Windows + LinkedIn = Pinnacle of Professionalism


Windows and LinkedIn

LinkedIn has been preaching professionalism for years now. As every living being on the planet knows about the current acquisition of LinkedIn, to give a better understanding of the acquisition I am going to share some of my findings of the deal. On 13th June 2016 Microsoft broke the internet by its largest acquisition in history, Microsoft acquired world’s biggest professional social network website LinkedIn Corp. for $26.2 billion dollars. The idea behind the deal is both the Microsoft and LinkedIn is in the saturation state and this acquisition can open serval new aspects for both of them.

With this deal, Mr. Nadella wants to connect office tools with the professionals who work on them so that they can have a direct approach towards their work. For example, if the Microsoft office is directly connected to the LinkedIn, the professionals who are attending that meeting could learn more about the fellow members. The sales person who is using the Microsoft tools for managing their clients can get some details about their client as their sheets will be directly connected to LinkedIn via the internet.
With the acquisition of LinkedIn, Linda.com also belonged to Microsoft.Linda.com is a portal for training videos provided by LinkedIn to make its user smarter and more efficient. With the help of Linda, Microsoft can offer tutorial videos of Linda in its native software like Excel and spreadsheets.

Mr. Nadella is also planning to share its Cortana digital assistant access to the data provided by the LinkedIn. LinkedIn is hoping to take its business on track with this acquisition as the shares of LinkedIn has been decelerated by 50% in a year. It seems Microsoft has a trend of acquiring businesses with their every new CEO, as with Steve Ballmer acquired Nokia handset in $9.4 billion and now Mr. Nadella acquired LinkedIn at a much greater price.

With this new acquisition, Microsoft can link LinkedIn with Skype and its email, this move could act as the connective tissue for enterprises. The acquisition made by Microsoft is very precious as LinkedIn is the most important platform for Freelancers and recruiters. Now Microsoft has a content company which is the world’s most specialized, influential and highly updated platform.
LinkedIn is a platform not only for Recruiter’s and employers but can also serve as an advertising media for companies where they can get relevant leads. If we talk about the potential of LinkedIn, it has 433 million members’ and in every second 2 new members joins LinkedIn. In 2016 it has 45 billion page views which are 8 billion more than the previous year. LinkedIn publishes some of the most valuable content available on the internet.
By this new acquisition, Microsoft has become a more powerful brand and reached the pinnacle of the professional world.

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