MenaLounge App : Marriage & Job at one place

MenaLounge App

MenaLounge App : Marriage & Job with Arabic and French Language

Getting a job and a life partner are the two most stages of a person’s life. EngineerBabu has valued these traditions. We are bringing to you the app ‘MenaLounge app’ where we serve both these purposes at one place.
Menalounge app is the only, worldwide, and premium online marriage and jobs services that help people find a suitable match for them and also a job. This means that the two most important decisions of one’s lives can be taken using this singular platform.This app boasts to be one of the most trusted online services.

This gives people an interface where they can contact people and find the most compatible pairs. With the Menalounge app, it literally takes minutes to sign up and to receive the first match – all for free! By downloading this free mobile app and signing up for the sameone can get to know one’s matches for free leveraging the feature of Guided Communication and also upload photos from one’s phone.

After subscribing for the services on MenaLounge apps, one can also avail the benefit of chatting with the preferred person and enhance their knowledge about the other person.We understand the importance of safety in these critical areas.Hence, we have ensured security and privacy of the application.
Now, the second facility that this app provides is that of a job.There are provisions both for the job seeker and the job recruiter.The qualifications along with all the details get displayed.It gives the recruiters as well as the seekers a platform to hire or apply respectively for a job.
The unique element of this app is that it has been made in three languages like French, Arabic and English.In Arabic, the sentences are read from right to left unlike in English.This was the most challenging part of the development of this application.
It is hopeful that this app serves both the purposes well.

MenaLounge Apps Features

  1. Language :- English, French, Arabic
  2. Marriage:- Filter by Area, Caste, Age, Hobbies, Height etc.
  3. Jobs:- Post Job, Check Candidates, Chat with Candidates, Location based posting.
  4. Apply Job :- Create profile, Resume building, Filter job based on interest, area, salary.
  5. Free & Paid Subscription
  6. Profile Rating
  7. Chatting, Send files
  8. Online payment and Wallet system.
  9. Recommend and Rate.


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