6 Things to Keep in Mind Before Developing a Product

important things for developing a product

6 Important things for a Successful Product Development

Companies having a focused approach, function better financially. To make both ends meet, I make customer satisfaction my topmost priority because it is his acceptance that will help in furnishing an outstanding product. The knack of this trade lies in the critical ability in finding out what the user really wants. Developing a product which is user-friendly does half the work.

I keep the distance from giving a bulk of options to the client since web developing shares the drawback of shopping. As you get confused after seeing some options to choose from, so does the client. Henceforth, I make a user experience the nucleus of my interest to fulfill his expectations.

 You too can strive to provide refine work by following these easy tips:-

1. Ease of use may be invisible, but its absence sure isn’t-

Someone asked me, “Why UI and UX are important?” I questioned, “Why boys follow pretty girls in college?” This exactly summarises the importance of UI and UX. Boys linger after girls who are comparatively prettier than the rest. Don’t take me wrong; I’m not a racist. I truly believe in inner beauty. But honestly, we end up judging a book by its cover. That is the first thing that drives us to pick up that book in first place and start flipping through its pages. So the visual impact created by the website is most important. How viewers get surrealistic images while easily browsing through the web pages matter. A picture can speak a thousand words while staying mum at the same time. User interface and user experience have the capability to make or break your creation. The visuals should create such an impact on the eyes of the beholder that he gets lost in its beauty and even recommend your work to others.

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2. Clients may not tell you what they want, but they can always tell you what’s wrong-

Sounds like being a hypocrite, right? This confusion arises solely due to lack of communication. When we can be so expressive in confiding with our loved ones, why can’t we clear things face-to-face with clients too? My point is that we should be verbal and professional while dealing with clients instead of giving them the leverage to question my work. Overseas clients may often be heard grumbling about dissatisfactory work done by Indians, but perhaps it has got nothing to do with labeling a particular country’s workforce inadequate. We need to make efforts to communicate mutual needs with transparency. Allocating work to a suitable person too helps to fight such ugly situations.

3. The task of a leader is to get his people from where they are to where they have not been-

This quote by Henry A Kissinger sheds light on the work of a true leader who knows his team in and out. He can identify their qualities, expertise or flaws and then try to churn out the best from available resources by delegating work equally. I use this technique to analyze the potential and demerits of my employees and distribute work accordingly to get quality output.
If I know someone is good at developing a gaming application, I will give him a similar project instead of trying to pile him with the headache of designing a music application. This will not only spare us both from disagreements but also give him the confidence and scope of creativity to make the best use of his talent. It is important that the employee master a particular domain to deliver fine work.

4. How we spend our time defines who we are-

How often do we get chided for late work? But still, we continue to procrastinate. We often tend to ignore the fact that such practice bears direct consequences on our relations with the client. He might have expected us to complete the project in a given time limit. The moment we skip that deadline and make excuses to cover it up, we are disregarding work ethics at the cost of the company image. Clients value companies who stay true to their word. So it is better to decide a finite period and clarify with the prospect. Set a minimum and maximum time frame you’ll take to deliver work and most importantly keep your word.

5. We build too many walls and not enough bridges-

I often hear clients complaining about the developer’s inefficiency while the developer complaints about clients making too many changes. Such a deadlock situation arises when the two parties do not set ground rules before proceeding. To avoid this state, I meet my clients along with the designated developer before we tread on a new path. It is then that we set a framework, discuss the most intricate details about each and every tab. This way I don’t need to be in a position where we have to make further changes after the product is ready. It is up to us either to raise walls or build bridges. We unnecessarily invite untoward situations and then indulge in blame game. Let’s not get into such a practice again, make things simpler and deliver work effectively.

6. Knowing the answers help in school while knowing how to question will help in life-

Warren Berger unleashes the power of questioning the right way. Raising an impactful team is like raising a baby. You have to nurture employees with care and affection. They should be given the liberty to ask questions otherwise their growth would be hampered. I set-up a base camp and let employees find their way through remote lanes to enable them to solve even nerve-racking issues. When kids ask weirdest of questions, parents are bound to answer. So be a parent to your ever growing developer. Most companies do not establish a link between employees and client as they fear the developer would start taking up work directly from the client. We work contrary to this notion by engaging the two so that the developer has a thorough understanding of the client’s need. Involving developers in the association makes them feel valued and let’s not forget they are an asset to your firm.

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