8 Steps to Hire Best Freelance App Developers

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Hire Best Freelance App Developers

People can live without food but not without their soulmate – Their Smartphone. App developers have become invaluable to entrepreneurs and business owners. Fortunately, there are many app developers in the market and finding one to hire ain’t hard these days. However, the problem is to find the right fit for your specific business need. The entire process requires careful thought and consideration.
So, how do you find the one who’ll add value to your idea?
Here are 8 useful steps to assist you,

1.  A newbie Barber can cut your Ear – Don’t hire a rookie
When looking for app developers to hire, you should look for a professional. Someone who takes care of the development and also gives input to make a product better. Ask whether he has worked on a similar domain? any previous experience. If he is new to the development industry then don’t take the risk. Old is Gold and New is silver.

2. Nothing comes easy in life, even Santa comes with clauses – Get an NDA Signed
It is important to choose someone you can trust and build a long-term business relationship. Get an NDA signed before sharing your ideas; you can find an NDA format in Google or Ask the developer to share his NDA Template.
The common NDA terms are,

  • Not to share your code,
  • Reuse your code,
  • Can’t work on similar domain or idea for two years,
  • Can’t work with your competitor,
  • Company or his employees cannot start a company using your idea, or it’s a piece.

3. The customer is King & Kings choose the best – Don’t look for a cheap alternative
All companies have a development budget, and it is understandable to work within that budget. However, you should never let price alone drive your choice for an app developer. Let the product and the quality of the developer’s work determine who you hire. In some cases, the cheaper option may turn out to be a waste of money, and they could become more expensive in the long run. The extra costs may apply if the app does not turn out the way you expected it to, and you have to pay another developer to build a new one for you.
4.Geeks don’t lie – Show me your portfolio
There are many talented developers out there, but their style may be different from what you want for your app. It is important to ask for their portfolio before hiring him. When going through his samples, check out the type of user interfaces and their expertise. The portfolio can always help you to determine who is the best according to your need.
5. When I write code – Only God can understand it
Ask the developer to give you the contact information of some of his past clients. Contact his previous customers to get feedback on the quality of his work. Talking to former customers can help you understand the app developer’s work ethics, time management skills, and communication skills. Tell him your future plans like the weather you would be setting an in-house team after funding or doing in-house development later. Does he write a proper comment and whether he had helped previous clients to hand over the code?
6.If you do it right, it will last forever – A poor Design doesn’t last
While the functionality of an app is critical, businesses should not ignore the design. It is important for the app to serve its purpose while being easy to use.
Work with developers who put an effort into making the app more interactive and easy to use. It is also important to hire a designer or a team with the designer who considers the whole package and not just the coding aspect of the app development.

  1. Write your idea in doc, use “Requirement Docs” sample format
  2. Do a few rough designs; it’s ok to have just a pencil sketch rather than nothing
  3. Share samples of designs or look for a competitive or similar app
  4. Do a bit of research and share the links of websites and Apps that you like. So that your designers can have a better understanding of your likes and dislikes.

7. Communication is key
How well the developer communicates with you during the hiring process can give you a glimpse of the future. If they do not return your emails on time or respond to your calls or messages, look for someone else. It is important for the developers to give you a weekly work progress report. You should have frequent calls initially; later weekly meetings are enough.

8. Multitasking improves productivity and slows Delivery

Some app developers are very talented in what they do, but they may have many orders on their plate. Such developers may not be able to deliver your work on time. They may also not have the time to update or tweak your app in the future. Before hiring the developer, have an honest conversation with him about your expectations. Ask them about their schedule, the number of projects they are currently working on, and how available they are to concentrate on your project. Give them your timeline and deadlines, and ask them whether they can be able to deliver within the set time. No one can give you the exact time, but approximate estimates are ok.


It is easy to find and hire different app developers for different domains. However, it is important that you have a clear vision of what you want, and then choose an app designer who can help build your dream.
This Article was originally published at Entrepreneur Magazine by Mayank Pratap Singh, co-founder EngineerBabu.

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