7 Tips to Get More Sales At Your Startup


Best Tips to Get more Sales for your Startup

I was a geek when started my startup; soon I realized we could not sustain if there are not enough sales. I learned and made a million dollar dream, and many said you couldn’t. I tried, you didn’t. I am done, Have fun!

When you run a Startup, the success of that Startup is dependent on numbers in a bank account. Making sales is one thing and making sales out of profits is another thing. Getting those numbers is simple, It’s all about playing the right track and creating that mood with clients at the right time.

1. At my age other want to get married and have kids but I want my parents the backseat of my Audi

Have a big dream; Universe is a big genie, it always says your wish is my command. If you have a dream, sell your dreams and helps others to fulfill theirs.

You as a founder are quite convinced and love your product or service but, that is no justification that your customers would love your product too.

 The psychology of a consumer is that he is going to buy your product or even think of buying your product when he’ll feel the necessity for the same. Identify the right customer for your product, don’t cheat, be honest.

2. People reject what they don’t understand

When you are new to this field, and you start to have inquiries related to your services, you focus on grabbing more and more clients. But, You cannot afford to make mistakes. This is the time where you have to focus on building trust and not just the clients.

Whenever there is an inquiry, just study the requirements first. Get to know more about what the client wants and how does he wants. Don’t jump straight towards making a quotation and sending it over to your client.
You have first to be very sure about your end; that would you be able to fulfill the client’s requirements? Would you be able to make provisions for the resources and everything needed to execute the project? If you are sure about it, then ask your client first about the budget. Because it might happen that you pitch a budget which is too low or too high and you might lose the client.

3. Silence is better than bullshit; Deliver quality and not quantity

A product can sustain the quality it delivers no matter how many features it delivers. If there is one product that has only ten features and delivers the quality, and another product which has 20 features but is poor in quality, the first product will always win and make wonderful sales. If your product is not promising, you can’t make a good name for your company.

 4. Support is the language the blind can see and deaf can hear

Now, you have made good sales, earned the trust of your customers. So, now what? Now, comes the point where your product is in use, and there will be problems or difficulties that your customers might be facing while using your service or product.

You have to make sure that you stand by them when they need you the most. It is very important to make them realize and feel that you were not just a mere stereotypical salesman who sold some shit to them, but rather a guy who sold something that was worth their money and hope.
When they need your help, don’t make them wait, set quick and easy support. You can have WhatsApp or ticketing system to provide easy support.

5. Money never sleeps; Ask for a referral

80% of people never ask for a referral. It is good practice always to ask for referrals because when people don’t know your product, but they know someone who uses it and whom they trust and believe in, they might come to you. It is the easiest way to crack great good deals.

 6. Write like a human being; People hate templates

The proposal must be one-to-one. Robotic content is always dry. It lacks that spirit and responsibility to it.

Your writing will reflect how well have you digested their requirements and their wants. There are supposed to be creative sequences in your way of presenting. It must be crisp, straight and to-the-point.

7. Sales are like a marriage; people do it with whom they trust

Well, when you sell your product, do it with emotions and feelings. The sale is a maneuver; it has a series of skilled movements entwined into it.

When you promise to do something to your customer, deliver that, If something is not working, the sooner you’ll get honest with this fact with your clients, the more trustworthy will your relationship will be.

This Article is originally published in Entrepreneur Magazine written by Mr. Mayank Pratap Singh.

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