Why Django is the Best Web Framework for Your Project?

Django is the best web framework

Django is the best and a high-level Python framework for web application development. It allows developers to use modules and exercise faster development of projects. Hence, among developers, Django is the best web framework for rapid project building. It serves developers to use the available modules in Django Framework to create apps, websites from the existing source.

The Django Framework contributes to speed up the development process. It serves developers with the pre-written codes, and they don’t have to do everything from scratch. Django Framework of Python programming language is famous among developers for its advanced functionalities such as Admin Panels, Comment Box, Authentication Support, Contact Forms, App Management, File Upload Support, and many more.

What is Django Framework?

First, we learn what a framework is? A framework is a basic building block that provides structure and basic techniques for web application development. Overall, frameworks simplify web developer’s work by providing a flexible structure, versatile, and viable web applications.

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Django was developed by a team of two developers working for the Lawrence Journal-World in Kansas. After its introduction to the developer’s world, it has been adopted by a number of developers and builds a variety of websites using the Django Framework. Django is the best web framework which has contributed to building renowned apps, including Spotify, Dropbox, Pinterest, The Washington Post, NASA, National Geographic, The Guardian, and many more.

Currently, the Django Framework community comprises about 11,000 developers across 166 countries. According to the developer’s community, Django is the best web framework for web development because of its simplicity and rich features. It is an incredible framework of Python development for making database-driven websites.

Django framework is built on the principle of Model Read Model Subject pattern, i.e., Model View Template (MVT), and helps developers in developing complicated database-driven websites.

Django is incredibly versatile and can build all types of projects. Such as, Financial and Scientific platforms, Social Networks, Powerful Websites, Content Management Systems, and many more. Apart from that, the Django framework is a trustable name in the Fin-Tech Industry, where a product requires to be trustworthy and 100% secure.

The other technical features, Django is the best web framework serves to its developers are as follows;

  • Simple Syntax,
  • Own Web Server,
  • Model View Controller (MVC) core architecture,
  • An Object Relationship Mapper (ORM),
  • HTTP Libraries,
  • Middleware Support, and
  • Python Unit Test Framework.

What is Django Framework used for?

Many people consider the Django framework as merely the Content Management System. However, in reality, it is a very effective tool in the market to build and run web applications. Apart from that, Django is the best web framework of the Python programming language that can take on numerous tasks. This framework can be used for creating the following;

  • Client Relationship Management System (CRM),
  • Content Management System (CMS) for commercial and internal uses,
  • Booking Engines,
  • Document Administration Platforms,
  • Communication Platforms,
  • Verification System,
  • Emailing Solutions,
  • Algorithm-based Generators,
  • Machine Learning,
  • Data Analysis Solutions and Complicated calculations,
  • Filtering Systems with advanced parameters and dynamically changing rules.

Django framework also supports a dynamic CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) interface, designed with Admin models and generated through introspection. CRUD operations are used to define the basic database commands, which supports interface viewing, updating, and searching for specific information.

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Why Django is the Best Web Framework for Your Project?

We have learned what the Django framework is and what it is used for. Now, let us take a closer look over why Django is the best web framework for your project or why to choose the Django framework over other Python frameworks and languages.

  1. It is Fast & Simple

The first and foremost aim Django framework follows is to simplify the developer’s work. To make it possible, the Django framework of Python programming language uses the following tactics;

  • Django follows the principle of Rapid Development, which allows developers to perform more than one iteration at a time and without starting the whole process from scratch.
  • Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) Philosophy- it allows developers to use the existing code multiple times and focus working on the unique codes and formations.

Hence, both the tactics serve developers in a better way to manage their development process and save time to take the project to the market.

  1. High Security

Providing Security is also one of the highest priorities served by the Django framework. Django is the best web framework to provide an out-of-the-box security system to build a quality project. Thus, the security system helps developers to avoid the commonly arisen security issues, including the following issues;

  • Cross-Site Scripting,
  • SQL Injection, and
  • clickjacking.

Django, being an intelligent and smart framework; it promptly releases new security patches. Usually, the Django framework is the first to respond to vulnerabilities and alert other frameworks of Python programming language.

  1. Suitable for Any Web Application Project

Django framework supports managing projects of any size and capacity- ranging from a simple website or a heavily feature-loaded web application. There are multiple reasons for using Django framework for your project development, are as follows;

  • Django framework supports the easy development of applications that can hold heavy traffic and large amounts of information.
  • It supports cross-platform- the developed project can efficiently work on Mac, Linux, or Windows.
  • Django framework supports efficient work with major databases and allows usage of most suitable databases required in the particular project. It can even support multiple databases at a time.
  1. Well-Established

The Django framework is crowd and time tested. Hence, it has an extensive developer community support that can be accessed through various channels, forums, and dedicated websites. A vast community makes it easier to find help for any problem in the code if it arises. Also able to find qualified and experienced developers for your company if looking for such developers to develop the project based on Django framework.

Having a vast developer’s community builds a trust that any issue with the framework can be resolved as soon as it arises. To make working more easier and convenient for developers on the Django framework- the new packages are released regularly after updating and adding new packages.

  1. Django Mature Framework

Django is more than a decade old Python-based framework and has undergone through significant stages of refinement and improvements. Many features have been added into it to achieve Django is the best web framework of Python programming language. Being such an old framework, it becomes easier to work over and get the problems solved quickly because of having a huge community.

  1. Admin Panel by Default

Django framework supports automatically generated Admin Panel from Python programming language. However, manually developing an Admin Panel would require a lot of time, and it seems pointless when Django provides an automatically generated Admin Panel. The Admin Panels are usually designed to help in managing the developed applications.

The developers can also modify the Django auto-generated Admin Panel with the help of third-party applications. Moreover, the Django framework allows modification of the interface and adds dashboards with third-party wrappers. It is solely and uniquely based on the requirements.

  1. Good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Python programming language supports human-readable codes and syntax. Thus, it works as an advantage for your website. If you want your site to rank high in search results, it would be better to choose Python programming language for development and opt Django is the best web framework to achieve it.

With the Django framework, you can generate easily readable Links and URLs by using the relevant Keywords and exercising best Search Engine Optimization practices. Evidently, the domain name is a human-readable string that maps easily and in a very tech-friendly manner through a set of numbers, i.e., unique IP Addresses.

Usually, with other platforms and the unfamiliar people used to neglect URL slug. But for getting the right domain name, the Django framework can fix this with the right URL slug.

  1. Pluggable

Django is the best web framework that supports expandability with additional Plugins. Basically, Plugins are Software Components that allow developers to insert specific features to any individual app and provide excellent scope for customization. Apart from that, the Python programming language offers hundreds of additional packages.

The available packages help developers add Google Maps, Connect to Stripe to establish the payment process, or Create complex permissions. However, if you like to expand your project, it can be done with ease in the future. The developers just needed to unplug the existing components and replace them with other plugins that can serve all your current requirements.

  1. Object-Relational Mapper (ORM)

Django framework is known for its object-relational mapper; it helps Python Developers to interact with Databases. ORM is a library that transfers data in databases automatically likewise PostgreSQL and MySQL into objects which are commonly used in application code.

The Object-Relational Mapper of the Django framework can extract information that speeds up web application development. It helps developers to build working prototypes in a short period of time. Hence, the developers don’t have to learn the language used for database communication to manipulate or extract data.

Apart from that, Django is the best web framework ORM that helps developers to switch between Relational Databases by implementing minimum changes in the codes. Though, it is suggested and generally best to use only a single database to minimize errors that might occur during the database transition process.

  1. Best Solution for an MVP Design

A high number of startups choose to build MVP (Minimum Viable Product) initially. While using the proper development approach, MVP is an appropriate choice as it can be a scalable option for further development.

Django is the best web framework solution for developing a suitable MVP, which can be further built on. The further building of MVP allows the product to come up with fully-featured, right out of the box and serve all the requirements. However, the MVP is already equipped with many features and essential tools to develop any additional product features.

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Why is MVT Architecture Important for any Django Web Application?

The Django framework completely follows the Python structure and is purely written in the Python programming language. It started as the MVC framework, i.e., Model View Controller, though this concept still works in its current version.

The MVC architecture allows developers to improvise the application’s appearance or visuals and the logical part separately. Despite that, the developers usually refer to Django framework architecture as the Model View Template (MVT). It is a three layer structure, and each layer is responsible for different things and can be used independently as well.

The Django framework states a model is, “the single and definite source of information about your data. It has the vital fields and behaviors of the stored data.” Usually, each model is linked with a single database table. Most importantly, hardly any application is developed without a database. Therefore, the Django framework supports four different databases- Oracle, MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL.

Each model retrieves and stores information about the data and represents it with attributes or fields name. However, the model is a simple Python class, so it doesn’t know anything about other layers involved in the Django framework. The communication between each layer is only possible through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).

The Models are having information, including business logic, properties, custom methods, and other details involved in data manipulation. It also allows developers to perform various operations in the original database, such as create, read, update, and delete objects or data sets.

The View operation executes the Tree tasks; it accepts HTTP Requests, implements business logic introduced by Python Class and Methods, and serves HTTP Responses on the Client’s Requests. In simpler words, we can understand the process as the view takes data from a model. It either gives each template access to the specific data to be displayed or processes data beforehand.

Django framework owns a powerful template engine and its own Markup Language with other tools. The templates files are equipped with HTML codes which are used to render data. The files hold data in the form of either Static or Dynamic. The templates don’t have any business logic, so they are only for data representation.

Why use Django Framework?

As a dependable and responsible software and application development company in India, EngineerBabu also likes Django as other developers do. Django motivates its developers to develop products with minimum redundancy. The clear and practical design Django framework offers makes web app development in a proper streamlined format.

Django framework offers a required toolkit of components for website development in one place. It allows the developers to develop the website or app quickly, instead of working from scratch to get the desired result. Regardless of whether the developers are working on any social media website or a customized enterprise app, they don’t have to worry about writing the same codes again for the new project.

Without any doubt, Django is the best web framework for development. It covers all the basics, and being a responsible developers team; we ensure to implement all the valid expectations of our clients. Apart from that, Django also allows us to utilize libraries of third-party plugins and extensions to implement customization in a proper manner and fulfill our clients requirements.

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How to Choose the Right Web Framework for your Project?

Frameworks are designed to provide a specific solution for each problem and make trade-offs to serve in a better manner to the intended audience. If every client has similar needs and goals, then we require only a single framework. But, it is not possible in reality; every client has different requirements, which require different frameworks and appropriate frameworks to deliver the exact product.

Hence, while evaluating the appropriate framework for the project, consider the following important points first to choose the right framework for your project.

  • What is the size and complexity of the proposed project to build?
  • Would you prefer to build or choose your own libraries, configuration, and application structure, or would you like to exercise a more curated set of options provided to you in advance?
  • The performance of your project is how much important for you?
  • How fast would you be able to build and deploy your product to the client?
  • How long will the product be in the development phase, and how many developers are going to work on it?

Apart from these questions, consider the quality of the required documentation procedure narrating the potential requirements and the size of the framework community for a project. 

Hence, consider all these questions and aspects first while exploring the option of choosing the best web frameworks.

There is no specific framework that is perfect for every project, but here are some suggestions to choose the appropriate framework for your project.

  • If you want to build the product quickly with a well-established solution where you can find resources easily and implement it to get the desired results. Then, go with Django or Flask, as Django is the best web framework for building the project then prefer it first.
  • If you are starting with a small project and having ample in understanding and controlling all the parts of your application. Then prefer and explore working with Pyramid, Flask, or CherryPy frameworks.
  • If you are looking to build an API or micro-services, which needs to be highly scalable. Then, you can choose  to work with Falcon, FastAPI, or Sanic.
  • If you are a beginner as a developer or are learning web development, then you can work with web2py or Bottle framework. These are very user-friendly.
  • If you are open to exploration, experimentation, and want to work on up-coming frameworks with new ideas and the way of doing things. Then, you should prefer working with Masonite and FastAPI frameworks.


Django can implement an excellent addition to the project and make it to handle large volumes of content, manage heavy traffic or user interactions, or manage complex functionality or technology such as Machine Learning. Despite it is a useful framework for small scale projects too and supports to scale up the project to a much higher level. This is the reason, the small or large organizations prefer to go with the Django framework. As, they can easily build projects varying in sizes and goals.

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If you have a business idea and would like to build a web app. For that, if you are looking for a Python Web Development company working over the Django framework or a dedicated team of Web Developers, you can instantly connect EngineerBabu. We have ample resources and qualified and experienced Python developers on the Django framework in developing apps and server apps. For further details and assistance, you can contact us and discuss your project idea with us and take it on the floor.

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