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Top 20 Websites Built with Angularjs and Nodejs

No wonder JavaScript has been honored as the most popular thanks to the amazing Javascript Frameworks like AngularJS/ NodeJs that made it hot favorite programming language among the developers.
Though it can’t pick-up your kids from the school or take your dog for a walk, it has still solved many problems for the developers and clients by making the websites fast, robust, aesthetic and SEO friendly all at the same time.
Packed with some badass features and functionality, AngularJS and Nodejs have been proven to be greatly beneficial.
And that’s the reason the top Fortune 500 companies have adopted it to rocket sky their profitability.
Today I will share some facts, business benefits and futuristic reason to use the JavaScript for your Website.
More specifically, we’ll discuss the implementation of AngularJS and Nodejs as client side and server side respectively in popular-high-traffic websites.
I have identified the leading 20 websites around the world which used Angularjs / Nodejs for their website development based on the popularity, traffic, and Alexa rank.

1. YouTube

YouTube has become a synonym for Video Streaming and broadcasting.
It is the most popular video sharing platform which is own by the google. In Fact, it is the heaviest traffic website in the world.
People can broadcast themselves by creating a free channel and share their video worldwide.
Its built with AngularJS components. More specifically, YouTube’s PlayStation 3 app is built entirely with AngularJS.
Approx Traffic in November 2017: 24 Billion

2. Yahoo!
YahooYahoo is more known as a search engine and related service provider platform like email, News, messenger etc.
They are using the Node.js as the primary technological stack for the server side development.
Where do they use Nodejs?
Reid Burke – Sr. Software engineer at Yahoo explains:
“ We use Hosted apps and building them, Websites and Mobile
apps, nearly everything “Approx Traffic in November 2017: 5.43 Billion

3. Amazon.comNodejs ( 2.91 billion)
Amazon is worlds biggest e-commerce website with 300 M+ active users worldwide.
The primary reason to choose node.js for somecore components of the website are very futuristic.
Amazon has introduced Alexa an AI-based system that facilitates its customers to shop online using voice command.
Nodejs has an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model.
It is well suited for Alexa as it has trigger based input and it is one of the largest ecosystems of open source libraries in the world.
Alexa can function seamlessly with Nodejs and AWS Lambda to handle the trigger based event.
Approx Traffic in November 2017 : 2.91 Billion

4. Netflix
Netflix is the new trend that is taking over the traditional Television.
In the age of convenience, it provides video-on-demand to the users according to their needs whenever and wherever.
It is one of the world’s largest online media streaming providers delivering almost 7 billion hours of videos to nearly 50 million customers in 60 countries per quarter.
As per statista.com, Since the development and expansion of its streaming service, Netflix has accumulated tens of millions of streaming subscribers worldwide.
As of the first quarter of 2017, Netflix has almost reached the 100 million marks for streaming subscribers, thereby more than doubling its subscriber numbers from the start of 2014.
Why Netflix Implemented the Node.js?
Yunong Xiao, Principal Engineer, Netflix says,
“We liked performance that Node.js offers. From a 40 minute + startup time they went to under a minute”
Approx Traffic in November 2017: 1.7 Billion

5. eBay
Node.js (1.74 B)Ebay is heavy traffic website with 168 Million active users in Q1,2017.
In order to handle such real-time request, the e-commerce behemoth decided the use node.js for their backend development.
Steven Luan, a software engineer at eBay explained in a blog that the company has always been open to new technologies and Node.js was on top.
Some eBay engineers experimented and concluded that Java did not seem to fit the project requirements, so they began exploring the world of Node.js.
Now they are using it as primary backend language for eBay.
Approx Traffic in November 2017: 1.74 Billion

6. reddit ( 1.57 Billion) Nodejs
Reddit is a social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website.
Registered members can submit content to the site such as links, text posts, and images, which are then viewed and voted by other members.
Approx Traffic in November 2017: 1.57 Billion

7.  LinkedIn Corporation
LinkedIn Corporation
Angular/nodejs ( Current Traffic: 1 Billion)
LinkedIn is a social networking platform for professionals. People use it for professional networking, job seeking, and job posting.
Deepak Gupta is a Senior Software Engineer at LinkedIn says, “One of the major reason people use the Nodejs is the use of the javascript which allows you to write both client-side (Angularjs) and server-side code in the same language”.
Another Engineering from Linkedin Team shared, “Servers were cut to 3 from 30. Enough headroom remains to handle 10x current levels of resource utilization.”

8.  Tumblr
Tumblr is a microblogging and social networking website where users can post blog and multimedia content.
They can follow other users and their blogs for the content they are interested in.
Tumblr is using Node.js for their primary service building at the server side.
Approx Traffic in November 2017 : 773 Million

9. PayPal
Paypal is online payment system which hardly needs any introduction.
The online payment company was the early adopter of Node.js and was given a chance to use it and take a risk because at that time Node.js was at an initial stage.
The main reason to implement node.js in production was to handle the “100% Business availability, even with huge Load” Around 1.5 billion dollars are being spent online in the US on a single day on Black Friday, each year.”
Paypal achieved 35% decrease in the average response time for the same page.
This resulted in the pages being served 200ms faster — something users will definitely notice.
Jeff Harrell- Senior Director and Matt- software engineer at Paypal explains
● Built almost twice as fast with fewer people
● Written in 33% fewer lines of code
● Constructed with 40% fewer files.

10. GitHub Inc.
GitHub Inc.
GitHub is Version Control System which provides users to host open source code.
It allows users to make their own repository on the server to manage their code in the distributed environment.
It provides facilities like to create own branch, track bugs, and code management.
Github is using javascript on both sides, they are using angular in client-side and Nodejs on server-side.
Approx Traffic in November 2017: 507 Million

11. Forbes
Forbes is a global magazine publishing articles on business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and lifestyle.
They publishing the article based on analysis, industry expert opinion and survey. Forbes Website is packed with the power of AngularJS and Nodejs.
Approx Traffic in November 2017: 143 Million

12. Flickr

FlickrFlickr is social network and community website where users can share the photos, videos and create groups.Flickr had a total of 122 million registered members and more than 3.5 million new images uploaded daily.
Flicker is using the Node.js for their server development and for the real-time update.
Approx Traffic in November 2017: 129 Million
13. Slack | Node (123 M)
Slack is a powerful, customizable, and intuitive tool for improving team collaboration and productivity.
It integrates with over 350 other services including Dropbox, chatbots, Google Drive, Skype, and more.
It helps you to communicate with your team and organize your conversations by topics,
projects, or anything else that matters to your work.
Users can Message or call any person or group within the team. Share, edit documents and collaborate with the right people all in Slack.
Slack is using node.js for development of all above real-time features.
Approx Traffic in November 2017: 123 Million

14. Bloomberg

Angular/node (98 M)
Bloomberg delivers business and market news, data, analysis, video, and feature stories.
It was founded by Michael Bloomberg who served as Mayor of New York City after Rudy Giuliani.
They deliver content via the web, radio and its television broadcast show.
The company constantly develops and provides consumers with various information that make trading and understanding changes in the market easier.
Bloomberg is fully powered by javascript on both client side as well as server side.
They used Nodejs on server Angularjs to develop the website.
Approx Traffic in November 2017: 98 Million

15. Zendesk

ZendeskNode (95 M)
Zendesk provides ticketing, tracking and customer service solutions for software development platforms.
It is a customer ticketing system that provides companies a method of tracking and responding to customer service requests.
Zendesk help business to manage the millions of customer data to resolve their issue and better support so they have implemented the node.js for real-time customer data update
Approx Traffic in November 2017: 95 Million

16. Shutterstock
Node (87 M)
Shutterstock is a well-known platform for photographers to sell their photography
and also for prospective users who want to buy and license the stock photography.
It has a huge collection of over 130 Million of unique images users can browse and buy.
Approx Traffic in November 2017: 87 Million

17. Groupon

GrouponNodejs (83 M)
Groupon is world’s number one platform to find the coupon and discounts for
e-commerce websites.
Approx Traffic in November 2017: 83 Million

18. Udemy, Inc.

Udemy, Inc.Udemy is an online learning and teaching marketplace with over 55000 courses and 15 million students.
Users can learn programming, marketing, data science and analytics etc.
Udemy also allows preparing your own course which you can sell on this platform.
Udemy is using the Angularjs to provide the single page application experience to users.
Approx Traffic in November 2017: 80 Million

19. Coinbase
CoinbaseNode (65 M)
Coinbase is an online platform for buying, selling, transferring, and storing digital currency based on the US. Users can buy bitcoin, Ethereum and lite coin with Dollars and euro.
Nodejs is primary server side language Coinbase has implemented for real-time updates on the value of the currency and fast real-time transaction.
Approx Traffic in November 2017: 65 Million

20. Paytm
PaytmPaytm provides online banking, digital wallet, and e-commerce platform.
Users can directly use this money for mobile recharges, DTH, data cards landline/ broadband, electricity, water, and gas bills, etc.
One can also book tickets for buses, trains, flights, movies, hotel rooms, etc. and even pay for Uber rides using this platform.
Paytm developed using Node.js for backend and again Angularjs for the frontend.
Approx Traffic in November 2017: 47 Million

Take Away

This list shows that Javascript is everywhere.
Using Javascript particularly Angular and Node front and backend architecture have been proven to be the best option. So, you can easily hire AngularJS developers or a team of developers for your project building.
That’s the reason the corporate behemoths are utilizing these technologies to develop their apps and websites and get optimum results.
And looking at the current trend one can say that Javascript is going to be the hot favorite language for the upcoming years too.

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