JOKAAMO : Services at Your Doorstep


1) Overview:

Are you one of those who want to keep an arm’s length from the unnecessary hassle of running from one place to another to choose the best tutor?
Does it seem inconvenient having to buzz end number of electricians when some appliance breaks down?
Well here is a solution to all such big and small household problems. In a tech-savvy world, why travel an extra mile when you have an all-time companion at home? Jokaamo is like a personal assistant who can run your errands. Not literally, but it can bring problem solvers right at your doorstep.

2) Challenge:

When the clients came to us, they wanted a source to reach out to the common man.
There are hundreds of applications where a tap on the screen can solve your problem within minutes. However, the clients felt availability was limited to metro cities. Makers invested more in metro cities as compared to others.

3) User story:

Here lies the origin of Jokaamo. The client wanted to make things readily available to everyone irrespective of their location.
The concept seemed intriguing to us. The idea of connecting vendors directly with the customer as per the need sounded novel. The meeting involved noting down all the requirements and prioritizing accordingly.

4) The Process:

We planned to deliver an Android and iOS application to fulfill the client’s aim. The app enables people to avail day-to-day services in a few clicks.
We decided the flow of project:-


The story behind the name of this application is interesting in itself. The client wanted to connect to the Indian audience at large through the services yet stay alienated from using Indianised vocabulary.
Hence, the term Jokaamo is derived from the Indian terms ‘Jo Kaam Ho’. So when reading together, it is called Jokaamo.


  • Mock Up:mockup-app
  • Web:website-design
  • App:jokaamo

Features of Jokaamo:-

  • The home screen of the application takes you through services at large provided by the application.
  • This includes business, events & weddings, personal services, health, home services, lessons, hobbies, beauty and repair & management.
  • The facilities of arranging for a dance/ yoga instructor or hiring a wedding planner can be availed at home through online booking.

For Provider:

  • Providers can register themselves and add the following description to give an overview of their product: About Me, My Services, Offers, My Gallery. Price and more.
  • Provider can post multiple services in various categories setting a relevant price.
  • The specification along with relevant pictures and discount if any lets customer book services on the go.

For Customer:

  • The customer needs to pay a minimum booking amount to avail any service.
  • Customers have the liberty to cancel the booking before the offer gets accepted by the provider. Such a cancellation stands invalid once the provider accepts the booking.
  • Appointments with people can be rescheduled.
  • In case, the customer is not satisfied with services, he can send a request for the same and USE the service again.

Posting a job:

  • Customers have the option to post a job in the portal as well. As soon as such a post is made, providers registered in the application will receive notifications.
  • The notification system widens the reach of such job posting, thus getting you prospective bidders.
  • Customer/provider can then hire one of the bidders.


-Once a person is through with booking, he is entitled to the chat option where he can exchange messages with the provider.
-The chatbox is built according to user convenience.
-Pictures, contact and other files can be sent via attachments.


-Jokaamo accepts only online payments to support cashless transactions.
-There is no cash on delivery system.
-Customers can add money to their wallets through credit/debit card, e-wallets and net banking.

Client’s testimonial:


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