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I am Mayank, Cofounder of EngineerBabu. I just want to say thank you for trusting a common Entrepreneur; who has chosen a team of Dreamers and Freelancers, not the Engineers.

What was the problem and Why we started?

Freelancing is a fundamentally wrong way for a successful project, It’s there must be a smarter way to find one.

 Let me explain it to you

  1. You post your project
  2. 30+ Freelancers apply without checking details of your project.
  3. Best freelancer still didn’t apply to your project because he is already overpacked with existing work.
  4. After 10 days of analysis to find the best developer, you select the one with the best score (Someone who has a better ranking, good rates, and good feedbacks).
  5. What if that freelancer takes work from you and outsources to someone else?
  6. Most freelancers work full-time in other companies.
  7. Freelancers don’t spend enough time checking your requirement, understanding the doc and guiding what is the right approach to get work done.
  8. Have you ever seen any freelancers, Helping you write user stories, sending grunt chats and Creating mockups?
  9. Entrepreneur spent a lot of time taking follow-ups, testing the product, taking suggestions from other apps or friends than planning strategies to promote the app.
  10. After all, this what if freelancer didn’t pick up your call or left the project incomplete.

How EngineerBabu helps you to find a perfect partner (Clients or Developer)

For the Freelancers or Team

Step 1: Create your profile
Step 2: See if you find any projects matching with your need
Step 3: If you are paid plan user, you can directly apply and the client will get a notification.
Step 4: We are also helping clients, and Developers to connect with each other but with the following criteria.

  1. We discuss with clients, taking their requirement (Scope and Budget).
Project Notes for freelancers

2. Then we are connecting them over email from nowE-mail

3. We take follow-ups from clients and Developers to know the progress.

We get both positive and negative feedbacks from our clients.

People are happy with our Process


Developers are getting Paid without focusing on Sales


Here is His review for Server work https://www.g2crowd.com/products/engineerbabu/reviews


These are the list of deals we cracked recently. profit gained after paying the freelancers

Thanks for suggestions.

This coming week, we are trying to focus and improvise few things:

  1. Customer Support, This week we have 4 Days holidays Due to Holi, our employees were on leave for 4 days.
  2. More projects

We have written the following Article that reached almost 12,600 Likes over Linkedin

Indian Developers are Not Good in India but When they reach the USA they become Google & Microsoft CEO.

Your friend Mayank at EngineerBabu.

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