Tu beer nahi Bisleri hai BC

life of an entrepreneur

Life is beautiful but if you want to know how to f**k yourself be an “Entrepreneur.”

Entrepreneurship brings plethora of challenges to you. It reminds me of the dialogue from TVF’s ‘Pitchers‘- “Tu Beer Nahi Bisleri Hai BC!”

Recently I met Ritesh Malik, Founder of Innov8 (Beautiful coworking space in India). He shared a great story, I am sure that is going to change your life.

1. Bisleri vs. Coke :

Take an example; There are two trucks one is loaded with Bisleri and another one with Coke bottles. Then truck sets on a voyage of hundreds of kilometer to take the bottle to there destinations. After hours of tumultuous journey, when you stop the truck and check the bottles what will you see?

Bisleri: Calm and peaceful, you can just open the cap and drink it.
Coke: Gases trying to ooze out and about to bust the bottles.

What we have learned from this, life is like this tumultuous road. You can’t set your roads, you can only choose a destination. At times roads are good and next moment bad., but we all have a choice of how to act or react.

Bisleri people enjoy pleasure and pain, and they keep themselves calm. When you are an entrepreneur most of the times, you are going to fuckup with so many problems but how to handle them will define your destiny and success.

Coke people are filled with ego, and they burst when something terrible happens. They have the tendency to react with the power they have rather than acting.

2. What is the basic problem?

You know the reason for all problem; PEOPLE.
You know the solution to all the problem; PEOPLE

3. Your network is not your net-worth

It’s wrong. You, your knowledge, your capability to help your network is your worth. If you are useless, unskilled your network can’t help you grow. No matter your daddy is Bollywood King, as Mr. Jr Bachhan hardly get any movies. Since then, I started investing time in myself, my knowledge rather than focusing on my network.

4. Be the best, for finding 1 diamond people dig tons of coal.

We are surrounded by people, we can right to choose the right client, right employee, right co-founder, right mentor, right investor. If we have the right people around us, they will pull you out of a challenging situation.
But when you made the wrong choice these people will f**k your life.

5. How to take the first step

Whatever we see around us is being created by humans. Essentially we have first manifested all this in our mind, then the creation in real life.
The same thing goes with relations and life’s situations. If we understand basic how to create the right thoughts inside our mind, we can avoid a lot many troubles. If we don’t understand and learn this, it leads to an accidental life without any control.   

6. Final Steps

Most of us know Yoga or morning walk is good for health but how many of us seriously do; So thinking about something is good but doing it, in reality, is altogether is a different ball game.

  1. Don’t plan your day, plan your night so that you know what to do the next day.
  2. Remove unnecessary apps, most of the successful people are not even on facebook.
  3. We all have the right people connected to us over social media, take time and meet. Everyone share good things over social media, when you meet them in person, you will know how they got fucked and how they saved their ass.
  4. You always need right people around, choose carefully, once chosen help them, trust them. Give them the freedom to take a decision, they may fail, tell them you are there don’t worry!
  5. Stay away from negativity and negative people. They are a dead rat, they always smell bad even in Leela Palace.
  6. Don’t start anything new, if you start to make sure you finish.   
  7. Take a step daily, you can’t become Sachin Tendulkar in one day.
  8. Your body needs exercise, healthy food. Your mind needs inspiration, your heart needs gratitude and care. Do it daily.
  9. Don’t take silence for rejection! It is not the handsome guy that gets the girl, but the most persistent one.
  10. The best way to get more customers around your product or services is to be used again, and again, and again, and again

Life is not beautiful, it’s what we make it.

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