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Maalgaadi.net – A true story of moving ahead

Everything today depends on logistics. Although we live in a parallel universe of the internet, where everything transits online, the physicality aspect of transit is impossible to ignore. It also plays a very important role even in businesses of any kind today. So, what’s the fuss about logistics? Logistics has inevitable challenges – availability, negotiations, timely delivery, and pickup, etc.

How about an app which makes logistics free of all the botherations? Maalgaadi is the answer to that. A one-stop solution to all the intra city headache of transportation.

What could happen when a boring job drives you to create something unique? Something like Maalgaadi.net happens. It was Anirudh Garg’s and Saurabh Raj’s brainwave. The duo from Indore identified a gap in the prevailing transportation system. A gap in terms of all the hassles one has to go through for a mere transit of goods. They decided to tackle the inconvenience and created Maalgaadi.net. They wished Maalgaadi to be the Ola of transportation and today it has come to hold that true.

A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step

– Chinese proverb

Although success didn’t come that easy. Initially, Anirudh and Saurabh had to face the headwinds. The criticism was to such an extent that they had to shut down the operations within two days of the initial launch. But facing this failure induced a new motivation in the young entrepreneurs. They didn’t only came through the obstacles but also created an example by getting perfectly into the legal framework hence not bypassing any laws.

Next big thing was awaiting this success. Anirudh and Saurabh found investors for their project. Moira Group, one of the bigwigs of the city, agreed to invest in their company.

How Maalgaadi works

maalgaadi-appMaalgaadi is designed to enable a driver to pick or dispatch a shipment by getting the information from the customer. It exactly works as Uber/Ola or Jugnoo.

The pickup and dispatch information is given by the customer either on the website or over a phone call.
This information is then used by our team to get the pickup and the drop location with customer’s name and contact.
The driver who is in or around the pick-up location gets the lead on the app.
He picks up the shipment and drops it at the destined location.

Throughout the process i.e. from pickup to dispatch the team at Maalgaadi app gets the vital information of the transit like- time is taken for the dispatch, speed of the vehicle, routes chosen by the driver, any detours if taken, any delays, etc. which plays an important role in fleet management.

What Maalgaadi is all about –

Simple – Maalgaadi.net  is simple to use. It is built keeping in mind the potential users – the drivers and the users.

Accountability – In service industry all that matters is service. Maalgaadi.org is a highly dependable service. The real-time data of the rides is shared with the customers. They can track the trip all through.
Authority – The service enables the customers with the full authority of their shipment regarding – selecting the vehicle, pick-up and destination points and even the driver for the transit. This gives the full control and choice to the customer.


Transforming lives with small steps

Maalgaadi App has stringent guidelines which changed the lives of the drivers associated with them. There is a list of dont’s which every driver has to follow, like – no alcohol, no tobacco, not abuse, to name a few.

Maalgaadi’s story tells us the power of resilience, the power of bouncing back and then taking on the hurdle with a renewed energy and hope.

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