Golang- Digital Transformation Guide for Non-Tech Founder

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In the world of web development, elegance is king. Businesses get the competitive edge by making their websites and web applications develop faster with less cost and resources involved. Moreover, they are not just looking for much-needed web development, the demands are high for advanced use and seamless user experience. So, Golang is a great platform to go with, especially if you are a novice or newcomer to development. As a result, many business seekers prefer to hire Golang developers to build projects easily and quickly.

This requires the emergence of highly functional and advanced languages to improve website performance, such as Golang. This article focuses on the benefits of Golang web development and compares Golang web applications with other popular languages, such as Python. We will also guide you to analyze and learn how to hire Golang developers, future of Golang development styles, and many more details.

Golang was created by Google in 2007. In the end, it has served many purposes so far. Apart from the development of the Golang Web, you may have heard of Golang resources, Golang ERP programs, Golang mobile development, etc. 

In addition, Golang is a language that supports Docker technology, which is gaining popularity today. It also became a major driver after the DevOps movement. The benefits of its application in data science are also impressive.

This Digital Transformation guide is stuffed with the most relevant Facts, Stats, and Numbers to enable you make an informed decision without even consulting any CTO. In no time, you will have very sound knowledge.

Let us tell you why we are experts on this topic; We have worked with 1000+ CTOs, hundreds of products amongst them have been funded by VC including MIT DeltaV, Harvard innovation Lab. 

We want to share why they chose to hire Golang developers to build scalable solutions, and what VC looks like in technology products.

Choose Right Tech-Stack for Web Development 

When it comes to developing a digital product, be it a mobile app or a web application, the most important thing you can decide is where your technology will be built.

The reason? Because the technology stack directly affects the performance of your app. And similarly, the type of constructive application also influences the choice of technology stacks. 

In fact, choosing the right stack for the right technology is one of the key keys to any digital product success. However, if you do not have a team of full stack engineers, it will be difficult for you to identify the right technical stack for your web application development.

That’s where we come from …

We have long considered that entrepreneurs fight hard when choosing a technology stack. Therefore, we decided to share the process of what needs to be considered when choosing a technical stack. In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know, from what the technical stack to its design is, what things to consider and what not to do when choosing.

Let’s dig a little deeper..

From the beginning, the answer to the question; which development language is best for your business. It is one of the most important decisions you should make before moving ahead. Everyone in business today has their own preferences, ideas, and needs when it comes to programming languages.

EngineerBabu hire Golang developers

What is Golang?

Go, or Golang, is the language of the open system. The programming language is mathematically typed and distributes integrated machine code banners. The developers claim that Google’s Go language is a 21st-century language and follows C-language in terms of syntax. However, this new programming language includes a tool that allows you to safely use memory, manage items, collect garbage, and provide consistent (or solid) typing and concurrency.

The main purpose of Go includes the excellent features of other programming languages:

  • Easy to use and productive with modern technology
  • High efficiency and vertical typing
  • Improved network performance and full use of multi-core power

What does the Go Programming Language do?

Go includes many features such as its standard library, package management, static typing, test support and platform autonomy. Go’s standard library went through the use of distributed packages. Package management refers to how Go will manage user-based and external package management support.

Packages can be easily published by using a small set of commands. Stable typing is a type program that ensures flexibility and consistency. Meanwhile, avoiding the issues that come with dynamic typing languages. Go also supports unit testing to be performed in accordance with the written code. Additionally, due to the Go modular design, the code can be integrated into almost any platform.

Specifically, Go uses lightweight processes that enable it to process simultaneously and behave like strings. The syntax will mimic patterns commonly seen in powerful languages. Therefore, hire Golang developers to meet the addition to the development legacy.

Some of Go’s tools to be highlighted;

  1. The “Gofmt” feature that automatically creates and reverses the code to read it.
  2. “Go run” that integrates and executes code simultaneously.
  3. “Go and get it” interacts freely with GitHub.

“Godoc” produces HTML-based texts based on code structure and developer comments.

Golang is available in many frames, enabling different functionality and features. Check out the Best Golang Frameworks and their features.

Advantages of Golang

Why is Go language so popular? Apart from a good mascot, Go brings many benefits. The language began to rise almost as soon as it was released back in 2009. It quickly began to drift from # 65 languages ​​to the top of the world. As a result, ‘The Business Insider’ has been named ‘Go’ as the 2016 best programming language.

According to the TIOBE index, Go’s rating rose slightly in 2017, but in 2018 it has continued to rise as the graph below supports this claim.

1. Rating of Golang

EngineerBabu hire Golang developers

The reason for the Go rate increase is that it works similar to C and is much easier to maintain than Java. Other than that, there is no need for a visible machine, no warm-up time, no JAR hell, and so on. Hence, the companies are preferring to hire Golang developers to ease the product development time and budget.

2.Use Less Time And Money To Make App

You do not need a large tech stack if you use Go for your project. Apps created on Go are actually integrated with the native machine code and do not require any interpreter or virtual machine. This also means that the Go apps will work faster and motivate entrepreneurs to hire Golang developers for their business solutions.

3. Use Go to Get a List of Apps

Go is a truly flexible language, capable of solving many problems. You can use it for network and network programming, big data, machine learning, audio and video editing, and more.

Similar to C or C ++, Go is an integrated language and does not require translation. Likewise, the absence of an interpreter releases the power and provides the functionality of the Go-built app, which will be notified by users. In addition, Go knows how to handle shared memory.

In addition, the Go-based app is less expensive in terms of system requirements. This is great for users with older devices, as they will enjoy your app. And with more people using your app, you will be earning more money.

4. A little Worry About App Crashes

Go is designed to use the full power of multiple cores. In addition, the language can make good use of all processor resources, so it is advisable to use the application in the background as a single process. This may be due to goroutines, which are used instead of fibers and require much less RAM due to their non-systemic nature. Hence, the risk of a Go app crash due to lack of memory is low. Therefore, going with Go development is a good call and look to hire Golang developers to build a robust product for your users.

For What Projects Should You Use ‘Golang’?

Go will certainly play its full role if you plan to improve the services under your app. In addition, Go is ideal for high-performance applications. Below, we list some of the applications and services that take advantage of the Go at the highest level.

1. Cloud Services

As the creator of Go, Google uses this language to provide cloud infrastructure. Provides high performance and expansion in the Google Cloud Platform. Also there are quite well-known cloud businesses out there that use Go for the same reasons: Dropbox, Terraform, Kubernetes, and Docker. For these types of service product development you can prefer to hire Golang developers. 

2. News Platforms

YouTube, SoundCloud, and Netflix have chosen Go to fight high loads on their sites. SoundCloud uses this language to send some internal services to their complex projects. Hence, hire Golang developers to build an excellent new platform to introduce your business perfectly.

EngineerBabu Interesting Fact

3. News Locations

Back in 2012, the BBC (Yes, don’t be surprised. It also works.) Started using Go for back-end development and some of their internal mathematical services.

4. Required Functions

Big taxi company Uber wanted to improve map speed as people loaded geofence lookups, sending thousands of queries per second. Travel has helped Uber significantly reduce the time to provide faster services to users. However, in return it has gained a lot of appreciation from users.

In addition to services and products, Go provides great tools for mobile app development. Although Go is still the youngest language of the program, it has gained popularity among real-world business monsters like Google, Netflix, Uber, and others who use Go to rate their products and achieve high performance.

On the other hand, Go is rapidly changing for the better, offering more tools and mobile and web development. It also dramatically reduces the time and cost of application development and support.

Market Presence of Golang

1. Golang Popularity Growth

Google’s Golang is a programming language used by DevOps tools like Kubernetes, Helm, Docker, etc. Although the language is relatively new, Golang is well suited to DevOps’ objectives for functionality, application efficiency, organization, and system compatibility and software delivery process.

In fact, brands like Uber, Twitter, Apple, Dropbox, Docker, and YouTube are already using this language and hire Golang developers for enabling cloud computing.

EngineerBabu hire Golang developers

Golang’s future at DevOps looks bright because it is ready for the DevOps ecosystem and is highly supported by Google. Not surprisingly, many DevOps groups use Golang or plan to use it soon.

In the coming years, Golang will be selected for the DevOps world. This is possible because the language provides appropriate DevOps features. Ultimately, it will help organizations to create more competitive programs and get better results for software companies.

2. Attitude to Go

The number of “promoters” of the product has some “regressors” and ranges from 100 to 100. So we take the same indicator on Go to understand its need in the market. Clearly, a good price suggests that most people may recommend using the product, while negative prices suggest that most people may recommend not using it. In 2018, the score was 61 (68% promoters – 7% postponers). It can be interpreted as a basis for assisting and measuring public sentiments regarding the Go ecosystem over time.

EngineerBabu Hire NPS distribution

In addition to NPS, many questions about developer satisfaction have been asked about Go. Overall, study respondents showed a high level of satisfaction, consistent with previous years. Most say, they are happy with Go (89%), would like to use Go to do their next project (85%), and see that it works for their team (66%) well. On the contrary, the team also feels that Go is at least somewhat critical to their company’s success (44%).

While all of these metrics show an increase in 2017, they remain very stable throughout the year. Therefore, the companies opt to hire Golang developers to deliver quality services and products to their customers.

EngineerBabu hire Golang developers

Given the strong feeling of choosing to choose Go for future development, we want to understand what prevents developers from doing so. This remains unchanged from last year: almost ½ of study respondents working on existing projects written in other languages. While, ⅓ work on a group or project that chooses to use a different language. Lost language features and libraries revolve around the most common reasons respondents do not use Go more.

The three major challenges we have identified are:

  • Generally Package management For e.g., In “Compliance with sales”, “dependency / package management [sic] / sales are not included”)
  • Differences from standard programming languages   (e.g., “Syntax adjacent to C languages   with slightly different semantics enable you to view references more than they should”, “colleagues from non-Go domains who try to use Go as their original language but via channels and Goroutines”)
  • Lack of generic drugs (e.g., “Lack of generic drugs makes it difficult to persuade people who haven’t tried Go to find it to work properly.”
3. Most In-Demand Programming Language- based on the Number of Interviewed Candidates Hired in 2019

EngineerBabu hire Golang developers

4. Reasons Why Developers use Go more often

EngineerBabu hire Golang developers

Comparison Between Golang and Node.JS

Golang vs Node.JS Comparison: The War of the future

As we have learned the basic details about Go. Now, let’s compare Go with Node.JS in terms of dynamics, performance, error management, and other methods. It will help to understand which language is better than another. So, who will win the Go versus Node.JS battle?

Criteria #1 Performance

Performance greatly affects app loading and response times. Therefore, it directly affects customer satisfaction with your app.

Many developers point out that Go shows the same performance as C and C ++, which is pretty good. Go does not have a virtual machine and is integrated into the machine code, so programming is done quickly without any heating time.

Also, Go has a built-in trash can that monitors and identifies unplanned memory and releases it for reuse. This reduces the risk of security vulnerabilities due to encoding and provides effective memory management.

Go is an ideal solution for building microservices due to the limited memory space and fast performance of Go applications. It becomes possible also because of statistically connected banners.

Node.JS is among one of the best backend solutions for variety of reasons:

Node.JS has benefited from its asynchronous and unrestricted nature in JavaScript. This means that smaller operations are performed in the background and do not affect the main cable.

  • Node.JS utilizes the V8 engine which, to date, is considered the fastest JavaScript engine.
  • The Node.JS code is reactivated. This is important for events-based events that update data in real time.  Apart from that, is widely used for instant messaging, video chats, and online playback.

In 2013, PayPal switched from Java to Node.JS and also shared its experience using Node.JS. They said that, after moving to Node.JS, their pages were delivered 200ms faster and the average response time was reduced by 35%.

However, in terms of green performance, Go is an undeniable leader. But in real life, Node.JS and Go both show equally good performance. Hence, hire Golang developers to future-proof your product.

To compare the differences in the performance of the two languages, you can check out the tests done by The Computer Language Benchmarks Game.

EngineerBabu hire Golang developers

In this performance test, Node.JS shows better results. But the results are different for other tests.

Criteria #2 Variety and Money

Concurrency is the ability of a system to organize its transformation into a different flow and communication between them. Compatible scheduling strategies are a great way to use the CPU efficiently and increase app performance.

Fees are an important part of business scale applications or applications that need to manage thousands of applications at once. When an application is integrated at the same time, it is less likely that the application will crash under greater load.

Rob Pike, the creator of Go, says Go is an excellent tool for big software projects. With channels and Goroutines; concurrency is the strong side of Go. Goroutines methods or functions run similarly to other methods or functions. Goroutines are lightweight: its original size is only 4 KB, compared to app threads, 1 MB initially.

The Go space allows developers to use thousands of Goroutines at once without using too much RAM. The information between the two Goroutines is transmitted through channels. The channels hide the difficulty and allow to organize plans in a sustainable manner. Therefore, companies opt to hire Golang developers as it delivers a variety of products in different budgets.

EngineerBabu hire Golang developers

The picture above shows; how Goroutines works.

Since Node.JS has a single cable, sometimes CPU-bound functions block the event loop and slow down the system. As a result, the app is slow and annoying to users. Hence, hire Golang developers to future-proof your product.

Criteria #3 Community

Both Node.JS and Go are open source. It means that all communities are committed to developing these languages, correcting bugs, and developing new proposals. And both Node.JS and Golang have repositories on GitHub. The larger community also means more engineers, making it easier to find the right professional. Thus, it becomes easier to hire Golang developers from any part of the world and with different budgets and different expertise.

Node.JS is a mature tool with an open community and a wide open source. The Node.JS foundation aims to enable widespread acceptance of Node.JS. At present, the Technical Control Committee has 18 members, with a total of more than 2000 donors.

GoDaddy, Intel, IBM, Microsoft, PayPal, and NodeSource are active members of the Node.JS Foundation. Every year, the community organizes a Node + JS Interactive event where engineers announce new developments and changes at Node.JS. To date, Node.JS has reached one billion downloads and 56,000 stars on GitHub.

On the other hand, the Go community is very small but growing every year. Google support is a serious reason to move to Go. GopherCon, held annually, brings together Go developers from around the world to discuss new opportunities and innovations. The conference has led to a growing number of engineers interested in contributing to the Go community and projects. Hence, hire Golang developers to future-proof your product.

According to the Golang survey in 2017, 59% of respondents wanted to contribute to the Go community, up from 55% last year.

Criteria #4 Tools

Prepared solutions for the development and reduce the cost of web application development. The wide variety of development tools and frameworks is one of the reasons for choosing Node.JS. An event-based framework with the construction of microservices. 

The design of microservices means that a single application is divided into smaller modules with a well-defined working environment. It allows easy adding of new features to your application.

Npm, representing Node.JS Package Manager, is one of the best things about Node.JS. It contains about 800,000 prepared ‘building blocks’ that can be installed and operated without any problems. But choose wisely – even though the basic technology is really good, npm doesn’t have a well-organized list of blocks, and sometimes it can take a while to find the right block.

In contrast, Go has a smaller number of tools compared to Node.JS. This can be explained by the fact that Go has a complete standard library with features that do not require third-party support. But on the other hand, Go does not have a built-in GUI library.

Although the number of tools in Node.JS far exceeds the number of Go tools. Go has powerful tools like Gofmit, Godoc, GoMetaLiner, and Go run. Such tools make Go app development easier and provide an ample number of developers options for companies to hire Golang developers. Hence, hire Golang developers to future-proof your product.

Criteria #5 Error Management

Node.JS uses the traditional method… find the error process, where errors are found when they occur.

Unlike Node.JS, Go distinguishes operating time and integration errors, which should be treated separately. This poses a challenge for developers, however, the creators of Go are doing their best in the evolution of language. The next version, Go 2 is expected to finally get more support for error management, read-only rates, and some kind of generics. It shortens the engineer’s error correction time because it helps to detect errors faster. Hence, hire Golang developers to future-proof your product.

EngineerBabu hire Golang developers

Companies Opt to Hire Golang Developers

1. Google

Golang is designed by Google engineers and is often used for its in-house projects. Google Chrome and Google Earth were created this way. As well as YouTube and Google App Engine also hire Golang developers to build their products.

2. Uber

One of the largest company; “Uber“, also welcomed Golang. It is used to create a Geofence app, which operates the user’s location and product availability. Geofence enables it to accurately define an area with special needs (e.g. considering areas such as airports) and to make strong prices.

According to Kai Wei of Uber, the company has had an excellent experience working with Golang. Apart from that, C++, Java or Node editors can switch to Go and high bandwidth performance and delays are appreciated.

The service has high guaranteed reliability. It has been active for 99.99% of the time since it was posted. Unusual leisure time was created by third-party libraries, and there were no language problems.

3. Shaking

On Twitch, Go is used for heavily loaded systems. It is valued for its simplicity, safety, efficiency, and readability. Therefore, it can manage to deal with problems while displaying live video and chats with a large number of users.

Above all, Go Twitch is powered by Twitch 20 times the GC (garbage collection) that is responsible for automatically managing shared memory.

4. Dailymotion

Dailymotion is a video streaming website. Because of Golang and other API automation the website has been improved. This language makes it possible to perform a number of flexible tests, which can create significant loads. All because of the simplicity of Golang and its functionality, as well as the possibility of static type testing.

5. SendGrid

SendGrid is a cloud-based email service that focuses mainly on transactional delivery and is one of the largest companies using Golang. It is responsible for sending confirmation confirmations, sending offers, processing incoming messages and forwarding customer inquiries.

This company uses Go as the primary programming language. The benefits of this language allow it to be effectively used with over 500 million messages a day. One of the challenges SendGrid faced was the need for an asynchronous system at the same time. This problem is solved because of the simplicity and beauty of the clearly designed Go code.

Another argument in favor of switching to Go is the fact that the company’s engineers have used it extensively to resolve issues with SendGrid. It also reduced maintenance costs and resolved contract issues. Overall, the decision to hire Golang developers was very fruitful for the company.

6. Warehouse

Dropbox, one of the leaders of cloud computing services makes another great example of a large company using Golang. It needs this language to measure its systems efficiently. To date, the company has delivered its critical plans via Python.

To address the problem of insufficient depth of Go libraries and the ability to build large systems, Dropbox began to build its own libraries. It has allowed them to improve cache storage, improve the default interface, enable programmers to generate SQL statements systematically, and create fully functional cache client libraries. 

7. SoundCloud

One of the largest companies using Golang is SoundCloud. Made the decision to use the Go language in addition to Ruby on Rails. Its developers have described Golang as a WYSIWYG language, meaning that the embedded code acts directly on the page. In addition, they value the philosophy of “one problem – one solution”, meaning that less time is spent considering code.

For SoundCloud, the ability to perform static analysis in real time. It becomes possible due to static typing and fast integration enabled by Go. This greatly speeds up the process of applications.

Currently, SoundCloud uses 6 apps and twelve or more repositories. For this, the company looked to hire Golang developers and these were entirely written on Go.

EngineerBabu hire Golang developers

Benefits For Business to Hire Golang Developers

1. GoDoc Provides Simple Documentation

We know that scripts play an important role in application coding and one should always try to make the process easier. Now, Golang offers the benefits of GoDoc, which is known to be more than just a useful tool for making text pages.

It offers consistent coding and the developer feels blessed because it doesn’t require use of any additional languages ​​such as JavaDoc, PHPDoc, or JSDoc to get the development annotation. Just using simple English is enough.

It is interesting to note that GoDoc is a simple text engine, used by all communities. Another important point is that each app or library available on Go uses the same format of time-saving texts in this process.

2. Offers Enhanced Performance

It has been shown earlier that Go works much better than other programming languages ​​including Python. In fact, Golang is even faster than Python Version 2 and 3. Therefore, hire Golang developers for a good and rapid product development.

One of the obvious reasons why Go is doing so well is because of the high level of CPU and concurrency model. Goroutine also offers inexpensive resources such as anti-Python Threads, which costs ten times more if you have to process other internal applications. This will definitely save your resources or Memory CPU.

3. Integrate into Single Binary

Go is actually an integrated language and Google engineers have done something commendable. Includes all dependencies, libraries and modules in a single bin according to the Program and the technology that uses the process of consistent integration.

For example, if you have a Linux X86 CPU on your laptop, and you want to integrate your backend operating system, you will only need to download the integrated binary to the server and there is no need to install dependencies. Thus, hire Golang developers to integrate all your products’ features and yield best performance.

4. Navigation Does Not Require Web Frames

Go is an amazing programming language that is uniquely designed so that it does not require the support of third-party libraries or web frameworks. This is because it contains a variety of tools, which receive sufficient support from the context of the indigenous language.

We can cite examples of http, HTML, JSON, and templates built in native languages. This helps to build complex API services without the need to search the GitHub library.

5. IDE and Debugging Assistance

If you want to change or add another programming language, you will need extensive IDE support. In fact, IDE is a great software and asset development program that can reduce your coding time by up to 80%.

For example, you have a Go Plugin For JetBrains IDEA that supports WebStorm, PHP Storm, etc. You can get full and comprehensive help from the plugin while working on project construction.

6. Benefits of the Static System

If you are going to build a big and complex system, then you will need support for a program of sorts. And here Go proves beyond Python as over time it can have some problems with using the variable as a whole number and getting the thread as a result. However, Golang is there to solve this problem as it is common at the time of integration as a compiler error.

7. Golang is an Open Language

One of the features associated with Go programming language is open source. The fact that it was introduced by someone other than Google also becomes a major integration point for Go. Google has released it with the aim of simplifying the process of complex development and meeting their expectations in the cloud.

Indeed, there is no doubt that it has been very successful. Developers can also use Go programming language to build game applications and various software developments. So, without a doubt can hire Golang developers for easy product development.

8. Go is Quicker on Many Fronts

Golang is one of those integrated languages ​​that gives you speed and accuracy in many fields whether you write system codes, integrate codes and texts, send and run the program.

Not to mention that many engineers have switched to Golang because it is easier and faster to learn again. In addition, Go can also be useful for a client with a tight budget on hand.

9. Good Support for the Greater Community

It is very clear that Golang as a programming language is growing rapidly and one of the main reasons for this is the support of a large community. It is amazing to note that Golang has received such a positive response in less than a decade since it emerged. You get a lot of support from the community. For example, you can find many codes on GitHub and can also hire Golang developers from such communities. An added bonus is that you can easily learn the language.

10. Go to Modern Language

Google has introduced Golang as a modern cloud solution. Appropriately identified as one of the future technologies. It also outlined the issues of modern hardware design.

B2B Website Budget: Design and Development for Golang

75% of judgments on website credibility are based on aesthetics and its overall user experience. As a result, the website’s design and functionality becomes more important than ever to prioritize in the overall marketing strategy.

However, the development budget of a website can range from hundreds to many thousands of dollars. You can expect a great variety in functions, features, and budget as well. It could be between $30,000 to $45,000 for development, and $5,000 to $15,000 for best design implementation and best functional practices.

The type of specialists and their number are key features that make the total price for the project. To have the qualified team members, it is important to check the background in terms of: the number of years of experience and the completed projects; while choosing the specialist who can boast your website and make sure it pays off the amount of money you are spending.

This cost range typically includes:

– Innovative and unique graphic design on the website based on your existing brand (logo, colors, typography, and design elements like icons or graphics).

– Developing your website theme, respective CSS stylesheets, and page templates within an open-source Content Management System platform like WordPress or Drupal.

– Integrating technical SEO best practices like schema (structured data), competitive keywords, optimized meta tags, and a user-friendly site interface into your website in order that search engines can easily access your site and supply the simplest content to users.

– Configuring supporting plugins and security standards.

– Applying accessibility standards into website coding and style .

– Optimizing browser compatibility for common web browsers.

– Website optimization to enable mobile-first experience on all different mobile devices.

You are required to spend more if you make a fresh start. Then you need customized tools, advanced SEO strategies, customized apps developed for the website. After that, you also require multiple rounds of revisions to yield complex internal decision making resultants. However, most of the B2B marketing website projects will definitely rely under this range. Whether you’re a multinational B2B brand with many customers, a growth brand with a really niche audience, or anyone in between.

EngineerBabu hire Golang developers

Important B2B Website Budget Items to be Considered

The following are B2B website operating expenses that we recommend considering so as to avoid additional challenges during project execution. These following points are commonly overlooked while planning changes or updates in a website project. However, these points are important to be considered and get included in budget planning.

1. Setting the Tone: Aim and Goals of your Website

Initially, a lot of website projects start with a basis question “What should the new website look like and defeat its competitors?” So, overall a better option would be to ask the subsequent inquiries and then define the aim and goals of your website:

– What are our objectives?

– What audiences are we targeting?

– Which type of content are they looking for?

– How should we organize the location to deliver our objectives?

– What are our functional and technical requirements?

– What compliance standards got to be integrated and in what ways can we need the website to be compliant?

– How will we measure success?

– What should the design look like?

– What’s working well now? What isn’t?

While requirement briefs are often included during a website project at no extra charge, confirm they cover all the weather listed above to line the proper foundation for the rest of the website build.

The answers to those questions will help form a structure which will allow you to deliver an internet site with better leads to a more efficient and fewer expensive process.

2. Site Architecture, Wireframes, and Page Templates

Building an efficient visitor experience may be a science and an art. Your website’s user experience (UX) can make all the difference between an efficient website that accomplishes your objectives and an aesthetically pleasing one that doesn’t .

Site architecture and UX planning generally costs $5,000-$10,000 counting on how large or complex your site is.

The key elements in UX planning that we recommend considering include site architecture to map your whole site and its content hierarchy, wireframes to map each page’s structure, features, user pathways, and content, also as building the proper templates that take the logic of your architecture and wireframes and put it into practice in an aesthetically pleasing way that is optimized for search.

The prioritization of such elements builds the blueprint and backbone of the website. It  can then define the requirement of content, design, functionality, user pathways, and SEO on your website.

3. Migration Planning and Content Loading

Content loading is that the process of loading and styling content in your website’s content management system. While this will be labor intensive, requiring manual loading and proofing, it is often improved with a robust content development process and therefore the right supporting technology.

If your website’s templates use WYSIWYG editors to load content into, but there’s so much more to migrating your website than content loading. When changes are happening on an internet site , every single decision must be weighted from both a UX and SEO standpoint.

On the opposite hand, having insufficient text may cause search engines to think that your content isn’t valuable. Therefore, if you fail to rank that topic, then it may even possibly affect the overall domain authority of your site. So, make sure to consult an expert with good experience in both B2B SEO and UX from the initial stage of the project. Hence, can discuss the potential consequences of each change you’d wish to implement then they will develop a holistic website migration plan for you.

Business stakeholders often don’t anticipate site migrations to be so time-consuming and resource-heavy. However, most of the stakeholders are unaware that it will require just a few days of time for getting organic search visibility to gain ranking. In contrast to that, the recovery can take several months, and might make this migration drawing board critical in any website redesign project. Overall, the migration planning, content loading, and Quality Analysis general cost ranges between $4,000 – $10,000.

4. Content Development

Content development is usually the most important challenge in almost every B2B marketing website. Many are so focused on the planning and architecture of the web site , that content development becomes under-budgeted and delegated to a junior copywriter. Avoid this mistake by creating a content development plan earlier in the process — one that’s focused on the objectives you defined using competitive SEO and filling the content gaps that your prospects want or got to know.

To start, identify your key audiences, their intent, and therefore the content they’re trying to find as they define their problem, find out how to repair their problem, and choose where to get from. Then, take a listing of all existing content that ought to be migrated “as is” to your new website, existing content which will be edited and repurposed for your new site, and new content which will have to be developed.

5. Transcreation

If you do business in multiple languages then you should consider a multilingual website. There are terrific language translation management technologies available which will dramatically reduce the value of developing and managing multilingual sites to invest $6,000 in additional development costs.

Depending on the language(s), the varying lengths in copy can drastically affect the general UX of your website both on desktop and mobile devices, making it unpleasant surely. Enhancements to the experience in each language is right , often done after launching the web site as ongoing optimization efforts.

Multilingual features can cost $6,000 plus content translation which may run from $200 to $500 per page, counting on the length. Enhancing the experience for a particular language can increase this cost to $16k+ depending on the amount of content.

6. Technology Integration and Analytics

Implementing basic web tracking tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console should be included at no charge in your website design and development project.

If your website structure has changed, then you’ll definitely like to ensure that the web experts have accurately configured the Google Search Console and Bing’s webmaster tools and update the XML sitemap on a timely basis.

If you are using marketing automation platforms like Pardot, HubSpot, Market or Sales CRM platforms such as Salesforce Sales Cloud or Microsoft Dynamics, then you will need to integrate them into your site as well. Basic integration of those tools shouldn’t add any cost to your design and coding budget. But, it will also require additional landing page templates, form styling to match the design, updated HTML email templates, and page scoring rules.

Marketing automation and sales CRM integration typically costs around $3,000, but can increase counting on the complexity of the assets needed.

7. Search Engine Optimization for B2B

As we mentioned above, basic technical program optimization should be included in your website design and coding budget at no extra charge. Website content management systems now handle most of the technical side of SEO like URL structure and page titles. You will still want to make sure that your content remains competitive on an ongoing basis, which suggests optimization can include any of the following:

– Competitive market analysis

– Keyphrase analysis

– B2B SEO content enhancements

– Advanced schema recommendations

– Custom Google Analytics configurations

– Custom Google Data Studio reporting

– Site positional tracking (keyword ranking, SERP features)

Must include Technical SEO in your site designing and coding costs. Once your developers indulge into developing and optimizing the content on your website for generating organic and local search; being a business owner you can expect to have an expense range of $5,000 – $15,000 monthly basis.

8. Launch and Continuous Improvement

Two weeks prior to launch day, you’ll find yourself in the QA and testing stage. They are going through each page of your website to ensure everything is in place and ready for launch. This is where you ought to get on the lookout for missed bugs that require fixing, grammatical errors, and technical issues like missing alt tags or redirects.

Ensure a radical website QA checklist is getting used through this era so you’re fully prepared for a smooth launch day. If necessary, conduct a final review of site content together with your legal team. Everything may be a matter of timeline, budget, and scope. At this stage, gaining a successful stage leads to finding an appropriate balance in your work as it works through implementing refined changes.

After finally launching your website. However, the work of creating an effective B2B website should not stop after launch. There are many opportunities for you to realize even more from your website by performing maintenance and providing constant website updates.

Other considerations for your B2B website budget

  • Additional design like icons, graphics, photography, video or animation
  • Additional applications like ROI calculators or needs assessment tools
  • Implement good content development for your blogs to make it a resourceful center for all the visitors
  • Administration management, server setup and adding automated site or app backups and 24/7 monitoring of the product by a team
  • Awareness and lead generation programs
  • Integration and planning of personalized dynamic content
  • Whether or not you’ll stick with a custom built resource center or enter a more robust solution like Uberflip – inspect our guide the way to choose the best content marketing platform here
Total Website Launch Budget

Simple and small apps with a minimum number of functions and easy interface; ranges a development cost between $10,000 to $15,000. However, if you like something more substantial like a medium-sized solution, the indicative cost here – $40,000-45,000. The cost of complex systems that require multiple technologies and are supposed to perform complicated actions can start from $50,000, and the more complex system is planned, the more expensive it will be. You should hire Golang developers to future-proof your product.

How to Hire Golang Developers?

1. In-house Team

The in-house team of developers will be well coordinated. However, getting and retaining an in-house team is quite an expensive task for any organization or startups. The worst part is that you don’t have any guarantee, that a developer would like to change the company. So you may be left struggling to find a replacement.

2. Freelancers

This one is a special caste of people. Here you don’t have any guarantees at all. A freelancer may be a self-employed unit, who is fully independent in working hours and rates. You may be left alone in the middle of the development without any notice or you may receive something you didn’t expect to. Though, there is a big pro towards freelance. It’s cheap. Rates of a freelancer may be cheaper twice or thrice than other forms of team.

3. Outsourcing Agency

Out-staff (contractor); are temporary employees who already belong to some company. Personally, we would suggest going with project outsourcing for any small business or startups. And there are several reasons for that:

  • Usually, developers who are already hired by a corporation are more organized, they need experience of working with different task boards and CRM systems.
  • The salary or payment of the developers will not rely on his appetite, however will be taken care of by the top management authorities. However, the salary is based on the year of experience and the level of the developer. So it even could also be cheaper within the end than to rent a freelancer.
  • If you will need to make any adjustments to the system, the developer won’t disappear leaving you all alone with bugs and shrugs.
  • By bidding the contract with the corporate , you’ll always have a guarantee that the work is going to be delivered within the specific time-frame , actually that it’ll be delivered anyway.
  • If eventually thanks to unforeseen events you’ll face any problems with the developer, the corporate are going to be obliged to rearrange another developer for the project. So you won’t lose time finding another person and at an equivalent time, a replacement developer won’t have any difficulties in continuing the code written by his teammate.

EngineerBabu hire Golang developers

Future Scope and Growth of Golang

Google has planned out its next steps in realizing its ambitions for the Go programming language .

Go was highlighted because the programing language related to the highest-paid roles within the Dice 2019 Tech Salary Report. However, with a little surprise the key of the open-source tools that introduces operations in modern data centers are based on the programming language Go. It includes the container deployment platform Docker and Google’s Kubernetes container management software.

“The 3 major hurdles in improving scalability for Go are mentioned as; better error handling and support, package and version management, and generics.”

However, the package and version management in Go is addressed by the support of the language improvement module. Though, the team behind Go is focused on better error-handling support and generics.

For error-handling, a new built-in Go error-checking function, has been proposed.

In the near-term, the Go team is gearing up to start development work on Go 1.14. Features within the 1.14 release will include the try error-check function, a change to permit overlapping interfaces, throwing a warning for string (int) conversions, and adopting crypto principles.

Go 1.13 was launched in August, and the plans for the discharge have been changed. Under the generalized Unicode identifiers that are dropped and working on binary integer literals being “expanded significantly”. It includes “modernization of Go’s number literal syntax and a comprehensive overhaul”.

The continued association between Go and well-paid developer roles might be thanks to demand outstripping supply, because of the relatively smaller pool of Go programmers.

While the number of jobs that demand Go skills could even be low as compared to an enterprise and mobile mainstay like Java. Whereas, Go has been cited because of its high in-demand programming language by the employers or the organizations, as mentioned in the Hired’s 2019 State of Software Engineers report. Hence, hire Golang developers to future-proof your product.

Hire Golang Developers- Required Skills and Knowledge

The desirable skills to look for while going to hire Golang developers, it majorly depends on what you are trying to build.

Let’s take a look at what are the mandatory traits on a high-level.

Categorization of Technical Skills to Hire Golang Developers
1. Cloud & Networking
  • Proficiency with Golang
  • Experience with using containers (Docker, AWS ECS, Kubernetes)
  • Experience with cloud automation (Terraform)
  • Working knowledge of cloud providers: mainly AWS (S3, EC2, RDS, ECS, IAM, etc)
  • Knowledge with using CI/CD tools and services
  • Expertise over LINUX based systems (Alpine, Ubuntu, Amazon Linux)
  • Experience with implementing idP (SAML, OIDC)
2. Web Development
  • Proficiency with Golang
  • Proficiency with JavaScript and ES6
  • (Full-Stack) Expertise over a front-end library or framework
  • Experience with building RESTful APIs
  • Can effectively write non-blocking code and implement advanced and enhanced techniques (multi-threading)
  • Proficient in multithreading programming
  • Proficiency with Relational Databases/SQL Development
  • Good working knowledge of Data Structures, Object-Oriented design concepts, and Algorithms
3. DevOps & Site Reliability
  • Proficiency with Golang
  • Experience with Golang Ansible
  • Proficiency with Python
  • Experience with Bash
  • Kubernetes and Docker experience
  • Deep knowledge of LINUX based systems
  • Hands-on experience in continuous integration, delivery, and deployment

Increasing Demand to Hire Golang Developers

EngineerBabu hire Golang developers

The above graph shows, since the day Golang was launched to the period of past few years how the demand to hire Golang developers has increased rapidly. It becomes quite evident that the permanent as well as contractual Golang developers are majorly preferred. However, freelance developers can not be ignored from this picture too. 

Hire Golang Developers Globally Based on their Salaries

You can hire Golang developers remotely from any point within the world, choosing them by their professional skills and Go engineer cost. How are you able to find the foremost cost-effective coders for your project? Let’s see salary comparison to hire Golang developers from different countries.

EngineerBabu hire Golang developers

The USA- In the United States, Go developers earn on average $108,166 in a year. National average cost to hire Golang developers ranges from $95,242 per year for an engineer to $124,404 for an individual.

The UK- In Great Britain, the typical developer salary is £42,933 per annum , which is about $57,178. Cost of Go programmers ranges from £10,000 for junior specialists to £98,000 in case of the senior ones.

Germany- Golang programming cost here is on the average €59,189 per annum , which is about $67,146. Cost to hire Golang developers ranges from €48,000 for inexperienced programmers to €73,000 for the senior engineers.

Switzerland- In Switzerland the Golang development cost is on the average CHF 95,000 per annum , which is about $94,848. The national average cost of Go programmers ranges from CHF 87,000 to CHF 110,000.

Ukraine- In Ukraine, the average cost to hire Golang developers is $25,000 per year. The junior Go developers earn about $12,000, while the cost of a Golang programmer (senior-level) – $64,000 in a year. The average hourly cost to hire Golang developers is $11.00.

India- Based on the data on Golang Cafe the distribution of minimum and maximum salary for a Go (Golang) Software Engineer in India in October 2020.

The average salary as of October 2020 appears to be between ₹765,909 and ₹1,554,545 per annum. Hence, hire golang developers to future-proof your product.

Golang Average Salary Trend

The below graph shows the salary trend to hire Golang developers in the period of 2013 to till now. As, it is very evident from the graph that the payscale is increasing. Thus, we can easily conclude that the demand to hire Golang developers is also increasing every year. Therefore, the Golang developers are definitely going to have a bright future in almost every country’s market- in terms of developer demand and salary both.

EngineerBabu hire Golang developers


Since its introduction in 2009, Golang has already gained the recognition of notable business giants like Google, BBC, Netflix, and Uber. These companies are making full use of Go’s speed to scale their products and achieve high performance. With a steadily growing user base, it is only a matter of time until need arises to switch to Golang or risk compromising your user experience.

Thus, hire Golang developers to minimize the speed constraints that came into existence by other thread-based languages. If your business provides an on-demand service or e-commerce functionalities, you ought to consider migrating to travel. With the growth of software and continuous addition of new features, the developers possibly face problems in reading codes written by previous writers or creators.

With Golang already being the foremost in-demand programming language on the earth, the question shouldn’t be, why do you have to use Golang. Rather, it should be when you start using it. In the end, migrating to Golang may be a change that ought to be made. Whether you enable change to maintain growing service demands without crashing existing infrastructure or you desire quick server responses, Golang is suitable for businesses with predictable growth.

Go is quickly changing programming for the higher, and switching over to Golang could also be remarkably significant within the time and price of your app development and support.

EngineerBabu hire Golang developers


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