7 Tools to Optimize ReactJS Performance instantly

optimize ReactJS

Do you want to Optimize ReactJS Product Performance ! This blog is for you

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Usually people get their Product developed with freelancers or small agency, They select the best technology “React & Node” but forget check quality code. Problem comes when product scale.

92% businesses fail to scale

To Optimize ReactJS; Here are steps you should follow

Problem 1:  is this because of Poorly written Code: 
If your developer team has written poor code ( hard to read and understand, multiple APIs call, Not using standard naming for variables of methods, Not reducing unused code) .

Solution: Hire an Experienced React Engineer and ask him/her to create detailed report about code quality.

How to hire this expert just for auditing and reporting.

Problem 2 : You purchased React Theme from themeforest 
Solution : We got one customer from Singapore; He wanted to launch his product quickly.

He purchased Metronic, React theme and advised us to use same to save time and money.

Though it looked beautiful at first, it was one of the bad decisions he ever made. The code has unnecessary JavaScript calls that reduced the speed and performance of the application.

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