Why You Should Prefer Hiring Python Developers & How much does it Costs?

hiring Python developers

Python is one of the most dynamic and powerful programming languages available today. It is the most appropriate language for developing everything, from web and desktop applications to data-driven, scientific, and artificial intelligence applications. Python is a very developer-friendly platform, and the modern business world loves it. Hence, a significant number of businesses prefer hiring Python developers for their projects.

However, chasing the success perspective that attains globally and retaining brands like Facebook, Google, Netflix, Instagram, and many more. All such brands rely on python developers to achieve perfection for their products and unlock complicated possibilities along with minimum development time.

Python is a brilliant programming language and can deliver wonderful results when clubbed with Flask, Django, and other cutting-edge frameworks. Being such an effective programming tool, we can easily understand why you should prefer hiring python developers above others for your new project development.

Why is Python the Most Preferred Language by the Companies?

hiring Python developers

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In the era of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Python is attaining such an interest standard among developers and companies for the development of other specific technologies. Python is a programming language that never loses its spark because of its various and unique vital features. It supports a unique information structure and is an open-source programming language available for everyone.

The different reasons and aspects of companies preferring Python the most as the programming language for project building are as follows;

  1. Multiple Use Cases

Python is an effective platform used for different ventures like web and software development, and GUIs. It is also used in building Climate Conjecture, and Games score-related apps, which are very much efficient in delivering logical and numerical information.

The Python programming language delivers so much and easing developer’s work, which is pushing organizations to prefer hiring Python developers.

  1. Interpreted

Python being an efficient tool, doesn’t demand code compilation. The source code is deciphered line by line during the complete coding procedure. This fastens the process of the developers and eases the code troubleshooting. Therefore, it becomes the preferred language over others, and companies seek for hiring Python developers first instead of other programmers.

  1. Readable

Python is a powerful programming language and easy to learn. It is a very compatible language for developers and elevates the level of development. Hence, companies used to hire Python Developers over other languages specialization.

  1. Wider Library Support

Python has an extensive and comprehensive collection of libraries to fasten the development procedure. The developers don’t need to repeatedly design codes, just fetch the desired library and they are sorted. The developers can add their own library and use it in other projects to minimize the coding length and time.

How to look for Hiring Python Developers?

Finding appropriate candidates and hiring Python developers requires accurate and correct decision making during the complete process. Hiring the fittest candidate for your company, organization, or team will help you achieve your goals on time and efficiently.

 Consider the following points while hiring Python developers to get the best and experienced developers for your company.

  1. Define your Requirements

We all know, Python programming language is used to serve multiple purposes in building applications. Hence, defining your requirements as a company would be very helpful in getting the right Python Developer. The definite company requirement will help in managing the properly organized screening process while going through the applicant’s documents and applications.

  1. Call for Interview

After applicant screening, an interview is the most essential and crucial step to be carried out in a precise and accurate manner. The personal interview with each candidate will help you understand the developer’s skills and ability and various other aspects. It is the best method to clarify the requirements and doubts that the candidate could be a good fit for the company or not.

During the interview procedure, precisely look for your requirements and do clear all your doubts. Make detailed inquiries about all the mentioned skills and experience by the candidate in their application. As a result, it will help you understand that he/she can be the eligible candidate for the technical round of testing or not.

  1. Conduct Technical Test

Post personal interviews, only the eligible and qualified candidates should be short-listed for the technical test round. Analyzing the chosen candidate’s technical skills and compatibility will help you choose the right candidate for your upcoming projects. It will also help you in understanding the problem-solving capability and efficiency in meeting deadlines and many other important skills of the candidates.

While hiring Python developers, ensure all your requirements and follow each test precisely to choose the best developer for your company.

A qualified and experienced developer is an asset to any company. So, proper and detailed communication is a must to find the right asset for your company. This can only be attained by a properly defined and managed interview session, and of course, by an excellent technical round to learn about their skills. It will help understand how dedicated a candidate is towards learning new skills and handling multiple tasks at a time.

hiring Python developers

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What Skills are Required for Hiring Python Developers?

Programming languages evolve continuously, and Python programming language can mainly be used for a wide range of applications. Hence, a talented Python Developer requires skills to learn things quickly and update the techniques instantly. So, while hiring Python developers, ensure the candidate you are selecting must possess the following skills and qualities to be a good asset for the company or organization.

  1. Technical Expertise

Evidently, technical expertise is a must for every developer. Likewise, while hiring Python developers, make sure the developer is proficient in working on Python 2.x and 3.x both. Both the Python versions are widely preferred for development but are not compatible with each other. Hands-on knowledge of frameworks, libraries, and modules are very important to enhance the functionality of Python.

To hire the best Python developer, make sure the developer has a basic knowledge of Object Relational Mapper, a good understanding of Python Syntax, and Semantics, and equipped with Unit Testing and Debugging skills too.

  1. Communication Skills

An efficient developer must have to be fluent in communication. Though the role is solely programming based but a developer has to communicate with clients to solve the issues. Hence, he must understand and communicate fluently in at least one foreign language, i.e., English is widely used.

Along with that, he should be a great team player and must properly coordinate with the team to deliver the best result and meet the deadline. It will also help the whole team to work together and understand the project requirements properly.

  1. Critical Thinking

The best Python Developer will perform each action in a very calculated manner. As, Python serves several frameworks and libraries to allow developers to speed up the development process. But each framework is associated with some pros and cons for that specific module.

Therefore, such a development procedure also requires critical thinking before implementing the right framework for the project. As a result, while hiring Python developers, make sure he is a good decision-maker and a critical thinker before implementing anything into the project.

  1. Problem Solving Ability

A good developer should be a good troubleshooter. During the development phase, every now and then, some problem arises. So, an efficient developer needs to be skilled in solving problems and avoiding the delay in product development.

The excess delay in troubleshooting can hamper the project in terms of time and budget both. Therefore, it becomes mandatory for a developer to have excellent problem solving ability.

  1. Some Additional Skills

Apart from these skills as mentioned above, some additional skills can do wonders for developers and help recruiters in hiring the best Python developers. Other skills that would be beneficial for a candidate to secure the job are;

  • AWS
  • Django
  • Flask
  • React
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Cloud Computing, etc.

Where to Find Best Python Developers?

Nowadays, the traditional hiring method is overtaken by specialized portals to find a new employer in the IT Industry. Listing job vacancies and applying for a job on a website has become the fastest and easiest way of finding the desired job or hiring Python developers.  However, there are a number of websites that offer a platform to the companies and the desired candidates to fulfill their needs.

So, the most common ways of hiring a Python developer are as a Freelancer, an in-house employee, or working with a software company.

Among these three, the chosen option will ultimately be guided by the following path;

  • In what time duration you would like to hire a candidate.
  • To interview and test the candidate, the Technical expertise is mandatory to be fulfilled or not.
  • How much qualified and at what level (i.e., developer, team leader, or project manager) of an employee you are looking for?
  • What is your Budget, to offer a salary package to the qualified candidate?
  • At what level the project quality is a concern for you?
  1. In-House and Freelance Developers

Hiring a Freelance or In-house developer is very beneficial if you have the expertise in recruiting the best and right Python Developer. The developer will be an asset for a company if he possesses the ability and desire to lead and manage the project and guide the development process until completion.

The freelance developers are quite cheap to afford, but it may also result in compromised project quality. However, the in-house developers are quite efficient, but working monotonously doesn’t allow them to be diverse and enhance their learning. Due to which, sometimes, they get stuck over new techniques or on complex tasks. So, to avoid such situations, the company needs to look for other experienced agencies of dedicated developers to handle the situation.

To hire the Freelancer of in-house developers and the best Python Developers, then there are numerous sites from where you can find such candidates. However, some of the famous and most preferred websites name are as follows;

  • Toptal
  • Hired
  • We Work Remotely
  • GitHub Jobs
  • Authentic Jobs
  • Remote Python
  • Stack Overflow
  • People Per Hour
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Guru
  • Find Bacon, and etc.
  1. Software Development Companies

The Freelancers are very cheap to hire but are very risky to hire. In contrast, in-house developers are very costly for an organization to hire, and they may also need help in multiple situations. However, these software development companies can be the best option for hiring Python developers or any specialized developers or a team.

The software development companies are experts and experienced in their work, along with a team of developers who are equipped and updated with new technologies. They had a complete team of experts and built the project with utter precision, dedication, and maintaining the deadlines. As compared to in-house developers, these companies are affordable and assure to deliver the project based on the client’s requirements.

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How much does it Cost to Hire Best Python Developers?

The cost of hiring Python developers relies on various factors. Some of the most common and obvious reasons are their Work Experience, Skillset, Region, Sophistication of the Project, and many more. Apart from that, the other factor that defines the cost is the role assigned to the developers. So, define what the role of a Python Developer is.

The role of the Python Developer is that whether he is going to work on the front-end development or back-end development technologies. This solely depends upon the client’s or companies requirements to build the project.

Apart from job roles, the salary of hiring Python developers varies from country to country and company to company. Every country has its definite minimum payment criteria.  Many countries and companies have an hourly basis payment criteria. However, many follow a monthly basis payment system. The experience and skill set of the developers also matter.

These criteria differences cause a significant difference in the salary of Python Developers. The average Python Developers salary in the US also varies from city to city. Hence, the minimum salary, i.e., for Freshers or less than 1 year experienced, the average salary is $74,435 per year. However, for Middle Level Developers, the average salary is $100, 826 per year, and for experienced Python Developers, the payment is $127,217 per year.

Why Prefer Hiring Python Developers from EngineerBabu?

The cost of hiring Python developers or any developer is comparatively low in India that other Asian or Western countries. However, in India, you can easily access a wide pool of highly talented and skilled developers. Here at EngineerBabu we have highly skilled and experienced developers. 

All the developers are efficient in working for local or foreign clients and also manage the time-zone issue in a very brilliant manner. Our team has developed a great number of products in different genres. So, you can rely on us for your best quality product and good assistance.

The cost of hiring Python developers from EngineerBabu is very reasonable, and we assure you to deliver the best quality in the deadline. We serve you a dedicated team of developers, who only work on your project and remain in constant contact with you to deliver each update instantly.

Well, for our clients and reader’s assistance, we have compiled a budget division table. It will help you understand the average cost of product development and make it easier for you to contact us with your idea. Take a look at this budget division table.


Team Member


Monthly Cost

Project Manager Bridges the gap between the client and the team. Free (No extra expenses required)
Developer Develops the app by writing the codes and fixing the bugs. $2000 to $4000 (Depends on Experience)
Back-End Developer Maintains effective and uninterrupted communication between the server and database for the proper functioning of the application. $1500 to $2500 (Depends on Experience)
Designer Responsible for the appearance of the app as well as making sure to provide a user-friendly environment. $1500 to $2500 (Depends on Experience)
Tester Ensures the app performs as per the client’s requirement. Free (No extra expenses required)


I’m sure this above table is definitely going to help you in managing your budget and do the comparative analysis and choose EngineerBabu for your new project.

How to Differentiate between a Good and a Bad Python Developers Team?

Since there is an abundance of developers almost in every country in the IT Industry. Hence, it is necessary to learn to differentiate between good and bad before hiring Python developers for your company and its upcoming projects.

A Good Python Developers Team possess the following features appropriately as compared to bad Python developers;

  • Follows best practices and updated guidelines.
  • Knows how the Python Libraries work.
  • Skilled and Understand Object-Oriented Programming.
  • Performs a transparent workflow.
  • Possess a good knowledge of Web Development Frameworks.
  • Skilled in solving Python-focused Software Architecture problems.
  • Works smoothly within a Team.
  • Reports regularly on completing the assigned tasks.
  • Involves in team meetings to discuss issues and project progress.
  • Will produce code samples to represent his capabilities and open for interviews with team leaders.
  • Is open for challenges and delivers the best results.


We have discussed why Python is the most preferred language, process and skills of hiring Python developers, the cost of hiring Python developers, and other things in this blog. It is quite challenging to pick the right talent for your organization from the pool of talented developers. Though, these points will definitely help you in hiring Python developers and ending with the qualified and best developers.

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EngineerBabu has been working in the software and application development industry for more than eight years and satisfying our clients with our best work. Our team is skilled in delivering solutions for all types of complex tasks using ‘Python’- the flexible programming language. Check out our portfolio and contact us for further assistance. We assure you to deliver the best customer service in the shortest time, with an efficient team of experienced and skilled developers.

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