Best Ride-Hailing Apps in USA


Top Ride-Hailing Apps in USA

Taxi is a necessity for humans. They have been with us from the past 100 years. But with the digital revolution that happened after the introduction of the first iPhone. Now we have N-number of mobile applications which provide ride-hailing or taxi services. However, the problem is you don’t know which taxi service is best for you. There is one more concern regarding the taxi mobile application, which taxi app is safest for your loved one?

So, here is the review of the top taxi mobile applications by the Experts of “EngineerBabu”. In this review, our experts will tell you about the unique properties of the best taxi mobile application.

Easy Taxi

As the name suggests. Easy taxi is one of the best and most convenient ways of availing a taxi’s. EASY TAXI has penetration in over 30 countries with 420 cities worldwide. It has a total of 17 million users globally with a taxi fleet of 400,000 taxis. Easy taxi train their drivers for driving and communication easy taxi gives best driving experience to the users.


Previously GetTaxi (Gett) is the fastest growing taxi app in the USA. Gett has a reputation of providing the most affordable taxi service in the USA. It also has his penetration in cities like Moscow, Tel Aviv, NY. This mobile application also provides advance booking of two weeks to the users.


Lyft is the best mobile application for people doing car-pooling. In this mobile application, you can fix your time for availing the same cab and that too with the same group of people. Lyft steady service helps the user to avail the ride more easily. Lyft also offers large vehicles with its Lyft Plus.


Uber is a renowned Mobile application for taxi services. Uber has penetration in 40 countries with 70 cities. With Uber, you can also avail exotic cars as taxis. You can also change your ride while you already booked one. There is one special feature with Uber, by which You don’t have to pay by cash. You can pay UBER cash.

Sidecar Ride

Sidecar is one step ahead of all the companies providing taxi service. By sidecar, you can book your favorable cars and drivers. Every driver recruited in sidecar has to go through the background check of criminal records and social behavior. This mobile application also allows the user to check the fare before availing the ride. Sidecar also gives you the authority to select the vehicle of your choice.

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