How to Assess and Hire ReactJS Developers?

hire ReactJS Developers

If you are an organization, enterprise, or a startup, and looking for the technology to complement your project with a fast and simple user interface, then hire ReactJS Developers to achieve your goals. But hiring a talented and reliable developer has become a tedious task for web development companies. The increasing demand and popularity of ReactJS in the market has hit a new high in hiring ReactJS developers.

Thus, the job of HR’s has become quite challenging to find the right candidate for their organization with excellent coding skills in ReactJS development. To hire ReactJS Developers involves a complex and lengthy procedure to fulfill the exact shoes of the company’s expectations.

Finding the right talented candidate also becomes difficult because of not searching them at the right place and in the right manner. Therefore, to ease the burden of hiring ReactJS developers here is a quick guide for you to make the process simple and effective.

Before learning how to hire ReactJS Developers, let’s understand about ReactJS technology and its uses.

hire ReactJS Developers

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What is ReactJS Technology?

ReactJs is an open-source JavaScript library. It is developed and maintained by Facebook for building new and innovative user interfaces. Usually, the ReactJS library is used for building Single-Page Applications (SPAs). It can be combined with React Native programming language to develop the native cross-platform applications.

ReactJS library can quickly build simple pages and mobile applications. However, for complex applications development, it can be used easily with other libraries. The major reason for its popularity among ReactJS Developers is because it is easy to write components in ReactJS. The components written in ReactJS can be reused on the requirement.

There are a huge number of websites built on ReactJS. Among them, the most famous popular sites are Instagram, Facebook, Netflix, Reddit, Uber, Airbnb, and many more. These websites are most popular among users because they provide great flexibility, speed, and simplicity to use.

ReactJS makes it possible to build easy UI test cases, SEO-friendly websites, reuse components on any website, implement existing website code on a mobile app, improve performance of web applications, and ReactJS can be used wherever JavaScript is required.

Difference between ReactJS and React Native

  1. ReactJS is a library based on JavaScript. However, React Native is a framework that utilizes the pre-structured set of components made under the React package.
  2. The Workflow and Syntax of both ReactJS and React Native is almost similar, but their executions are entirely apart from each other.
  3. React Native uses the same fundamental User Interface building blocks for regular iOS and Android applications. Then, it compiles things together with the help of ReactJS syntax to formulate a highly productive mobile user interface.
  4. React Native is customized to build Native Mobile Application identical with the apps built on Objective-C or Java programming language. However, ReactJS can be used to develop apps for Mobile, Web, Desktop, and Hybrid Applications.

Why is it becoming challenging to Hire ReactJS Developers?

There are many following reasons which are making it complicated for organizations or startups to filter the best candidate and hire ReactJS Developers. Let’s take a look at the reasons why it is becoming challenging to hire ReactJS Developers.

  1. Increased demand and usage of ReactJS for web application development is one of the reasons. Companies are opting for this technology as it provides a huge advantage over competitors.
  2. As a rapid app development technology, companies aim for it and this results in a fast growing demand for JavaScript in the market. But this increased demand fails to get fulfilled because of the unavailability or scarcity of enough specialist ReactJS Developers in the market.
  3. Picking the right talent for your company is always a difficult attempt to make. However, it becomes more complicated when there are very few options to choose the skilled and qualified candidate.
  4. The hire and fire procedure seems very quick as the developers fail to meet the companies requirements. This resulted in difficulty in hiring ReactJS developers frequently.

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How to Hire ReactJS Developers?

A proper procedure is required to be followed to hire ReactJS Developers and select the best and suitable developer for the company. Though it is quite a bit tedious and a lengthy procedure to follow, in the end, getting the best candidate is the sole priority. Therefore, we have figured out and prefer to follow the following procedure to hire ReactJS Developers. Let’s check out the complete procedure in a detailed form, and the steps are as follows;

Step 1- Candidate Sourcing

Candidate sourcing is the first step and most crucial step in the process of hiring ReactJS developers. It requires an ample amount of time and research to look for suitable candidates who can match your target profile. We suggest you invest a handsome amount of time in sourcing so that you can line-up the most appropriate candidate to fulfill your hiring procedure and requirements.

The candidates can be searched through numerous sources, based on your criteria and work experience in the specific field and technology. So, to make your requirements visible to the majority of candidates, it is vital to write the appropriate and relevant job description.

Innovative & Relevant Job Description to Grab Maximum Attention

For candidate sourcing, creating an attractive job description for the required job role is a must. Hence, while designing the Job Description, ensure to cover points like Job Responsibilities, Company Overview, and the expectation from the Candidate, which includes required skills, qualifications, experience, and other relevant details. The potential candidates will definitely find the JD interesting when you provide the proper information and give them a precise idea about the job role.

To find the candidates through different sources, you can prefer the following platform to post a job description and get the numerous applicants;

i- Job Portals

There are multiple options available in the market to go with the job portals for candidate sourcing and hire ReactJS Developers. These platforms serve as an easy user interface for both employers and candidates. Such portals work as a one stop solution for all kinds of candidate sourcing. You can refer the following top job sites to hire ReactJS Developers;

  • Indeed
  • Glassdoor
  • Monster
  • Craigslist
  • com
  • CareerBuilder

ii- Social Media

You can attract a lot of right talent through social media platforms. As a lot of people like to spend their free time on social networking sites. If at that time they are getting such a valuable opportunity, then being an organization, you can definitely fetch a pool of qualified candidates. Evidently, research represents, nowadays, about 70% of recruiters use social media platforms to source candidates. The social media platform which can help you in hiring ReactJS developers are as follows;

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

iii- Company Website

The company’s Career Page can also be a great source of getting appropriate candidates. It might be possible the candidate had applied for the job a while ago. These are the candidates who can be readily available for your recruitment process. Make sure to give a prompt response to those candidates, so that you can contact them later on as well. Being a recruiter or company HR, you can also add employee benefits to the website’s careers page. It plays a vital role in attracting candidates frequently.

iv- Referrals or Consultancies

Referrals are also a magnificent way to get qualified candidates as it comes with credibility and hire ReactJS Developers based on your pre-defined requirements. Your existing employees can be the best source of referrals, and it doesn’t cost you much. On the other hand, you can also look for consultancies to hire candidates. However, not all consultancies are good and can fulfill your requirements. These can cost you a lot as well, so choose them wisely.

v- Freelancing Websites

On freelancing websites, there is a pool of experienced and talented developers available. The major benefit of freelancing sites is, you can hire the right candidate irrespective of their location. But, you need to verify the genuineness of the candidate and verify the claimed skills and experience by thoroughly interviewing and testing. To hire ReactJS Developers or find the right candidate, you can go through the following freelancing sites;

  • Freelancer
  • Upwork
  • Toptal
  • PeoplePerHour
  • Fiverr

Step 2- Manual and Technical Screening

After getting loads of applicants, now it’s time to sort the candidates and choose the right talent manually. The candidate screening can be done through different levels which includes, candidate screening, resume screening, and background screening. It will filter the appropriate candidate and get only the best one for the interview round.

i- Resume Screening

It is important to go through the resumes and select only the right candidate and narrow down your search by eliminating the unsuitable or less qualified candidates. Choose the resumes which match the skills required to hire ReactJS Developers. Ensure not to miss the candidate with good ReactJS technology. Also, look at the candidate’s qualifications and previous work experiences.

ii- Candidate Screening

Analyzing the candidate’s skills is very important while hiring ReactJS developers. Though, it is a tedious process to interact with each candidate personally and verify the details and get other information as well, which are not mentioned in the resume. It requires an ample amount of time and lots of patience to fetch appropriate details. In the interview session, you must check the following skills of the ReactJS developers to let them proceed to the next round.

  • Knowledge of core fundamentals, such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS.
  • Working experience with ReactJS workflows like the flux and redux.
  • Good understanding of ReactJS and its core principles.
  • Strong working experience on the Data Structure libraries.

iii- Technical Screening

To hire the appropriate and right developer for your company, it is very important to go through the technical screen round. It will help you to understand the technical efficiency and the problem solving technique of the candidates. The technical screening can be divided into multiple phases such as, MCQ test, Coding Test or Machine Test, scenario based and case study based test, and audio/video test.

These types of tests will help to access candidates on various levels. Despite that, ensure to focus more on the candidate’s practical knowledge instead of theoretical skills.

iv- Background Screening

A background check is another crucial phase of candidate screening involved in the process of hiring ReactJS developers. Background screening involves verification of candidate’s claim and other details. In includes criminal records, social security validation, address history (local & permanent both), sex offender registry check, previous work record, office etiquettes, professional behavior, and other details based on company requirements.

Some tools can also be referred to verify the authenticity of the candidate and are as follows;

  • TruthFinder
  • Hire Right
  • Paychex
  • Checkr
  • BeenVerified
  • GoodHire
  • Verified Credentials

Step 3- Personal Interview

Shortlisting the right candidate to hire ReactJS Developers for your company from the above process. It will refine your search and leave you with very few and appropriate candidates to interview. A Personal Interview can be conducted either face to face or through video conferencing.

i- Video Interview

With the evolving technology dependency and the busy schedule of candidates and interviewers making video interviews more adaptable. It eases the whole process and saves a lot of time. It also helps candidates to make their presence count while being at another location and ensure not to miss the new opportunity while working for the other company.

While taking an interview, make sure to ask technical and relevant questions to candidates based on your requirements. It will help you to find the right candidate and can hire ReactJS Developers properly. Get aware of the candidate’s soft skills while interviewing and his or her passion, goals, and other required details. Ensure that he/she is a good team player and can exercise the opportunity in a proper manner and is worth hiring ReactJS Developers.

ii- Face-to-Face Interview

Despite Video Interviews are gaining popularity, still a lot of companies used to prefer face-to-face interview rounds. It will never lose its priority as face-to-face interviews are considered more valuable and appropriate to judge the candidate’s body-language and ease of facing and communicating while making eye contact.

That’s not all; make sure to ask all the technical and non-technical related questions as well to find appropriate candidates and hire ReactJS Developers for your organization.

Step 4- Selection

The final selection of candidates as a ReactJS developer in the company will be finalized after the interview’s successful completion. A clear and planned approach during the whole procedure will lead you to find the best candidate to hire ReactJS Developers.

hire ReactJS Developers

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Required Technical Skills to Hire ReactJS Developers

To hire the best and qualified ReactJS developers, it is important to have a deep understanding of technical and programming languages. The candidate should be skilled in multiple technologies to fulfill the different tasks based on the project’s requirement. Let’s take a look over various technologies, in which a candidate should be skilled and ensure to learn about such expertise of the candidate during the screening, testing, and interview rounds. It will help you to hire ReactJS Developers accurately and adequately.

  • For building Frameworks, the developer should be skilled in working with ReactNative, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Backbone, SocketIO, and Angular2.
  • Should possess the expertise of working with libraries such as Loads, JQuery, and MomentJS.
  • Must have a good grasp of working with databases such as MongoDB, MySQL, NoSQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, and Blockchain is a great plus to hire ReactJS Developers.
  • An expert ReactJS developer should have a working knowledge of the following JavaScript tools; Gulp, Browserify, Grunt, Webpack, and Bower.
  • A good background in working and managing the cloud platforms is a great plus to hire ReactJS Developers. Cloud Platforms are Amazon AWS, Saas, Google Cloud Platform, GitHub, Microsoft Azure, Yarn, npm, and OpenStack Apache.
  • While performing Code Testing, the ReactJS developer should have expertise with the following testing tools and can work with them confidently. TDD, Unit-tests, Karma, Jest, Enzyme, Selenium (base), VCS and Mocha.
  • Hire ReactJS Developers who are skilled with these following software application platforms- Content Management System (like WordPress), Project Management Tool (like Jira), Servers (like NGINX), and Office Documentation Tools (i.e., Microsoft Office).

Required Soft Skills to Hire ReactJS Developers

Technical skills are mandatory for a candidate to possess and perform specific tasks. These skills can be learned through numerous modes, but having soft skills and learning soft skills through any medium is quite different from each other. Soft Skills are the interpersonal abilities of a person, which a person possesses and learns by his/her own with different experiences. However, measuring and analyzing the quality and quantifying it is quite tricky.

Soft Skills define how an employee behaves, interacts, and works with others in the company. To be the best fit for the company the candidate should possess these qualities so that a company can easily pick and hire them as ReactJS developers.

  1. Good Communication Skills

An efficient developer should be able to communicate excellently and consistently with his/her clients and team members. Even when working alone or in a team meeting, the developer should communicate his ideas, instructions, and feedback in a positive and polite manner to their team members.

  1. Teamwork

Hire ReactJS Developers, whether as a single developer or hiring a team of developers. Always ensure that the developers are a team player that can work smoothly and within the team. As well as, can adequately collaborate with the clients and other stakeholders.

  1. Problem Solving Skill

Facing problems during the development phase is the part of the course, but the manner of resolving issues and managing projects on a daily and weekly basis is important. Like any other job, in project building, things don’t always go as planned. So, it is important to hire ReactJS Developers who have a problem-solver mindset.

  1. Creativity

Developing unique and creative ideas are the digital assets that a web-developer can make and increase his/her worth in this digital age. Hire ReactJS Developers who are adept in developing web page structure, web design updation, develops mobile responsive applications, and provides a great user-experience. Apart from that, he should always be ready to learn new tools to enhance his creativity and willingness to work on the latest technologies.

To hire ReactJS Developers, these were the few essential technical and soft skills that a good ReactJS Developer must possess. It may also vary and the importance of these skills based on the requirement of the company.

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