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Mobile App that can save Life

Donate Blood, use an App which can save lives
Everybody knows about blood transfusion and blood donation, but here I am going to Blood transfusion is a common practice nowadays, but every one once in a while must have thought that when this practice started and how it become so developed to the be the common practise. Blood transfusion date backs to 17th century when William Harvey a British physician made the scientists and doctors aware about the Blood circulation and its properties.

The 1st successful Blood transfusion was recorded when Dr. Richard Lower performed a successful blood transfusion in a dog and after that several successful experiment has been performed. In the year 1818 Dr James Blundell successfully performed blood transfusion to a patient. After this several other developments has been made in the research work of the human blood.

In 1901 Dr. Karl Landsteiner from Austria discovered Human blood groups.
It’s a known fact that blood transfusion is very good for health and also responsible for saving many lives. During 2nd world war blood transfusion has served a very important procedure and saved many lives. Many patients around the world does not have proper access to blood and in the end they die due to the unavailability of the blood.
The need of blood transfusion is not certain, as anybody can have a requirement of blood at any place and any time, for that purpose the provision of blood bank has been made. For filling these blood banks’ there are many campaign’s running around the world which require Regular, Voluntary and unpaid blood donors.

According to report published by WHO it there are 108 million blood donations collected around the world, out of 50% of these donations are collected in developed countries having 20% of the world’s population, which gives a simple stat that only donation of only 1% of population can fulfil the basic need of the world. Around 62 countries in the world collect 100% of their blood requirement by the voluntary blood donation.

To increase the awareness for blood donation world health organisation (WHO) has dedicated a day 14th June on 2004 as a world Blood donor day. On this day the govt. of different countries around the world organised various campaigns to promote blood donations.

We at “ENGINEERBABU” always indulge in the things which could be used for social cause. In the year 2015 we made an app for a client in a nominal price so as it could be utilized by the people for better good.

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