Interesting Android Apps for You


Top must have Interesting Android Apps for You

I am pretty much sure that you are bored with the same old apps on your smart phones! You just try to explore some interesting apps in Android’s App Store (Google Play Store) but, oh no! It is flooded with thousands of Interesting Android Apps, with many apps which are from the same category and pretty much the same expect for their User Interfaces. Confused, Right?!

So, here we are for your rescue! We list below some of the very interesting as well as useful apps across categories which we loved and hope you will like them too! We are sure these Apps will make your Smartphone even smarter!! So, let’s get started:

Games Application:

  1. Lumosity :

We all love to play games, but what if we tell you a game which is engrossing as well as exercises your grey cells. Yes, you read it right. Lumosity is a brain training app, with carefully designed interactive games that not only give you a time out, but also function as a gym for your brain cell. All the games have been crafted, keeping in view the psychological impact of each on your brain. In fact, the games are an interesting transformations of formal brain exercises given by doctors to their subjects.
2. Elevate :
Elevate is an app designed to improve the reading and writing of its users. You’ll feel that you are already are done with reading and writing stuff in your school, but trust us, you will just love it and besides, it gradually increases levels of difficulty in its games up to really advanced levels compared to the intermediate level covered in schools. It firsts gives you a test to crack, and based on your performance, it diagnoses your skill level and suggests relevant games.

Health and Fitness Apps:
3. Relax and Sleep :
Admit it! You always feel you are deprived of sleep. And when you are stressed out, you can hardly sleep, despite of trying really hard and become an insomniac. So, the next time it happens, stop counting sheep in your mind and open the app “Relax and Sleep”. The app as its name suggest helps you relax, by playing calm and soothing music that hypnotizes you down to deep sleep.
4. Calorie Counter :
This app helps you keep a check on your calorie intake. It’s really hard to manage calories, especially if you are a foodie. Thus the app helps you figure out the calories in food you are taking, enabling you to plan a healthier diet.
5. Zombies, Run! :
Running seems to be a mundane task in your daily exercise regime, isn’t it? What if, every run came with an adventure, as if you had to run for your life? This amazing app, makes every run a run for life adventure. It immerses you in a story where you have to run to save yourself from zombies. The more you run, the more you run the more safe you are. Need we say more, or you already started to download it?!

Security Apps:
6. Telegram :
By its look and feel, it appears as just another messaging app, in the likes of WhatsApp. But it is one of the cool messaging apps available. It enables you to send and receive end to end encrypted messages. But what makes it cool is the self-destructive messages which helps you safeguard the secrecy of your messages.
7. SpiderOak :
Storage over cloud provides with huge storage capacity and easy availability from everywhere. But Security of your data in the cloud has been the matter of concern from quite a while. SpiderOak attempts to provide a more secure cloud storage services than others. Your data is fully encrypted and is available only to authentic user. The Android apps doesn’t even save your password to be more secured.

Discovering Online Media Apps
8. Movie Map :
Looking for great movies? This Android app can lend a helping hand. On searching any movie by name, it not only gives information about it, but also suggests many more movies related, in any way, to the movie you searched for. Thus discovering movies is made simple.

Photography Apps
9. VSCO Cam
The app offers a diverse collection of filters and other editing tools not only to enhance them but to bring them to life. The interesting android apps also helps user flaunt their pictures on various social networks apart from its own user communities.

Hope these apps prove out to be helpful and interesting android apps for you, and enhance your smart phoning experience. So, go ahead, download and indulge yourself for a dose of fun and burst boredom. Happy Smartphone!

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