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Exciting Feature of Facebook 360°

Recently Facebook has introduced a new feature to its Social Networking platform, in this feature a user can experience the Facebook photo’s in a whole different way. This Facebook 360 feature will let the user to experience the photos and Video’s as if the user is present in that place physically where that photo or video has been captured, as the name suggests now a user can experience the photo and video in 360 ° view just by simply rotating their mobile phone or tablet.
facebook 360
360° Photo by Facebook
Previously the publisher of 360°  Photo had to have a complex kind of camera to capture the 360 ° viewing experience. But now user have to click flat photos in panoramic view and Facebook will automatically convert these images into interactive images and then the user can view those images in full screen view by tilting their mobile phone devices. This feature of converting your flat panoramic images to 360° photos will only work with the newly captured photos, hence it will not covert your old panoramic photos to 360° photos.

Now you are confused and thinking how you will differentiate between the simple photos and 360° photos. For that Facebook has implemented a very simple method of tagging, 360° photos are tagged by a compass icon on right hand side. 360 Photos can also be viewed with the help of Samsung VR gear headset or Oculus rift.

360° Video by Facebook
With the Facebook 360 Video feature a user can publish his work of art in a whole different way, through this feature the publisher can take the viewer in an another world. Although the creation of these kind of videos are very complex, but can be created with the help of certain type of complex cameras. These kind of Cameras will record the scene in 360°  view. This ability of the Camera will give freedom to the user of selecting the angle in which they want to see the scene. Currently facebook 360° Video can be viewed on web, iOS and android device’s. To upload these video’s, the people has to follow the traditional steps of uploading videos.
To create these kind of videos certain steps has to followed-:

  • The rotational and translational movement within the video will decrease the quality of the Video, hence to achieve a greater quality the user should fade in and out the camera positions.
  • To maintain the sound quality of the video the video should always recorded in mono scene, however any background music could be captured in stereo.

Facebook has given some specification for the 360° video to give a clearer picture of the video quality, these specs are given below-:

  • The Video size should not be more than 1.75GB.
  • The file should be MP4.
  • The video Codec should be less than or equal 30 fps.
  • Audio Codec can be AAC or Mp3.
  • The resolution will be maximum of 3K input.
  • The Dimension should have aspect ratio of 2:1.
  • The project formation should be Equirectangular.

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