How To Hire Best Mobile App Development Company?

hire right app development company

Everyone around us is going mobile, are you too?

Mobile is empowering various customers and businesses with mobility. From an alternative in the past, mobile applications have now become a necessity for companies around the globe.

If you’ve stumbled across this post looking for tips to hire mobile app developers, be it for an android app or an iOS app, keep reading.

For customers, mobile apps have emerged as a savior. It assists them in diverse fields such as commuting, ordering food, and what not! For businesses, mobile applications have enabled to engage customers and explore new technical horizons. Moreover, businesses are making profits by building remarkably competitive applications.

Mobile applications are a disruptive means to engage customers and statistics support it:

  • As per statista, it’s projected that the counter for the number of mobile app downloads worldwide will reach 258.2 billion till 2022.
  • As of Q1 2019, there are 2.1 million applications available in the Google Play Store alone.
  • By 2020, mobile apps are forecasted to hit $188.9 billion in revenue.

In case you were wondering why to develop an application for your business! According to a survey by Statista, 90% of the total time mobile users spend using a smartphone is on applications only. Intrigued!

Joining the bandwagon of businesses who maintain a mobile application is surely tempting, but how do you do it without failing at it? If you’re confused on how to hire the perfect mobile application company? Chill! We’ve got you covered.

Quick tip: If you’re worried about where to begin! Then start by shortlisting mobile app development companies from resourceful websites such as Clutch , Good Firms, and BlueRang. While picking up entries to your list, make sure you keep below-briefed tips in mind:

Important considerations to hire the best mobile app developer

Searching for the right mobile application company for your business isn’t a piece of cake. You need to dive deep into the oceans of app development companies and make some tough decisions.

While you begin with your quest of searching the best mobile app company for yourself, we’ve got your back. In this journey to develop a robust app for your business, you’ll need some assistance. So we decided to be your informant. We’ll be sharing with you all the major and minor details that you must be aware of before hiring a mobile app development company.

Not to forget, there are some quick hacks in the last section of this blog, which will help you get a brief of all what we tend to share with you. So, if you’re running out of time right now! Then bookmark this blog and go through the quick hacks in the last section.

Let’s begin our detailed journey of how and what to look for in a mobile app company while hiring them:

Do research on your competitors

First things first, learn first and then preach.

Every business has competitors to deal with, and you need to learn more about them. If they already are using the mobile application then you must understand what type of functionalities they offer. Search for more similar apps to get the picture of how exactly your app must look.

Such researches help you to get input on the most demanded and trending features. Moreover, they suggest you what you must avoid doing with your application. Trust us, investing time in learning more about your competitor’s app will help you get a clear picture of what you want in your application. Following which you can easily explain your expectations to the mobile app development company you later will hire.

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Focus on Quality Instead of the Price Plans

Quality is not expensive, it’s priceless.

It’s a fight off between app development companies out there for ‘price’. When you begin your quest to find a company that can help you build a perfect app; you’ll be baffled to learn that there are multiple companies who’re quoting development prices in the same bracket.

The prices are either cheap or expensive and who doesn’t fancy cheap service! We all do. But, applications are developed to please the customer not your pocket. Therefore, it’s important to focus and THINK about the future. You must closely examine the quality of the mobile application you will get developed from the company.

 Explore Their Portfolio

Did you know why portfolios were created? They were introduced to showcase the insights (in brief) of projects that were accomplished by any individual/group.

Portfolios highlight the accomplishments but also the skills utilized to complete the project. In short, it’s a collection of past successful projects with brief descriptions.

Going through the portfolios of your shortlisted mobile app development companies is a great option. It will help you get a clearer picture of what apps they’ve developed till now. Moreover, once you have a list of companies you’re interested to hire, you can compare their portfolios to reject or finalize one of them.

Explore the Platform Options on Offer

Now, that’s technical and hence it’s one of the crucial factors. Selecting a platform for your mobile application will depend on two factors:

  • the kind of business you’re building it for;
  • type of audience it would cater to.

If you’re targeting high customer engagement, then we’ll suggest you go for three major platforms; iOS, Android, and Windows. Although you can skip the last one, the former two, with massive popularity, are ruling the mobile applications world.

So, when picking a mobile application development company, ensure to review the platforms they’ve worked on in the past and are they suitable to maintain the quality of app you desire!

Go Through the Reviews

Reviews are important and helpful in many ways. Whether positive or negative, any esteemed mobile app development company will have a transparent policy for the reviews they receive from their clients.

These reviews help you in reaching out to the clients who’ve partnered with the company in the past. It can help you get some valuable suggestions. Above all, it will assist you to invest in an organization which can help you build progressive apps.

Analyze their Expertise

Mobile app development is a complex procedure which requires expertise, profound understanding of the target viewer and imagination. Such abilities are ONLY acquired with experience. And we all aim at being experts, don’t we! Thus, it’s crucial to make sure the company you choose for developing your mobile application possess the quality of excelling.

If you already have an idea of how your mobile app should be. Then you must ensure the company you choose is able to match the required expectations. The firm should be an expert in delivering the actual functionality and feature that you desire in your app. However, if you have not decided any outline of the app then you must pick a development company that holds expertise in suggesting productive, modern and successful ideas.

While testing the expertise of a company, you must take note of the following factors:

  • The executives of the company should be able to explain the process of how they would implement any proposed feature or functionality.
  • Also, they must help you with suggestions for any appropriate frameworks that might be implemented for your business niche.

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Must-Ask Questions to your Mobile-Development Partner

Before you decide to partner with a mobile app development company, there are certain questions you must get answered. Here are three definite questions with proper reasoning of why you must ask them!

What coding standards do you follow?

Every domain follows a set of rules and regulations; so does the mobile app development companies. Most of the established development companies operate with web application frameworks. These are equipped with all the essential tools that help in maintaining coding standards.

It’s crucial that the company you hire for developing your application follows a standardized system. Using coding standards will keep the code of the application organized. Furthermore, in case you desire to shift the development part from one agency to another; it helps in a hassle-free shift of tasks. The coding standards will make sure the new team understands the coding with ease.

What steps do you take to make the application scalable, secure and robust?

Although there are 2.1 billion apps for Android and 1.8 billion apps for iOS, how many of them are secure and scalable! We don’t know that yet. But what we do know is that it’s vital to own an application which is secure, robust and scalable.

The UI, UX, security, and scalability of the mobile application will define the success of your business. Thus, you must ask the app development company, on how they plan to build a top-notch application for your business.

  • Scalability is a must-have feature in any application. It’s because when your business grows and gains traffic, your app must be capable of handling those large numbers. Moreover, with time, trends will change, and you’ll have to let your app adapt new features. Therefore, any developer must ensure to embed the feature of scalability to the core of any application. 
  • Most applications deal with colossal data of consumers and visitors. Therefore it becomes significant for any business to ensure proper security of their information or data. Offering encryption to protect personal information and automatic backup of sensitive data must be ensured. Additionally, adding a feature of wiping out the data from the app in case the device gets lost is recommended.

Most apps attract their potential customers with their UI and UX. They’re the components that play a significant role in determining any application’s success.  If you aim at developing a robust app, then it’s essential to get a perfect blend of design and functionality in your app.

What design process and practices do you follow?

App users are looking for ‘Experiences’. In the application development sphere, experiences are delivered through the user interface (UI). To deliver a good UX, you must question the development company about their practices to design a unique application. Do they run the beta test on apps for identifying the flaws? Does it offer an auto feedback option? All these are necessary to launch a robust app with a captivating design.

What process do you follow for customer verification?

With thousands and millions of user registering on your application, how would you verify a genuine one? There are numerous spam, scams, and security breaches reported by users. This results in poor customer retention and bad brand image. Therefore, the best way to deal with such processes is to confirm with your app development partner about their plans for customer verification.

Be it at the time of registration, authentication transactions, or even resetting a password, the app development company must ensure to set up a process of verification (either by phone number or email-Id) at each stage. In fact, a verification must be implemented on tasks such as authorizing upgrades or reactivation of user account.

Adding customer verification to your mobile app will offer a layer of security, which will eliminate the probability of data theft or other security breaches. 

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Willingness to get into a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

Mobile applications are all about your business and your ideas. Therefore, it’s crucial to get into a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with the mobile app development company. You must ensure to sign the agreement before you discuss details with the organization.

Although NDA will not necessarily limit the idea from being used or stolen, it’ll restrict the revealing of classified data to any other party. Most of the outsourcing mobile app development companies will have no issues in signing an NDA with you. All you need to do is verify it with them before sharing your idea or any information.

Few Quick Tips to Hire The Right Mobile App Development Company

  • If a company doesn’t have any portfolios to display, then chuck it from your list right away.
  • Going for a cheap price and low-quality application is any day a bad decision. So, save yourself from becoming prey to lower prices.
  • Be smart, strike a balance between quality and cost.
  • Consider the years of experience any company has in the mobile development field. Only a team with experts can last in the cruel world of app development.
  • While hustling, don’t forget to review the platform options the mobile app development company is offering.
  • Get feedback from the past clientele of the organization. Reach out to them on various social media channels and ask them about their experience with the firm,
  • Apart from taking feedbacks directly, you can also check reviews received by the mobile app company on Google, Facebook and other social media channels.
  • Interview the team of developers who’ll develop your mobile application. Get to know them, their experience, qualifications, and knowledge about the platform.
  • Communication is the key. If your developer grasps the idea of the app you desire, your work is half done.
  • Don’t ever hurry while hiring a mobile app development company.


Sustaining a business is similar to riding a bicycle, either you’ll keep moving or you’ll fall down. But you won’t fall if you have kept the right balance. With fierce competition in the market, there’s high demand of you grasping more, doing more, and acting more. Modern businesses need to consider providing mobile app solutions, so as to increase their customer base and maximize the earnings.

With each passing day, the competition in the development market is rising. The choice of picking the foray of mobile apps is not a difficult task, but to find the right mobile app development company for your business is one.

Nevertheless, if you did read this blog, then there are high chances of you pondering such an opportunity.

Final thoughts

Although every business has its own priorities. The above factors are universal. They must come handy for all entrepreneurs.

In the end, if you desire to hire the right mobile app development company then you must follow these core steps:

  • conduct good research
  • analyze the available options;
  • check the authenticity.

Always remember, consent only when you’re assured about the company’s talent and expertise.

One last advice from our side; Go Mobile: It’s the future.

In case any of your questions remain unanswered, you can directly , or leave us an email at [email protected].


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