business.

However, this can only be conquered by choosing a custom approach with ReactJS development for SaaS products.

ReactJS development

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Why Build A SaaS Product by using ReactJS Development?

The following benefits support the claims of adopting ReactJS Development for SaaS products as a better option than building a traditional software;

  • To maintain a Centralized Platform is quite easier and more affordable in SaaS products as compared to the traditional desktop software’s.
  • The cloud-based software is not very easy to build the duplicate or provide pirated software. Hence SaaS products are the best option for companies to minimize the piracy of their software.
  • With ReactJS development, the product upgradation and expanded service delivery to the users become easier with SaaS products. Hence, business owners can quickly scale their SaaS applications and boost revenue.
  • SaaS products offer a huge user base as it attracts more customers because of its easy accessibility from any device.
  • The SaaS products also don’t compel you to make considerable investments in maintaining massive hardware infrastructure.

Some Renowned Examples of SaaS Products

  1. Shopify, an Ecommerce platform, is the best example of SaaS products. It serves complete shopping cart software and the hosting user infrastructure. This makes the user experience relatively smooth and fastens the whole shopping process.
  2. Google Play, the digital app distribution service, is developed and operated by Google itself. It is an official app store for the Android application platform. It also uses ReactJS development for SaaS products and provides service to millions of users at a time.
  3. MailChimp, an American marketing automation platform and a very famous email marketing service provider. It is also a brilliant example of SaaS products. Due to its ease of use, MailChimp grabbed an excellent market within a year and gained the user base from 85,000 to 450,000.
  4. Dropbox is a Google product that provides file hosting services. It offers cloud storage, personal cloud, file synchronization, and client software. In the US and all over the world, it was rated the most valuable startup. Dropbox can effectively provide the best user experience and services and use ReactJS development for SaaS products.
  5. Facebook has conceptualized ReactJS development, so it won’t come as a surprise when it adopted ReactJS for its SaaS product, i.e., Facebook. Facebook used ReactJS to build and implement its best pointers as Messenger, News Feed, Ads, and many more.

For more details and other best SaaS products, you can refer Top Websites Built with ReactJS


The full potential and worth of ReactJS development are only realized with companies after developing their SaaS products. Not only the building but also continuously preferring ReactJS to either build the product from scratch or modify the existing version. It is a lightweight and simple library that is put forward to meet the modern day’s developer’s requirements.

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