Top Websites Built with ReactJS

websites built with ReactJS

The ReactJS library has adversely gained popularity over the years. It is considered as the most efficient and flexible front-end JavaScript library to build the magnificent user interfaces. Hence, it became the most preferred and liked library among developers and organizations to build websites with ReactJS. In past years, there are many renowned websites built with ReactJS, hence serving as an excellent opportunity for other websites as well.

ReactJS becomes one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks because of its core objective of offering the best rendering performance. It allows developers to break down the user interface while building into simpler components and focus working on individual components. The ReactJS developers can save themselves from working on the whole web application.

ReactJS development is based on MVC architecture, hence provides developers the ability to build dynamic web page templates. As a result, developers and organizations prefer websites built with ReactJS. With its extra simplicity and flexibility, it becomes the most popular and preferred library for building websites with ReactJS.

These features and such ease of working with ReactJS development have made it immensely popular for web development. Many renowned and top companies are attracted to ReactJS development’s capabilities from their business point of view. As a result, we have compiled a list of some best and top websites built with ReactJS.

websites built with ReactJS

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Top Websites Built on ReactJS

  1. Facebook

Facebook is a world-famous social networking service, enabling Billions of its users to connect with their friends, family and acquaintances. It also provides an opportunity to look for new connections as well based on the user’s preferences. This wonderful and one of the most liked platforms among users is the websites built with ReactJS.

It is the most prominent social networking website in the world, with a whopping number of 2.5 Billion users. The React library was initially built on Facebook. Facebook used ReactJS development for building some significant parts of its Main Page. The Mobile Application of Facebook is also built with ReactJS. It is the responsible library to display the Android and iOS Native components.

In 2017, Facebook completely rewrote the React version, i.e., React Fiber. It becomes the foundation of any feature development and improvements with the React framework. Hence, the React library becomes more responsive. It included the component architecture, allows comment on Facebook, Notification and Post Reactions to be displayed without the requirement of reloading the page.

Apart from that, the Facebook team put forward a lot of effort in growing React and providing a lot of useful information for the new developers to start learning and working with it.

  1. Instagram

Instagram is also a social networking platform that allows sharing photos and videos to a definite group of followers. It is also one of the top socializing websites built with ReactJS. Kevin Systrom and Mike Kreiger are the two responsible name’s and the developer’s of Instagram. As per the Instagram Statistics, the platform serves more than 1 Billion active users on a monthly basis.

It is a brilliant example of a single page web application, which is completely built ReactJS, and the designers made sure to contribute the React code with JSX. It is a highly responsive, lightning, and fast React website built as claimed by its creator. Instagram is a highly responsive platform with less than milliseconds for user events.

According to Statista, about 17 percent of the total users are from a desktop. Hence, using ReactJS provides numerous cool features on the web application for desktop users. Some of the major and considerable additions in Instagram websites built with ReactJS are APIs, Google Maps, Progressing Loading, Geolocations, Optimization, Media Storage, Cropping and Padding transformation, Image/Video Delivery and Uploading.

  1. Asana

Asana is one of the renowned web and mobile application websites built with ReactJS. It is designed to help teams in terms of improved communication, collaboration, and organization. To address the client-side performance issues, Asana preferred using ReactJS to tackle the problem in 2014.

As a result, most of the front-end features of the apps are developed with React and TypeScript. Its work management platform allows the teams to manage all their tasks, goals accurately to achieve perfection in the project on a daily-basis. Asana is quite an easy and simple platform to manage all tasks.

Hence, to achieve maintainability, testability, performance, and readability, Asana adopted ReactJS. Such benefits for websites built with ReactJS helps Asana to find solutions for issues with Luna and go with rewriting the front-end with ReactJS.

With virtual DOM, Asana successfully solved numerous UI related issues regarding animation and focus. Asana websites built with ReactJS offered the following benefits;

  • Similar to Luna views,
  • Implementation of Virtual DOM,
  • Code site is small,
  • Simple Integration with Luna, and
  • Simple to reason about Reactivity.
  1. Netflix

websites built with ReactJS

Source: Netflix Brand Site

Netflix is a video streaming platform, i.e., of TV shows and movies directly on your devices such as TV, computers, and mobile devices. It was founded in 1997 and is termed as the whistleblower in analyzing the future demand of customers after digitalization.

Netflix provided a platform for creativity and experimentation in writing, music, and TV shows. It provides instant access to such videos to people and is also the first to introduce a new system to monetize it successfully. Now, it has become so huge and famous, producing its own TV shows based on the analytics of what their viewers preferred to watch.

To provide so many services and facilities to its users, Netflix also preferred ReactJS. Yes, Netflix is another renowned platform that opted for its websites built with ReactJS. A streaming giant such as Netflix must have to maintain high product performance. It is one of the challenging situations to be handled for a streaming service.

  1. Codecademy

Codecademy is a leading online education platform that provides free coding classes in multiple programming languages. It is one of the top websites built with ReactJS to provide a seamless learning experience to its users.

With the brilliant performance and flexibility offered by the ReactJS library, Codecademy preferred to adopt ReactJS for building their website and web application. The website is component based, hence it enables testing each portion of the website individually without affecting or hampering the rest of the site. Some of the aspects which attracted Codecademy to opt ReactJS are as follows;

  • Easy to Conceptualize because it is component based.
  • Make SEO easy and friendly to practice.
  • Flexible for future upgradation, as it is compatible with legacy coding.
  • Write short codes.
  1. Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail is quite a familiar name among emails and is one of the top websites built with ReactJS. The emails should have to be the most reliable, secured, and performance oriented platform. Hence, Yahoo aimed to deliver a new and unique user-experience with a best-in-class front end.

To fulfill all such user expectations and requirements for building excellent front-end, Yahoo preferred tech stack, including React, Node.JS, Redux, and other technologies. To make it possible, Yahoo rewrote its mail architecture with ReactJS and Flux like Virtual DOM, Server-side rendering and one-way reactive data flow to ensure the best front-end and excellent user-experience.

Opting websites built with ReactJS, ensure multiple benefits to Yahoo mailing platform and are as follows;

  • Debugging becomes easy and quick.
  • Predictable flow.
  • Quick and Short Learning Curve.
  • Independent of large platform libraries.
  • Active and Expanding Community.
  • One-way reactive data-flow.
  1. New York Times

New York Times is a leading media house among all digital and print newspapers around the globe. It is one of the media giants that covered Oscar Fashion from 1999. Being a responsible and widely-followed media publishing house to fulfill its reader’s expectations, they opt for websites built with ReactJS.

Hence, in June 2017, the New York Times declared to redesign its website to achieve a faster and more comfortable user experience. Therefore, they considered React as one of the key technologies to fulfill this purpose.

The New York Times switched its PHP loading HTML website to JavaScript with a tech stack of Node, ReactJS, and GraphQL to offer a more stable front end for all its readers worldwide. So far, the New York Times claimed to have had a wonderful experience without any significant issues. As a result, in 2019, the New York Times had its increased subscriber count to 3.8 Million for their online products.

  1. Atlassian

Source: Atlassian Website

Atlassian is a multinational company that builds products for project management, software management, and content management. Some of the renowned product lists include JIRA, BitBucket, HipChat, Stash, and Confluence. It is a company that genuinely hires ReactJS developers internally and externally. Atlassian contributes a number of times to introduce websites built with ReactJS.

The platforms are served with various features of ReactJS, including deployability to the web, desktop, and mobile. It allows ReactJS developers to reuse the libraries whenever they require it.

HipChat- the social collaboration tool, was acquired by Atlassian, and the expert developers of Atlassian completely rebuilt it with ReactJS development. Likewise, Jira’s Dynamic Forms and Extension for its Service Desk has been re-written using ReactJS. Atlassian is considered as the top websites built with ReactJS.

  1. DropBox

DropBox is a Cloud Storage service platform that provides file sharing and collaboration. The DropBox allows access to data and files more accessible and instant. The saved information on the cloud with a particular account can be accessed from any device and location.

DropBox is successfully and efficiently handling and managing more than 600 Million registered users through its platform. Among them, about 14 Million are its paid users. With this platform, DropBox seamlessly provides a home for every individual’s most essential and sensitive information and brings it to life.

DropBox instantly adopted its websites built with ReactJS when it became popular among developers. Without delay, DropBox switched its technology to ReactJS development. ReactJS benefited DropBox and provided a plethora of available resources. As a result, ReactJS development wonderfully contributed to the success of this brilliant Cloud-based online backup solution with file synchronization.

  1. Airbnb

Airbnb is an online marketplace that allows people to rent their homes to those looking for accommodation. From its launch, it has had the count of registered users of more than half a billion and had its service available in more than 220 countries and regions. Airbnb is another name in top websites built with ReactJS on this list.

The Airbnb platform is chosen to build over ReactJS development for its web application development. Apart from that, to make the working experience with React more pleasant, the developers created additional tools around it, such as the Enzyme tool. Later on, the developers shared this tool with the ReactJS community to help other developers and allow everyone to use it and get benefited.

The selection of ReactJS for developing the website of Airbnb was very positive. It rapidly increases the performance of the website, and the investments were made to develop the application and website with ReactJS development. The offered features and libraries of ReactJS shows that it has enormous potential for website development regardless of an idea and scale, and with any type of content. Hence, ReactJS development is worth considering with its amazingly available JavaScript libraries.

  1. Uber

Uber is a mobile application platform that connects drivers and passengers to provide a service of cab hiring. It has been a ferocious introduction in the market for digital matching firms to mainstream usage. With this service, Uber introduced a thought of luxury among different classes, especially to the middle class.

Uber is not only a multinational ride-hailing service but also works in food delivery services as well through a mobile application. Hence, to amalgamate both services, yet keeping it separate from each other, the developers’ major task was to keep their services easy and straightforward.

In addition to that, provide a platform that can perform complicated interactions, handle huge amounts of traffic at a time, and remain scalable. Therefore, the developers opted for ReactJS development technology to build a magnificent mobile application. As a result, Uber is among the top websites built with ReactJS. React has so much potential to handle and manage such tasks and achieve challenging goals. Hence, ReactJS has been used as the core tool to build their products.

  1. Reddit

websites built with ReactJS

Source: Reddit Website

Reddit is an online platform for communities to create content, share links, and can have a discussion with a number of talented people about whatever topic interests them. The platform was introduced in 2005 by the two students of the University of Virginia, i.e., Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian. Now, Reddit serves a whopping number of active users of about 430 Million users.

To serve such a great audience at a time, Reddit adopted ReactJS development for its website development to provide a seamless user experience. Reddit also used ReactJS for its mobile version of the website. Along with that, they used React and Redux as the combination of Tech Stack to build the latest layout of the website.

Reddit is one of the top websites built with ReactJS. It serves the whole process of writing components and further maintenance relatively easier. React also facilitates Reddit to have an ecosystem and the ability to reuse smaller or larger components in server-rendered pages.

Reddit is responsible for starting the content trend on the web and provides almost a unique and virtual discussion culture. It is a well-known platform for its AMA subreddit and a pool of communities.

  1. Salesforce

Salesforce is a multinational company that provides Customer Relationship Management System with a Software as a Service (SaaS) distribution model. It provides business software access on a subscription basis to its users. Salesforce is a cloud-based IT company that provides multiple solutions to minimize the challenges faced by enterprises.

The Salesforce is among the top websites built with ReactJS. To achieve this perfection and deliver the best customer practices, the developers choose to develop the platform with ReactJS development. After successfully implementing the React for its software development, the Salesforce company decided to share its component with the community to be accessed by the world and build the Salesforce Lightning Design System.

By using ReactJS development, Salesforce gets success in speeding up the complex rendering process for VisualForce pages. The developers use ReactJS technology along with the VisualForce framework to improve the performance of their products.

  1. Khan Academy

It is an online learning educational platform that aims to provide a free, world-class education to any of its visitors while being in any part of the world. All videos are created and managed single-handedly by a specific person. Khan Academy is one of the top websites built with ReactJS.

Only five months after the introduction of ReactJS technology, Khan Academy recognized its potential and adopted ReactJS for its website. At that time, React was very new and raw technology, despite that Khan Academy went with such a technology. According to the company, only in three meetings they were convinced and decided to opt ReactJS for website building. The ease, performance, and simplicity of ReactJS have convinced the whole team of Khan Academy to go with ReactJS.

  1. BBC

BBC is a world leader in large-scale new broadcasting corporations. It offers its readers a variety of content to inform, entertain, and educate. BBC expanded name is read as “British Broadcasting Corporation” and was established in 1922 in London, in the United Kingdom.

In 2015, the BBC re-introduced its electronic platform’s new version of the homepage of its website. Such adaptation has greatly increased the user experience with the BBC. This change has been witnessed because of the platform updates and adapted ReactJS to enhance the website’s front-end experience.

The company chose ReactJS development for such a top website because of the desired condition to embrace isomorphic JavaScript. As a result, one of the best websites built with ReactJS development. React serves them the quick development of modules for data updation. Therefore, the BBC decided to go with ReactJS and build the front-end of the website.


The list of these 15 mobile applications and websites built with ReactJS is one of the best examples to depict that you can build almost any type of app or website with ReactJS development. Big or Small platform with an elegant, sophisticated, or a basic user interface, the project will definitely get benefited with its front-end development with ReactJS technology.

In a generalized classification, the ReactJS technology can be used to develop;

  • A Social Networking Website and mobile application.
  • An E-Commerce Website and Application.
  • A Hospitality Website and Application.
  • A News Portal website and application.
  • An Educational Platform and application.
  • A Video Streaming Service platform.
  • A Social-Networking-cum-E-Commerce site.
  • A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) development solution.
  • An HR Management and Training platform.

Not only under these classifications, but also the ReactJS can be used to build many other types of websites and applications. As, it is not limited or restricted to only these mentioned areas.

Source: RawPixel Website

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