5 Twitter Marketing Tips for your Startup

twitter marketing tips

StartUps and Twitter, sounds weird? Of course, it does, but it is in fact quite complementary to each other. Whenever there are questions and doubts regarding taking your StartUp or business to the next level, someone or the other sitting in that boardroom meeting is going to pop up with the idea of Social Media engagements.

We are well aware of the influence it leaves on the online audience over a period.  Considering platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and so on, we have got a lot more options to thrive upon.

Twitter, as we know, is more of a micro-blogging web app and has gained popularity for various kinds of businesses over the time.

You have to make sure that every tweet you do is just confined to 140 characters and that’s what game is all about.
You have to win your customer or client by 140 characters. Social media is more of a taboo these days because it is a platform where people connect and communicate in both a professional and a personal way.
In fact, Social Media Marketing is considered to be a key element when it comes to marketing your business.

So, the question is how you will incorporate your business with your consumer domain?

First things first, business in not merely a professional relationship through which you can sell your services and products.
Business is where your services and products actually revolve around a customer’s psychology and their emotions.
You don’t sell merely a product; you sell a solution to their problems. You do not deal with just a person but their emotions too. Following are Twitter marketing tips for your startup

Best way to Use Twitter for Marketing your Startup

  1. Promote other Twitter members:

Dude, that’s one hell of advice, isn’t it? Well, it might sound like a big-deal but it isn’t.

Promoting others doesn’t mean you go on re-tweeting other peoples tweets just for the sake of getting retweeted.
You have to be honest about whatever you promote. Say, for example, you follow a twitter account of the famous star and often retweet their postings, that means you believe and agree to what that person believes in.
You have to make sure that whatever you share of your fellow Twitterati, it must add some value to your followers.

The key here is to grow your network via following and retweeting others. So, bringing someone’s tweet in the limelight will ultimately lead you towards the limelight.

The retweets that you do can be in any possible form. Your retweet may be any gesture, an appreciation or any kind of Thanksgiving.
Whatever form it takes, you have to make sure that you mean every word you mention. You have to retweet the posts which you believe would entertain and add value to your followers/niche.

  1. Be Consistent to Build Trust:

To build your audience, it is very necessary that you be consistent. Once you establish a Twitter account and gain some followers, it is very important that you do not discontinue the frequency of your tweets.

People over the web follow you because they think and believe that you have something new to say and share on a daily basis.
If you break this trust, you’ll be doomed. You see, the point is that the people over the web have got many options over this huge WEB, if not you than someone else. There is a cut throat competition going on, and you can’t imagine how badly your competitors are willing to pull your leg down and smack you down.

It is possible that over the time you have work that’s piled up and are unfinished priorities.

So, to not-miss managing your Twitter account, you can schedule your tweets well in advance, or you can have a manager to manage your social media accounts (if you can afford it).
It is not that time consuming because tweets are maxed at 140 characters. There are many tools available to schedule your tweets.

  1. Be active:

There is no point in having a social media account if you hardly stay updated and update people simultaneously.

If you are not active, you’re dead. The thing about social media sites and applications are that you have your own community.
You build your own community over the time. And when it’s about business, you have your assets attached to such social cultures on the web – your customers.
If you just build a community and aren’t active enough, you’ll lose everything you have built.

You should update your features, plus points and every little detail about your services and products in the most effective manner possible.

Twitter is the best place to find the right nerve and hit directly over there. Your clients which lie in various parts of the world will get to know your company and company ethics in the most entertaining and techie way possible.

  1. Don’t lose focus from your niche:

So, how does this term fit into this article? Confused? Okay, so niche here means the niche of your products or services.

You have to make sure that whatever you post, it must be in some of the other way related to your products.
Social media posts can be done in many categories and in many ways. They are direct promotion, indirect promotion and so on.
So, if you sell earphones and headsets and are tweeting something about ADELE’s new song “HELLO”, there must be some inter-linking element to both the ends.

You cannot blindly go on tweeting about anything, because that might in some case add value to your customers but not your business.

Try interlinking your products and launch a campaign which can last for a week or two. It is easy to get noticed when you have a generic tweet related to your product. This is a part of social media marketing.

  1. Your tweets are supposed to be BANG-ON:

So, when you are done with the above steps but still lag behind, what could be the possible reason? It might be possible that your tweets are too numb and lame.

What is the point of tweeting on a regular basis even when there are no engagements on your tweets or no-one retweets? It hurts, right?

See, there can be multiple ways to win your customer, and your job is to find out that via different experiments.

Even Edison had to try a thousand times to get the bulb working. No, the point here is not about trying out for thousands of times but rather innovating your tweets. Arrange some quiz, giveaways, contests, awards, tweet-a-thon, etc. which would engage your followers. Share some facts or try reaching out for new ideas via your customers.

The best and worst part about Twitter is that it’s only 140 characters. It’s upon you to choose wisely and work smartly with your twitter handle.

Don’t just push it to headlines, bring it in an all-new form to say the same thing. You could turn a quote related to your devices into the headline of your tweet. Cool, isn’t it? You have got the spice, so start sprinkling.

I really hope that these tips might help you change your startup/business for the better. I hope it helps you out build a great Twitter community.

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