Top Reasons to Choose ReactJS for Front-end Development

ReactJS for Front-end development

ReactJS for Front-end development is an extremely rich and multifaceted tech stack with all the existing frameworks and libraries. For a business owner, ReactJS is the appropriate Front-end development library to take the business online. ReactJS allows developers to build the complex UI easy to use and reusable components.

ReactJS is an open-source library based on JavaScript. It was originally developed for Facebook to build User Interfaces for single-page applications. React gained popularity among developers, as it requires minimal expertise in HTML and JavaScript. Hence, it becomes the most preferred library for Front-end development.

Well, the ecosystem of front-end development is continuously evolving. Every now and then, new tools are introduced. The market is filled with a number of libraries and frameworks, making it difficult for business owners to make the right choice.

Hence, going with the tried and tested tools, such as ReactJS, might be a good idea for your business. Choose ReactJS for Front-end development; is one of the fastest-growing and most popular FrontEnd development libraries. It is continuously gaining the attention of developers and business owners.

ReactJS for Front-end development

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How have ReactJS Evolved Web Development?

The face of web development has evolved a lot in the last two decades, along with the tech-stacks. With the shifting time and technology, the logic moved more and more from the server-side to the client-side.

Initially, the Angular framework has been introduced and introduced the client-side revolution. Later on, ReactJS development has gained popularity and brought the server-side revolution. Let’s understand this revolution in web development in detail.

Web Development before Introduction of ReactJS Development

Before 2015, when web development was majorly about scripting rendering, the languages like HTML, PHP for back-end, and CSS for front-end development ruled the market. The combination of these tech-stacks makes web development quite easier at that time.

The developers need to put static HTML pages in a folder and render them using PHP. However, it is not the most unique or intuitive way to develop a website, as it still requires developing two-way communication between the client and the server-side. This becomes only possible with Server-Side Rendering (SSR).

In this manner, the websites have been developing for decades. But this gets revolutionized after the introduction of JavaScript libraries like ReactJS development.

The Era of Single Page Apps (SPA), ReactJS, and JavaScript

The introduction of JavaScript in the market has revolutionized the web development experience. It provides excellent scope and allows a lot more to do with JavaScript than it did ten years ago.

Hence, JavaScript allows developers to build web apps with client-side scripting.

It allows the Single Page Apps development using JavaScript. However, many JavaScript frameworks allow client-side scripting, whereas Angular is the only one that supports and promotes this approach.

Suppose, you fetch some data via JavaScript, add some attributes to your markup, and now you are good to go. It allows you to build a dynamic website without any issues with PHP and server communication establishment.

In 2015, after the introduction of isomorphic JavaScript library, “ReactJS”, allows developers to build dynamic web applications with rapid speed.

Basically, ReactJS is used to render views in mobile and web applications. It provides a platform for developers to build reusable components that work independently to each other. Reach also introduced a unique feature called Virtual DOM. It allows developers to implement Server-Side Rendering (SSR) without making updates of the complete view each time during the update.

ReactJS out-performs in building dynamic and engaging web interfaces over other JavaScript frameworks such as AngularJS. It is because virtual DOM allows component updation when a user performs any action without affecting other parts of the interface.

ReactJS for Front-end development

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What is Exceptional about ReactJS?

ReactJS is very much different from other popular frameworks like Angular or Ember. Unlike others, ReactJS is built on the concept of components and functions with other frameworks as well as libraries like JQuery.

The use of virtual DOM makes ReactJS the quickest library because it merely updates the changed portion of all the web pages. This way of effective working and the architecture of the application makes ReactJS the most productive solution for the developers.

Why Choose ReactJS for FrontEnd Development?

While comparing all the available famous frameworks for front-end development, definitely the best platform is ReachJS for front-end development. Evidently, more than 1,00,000 websites are currently using ReactJS for Front-end development. So, the question is, what made this new technology so popular among developers and business owners?

ReactJS offers a lot of benefits to the developers and the website as well. Still, thinking why to choose ReactJS for front-end development over other reputed frameworks. Let’s see the major benefits of ReactJS to understand why it is at the top of the competition from other front-end development frameworks.

1.Easy to Learn ReactJS Development

React is a very simple and easy to learn lightweight library. It only deals with the View Layer. It is not a heavy framework like Model-View structure such as Angular or Ember. Any JavaScript developer can easily gain its basics and can develop brilliant web applications only in a couple of day’s learning.

On the other hand, if the technology is hard to learn, then it will become difficult to start and attract developers as well. It is human nature that we mostly avoid learning new techniques or anything if it is hard to learn. Hence, unlike Angular, it is not a complex tool to learn or work upon. The learning process will become much more comfortable when the developer has good JavaScript skills.

2.Reusable Components

ReactJS serves a reusable component based structure. The components are interconnected pieces of details and information. The developers can start working with building small components such as checkbox, button, Dropbox, etc., and can create wrapper component builds with all the small components. It helps to build high-level wrapper components as well.

Each component can be rendered individually based on its working. Every component has its own internal logic and this approach yields amazing results. The components can be re-used from anywhere it requires. Therefore, the app represents a consistent look and feel; the reusability of code makes it easier to maintain and grow the codebase, and it becomes easier to deploy the app.

The components based structure in ReactJS development helps a lot to build large web pages. ReactJS for Front-end development allows integrating two or more average components to make the single complex component and re-utilize it multiple times.

3.Speedy Rendering with Virtual DOM

While building a web application that requires high user interaction and view updates. It includes new form builders such as on JotForm 4.0, which considers the possible performance issues. However, the JavaScript engine is quite fast to handle complex applications, whereas the DOM manipulations are still not that fast to work.

DOM updation is quite a tedious task to perform when it comes to analyzing web performance. Hence, ReactJS can solve this problem to a great extent by using virtual DOM, a DOM stored in memory. The changes in view get its first reflection on virtual DOM, then an efficient algorithm compares the current and previous states of virtual DOM and calculates it in the best way to apply the changes.

Then, eventually, these updates are applied to the DOM to make sure it requires a minimum read or write time. Hence, this is the major reason for the high performance of ReactJS for Front-end development.

4.Clear Abstraction

ReactJS for Front-end development is one of the powerful sides that provides a wonderful abstraction. It means that it does not expose any complex internal functioning of the users and keep the workflow smooth on the surface.

Whereas, in Angular, the developers had to learn complex internal processing’s to make things possible. For such as Digest Cycles, however, in ReactJS development the developers only require to comprehend the states, component’s life cycle, and the required properties to achieve what is desired from the clients.

ReactJS does not make any mandatory pattern or architecture to follow like MVC/MVVM. It is only for the view layer, and rest allows developers to freely design the app architecture in any manner the developer or client finds it fit for their product.

5.Brilliant Tools for Developers

One of the important factors for choosing the development platform is the developer’s toolset. In this reference, ReactJS for front-end development provides two brilliant development tools- React Developers Tools and Redux Developer Tools. Both tools can also be installed as Google Chrome extensions.

React Developer Tool is a very effective tool for inspecting react components within its hierarchy and is also useful for observing the current states and props. If the Redux library is in use, then make sure to look at Redux Developers Tool for Chrome. It can also represent dispatched actions, current store conditions, and monitor changes in stores.

The developers can also implement actions or modify stores and see the changes instantly on view instantly. As all the updates get stored within the extension, and time travel is also possible. To manage the debugging purpose, it allows developers to record and go back to any state of the application.

6.Flux and Redux

Flux Architecture is used for web applications and is introduced and maintained by Facebook. It supports React components very well with the unidirectional data flow. The complete structure follows the specific procedure.

The main concept is to build actions that are initiated by a central dispatcher to update stores. After that, the views are updated based on the changes in the stores. The complete data which components display are kept in store and are not duplicated as it does in MVC structure models. As a result, it forbids the developers to keep their model data in sync all the time throughout the application.

In contrast to this, Flux is not a ready to use library. However, the most popular library is Redux, which is almost a representation of flux architecture. Redux provides a single store that is not required in Flux. It can be considered as the single source of truth, i.e., there is only one single object to keep all the data related to the application. Hence, it becomes easier to manipulate and observe. Any changes in the store will initiate a render for relevant components, and the view remains in sync with the available data.

Another great feature of Redux is that it can define a middle-ware to follow dispatched actions. Usually, it is used for exception handling, logging, and async API. It also writes middle-ware easily to solve various problems. Hence, Redux can prove to be a significant development tool. It will make things quite easier for developers and stimulate them to choose ReactJS for Front-end development.

7. React Native

Having expertise over ReactJS serves a bonus of ReactNative. React is not a ‘Write Once, Run Anywhere library’, whereas it allows developers to ‘learn once write anywhere’ library. Yes, it will enable developers to write native apps for iOS and Android platforms using ReactNative. However, the developers can not use exactly the same code written for the web but can use the same methodology and same architecture.

8.Excellent User-Interfaces

ReactJS for Front-end development allows building excellent user-interfaces easily. User-Interface quality is very important to attract users. Because the poorly designed user-interface is generally less user-friendly, and the users don’t like to use applications with poorly designed UIs.

If the application has excellent and high-quality UIs, then users are definitely going to love the app and use it effectively. So, ensure to build a user-friendly interface to make the business successful. ReactJS for Front-end development proves to be a great option to go with it, and it allows to use the declarative components easily.

9. Fast Development

ReactJS development can instantly increase productivity due to reusable components and development tools. Rapid development is crucial from the developer’s point of view if they get things done quickly, will definitely earn more in less time, and ultimately, it is the common goal of all startups and companies.

If being a developer or a corporate, you are spending a major amount of time in building a simple thing. Then it will ultimately harm your budget and earnings. However, if you can deliver the product quickly, you can quickly earn cash and make your clients happy.

There are many development tools available in the market, but ReactJS for Front-end development is considered the best and most preferred tool among the developer community.

10. Gained Trust of Companies

A lot of renowned and reputed companies prefer and trust ReactJS for Front-end development. The companies list name includes Facebook, DropBox, Netflix, Airbnb, Khan Academy, Tesla Motors, Paypal, Walmart, IMDb, CodeAcademy, and many more. There are a lot of popular apps available in the market which are built on ReactJS development.

So many companies are relying on this tool because it is undoubtedly a very high-quality tool for front-end development. However, it is adopted by so many huge and busy companies, which means ReactJS is genuinely a useful library for perfect and brilliant front-end development.

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11. Reliable and Trending in the Market

ReactJS is a very hot and trending library for front-end development of websites and applications. It is one of the most popular and preferred front-end technologies among all the available technologies in the market.

Easy to use and learn makes ReactJS the first choice for experienced and beginner level developers to work with it. Hence, ReactJS lovers are increasing day by day. Therefore, while deciding the library choose ReactJS for Front-end development.

12. Huge Community Support

Being one of the most preferred and liked libraries attracted a great number of developers to work upon. Due to this, it has huge community support and motivated beginners and developers to choose ReactJS for Front-end development.

Huge community support is making ReactJS better as an open-source library for coders. Around the world, community developers are helping each other to learn the technology in different ways.

13. SEO Friendly Library

ReactJS is a very SEO-friendly library. It is a very beneficial and positive choice for any business to mark its presence in the online market. As for any online business, SEO plays a crucial role in its success in the market.

The online marketing strategy requires working effectively when the app or website requires lower page load time and faster rendering speed. It will provide a higher ranking in Google. Hence, with ReactJS fast rendering compared to other libraries and frameworks, it reduces the page load time to a great extent. It helps businesses to secure a good and improved ranking on Google Search Engine Result Page.

14. Offers Better Code Stability

ReactJS follows downward data flow. It ensures that the parent structure didn’t get hampered due to any kind of modification in the structure of its child. As a result, when the developer modifies an object, it only requires modifying its states and making required changes. Hence, only specified components are required to be updated.

This kind of data flow and structure provides good and improved code stability and smooth performance of the application.

15. Extend Tools and Capacities

ReactJS for Front-end development of a project allows developers to write codes on JavaScript as well as on modern JSX. This approach will enable developers to utilize HTML for code insertion. It introduces a wider opportunity for innovation and boosts the whole productivity.

It allows developers to introduce new features and updates without hampering the existing features.

16. Easy Migration

Smooth and easy Migration is the major benefit ReactJS offers for web and app development. When any business seeks to migrate from out-dated technology infrastructure to a new one, this generates a lot of issues and challenges. It requires a lot of time and effort to overcome such challenges, whereas in some cases the whole code requires to be re-written.

On the other hand, ReactJS offers an added advantage in such cases. The ReactJS for Front-end development allows easy addition of codes anywhere on to the existing infrastructure. This can be done without worrying about the performance being hampered.

Where should ReactJS for FrontEnd Development be used?

ReactJS is built by Facebook but is not only used by them. A diverse business portfolio and companies can use ReactJS for Front-end development. Some of the projects areas where ReactJS development can be used are as follows;

  • Social Networking Apps,
  • ECommerce or Retail Web Apps,
  • Single Page Application catering Multiple Industries (such as Trello),
  • Cross-Platform Mobile Apps
  • Blogs
  • Business Websites
  • Forums
  • Rating Websites
  • Portfolios
  • eLearning Modules
  • Membership Sites
  • Galleries
  • Job Boards
  • Personal Websites for self-promotions
  • Q&A Websites such as Quora
  • Auction and Coupons Sites
  • Media-Centric Sites like YouTube
  • Wikipedia and Knowledge-based Websites
  • Business Directories
  • Non-Profit Websites for Donation Collection, etc.


After analyzing all the above points, you may have got the idea about how ReactJS delivers some outstanding benefits for front-end development and makes it popular among businesses and developers. ReactJS requires less time to develop a website or app. It is easy to use features compared to other available libraries, making it the most preferred front-end development library by developers and businesses. It is available with simple components that provide easy-to-use interfaces.

ReactJS for Front-end development can easily build simple to highly sophisticated websites and apps and helps achieve business goals. The developers can also easily reuse the existing components and codes written in ReactJS for Front-end development.

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You can rely heavily on ReactJS for Front-end development for its long-term business goals. Hence, to develop a successful ReactJS front-end, you can easily hire ReactJS developers experienced in their respective fields from EngineerBabu. For any query and assistance and can contact us for further details to start your project.

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