Pros and Cons of Python Web Development

Python Web Development

While choosing any language for your project development, you want to be confident and assured of going with the best development tool to build your project. In this respect, the most famous and widely used language is Python. Python Web Development supports neat and clean syntax and is versatile. Python Programming Language is a highly-interpreted, general-purpose language focused on code readability.

The programming language can be used for serving a lot of purposes in web development. However, the most popular Python Programming Language can be widely used for and is popularly used in AI (Artificial Intelligence). It is also used in scientific computing, statistics, education, and machine learning, making it most popular among and in-demand for Python Web Developers.

It is an open-source programming language, introduced in 1992, and now becoming the most popular and widely used platform. With the increasing demand for AI and ML applications, Python Web Development is considered first for coding such applications.

Python is a simple language to learn for beginners as well, which also increases the craze of language among developers to become Python Web Developer. However, to decide whether you should go for Python Web Development, you must analyze the pros and cons of Python Web Development.

Evidently, everything has some pros and cons with it, but going with Python Development and choosing it as your application development. Now, it becomes necessary for you to analyze the pros and cons of Python Web Development and how it will affect your project.

Python Programming Language is available with a large number of frameworks. It includes Django, Pyramid, Flask, Bottle.py, Web2py, CherryPy, and many more. The developers can effectively use these frameworks to develop a robust and feature-packed website.

The variety of Python frameworks are used by the web developers to build many renowned websites, some of them are;

Python Web Development

Source: Britwise Website

Along with these renowned names, companies like Uber, Dropbox, Pinterest also used Python Programming Language in their code base to write structural programs. It is one of the fastest-growing and third most profitable programming languages in the world. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Python Web Development.

Pros and Cons of Python Web Development

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of Python Web Development, but before that, I hope you all are aware of features of Python Programming Language. If not, then first make yourself familiar with the important features of Python. Now, it will become easier for you to understand the pros and cons of Python Web Development.

Pros of Python Web Development

  1. Extensive Library Support

Python is available with the extensive support of libraries and contains a variety of codes. These various libraries fulfill the purpose of minimum coding and can be used for delivering regular expressions, unit testing, web browsers, threading, document generation, databases, CGI, image manipulation, email, etc.

Python Web Development becomes more easier as it requires minimal coding for heavy tasks execution. The Python Web Developers can build their prototypes and test their ideas using Python, and it ultimately results in saving a lot of time, human resource, and money as well.

It is such an easy to learn programming language, that one can learn Python quickly. If you have a basic knowledge of programming, you can easily grab the Python Programming Language by watching a few tutorials and can even build a project too.

  1. Extensible Language

Python is an extensible language, which means it can be extended to other languages. Python allows its developers to write some of the codes in different languages like C or C++. This feature of Python, makes it the most suitable and handy development platform, especially for project building.

Due to this, Python Programming Language has become the most preferred language from enterprise software or apps development. It is a very appropriate language when it comes to assembling the old and new infrastructure fragments. It is very difficult to achieve assembling in complicated mobile apps, but with Python Programming Language and the efficient Python Web Developers make it possible.

  1. Embeddable Platform

In contrast to extensible, Python Web Development is embeddable too. It allows you to place your Python code in the different languages source code, like C or C++. This allows the developers to add the scripting capability to the source code in other languages.

Python is one of the most convenient platforms to write and maintain codes without any problem. It is because the Python Programming Language doesn’t create any confusion, or require research and deadlocks. In Python, each segment of code functions smoothly and separately, which allows developers to handle situations in a guided manner and make the product development process quicker and more comfortable.

  1. Multiple Frameworks

Python supports multiple frameworks and is one of the significant reasons that contributes to its popularity as the most preferred website development platform. As the frameworks ease the work of the Python Web Developers, which makes it the most liked platform among the developers.

From the variety of frameworks, developers can choose the most suitable framework for their project development to perform the project development smoothly and quickly. However, the selection of the frameworks depends on the requirement of the project.

  1. Enhanced Productivity

The extensive support of frameworks, libraries, and easy to use language improves the efficiency of Python Web Developers. Such support allows programmers to deliver faster productivity than languages like Java and C++. With support, the developers had to write fewer codes as compared to other programming languages and achieve more results.

It is a wonderful platform that allows developers to build applications that can connect the language with the real world, such as AI (Artificial Intelligence).

  1. High-Level Programming Language

Python is the most versatile and high-level programming language. It supports both Object-Oriented and Procedural programming paradigms. With this high-level language, the construction and execution of IoT applications can be easily possible. Python Web Development also allows easy development of games, radios, cameras, phones, and many more effective applications by using the Raspberry Pi framework.

Being a high-level object-oriented programming language, the Python Web Development supports code reusability, classes, and objects. A class allows the data encapsulation and functions as one.

  1. Effectively Build Scientific and Numeric Applications

The Python Web Development platform is available with a variety of framework packages and libraries to develop the scientific and numeric applications. It also supports building tool kits like MayaVi and VTK 3d, a separate imaging library, and many other tools.

The most commonly used libraries and tool kits for building scientific and numeric applications are;

  • SciPy (Scientific Numeric Library),
  • IPython (Shell Command),
  • Pandas (Data Analytics Library),
  • Natural Language Toolkit (Library for Mathematical and Text Analysis),
  • Numeric Python (Fundamental Numeric Package), etc.
  1. Immensely used in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

As the demand for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is increasing rapidly in the market. As a result, more developers are aiming towards Python Web Development and incorporating them into various projects.

Python is the most appropriate programming language available. It has efficient Machine Learning packages, tools for result visualization, brilliant data analysis, and various other features that benefit the area of application development.

  1. Application Scripting and Software Testing

Python is a very handy programming language due to its strong integration with C, C++, and Java. It is a very useful platform for customizing large applications and making extensions for them.

It is very efficiently used in Automation Testing. Python is the first choice of many QA Automation specialists to generate the learning curve. The language works well for those who are equipped with technical skills, as Python has a strong developer community, clear syntax, and excellent readability. Python is also equipped with easy to use frameworks for performing Unit Testing.

  1. Portable & Easy to Debug

It is a very portable language, i.e., you can write code on a platform and even change the platform to run the code. However, when you write code in a language like C++, then you have to make some changes to make the code run on another platform. Therefore, Python Web Development is considered natural and very portable for its developers.

Python Web Development allows its developers to code only once and runs it anywhere- Write Once Run Anywhere (WORA). But make sure you are not including any system-dependent feature in your codes.

Python is an interpreted language. Therefore, its codes are executed one by one. This makes the code debugging easier for the developers. Hence, Python first compiles each statement one by one and then debug it.

  1. Easy to Utilize

Python is an easy to understand and readable programming language- very much similar to the English Language. Thus, it reduces the coding complexity and provides the clear and easily legible syntax for Python Web Development. The easy syntax allows easy understanding of the relationship between different objects and eases the complete process of the Python Web Development life cycle.

Python also provides easy visualization presentation of data through charts and graphs to analyze the working and efficiency of Web Development processes. This helps developers to easily plot available data on the graphs and deliver the best results with it. It also allows companies and organizations to prepare clear reports and learn about the mistakes done from those reports easily.

  1. Excellent for Prototype Building

Python is a brilliant and most preferred programming language to easily and quickly build a prototype. As the corporate world is highly competitive. Assuming that you have a unique idea thus having ample amount of time to build the product. But, it is a myth, because it might be possible someone else also had quite a similar idea in mind. Not only the idea, he might also have introduced the product before you, while you were planning to do so.

Therefore, to avoid such situations, being fast and quick becomes essential to sustain the competitive market. In this respect, Python can be the handiest tool to achieve your targets instantly. Python is a fast web development programming language. Therefore, Python can be the most appropriate programming language to build the efficient and quality prototype at a rapid pace. As well as, allows easy upgradation of the product and fastens the whole development process.

Python Web Development

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Pros of Python Web Development over Other Language

While learning about the pros and cons of Python Web Development, it becomes crucial to learn about the pros of Python Web Development over other languages. Let’s take a look over such points and adopt it in the future for your new web development project.

  1. Affordable Programming Languages

Python is a very affordable and suitable programming language for startups and organizations; who are looking for a cheap and pocket-friendly web development solution. It has become the first choice of developers to achieve the desired results at a much faster rate.

Python Web Development is the most adapted and ideal option to go with if you are looking to start the business at minimal capital investment. It is freely available as an open-source programming language. It allows you to download its source code, make changes into it and share it with others as well. Python Web Development becomes more comfortable because of the extensive availability of library collection for its web developers.

  1. Requires Less Coding

Python requires very few coding in almost every task compared to doing the same task in other programming languages. To make it possible, Python supports a pool of standard libraries to ease the whole development process. It makes sure to guide the developers and save their time searching for any third-party library to carry out their tasks.

 Being very handy and easy to learn, Python is considered a good programming language for beginners.

  1. Available for Everyone

Python codes are easy to run on any machine, whether it is Mac, Linux, or Windows. Python supports multiple tasks; however, the developers had to learn different languages to perform different tasks.

Python Web Developers can develop projects professionally, perform machine learning and data analysis effectively, automate the process, do web scraping, and can also build brilliant games with compelling visualizations. Overall, Python Programming Language is an all-rounder in doing numerous web development tasks.

Source: RawPixel Website

Cons of Python Web Development

Well, so far, we have learned about the pros of Python Web Development and how it can be the best choice for your project. However, if you decide to opt for Python, then you should be aware of its consequences as well. So, let us learn about the Cons of Python Web Development over other languages.

  1. Doesn’t Work Well on Mobile

It is not a very effective and efficient programming language when it comes to developing mobile apps.

Being a weak programming language for mobile app development, the web developers are left with no other option, instead of choosing other programming languages. However, many web developers like to stick to the traditional mobile app development tool for this.

  1. Slow

Python Programming Language uses Interpreter, instead of Compiler. Due to which, it takes a lot of time and slows the development process. In contrast to this, many other programming languages use Compiler for project development and fasten the whole process. This is one of the drawbacks of python which demotivates many web developers.

  1. Usage of Memory

Python uses a lot of memory space in developing heavy applications. It fails to work under restricted memory allocation. The flexibility of data type declaration and usage in Python Programming also utilizes a lot of memory space.

In this reference, when developers and organizations look for programming languages in terms of less memory consumption and more task execution, Python turns to face a massive fallout for Python Web Development.

  1. Doesn’t Support Games & Mobile App Development

Python is not chosen for mobile and gaming app development because it uses a lot of memory space. Apart from that, it supports slow application development.

  1. Simplicity Creates Problem for Developers

As we know, Python is very simple and has an easy syntax for development. It makes developers very fond of it and causes problems to work with other languages. Suppose a programmer is working on Python for a long time, and suddenly he has to switch his technology or programming language. Then it will become difficult for developers to catch the new and completely different technology instantly.

  1. Error Detection Issue

Python Programming Language uses Interpreter, instead of Compiler, due to which it causes problems in bug finding or error detection. However, the Compiler executes the task much faster, and help is bug detection and debugging too. It also creates problems in testing the task. Thus, it causes a lot of delays and requires much more time in error detection and debugging the issues.

  1. Underdeveloped Database Access Layers

The Python Programming Language database access layer is quite underdeveloped as compared to other widely used technologies like Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) and Open Database Connectivity (ODBC). As a result, huge enterprises don’t prefer to use Python for Web Development.

  1. Design Restrictions

Python is a dynamic-typed programming language. It means Python executes specific tasks during app run-time. However, in a statically-typed language, such tasks can be completed. This generates restrictions on the design. If the design is loaded with elements, there is a possibility that the program will be stalled.

Concurrency and Parallelism are not considered in python projects. Due to which, the design might not look as sophisticated as you expect it to be.

  1. Lack of Experts

Python Programming Language experiences lack of expert Python Web Developers. It is an easy programming language but lacks innovation and improved efforts from its developer’s community. In comparison to the Java programming language, Python also has only a handful of Python programmers in the industry having specialized skills and knowledge of programming languages.

There are very few talented and skilled Python Web Developers available in the market however, there is a huge demand of Python Developers in the market .


Majorly for startups and small enterprises, Python Web Development has turned out to be a great contributor to the new and modern application development. Apart from that, companies worldwide prefer Python Programming Language for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence web development due to its exceptional capabilities in both fields.

Therefore, Python can be a good option for many types of projects. The pros and cons of Python Web Development might have delivered an accurate idea of why and why not to use the Python Programming Language for your upcoming projects.

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