Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in New York

Top 10 Mobile App Development Company in New York

This statement is true to its core, “Most cities are nouns. New York’s a verb.”
New York, without a doubt, can be deemed as the city of hopes and dreams. From high-end fashion brands to finance and even tech – This city shelters almost each and everything.
Thus it makes sense to look for your tech solutions at this place.
Finding the right Tech Partner or a team can get extremely tricky at times. You need to weigh in several factors in order to make an informed decision. These factors range from Affordability, Pricing Structure, Project requirements, Reviews to even success of their previous work.
Even then, there have been several instances where customers got duped because their tech partner didn’t stick to their promises.
Therefore, after weighing all the above factors, and EVEN MORE, I have compiled a comprehensive and reliable list of the 10 Top-Rated Mobile App Development companies in New York City.

My analysis is based on Affordability, Product Delivery Time, Offerings, Cost and especially Reviews. Keep reading and then decide for yourself – Your right tech partner.

1.  Fueled

Fueled are a full-service development, digital design, branding, and strategy company that offers a suite of services for startups and enterprises.  
According to Clutch, their major service line constitutes, Mobile App Development (50%), UX/UI Design (20%) and Blockchain.
Fueled, stands out in this realm of app development because it doesn’t stick to the conventional model of product development; instead, they have expanded their offerings to include the following,

  • Growth & Marketing – Fueled also offers management of digital marketing initiatives for your organization. They have in-house analytics and conversion optimization experts who can help optimize your app’s analytics suite and manage AB testing regimes.
  • Fueled Ventures – Fueled Ventures is an independent venture fund started by Fueled management to provide funding to up-and-coming startups. Their motive is to offer new-age startups an opportunity to scale quickly and effectively, their agenda, “Our team is your team.”
  • Fueled Collective – Fueled collective is one of the top-rated co-working space situated in Manhattan. The space houses more than 30 startups currently and was established with the aim of providing startups a middle-ground to network effectively and efficiently.

End-to-end product development and promotion services

Key Clients
Barneys, Crunchbase, MGM Resorts International, 9Gag, Harvard University, Rite Aid, Verizon, Afterlight, QuizUp, Summit Series, Happify, Sunnycomb, Matador.
Average Clutch Rating – 4.9/5 (Based on 17 Reviews)

“They seamlessly fused their unique style with our requirements to create a stunning and sophisticated model.”

– Founder, Jobbhopp

2.  Infinum

Infinum is a design and development agency for mobile and web applications. Having been established in 2005, they possess significant domain expertise in designing and development of web and mobile products. They have offices across New York, San Francisco, Croatia, and Slovenia.
Their primary service line constitutes mobile (30%) and web development (30%). They also provide other services such as IoT (Internet of Things), Cloud Services and DevOps, Blockchain and Quality Assurance
Other than this, Infinum also organizes vocational and free training courses to teach students screen design and development under the umbrella – Infinum Academy.
Key Clients
Infinum has developed some high-end software for global clients ranging from small startups to large enterprises. Some of their clientele includes Samsung, T-Mobile, Royal Caribbean, Universal Music Group, P&G, Crowdstar, Eventim, and Bayer.


  • Vibrant work culture
  • Solid domain knowledge

Average Clutch Rating – 4.9/5 (Based on 21 Reviews)

“It’s been hugely beneficial to work with a vendor that can translate customer needs into a cohesive design.”

– Director of Development & Marketing, Bank

3.   Dom & Tom

Dom & Tom is a digital products agency headquartered in New York with offices in Chicago and Los Angeles. They have been recognized as “One of the Top App Development Companies of 2018” by Clutch.  Having started in 2009 with a vision fill a gap in the tech domain for the then released Apple iPhone – Today they have expanded their offerings to include iPhone and Android mobile development, web development, along with emerging technologies for Fortune 500 companies and new-age startups. Dom & Tom boasts a dedicated team of 100 employees across their three locations.
Their service line includes strategy, User Experience (UX), visual design, iOS, Android, web development, and quality assurance. They also assist in website and application deployment and launch.
They have also garnered several awards and recognitions like Inc 5000 –Best Places to Work for in 2018, Crain’s 2017 Best Places to Work in NYC, One of the Top App Development Companies of 2018, etc.


  • Great Customer Service
  • Deploys latest tech stack

Key Clients
Priceline, NBA, Samsung 837, Hearst, General Electric, Turner, Bloomberg, McDonald’s, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Tyson Foods Inc., The University of Oklahoma, Private WiFi, Fitch Ratings, Saban Brands, , AARP, Bonobos, Citibank, AIG, ideel, The Emmys, Dignity Health, AmeriLife, Condé Nast, Lisa.
Average Clutch Rating (Based on 20 Reviews) – 4.8/5

“The biggest thing is that they’re very passionate about making sure that I’m not the only one satisfied, but that our own end customers are pleased, too.”

– Senior Marketing Manager, Consumer Products Firm


SWARM is a digital studio that designs and develops products for corporate and venture clients. Headquartered in NYC, SWARM offers products ranging from mobile apps for iOS and Android, to AppleTV, Web Applications, and even complex technologies like Machine Learning / AI.
SWARM classifies its services in four distinct divisions; however, their primary offerings are Mobile App Development, Web Design and UX/UI Design.

    New venture advisory Market research, market entry strategy, product life cycle enhancement, digital strategy, digital transformation enablement.
    Prototyping, Digital product design, visual information architecture, customer experience design, and user interface design, service and web design.
    Product management, product development, Technical architecture, requirements and R&D for digital transformation.
    Marketing strategy, activation, data science, performance optimization, conversion optimization, tracking testing, and implementation recommendation.  


  • Unique offerings
  • Trusted client-base

Key Clients
Apple TV, Blue Planet Environmental, CBS Interactive, CBS Sports, College Sports Live, Advance, PartyUp Player, Quidd, FreshEBT, Admittedly, Emojiface, GolfMatch, Soledad O’Brien Foundation, LookLook / SPARK, StandStant, Thoughtbuzz, BuyUp Index, LFGer, Propel, Shiftwear, et al.
Average Clutch Rating (Based on 4 Reviews) – 5/5

“Their design is above and beyond anyone else I’ve seen in New York.”

– CEO, EmojiFace

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5.  FUZZ

FUZZ is a mobile app development company based out of Brooklyn, New York. Fuzz specializes in designing and development of iOS and Android applications for iPhones, iPads, Android handsets, and tablets. Their clientele is spread across a range of domains, including, Entertainment, Media & Publishing, Hospitality, and mobile-commerce. They are uniquely positioned to collaborate with product and platform managers of global organizations to manage, create, scale and evolve their product ecosystems.


  • Customer Service and satisfaction
  • An efficient product development process

Key Clients
mCommerce: Anheuser-Busch InBev, Wegmans, Forever 21, GNC Food 
Hospitality: Shake Shack, Fairmont Hotels, Wingstop
Media & Publishing: New York Post, Conde Nast, Huffington Post, Penguin Random House, Zagat Entertainment: CBS, Disney, The Met
Average Clutch Rating (Based on 7 Reviews) – 4.8/5

“Overall, they have just been great with communication; that’s the key thing for me here.”

– Innovation Manager, Packaged Goods Company

6.  Utility

Utility specializes in developing custom mobile applications and web software for startup ventures and Fortune 500 companies. They have served some of the most notable players of the domain and have positioned themselves as the trusted tech-partner for big enterprises and startups.

Their offerings include,
Android & iOS Mobile Development, Web & App Development, AR, VR & AI, UX Strategy & Design, User Interface, Research & Discovery, QA & Deployment.


  • Impressive portfolio
  • Unique business offerings

Key Clients
Brands: Airbnb, NBA, Samsung, Verizon, DirecTV, Target, Mount Sinai
Startup Ventures: TOOR (Shark Tank), Kickwheel, UrLife, SirenMD, dearduck Mobile Games: Stride Gum (Mondelez), AVP Pro Beach Volleyball, Wiz Khalifa.
Average Clutch Rating – 4.9/5 (Based on 14 Reviews)

“Utility demonstrates leadership with responsive daily communication and the willingness to work weekend hours.”

– CEO, Sports Media Platform

7.  Lotus Technologies

Lotus Technologies is an up-and-coming app development startup based out of Broadway New York. They have established a quirky model of product development under which they provide “Unlimited App Development for One Monthly Rate.”  Under their monthly model, Customers get unlimited maintenance, unlimited addition of features as well as unlimited support and maintenance for a fixed monthly price.
Having been established in 2016, they have already garnered several accolades and recognition for their applications.
Their service line entirely constitutes mobile app development for Android and iOS.


  • Unique business model
  • Affordable pricing structure

Key Clients
Ambro, Thrive Global, Convey Clothing, Covet Delivery.  
Average Clutch Rating (Based on 2 Reviews) – 5/5

“Through Lotus Technologies, I’ve been able to take my vision and turn it into a tangible product.”

– CEO, NewWork

8.  Sneakers

Sneakers Agency is a full-service digital product development agency based out of Soho, NYC. They provide complete product development promotion, sales, and marketing services to help brands at every stage of their product development. Established in 2014, they have over 50 clients from start-ups to enterprises, to non-profits, and partner agencies.
Their key offerings include – Mobile app development, Web development, Product strategy, User research, User experience design, Prototyping, Interaction design, user testing, Brand identity.


  • 30-Day Cancellation Policy
  • Great customer satisfaction ratio

Key Clients
IBM, Pepsi, Meadows, Sony, Office Interiors, SYPartners, Vimeo, Launchmetrics, Zagat, ForceBrands, Pinata, Welco, The Infatuation
Average Clutch Rating (Based on 11 Reviews) – 4.9/5

“[They’re] a great partner which adapted based on our challenges, and I would recommend them ten times out of 10.”

– Founder, Freelance Platform

9.  MojoTech

MojoTech is a web and mobile app development company headquartered in Rhode Island. It started out as an engineering-only consultancy. Now they have expanded their offerings keeping in mind the demand of the market. MojoTech, now offers web, mobile, and IoT development services as well. With offices across New York, Washington, Boulder, and Providence, their offerings comprise the complete product development cycle – from ideation to realization.
Mojotech has garnered numerous recognitions, like, Customer Enhancement Value of the year by Frost & Sullivan, Gartner Cool Vendor in APM, America’s Most Promising Companies (Forbes), CODiE Award, Best Cloud Management Solution by SIIA Software Industry,


Significant domain expertise

Key Clients
Groove, Navionics, AccuWeather, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Risk I/O, SendGrid, Swipely, Teespring, United Way.  
Average Clutch Rating (Based on 9 Reviews) – 5/5

“The reason we keep going back to [them] is that they’re very execution-oriented.”

– SVP, Product & Strategy Firm

10. Rose Digital

Rose Digital is a boutique digital agency based in Manhattan.  Their core expertise lies in designing and developing web and mobile application architecture, deployment, and maintenance at scale.  They serve private companies, government entities and SMB’s. They have established themselves as a reliable company in the mobility space within a short period.

  • Their core competencies include,
  • Native and Hybrid Mobile Application Development
  • Single Page Application (SPA) Development
  • Modular Codebase Architecture
  • AngularJS (1.x, 2), React + Redux, RxJS Functional Applications
  • User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Usability Testing
  • Agile Project Management and Development
  • Micro-services Architecture and Database Design
  • DevOps and Continuous Integration


  • An agile product development cycle

Key Clients
Adidas, Annex88 x, American Express, Airbnb, Skanska, Ford, Zoetis, Bard Graduate Center,  Fuse, Dealer Market Exchange, Civic Technologies
Average Clutch Rating (Based on 2 Reviews) – 4.5/5

“They are exceptionally talented at translating the needs of the end-user into a useful platform.”

– CEO, SaaS Platform

Concluding View…

All the aforementioned companies offer some of the best app development solutions in New York City. These companies have very impressive portfolios and maintain some very impressive clientele as well. While deciding on which of these companies to leverage for your business or enterprise, you need to keep in mind your unique business requirements and then narrow down your choices wisely.

Feel free to reach out to us in case you need any help. Also if you feel that we missed out on some good companies, do let us know in the comments below.

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