Top 10 Mobile App Programming Languages

mobile app programming languages

Mobile users are one of the active consumers nowadays. There was a time when possession of mobile was confined only to the elite and financially competent segment of the society. Now the scenario has drastically changed due to advancements in technology. As a result, Mobile App Programming is evolving rapidly. Thus, there are numerous programming languages in the market, and it has become challenging to choose the appropriate mobile app programming languages among them.

The sale of smartphones is also hitting new heights; therefore, it is the best time to indulge in the mobile app programming industry by selecting the best language for app development. Still, millions of mobile apps exist and are working extensively for each platform.

Many times, having so many options to choose one from it also becomes an enormous problem. So, choosing the best mobile app programming language for your app development remains a great dilemma for many.

In today’s world, for your business, mobile apps will work as an online store to fulfill the customer’s needs instantly. So, develop the best quality app; it is crucial to choose the best programming languages for your app.

Further, we are going to discuss 10 Best Programming Languages for mobile app development. But the selection of appropriate mobile app programming language is dependent on what you expect to achieve.

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Let us take a look over 10 Best Programming Languages in detail for mobile app programming and are as follows;

10 Best Mobile App Programming Languages

  1. Kotlin

Kotlin, one of the best mobile app programming languages, was developed by “Jey Brians and Opensource Contributors.” It was introduced to the developers in the year 2011.

Kotlin is a cross-platform mobile app programming language. It is also used as an alternative to Java for Android App Development. It can effectively interoperate with Java and can run over Java Virtual Machine. In 2017, Kotlin was officially addressed as the secondary Java language.

The only difference Kotlin has is that it removes the redundant features of Java, like null pointer exceptions. It also removes the requirement ending every sentence with a semicolon.

Basically, Kotlin is a statically typed mobile app programming language developed to overrule the limitations of Java for android app development. It can be easily used with Java to develop efficient and high-performance applications.

Kotlin has very simple codes and clear syntax easy to understand. It is a versatile and interoperable platform. It can efficiently generate crisp and clean codes as compared to Java. Therefore, Kotlin is considered as one of the most popular platforms used for mobile app programming languages.


  • Kotlin supports Java Virtual Machine and can be compiled with JavaScript Source Code too.
  • It has complete support from Google to use Android as the Operating System and the installation packages of IDEs. IDEs can be directly included as an alternative to the Standard Java Compiler.
  • It follows aggressive interference which regulates the program’s value and expression if it is not clearly stated.

Popular Applications built on Kotlin are Netflix, Slack, Basecamp, and Evernote.

  1. Swift

Swift mobile app programming language was developed by “Chris Lattner and Apple Inc.” It was introduced on June 2, 2014.

Swift is one of the best mobile app programming languages suitable for iOS application development. Before the introduction of other languages, Swift was having the monopoly in iOS app development. Despite that, Swift is still ruling as the iOS app programming language. Evidently, Objective-C was introduced but was not that efficient and eventually was ruled by Swift as the mobile app programming languages.

Later on, Apple made Swift an open-source which gets available to the developer’s community for app development. Swift is a powerful and intuitive app programming language for macOS, iOS, watchOS, tvOS, and other Apple’s device applications.

From developers point of view, writing code on Swift is quite fun and interactive. The syntax is very expressive yet concise, and it includes numerous modern features which developers used to love. Swift UI offers multiple features to its developers and allows them to add seamless design in the application.


  • Swift is a parallel mobile app programming language used to develop an app for iOS, macOS, tcOS, watchOS, and Linux too.
  • Apple Inc. developed Swift app programming language. It has multiple features and is a well-compiled app programming language used for general purposes.
  • Its code can be executed on Cocoa and Cocoa Touch platforms.
  • It is inspired by many languages. Its idea has been taken from multiple sources like C#, Ruby, Python, Haskell, Object-C, CLU, and others.

Popular Applications built on Swift are Airbnb, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Khan Academy, Hubspot, Pandora, Lyft, and OpenTable.

  1. Objective-C

The Objective-C app programming language was developed by “Tom Love and Bred Cox.” It was introduced to the developers in the year 1985.

Objective-C is derived from C language and is an object-oriented, general-purpose programming language. Apple’s core language was used to develop the Swift programming language for iOS and OS X development.

It is a simple to use app programming language and supports dynamic typing and dynamic run-time. Objective-C uses Static Libraries and run-time code compilation. It works effectively with Apple Inc.

Since 1985, it remains the popular app programming language in 2020. Partly because Swift is developed with this language, and many iOS apps were written in this language. Therefore, developers use this language to continue maintaining the existing iOS apps.


  • It is an updated version of C programming language with additional features like Smalltalk-style messaging.
  • It is a well updated and mature language, i.e., familiar to many developers and can be used for both the application and operating system development.
  • Apple mainly uses it for macOS and iOS operating systems development.

Popular Applications built on Objective-C are Apple Services- iTunes, Apple Music.

  1. C++

C++ is one of the oldest and best programming languages developed by “Bjarne Stroustrup.” It was introduced in 1985.

C++ is very much similar to C-language. It follows the concept of Object-Oriented Programming and uses it with the syntax of C-language. It features a low level of memory manipulation.

In mobile app programming languages, it is a great language to go with, as it helps to develop cross-platform mobile apps easily with easy debugging experience and a powerful environment. C++ can be effectively used to build applications and design amazing Android, iOS, and Windows applications.

It is widely used for implementing GUI applications 3D Graphics for Games. C++ also offers numerous properties like exception handling, Congruity, and native development kit with the Object-Oriented paradigm.


  • It provides facilities like low-level memory manipulation.
  • It is a general-purpose programming language which has object-oriented, imperative, and generic programming features.
  • C++ is standardized by ISO (International Organization of Standardization). ISO released its latest ratified version in December 2017.

Popular Applications built on C++ are Mozilla Browser, Adobe products, and Microsoft Softwares.

  1. PHP

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Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) was designed by “Zend Technologies.” It was introduced in the year 1995 and is an open-source programming language.

Initially, it was developed for websites, but later on, it is used for general purpose development. It is used for Server-side Scripting along with Command-line Scripting and Coding Applications. Primarily PHP is a coding language used to build dynamic websites but can effectively be used to develop iOS and Android mobile app programming.

Mobile app developers can use PHP effectively by embedding it into the HTML code line or mesh it into a content management system and frameworks. PHP is a great programming language in creating GUI for apps.


  • It is an open-source server-side scripting language.
  • It serves simple database integration.
  • PHP is easy to learn mobile app programming language.
  • It is platform-independent and uses procedural and object-oriented interfaces.

Popular Applications built on PHP are Wikipedia, Facebook, Yahoo, Flickr, Tumblr, WordPress, MailChimp, and many others.

  1. JavaScript

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JavaScript was developed by “Netscape Communications Corporation, Mozilla Foundation, and Ecma International.” It was introduced on December 4, 1955.

It is a high-level, interpreted programming language. It supports multiple paradigm programming languages like object-oriented, functional programming. JavaScript is characterized by dynamic, weakly typed, and prototype based programming language.

JavaScript supports programming styles, such as imperative, functional, and event-driven. Primarily JavaScript is the language that is run by browsers, used to develop and control web pages. But it can work effectively in mobile app programming and association with CSS, HTML, and AJAX.

Developing mobile applications on JavaScript is quite easy because it requires writing code once for the app and can be released on all the platforms, i.e., Android, iOS, and Windows.


  • One of the easiest languages to learn.
  • It is a very fast and efficient programming language.
  • It is executed on the client-side. Hence it saves bandwidth by not using the server.
  • It is majorly used for making websites and mobile applications interesting by adding animations and dynamics into it.

Popular Applications built on JavaScript are Wikipedia, Yahoo, eBay, Amazon, and many more.

  1. Java

Java, one of the best programming languages, was developed by “James Gosling.” It was released on January 23, 1994.

Java is the most used and official programming language used for mobile app development, majorly for android. It is one of the best mobile app programming languages and is the most supported language by Google. Evidently, numerous apps based on Java can be found in the Play Store. Along with that, it has a great online community to get the support and problem resolution.

Despite that, Java is a complicated mobile programming language to learn for beginners. It contains typical topics like null pointer exceptions, constructors, checked exceptions, concurrency, etc. Java also uses the Android Software Development Kit (SDK), which takes the complexity level of programming language to another extent.

It uses JVM (Java Virtual Machine), which allows it to work smoothly on every system. A majority of developers and organizations prefer Java over other programming languages because of its versatility and flexibility for engineers to develop error-free mobile applications quickly.

Initially, the language was named Oak after an oak tree stood outside Gosling’s (developer) office. Later, it was called Green and was finally renamed as Java, from Java coffee.


  • It is a portable language that works across operating systems.
  • It provides a stable environment for mobile app programming.
  • Java supports high-quality code compilation.
  • It offers high stability.

Popular Applications use Java to build web apps, and backend web systems are LinkedIn, Amazon, Twitter, eBay, and many others.

  1. Python

Python programming language was developed by “Guido Van Rossum.” It was released in the year 1990.

It is popular among developers and organizations because of its ability to deliver better results, agility, and user experience. Python language is easy to understand the mobile app programming language. It minimizes errors, has a natural and basic syntax that looks like English. These features make it the best choice for beginners and amateurs developers.

It is used for general purpose programming language and is an interpreted high-level programming language. It possesses a  design philosophy which provides code readability, especially using convincing white space.

The Python interpreters can be available for many operating systems. It is open-source software that serves a community based development model. Its vast collection of frameworks makes programming very easy and flexible.


  • It is open-source software and an object-oriented app programming language.
  • It provides cross-platform solutions.
  • Python supports an asynchronous coding design.
  • It can effectively use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for developing desktop and web applications.
  • It promotes access to several modules.

Popular Applications built on Python are Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, Reddit, Quora, Dropbox, and many others.

  1. Ruby

Ruby was developed by “Yukihiro Matsumoto et al.” It was released in 1995.

It is a general purpose object-oriented programming language and supports dynamic type systems. Like PHP, Ruby is also designed by developers for web development, but eventually, it shapes the basics of Ruby on Rails structure. Being one of the best mobile app programming languages, it becomes the friendliest programming language.

It is an easy to learn programming language and have liberal community support to assist developers when facing any issues. It has clean syntax and is considered as the savvy and reasonable programming language.

To develop a mobile application, Ruby requires the support of frameworks such as Rhodes or RubyMotion. Using any of the one frameworks can effectively develop Android, iOS, Windows, and OS X applications.

It is such an easy programming language that one can develop an app in 10 minutes. It is an easy programming language and insanely powerful.


  • It supports Dynamic Typing.
  • It is an Object-Oriented Programming language.
  • Ruby supports easy coding, such that anyone can do it.
  • It uses existing codes, hence best for beginners.
  • It has a wide and helpful community backing.

Popular Applications built on Ruby are Bloomberg, Twitter, Airbnb, Shopify, Pixlr, Groupon, Scribd, ThemeForest, Basecamp, and many others.

  1. HTML 5

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HTML 5 was developed by “Web Hypertext Application Technology working.” It was introduced on January 22, 2008.

Like HTML helps in building web pages; likewise, HTML 5 is used for building web-based mobile applications. HTML 5 (Hypertext Markup Language of WWW consortium) is the latest update of HTML. It highlights the exceptional features like quick market deployment, multi-platform functionality, and multimedia support for different gadgets and programs.

HTML 5 can be effectively used for developing the mobile application, both Android and iOS, as it provides incredible flexibility. It provides cross-browser support and responsiveness, which makes developing anything in HTML 5 a painless activity on any device. HTML5 supports easy and clean coding.

It provides descriptive and improved connotations with which developers can increase semantic value as code is standardized in HTML 5. HTML5 has CANVAS elements which is used in embedded applications like dynamic graphics, online and offline games, interactive audio and video, and animations.


  • It is responsive to most of the devices.
  • Supports drag and drop functionality.
  • HTML5 fully supports audio and video.
  • It uses CANVAS Tag to develop games in HTML 5.

Popular Applications built on HTML 5 are Google Docs, Google Drive, Zoho App collection (about 33 apps), and many others.

Well… here we sum up the list of top 10 Mobile App Programming Languages suitable for 2020. You should definitely consider opting and learning these languages for a promising growth in the app industry as a mobile app developer. Nowadays, Cross-platform development is much preferred technology in mobile app programming. People prefer quality along with time-efficiency and effort-reduction, which can be achieved by cross-platform development. It allows easy development of apps where you can make multiple apps using the same codebase.

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