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The world is going digital and businesses are making their digital presence by developing a web for a mobile app. The question arises of which language to choose for Development. Choosing a web language for a particular project involves a lot of thinking and decision making. Today, Golang is becoming one of the most preferred languages for web development and enterprise owners are choosing to hire golang developers

Golang is rapidly replacing Python. In this blog, we are going to tell you why you should choose Golang and hire Golang Developers for web development. It is important to have a better understanding of the language before making the end decision. 

Amidst the wide spectrums of programming languages, developers choose the one that fits the best for a particular project. Different projects bring different requirements and it is essential to choose the language which best matches the project requirements.

Golang, the programming language developed by Google has secured a higher ranking among the programming languages due to its numerous in-built features and other advantages to the developers. come to the forefront. Go has made its inception in 2009 already and now it has been a preferred language among developers and has gained popularity from 2019. Businesses hire golang developers comparatively more than python developers.

Golang is the Go to language for software development in 2020 and coming years due to its numerous advantages. Developers are switching from Python to Go and it’s becoming the first choice among the clients as well.

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According to the TIOBE Index for Go, popularity of the Go language had a steady increase in September 2017, as compared to the previous year. It ranked at 17th position on the monthly list from the 19th position. As per a report published on a website, Google’s Go has outperformed some other major players including Python, C, and Java programming languages. 

Before exploring the reasons that make Golang one of the best players, let’s take a moment to credit the iconic trio of Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson; for developing this wonderful and most useful programming language. 

Here we are going to take you through the reasons that make Golang one of the best programming languages for web development. If you are someone who needs to get a mobile or a web developed with Golang then hire golang developers for your project right away.

What actually is the Golang language? 

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Golang is basically a statically typed, syntactically, and compiled programming language, just like C. Its keen benefits include  CSP-style currency, memory safety garbage, and structural typing along with the others. We will dig into each of its benefits deeply in this blog. Golang is the Go to language for software development in 2020 and coming years due to its numerous advantages. Developers are switching from Python to Go and it’s becoming the first choice among the clients as well.


Here is the list of some of the top brands that use Golang.

  1. Google
  2. IBM
  3. YouTube
  4. Twitter
  5. Facebook
  6. Docker
  7. BBC
  8. The New York Times
  9. The Economist 
  10.  Dropbox

Let’s get started with exploring the advanced features of Golang and what makes it the best choice for software development.

1. Fast & Simple:

The best thing about Go is that it approaches clear Syntax structure throughout the coding. Therefore it is more flexible and simple to handle the code. Although the code structure comes out to be long sometimes, it offers clear solutions for complex issues as well. Hence, to solve most of the problems, all you need to do is hire golang developers.

Go is an easy to learn programming language because of its text-based approach. It would be easy for you to master Go in a few days, you can do it in a very short time as it does not take a lot in understanding the codings. Another point to consider is of Compilation. As compared to other programming languages, Go secures the top most position in compilation, because Go API stays super fast in compiling and hence producing the result in less MB.

2. Cohesive Concurrency Model:

Taking care of the Cohesive Concurrency has never been easy on any programming language. Golang still makes it a little easy by getting rid of the major complexities involved. Go leverages a multi-core processor. Along with its powerful memory option that enables to run heavy applications makes Concurrency support as a highly remarkable feature in Golang making it one of the most preferable languages for developers. 

Goroutines concurrency in Golang is the lightweight approach introduced earlier, it is an in-built concurrency that helps the developers to handle hundreds or even thousands of Goroutines at the same time. The reason here is that Goroutines is lightweight and cheap which allows it to be created in less memory. Due to this, developers fall all over again for Go.

3. Garbage Collector:

What does it mean by Garbage Collector in the sense of programming language? Let’s find out. So, the dynamically allocated objects are called Garbage collected. In Golang, Garbage collection saves you from stumbling with thousands of commands for handling objects because Garbage collection can be used on both allocation and removal of objects. Golang gives you the freedom to choose the value types.

This facility isn’t granted in any of the other programming languages. Hence, a very well developed dynamic and automatic memory management in Go creates a significant impact on both, its performance and concurrency, making it a preferable programming language. If you wish to generate less garbage collection then hire golang developers.

4. Object-Oriented Language:

In Go, instead of ‘classes’, you have got ‘structs’. Structs help you in defining ‘n’ numbers of properties and methods. Golang might lack a rich and powerful inheritance but it has got  the most promising concept called “Polymorphism” and “Encapsulation”. Go interfaces are structured in a way to avoid inheritance and rather play with the Polymorphic code. Go is structured in such an interactive way that induces interest among the developers and this is the reason more and more clients turn to hire golang developers.

5. Static Type:

Golang is the static language, so it comes with the advantages of a static language. Go compiler is designed to look for the code standards, taking care of the code compatibility issues so as to avoid bugs at time of execution. Therefore, Golang helps in finding all the bugs prior to execution to produce an error-free code. An error-free code further ensures fast execution and specified output. Go offers static coding and it saves developers from using any of the other programming languages like JSDoc, PHPDoc, orJavaDoc for the annotation of development. English is merely enough. Isn’t that cool? It sure is.

6. Free From Dependency Libraries: 

Based on the structure and operating system of apps, Go can combine all the dependency libraries into a single binary file. This makes it easy for developers to complete their work by just uploading a single binary file instead of looking for dependency libraries every time. Hence, Golang solves the problems of dependency. So, don’t you think to hire golang developers? Let’s see some more reasons why you should hire golang developers.

7. Standard Library:

Go owns a standard library for primitives. It is a powerful set of libraries that provides inbuilt functions that can be distributed as packages. The libraries also serve the components with its requirements. 

8. Easy Documentation

There isn’t any doubt that documentation plays an important role in application coding. The simpler the process, the easier it is for the developers. Golang comes with GoDoc, a single documentation engine, which is employed by the entire community. It acts as a very useful tool in the development of documentation pages. The best thing about Go is that each of the Go libraries use a similar format of documentation. This saves an immense amount of time, hence making the development process faster.

9. Enhanced Performance

Go is found to be a better performer than the other programming languages including Python. It is faster than Python version 2 and 3 and this is the reason developers are switching from Python to Go. CPU scalability, concurrency model and Goroutine makes Go the better performer.

10. Can Compile into a Single Binary

Google engineers have done an amazing job in making Go a compiled language that compiles everything, libraries, dependencies and modules into a single binary. It depends on the OS and app architecture being used for the static linking process.

11. No Need of Web Frameworks

Go is a self-sufficient programming language which does not need support of third web frameworks or libraries. This is possible because of the wide range of tools available which seek support from the native languages. Here, we can cite the examples of html, http, json, and other built-in native languages. It assists in building complicated API services without the external need of a third party library. Developers need not to search for the library on GitHub or any other repositories.

12. IDE and Debugging Support

Switching the programming language requires extensive IDE support. Go gets you the IDE extensive support makes it easy to switch languages. An additional advantage of IDE is that it can reduce time required in coding up to about 80%. For instance, if you have Go Plugin for JetBrains then IDE supports the Webstorm, PHPStorm, etc. The plugin provides you with complete assistance while you are working on a development project.

13.  System Benefit

Building an enterprise level large scale application, type system support is needed. Go beats Python may have some issues later with the use of variables as an integer and getting string as an outcome. However, Golang is a problem solver. It recognizes the compilation time error as a compiler error and then solves it later. It’s benefits will definitely lead you to hire Golang Developers for your new project.

14. Open-Source Language

Being an open source language is an advantage in itself. Google has created this language to make the development process easier and meet cloud expectations. Go is a big success. The language can be used to build gaming apps as well apart from other applications. So if you are having any game idea which you wish to develop as an app then hire golang developers for it.

15. Quicker on Many Fronts

If you are a client with a tight budget then Golang is the best language to choose. It offers you speed and accuracy on many fronts whether you are writing codes for a program, compiling the codes and documents, deploying and running the program. This is the reason many developers have switched from Python to Go because it’s easier and faster to learn and has a number of advantage.

16. Good Community Support 

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Community support is very important for the growth of a programming language. It is the community that contributes to building a massive library of codes. One of the reasons for Golang’s popularity is its rapidly growing community. It has been over a decade since Golang’s inception and it has come to the forefront now. Today, you can find a rich repository of Golang on GitHub which is because of the support  from the large community of developers. The additional advantage of the community is that the new developers can learn the language more easily.

17. Modern Language

Developers had always faced the challenge of`cloud computing. Golang has emerged to overcome the cloud computing issues. Along with this, it has also solved the modern hardware architecture issues. Golang is considered as the programming language for future so it is best to hire golang developers for your product.

18.gRPC and Protocol Buffers

Go offers hands-on support for protocol buffers and gRPC. These are the tools that perform extremely well for building microservices that demand to communicate via RPC. All you need to do is write a manifest where you define the RPC calls that can be made and what are the arguments that they take. The client-side and the server code is then generated automatically. This is the reason; the code is fast, has a very small network footprint and is easy to use.

19. Gofmt, Enforced Code Formatting

Gofmt is a command-line utility. It is built into the Go compiler for the purpose of formatting your code. When it comes to functionality, Gofmt is similar to Python’s autopep8. Gofmt offers you one official way to format your code, it further saves time by avoiding every kind of discussion.
Ability to build a team

There are less Go developers compared to well-known languages like C++ , python and Java. According to StackOverflow, 38% of developers are well-versed with Java, 19.3 know C++, and only 4.6% are familiar with Go. The GitHub data states that Go is used more widely than other programming languages such as Erlang, Scala, and Elixir. Go is now gaining more community support and giving a tougher competition to Java and C++.

21. Strong Ecosystem

Ecosystem is a major point of consideration when choosing a language for development. Go’s ecosystem is solid and simple giving it an edge over newer languages like Elixir or Rust. It’s still not that good as compared to languages like Java, Node or Python; however, it fulfills the basic needs. 

22. Easy Learning Curve

If you are a budding developer then you must learn Go. It is a use to learn programming language with its learning curve. Almost all the features of Go can be learned in a few hours and this is one of its significant advantages. One doesn’t need to spend days or weeks learning the language. 

Though after learning the core features, you need to practice it and learn the best programming practices for particular requirements and the standard library. GoLang’s easy documentation and lower learning curve makes it a favorable language for the developers to learn and get through. 

For Which Projects Should You Use Golang?

Go is favorable for its simplicity and faster execution of code but it takes more efforts than Python. Go is a very good language in itself but it might be less suitable for a certain project. So, let’s find out the projects for which Go is the most appropriate language to choose from.

Go is undeniably a promising language, but it has yet to be feasible for building every kind of web and mobile application. The reason to choose Golang is to solve software issues of scalability, where resources are limited by hardware. For addressing bottleneck issues, Go is more handy than other languages. 

Late-stage startups face problems with the backend because of the growing users. Golang’s concurrency model and small memory footprint makes it suitable for backend developments where servers need to cope up with heavy requests due to the increasing user traffic. If you are an enterprise owner then you should hire golang developers to manage your large traffic.

For example, Dropbox manages more than 500 million users on its network very efficiently with the help of Golang. Golang is ideal for building e-commerce applications, where there is a need to manage a large traffic. 

Go isn’t the right language for you if your business isn’t completely established or when you want to quickly craft a product demo for investors. For early startups, instead of spending a big amount of time to piece up the codes, the better deal is to spend it on other areas. Hence, for early age startups it isn’t a very good idea to hire golang developers.

Final words

There already is a buzz about Golang in the software development industry that it is becoming developers’ favorite because of its advantages. Go owns a number of inbuilt features that support the cross-platform development making Go the first choice for developers. There are several documentations, guides, and most importantly communities that are ready to help you with Golang development. GitHub repositories keep getting updated by the Golang developers every day. So if you are moving ahead with any kind of software development then go with Go and hire golang developers for your project.

Go offers plenty of advantages to carry out the development processes easily and reduce the development time. Developers find Golang more comfortable to use than any other of the programming languages and that is the reason it is gaining a huge popularity. Python developers are drifting towards Golang Development. Hire golang developers today on a click and get started. Having an idea for an app and want to discuss? Reach out to us on EngineerBabu.com and we’d like to hear from you.

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